The light within you

The light within you is the real you, your real body is light; infinite, eternal, unlimited.

The Language of light

Light speaks through your heart  with feelings, flow, at a  deeper internal level than words.

Surrendering to light

This is a leadership process. Simple, but not easy. A new way to do business is emerging.

Living your light

Are you willing to love your people, release their creativity and yours, and align your values?

Expanding Leadership by Bridging The gap between the sacred and the secular.

About Theodore

I work with a few select clients who become willing to have the adventure of their lives discovering and cultivating their insight and foresight to enhance their personal peace and profit their companies.

I attended the University of South Carolina and graduated with a degree in Finance. Moved to Tulsa and earned an MBA. Became an internal auditor for The Williams Companies in Tulsa for three years and then began my own accounting, tax, and consulting business. In 2002 I decided to study leadership and graduated in 2005 with a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. Letting go of business I pursued a spiritual path.

Now some 15 years later I have reemerged in business consulting with a heart that bridges the gap between the sacred and the secular. My heart has opened to see the vast potential that every person has to be a creator who communes with their unlimited eternal infinite light that’s already within them.

In addition to both short term and long term consulting engagements, I have led weekend planning retreats for companies, done week long teaching sessions, filled in as an interim CFO several times, and taught in two universities.

If you’d like to discuss how I may bring value to your vision, articulation to your heart’s voice, alignment with your goals, while expanding your creativity by accessing your inner light, contact me. I bring an open heart, vibrant light, and much love.

You are the most powerful person in your universe

I’m not interested in having all the answers … I’m interested in helping you unlock yours

Working across all religions, geographic boundaries and business types, I help leaders open to a paradigm of leadership that transcends the visible empirical limitations to create leaders that create leaders, operating with a heart that’s no longer silent, charting your next steps.


Minimum hourly rate: $125.00
Initial meeting contact: no charge
Minimum engagement: $3,000.00
Average engagement targeted timetable: 2-3 months

    • Phone: +1
      (612) 208-8519
    • E-mail:
    • Box 34, Eureka Springs, AR 72632