School of Leadership

The academic standard is high and scholastic rigor is ever present. You’re leaving the past behind to enter the realm of The Real You.

This school is costly

There is a very high cost in terms of time effort and energy to learn to create a mind of one and birth it. Open to all, we are tuition free.

Theme of this school

Adventure and exploration is the theme of this school.

Surrender is the key

Are you willing to bow before you, your light body of?

… from my holy place to thine …

Is it all coming to a clashing close, or a new beginning? […]
I want the white light, the pure perfect, pristine perfect, crystal clear […]
This is the day, this is the time, of my appearing? Of […]

Expanding Leadership by Bridging The gap between the sacred and the secular.

About Theodore

I am a mystic, for I have experienced insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge by direct communication with the divine. In 1988 I began to spend an hour a day in prayer in a nearby chapel five days a week. My spiritual quest increased from there. Spent thousands of hours in prayer, bible study, and spiritual books over the years. In 2003 I began spending my entire mornings writing and recording channeling the first person words of God that came to me internally. I channeled for 14 years, writing many documents, and made hundreds of recordings. “Words from another world” I often call them now. They embody an entire system of education to teach you to experience it also.

I occasionally work with a client that decides to have the adventure of their lives discovering and cultivating their creative capacity, to live a life of light, joy, and peace, creating the consciousness of who they really are: the unlimited eternal. 

I attended the University of South Carolina and graduated with a degree in Finance. Moved to Tulsa and earned an MBA. Became an internal auditor for The Williams Companies in Tulsa for three years and then began my own accounting, tax, and consulting business. In 2002 I decided to study leadership and graduated in 2005 with a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. Letting go of business I pursued a spiritual path.

My heart has opened to see the vast potential that every person has to be a creator who communes with their unlimited eternal infinite light that’s already within them.

Are you ready for exploration and adventure? If you’re willing to experience “words from another world” coming through you, your pen, your voice?

You are the most powerful person in your universe

I’m not interested in having all the answers … I’m interested in helping you unlock yours

Working across all religions, geographic boundaries and business types, I help leaders open to a paradigm of leadership that transcends the visible empirical limitations to create leaders that create leaders, operating with a heart that’s no longer silent, charting your next steps.


Minimum hourly rate: $125.00
Initial one hour meeting: no charge

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      (612) 208-8519
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    • Box 34, Eureka Springs, AR 72632