January 27, 2021

About Theodore

I am a mystic, for I have experienced insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge by direct communication with the divine. In 1988 I began to spend an hour a day in prayer in a nearby chapel five days a week. My spiritual quest increased from there. Spent thousands of hours in prayer, bible study, and spiritual books over the years.  In early 2003 I began to experience multi-page messages coming to me almost daily. God began teaching me directly, through my own mind; me writing on yellow tablets a flow of dictation, a flow of consciousness. The method unorthodox. Soon the diction and grammar changed. The subjects ranged from our origin before time began to our capacity to become a new creation unlimited by time space and gravity, a new beginning for mankind. The messages called for all people to understand this paradigm of education, being taught by the Infinite Within, and surrender to experience it, and creating a school for this express purpose. 

I was taught through these messages that everyone’s potential is to do all that Jesus did. Jesus modeled how a normal person of flesh becomes a Godperson, a person that’s God and God that’s a person that wears flesh, both being the same one; that’s a new creation. I learned these things as I wrote the first person words of God day after day for over 14 years. Many of these messages are online on this website and searchable as lessons for anyone who wants to learn from them.

My background:
graduated from the University of  South Carolina with a BS degree in Finance. Earned an MBA from Oral Roberts University. Worked as Internal Auditor for The Williams Companies in Tulsa several years than began my own business doing accounting, tax work, and consulting.

1988 – started going to a nearby chapel to pray an hour each morning became part of my life
1990 – began teaching a church Sunday school class and started a small share group
1995 – my quest intensified to know God intimately. I began to write more notes about God in business and how God can give daily instructions.
1998 – taped a weekly television program called God in Business where I interviewed business people about how God led them in their everyday operations. Aired the program weekly for 3 months.

2000 – wrote a book entitled “God in Business, A Common Man’s Guide” that I self-published in 2001.
2001 – began having God in Business Leadership Network weekly luncheons. Developed a brief manual for Chapters of the GodinBusiness Leadership Network.

2002 – began God in Business School with one course, taught one night a week called God in Business 101. Taught God in Business 201 during the fall.

2002 – entered Regent University In Virginia Beach, Virginia leading to a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership degree.

2003 – while at early morning prayer one day, God asked me, “will you give me your mornings?” I began to spend my entire mornings at Trinity Episcopal in downtown Tulsa. I learned to be still and be taught directly from within, writing what I was being taught on yellow tablets. These teachings that taught me are to teach everyone who will learn to learn from them.

2005 – Graduated from Regent University with a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership (DSL)

I then became focused full time on starting a school. I held several seminars and over the next few years held 21 week long conferences that I called WeekWorks. Attendance ranged from 3 to 18, with folks coming from several states, England and Australia. I wrote courses and offered online courses, but the school never materialized.

My path diverged greatly from my past between 2005 and 2010, departing more and more from the Orthodox Christian message. I am no longer a Christian but see Jesus not as a Savior but as a pattern for all of us to become what he became. I see Jesus as a most common person that learned to learn from his own inner voice, that he was not gifted or special, he was educated from within. All of his power came from within, for he became his word. I am sharing with whoever wants my words, praying that my words help you release yours, you creating you all over again, brand new, just as Jesus did: you re-creating you … The Real You, in a new beginning. 

Theodore Cottingham
PO Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA 72632