I was raised a devout Christian by loving kind gentle parents who loved my sister and me deeply. My Dad pastored several churches and spent great amounts of time in prayer and ministering to the needs of members. I went with him often when he would go visit folks. I remember well going into homes of affluent people as well as run-down houses in sections that some folk wouldn’t even drive through. I’ve written a number of times honoring my Mom and Dad. You can find some of them in the Notes section of my personal Facebook page.

My first year of college I attended the Baptist College at Charleston, in Charleston, South Carolina. I left after one year to join the U.S. Air Force Reserve where I became an Aircraft Maintenance Specialist on C-141’s. When I was released from active duty I moved to Columbia, South Carolina and attended the University of South Carolina, graduating in 1974 with a degree in Finance. I then lived at home for a year with my folks in Charleston and helped them with their music business that they had begun. Then in August 1975 I entered Oral Roberts University in Tulsa and graduated with an MBA degree in 1977. Oral Roberts University offered me the job of Assistant Business Manager and I accepted. A year later I transferred to Oral Roberts Ministries and traveled for them a year representing the University. I then became the Business Manager of the ORU Family Practice Center.

In late 1980 I left the Oral Roberts organization and became an internal auditor for The Williams Companies in Tulsa. In 1983 I resigned and began my own one man accounting, tax, and consulting business. It changed over time to be less accounting and more consulting, sometimes working as a part-time business manager for several companies a day a week. I did this until summer of 2005.

In 2003 I began to study leadership at Regent University of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and graduated with a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership (a DSL Degree) in December 2005.

I then became focused full time on starting a school. I held several seminars and over the next few years held 21 week long conferences that I called WeekWorks. Attendance ranged from 3 to 18, with folks coming from several states, England and Australia. I wrote courses and offered online courses, but the school never materialized.

My path diverged greatly from my past between 2005 and 2010, departing more and more from the Orthodox Christian message. My belief system, my heart, continued to depart from Orthodoxy. I was no longer a Christian but began to see Jesus as a pattern, not a Savior. I began to see Jesus as a most common person that learned to learn from his own inner voice, that he was not gifted or special, he was educated. His education was from within. All of his power came from within, for he had become his word. So now I was way outside the box of orthodox Christianity, and still am.

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