University of The New Covenant

With a God authored curriculum of 2,400 Messages called "Database One" for you to lead yourself through

A school forming in Eureka Springs where people of many nations and all sorts of religious backgrounds come to lead themselves through a customized curriculum that they themselves tailor as they progress through it over a period of 70 weeks, essentially three semesters of 6 months each, the time to form a new covenant, a new operating system for our consciousness that literally transforms us to become new creation people. Every person starts out in Database One learning to learn from the teacher within, learning to map link lead and write, creating courses for what they're experiencing, and surrendering to teach new ones just coming in. Thus all enter as students and become faculty and staff as well. This is a new paradigm of education, God given, God authored, in this new age, all receiving a dynamic education directly from the mind of God to be consciously reconnected to it and be it ... One, each one creating The Christ here and now ... the 21st Century Christ, the light of the world, The Real You.

I, Theodore Cottingham, in early 2003 began to experience multi-page messages coming to me almost daily. God began teaching me directly, through my own mind; me writing on yellow tablets a flow of dictation, a flow of consciousness. The method unorthodox. Soon the diction and grammar changed. The subjects ranged from our origin before time began to our capacity to become a new creation unlimited by time space and gravity, a new beginning for mankind. The messages called for all people to understand this paradigm of education, being taught by the Infinite Within, and surrender to experience it, and creating a school for this express purpose. I was taught through these messages that everyone has the potential to do all that Jesus did and become what he became. A curriculum is embedded within these messages, for each one is a lesson. Feel free to search them, print them, study them, to become them.

The first step: decide what you want to know. Tuition? Search on tuition and see what God said about it. Grades? Seach on grades. Tests? Search. Entrance requirements? Yep. You got it. Search. You search on what you want to know, and read, and learn to read surrenderedly where "your" voice within connects and assimilates and leads to the next step/phrase/lesson. Click on a document file name to open it. All are pdf files. Note that exact phrase searches require quotes, and wildcards such as * and ? are supported.

To start at the beginning, search for 1.1.1 which denotes Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 1. To read the last Lesson that came forth as a part of Database 1 search for 1.7.196

If it's your first time here consider searching on Meonics, "six months", graduat*, etc. Thank you.

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