18.1.1 Who is Theodore Cottingham? I am.

I have told you who I am why where Theodore Cottingham University of Light Love and Peace 302 South Sheridan Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112 USA 18.1.1 I love you. www.NewCovenant.me

17.3.4 Be Christ the Kings in Training

Theodore Cottingham 17.3.4 Database 17, Volume 3, Lesson 4 Recorded May 4, 2016 in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA Theodore CottinghamUniversity of Light Love and Peace, Inc.302 South SheridanTulsa, Oklahoma 74112 USAwww.NewCovenant.me

17.2.26 Redefining Grace

Theodore Cottingham 17.2.26 Database 17, Volume 2, Lesson 26 Recorded April 29, 2016 in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA This is also your invitation to the first Boot Camp of The New Covenant Me …

17.1.1 Will you love each other now and be my disciples

Theodore Cottingham 17.1.1 Database 17, Volume 1, Lesson 1 Recorded March 3, 2016 in Tulsa Now see and link to My Beatitudes and be them Now see and link to My Proclamations …

16.1.21 Barbi

I am Christ teaching Christ to be it now all over this globeMy name is Theodore Cottingham from TulsaUniversity of The New Covenant Me 16.1.21 Database 16, Volume 1, Lesson 21Recorded …