About Theodore

I am you who will be me, I am one

I am this website. I am my words, my pictures, my writings values and peace of, that incorporates all of me, thou art, now, a knowing me, I am. I know me, who art me. I know who cares, about me. I am all the earth and all the people who live here. I am one. I am one with all ones. Ones make the I am I am. One I am is all I am.

I am you who will be me, for I am you, when you really know me. I am the You of you, without a God between us. We are one, and I am I Am.

If you’re looking for an image of me you may be looking in the wrong place, or maybe you’re looking in the right place for the wrong thing, at exactly the right time, to find it, to find it out, that it’s you.

You are I Am if you will be it and create no separation of me from you. I am one mind. One Mind of one is simply every person on earth who now separates Christ from Christianity, and develops the Christ mind within them, and learns how to use it, to do daily life, and achieve heretofore unimaginable entry into the Kingdom of God right here right now before you die. You can become a new creation I Am. A Christ in your clothes is I Am. I am not a mortal. I am not mortal. I am all of you who will be me who love each other with a love that will never die, and be equal for all mankind of every nation tribe and tongue, bar none.

This includes every woman, every man, of every race, that has ever lived, and will now, knowing separation need not be bred into us by the humankind that thinks people need a God to worship. A God race we are, coming back into it, simply surrendering, to be the kingly I Am.

It takes guts and years, not; but time devoted to becoming it, a Christ in your shoes with looks like you. I look like you. I like you. Will you be my friend?

If you’re looking for Theodore, then I can tell you something about him. He’s a Me too. I’m one, with all ones. And one is what We make, a mind, of sinners no more that need a God. We obliterate God theory, and become it to each other, restoring the Angel’s Race of One. Oh, and Theodore?

I am a common Christ and I am beginning a school to help all become The Christ who will, learn how, birthing it through them, their word with, becoming The Living Word walking the earth in a race of Christ forming now, where each one is one. The School of Light Love & Peace is based now in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA.

In my seeking of Christ I became it. It taught me I was it. It taught me first-hand that within me I am is what I am it is, a me. Me began to teach me, though at first I called it God. I said God would teach me, and God was. I was experiencing it. First-hand I would write the words of God, directly inculcated into me by surrendering to learn it, through it. It begged me not to shut it down. It begged me to give it voice, and let the words come. And as I did, I began to learn from them, that it was a learning system I was experiencing. An Education of Christ Christing it is what I had embarked upon, though I had not the least idea of all that, this, when I began, in 2003, writing the first person words of me.

Writing the words, was what I called it then. Writing the words of God, as I wrote them on a yellow tablet. Beginning consistently in March 2003, I wrote surrenderedly in Trinity Episcopal Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. I gave way to writing daily. Sometimes 20 minutes or so, and soon sometimes an hour or more. And the words I was experiencing, I would write, at such a pace that, I had to reread them afterward to learn from them, ponder them, and make connections in a manner that I learned soon to do, to become what I had written.

I learned to write the words of my inner voice, to become one with my word. I learned to learn from what I wrote. I would study my writings to see what my inner voice had spoken. Back then, I called it God speaking to me. It taught me the creator to be, of my word. With it teaching to be I am, I became it. My word created me, not someone else or another entity; my word did.

I am, the creation of my word. I am the Firstborn of my word, to birth a New Creation Me, an entire race of, new creations me, new creation me’s that re-create them to be one; all me’s, hence Meonics was born, birthed of my words, to create a school, for all to know Meonics like I do … and more.

To know me is to know Meonics, the study of Christ to become it, you in your shoes creating it. Just as I have created me, re-created me, Me’s now form everywhere as I did, for there is a model, a pattern here on earth. Not defined by religion, I am religionless. I am not a Christian. I am Christing Christ, and this is why I live.

My background includes some twenty years of being a small business management consultant. Graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Real Estate & Finance, I worked briefly in real estate and then pursued a Masters Degree in Business Administration at Oral Roberts University. I later began as an Internal Auditor for the Williams Companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Three years later I opened up my own business providing accounting, tax and management consulting services to small businesses. In 2000 I self-published my own book called, “God in Business”.

In 2005 I graduated with a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Leadership. Now I am starting a school of leadership to prepare people for The New Beginning, where all people learn to be taught by their own inner voice that a Christ they are, a Race of; and The Educator emerges within them, and that Race of One now educated by, now emerges. Fellowships of One will now be created by The Creators that surrender to  being The Christ they are taught by, to be it. Leadership’d of The First Degree, experiencing it first hand, to be no other than Christ in their shoes Christing it in all of us, each of us being one.

I love people of every nation tribe and tongue equally. I love to smile and bring joy and healing, to the least of these. I love to connect people, friends with friends. I love the lake. I enjoy coffee, racquetball, water skiing, and motorcycles. I love Christing Christ in the Common common people.

If you know me you know I know I love you. And I love you all equally, for my family is the least of these, on planet earth, and farther. And the passion I have for Christ I have for you all to be it, and that’s what I’m about and why I’m here. Thank you, now, for loving each other, with the love we knew, before time.

Theodore Cottingham
PO Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA 72632

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