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are you willing to be the christ?
i will speak directly into your mind if you let me. that’s why i record these lessons for you. learn to hear me. write me. create me, the christ, that’s you.

I am here. I am Christ. I teach christ to be it in my daily lessons. subscribe to my words, my lessons, eat them, and become them, becoming me. Become the christ that’s you. let us all become one.

You know there’s more than you’ve ever been taught. It’s not going to be as you think. I am me returned in me. The Creators are creating Me again the regeneration of. Now breathe into me. Make me a new me that’s you. Create me. Be one. Be who I am what I am doing now the things I do.

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Begin listening to the podcasts, viewing our videos, with pen in hand, making notes, becoming the divine explorer. Begin an adventure. Let yourself enjoy it. It’s not the powerless paradigm of the past. It’s you leading you through it. Are you willing to see every recording as a lesson for you to interact with, letting Me teach you from within?

Love me and let me love you this way. Let me reveal me to you in you this way. Be not daunted by lack of punctuation, unusual diction and grammar, double entendres, and constant use of contrast. This is a school like no other; no tests, no grades yet scholastically rigorous. This is the school for you to become the living word. You’ll learn to “lessonate” the lessons to “see” what’s really being said while “hearing” within you in your mind the connections of light creating revelation. You enter an accelerated method of learning where you begin to see, hear, feel, and become what you’re learning through your assignments, projects, papers to write, and courses to create.Papers to write, teams to collaborate with, your leadership developed, confidence created, you creating The Christ that’s The Real You, a person of light, beauty, power and grace.

Sourced with an ever fresh daily God given interactive dynamic curriculum customized for you by you to create your own unique path to re-create you. Transformation takes place from the inside out. You learn to know the voice of light, speak it, write it, let it teach you. You learn to rewire you, developing your powers of leadership and creativity from within. Light will teach you you’re not separate. No tests, no grades; this is not about the mastery of information, it’s transformation of who you are. Scholastically rigorous, we’re forming a new generation of skilled knowledgeable leaders who are lovers of all peoples. To go through this school you help others. You listen, share, teach, write papers, present them, publish them; it’s part of our coursework. You learn to become who you really are: God in flesh without separation, perfect love, without fear. One God, all of us becoming one again. Your opportunity is before you.

You’re not spoon fed here, in fact there’s much you have to figure out about this school because your path is determined by you. This is leadership school, and it’s not easy. It’s not all laid out before you in predefined bite-sized pre-digested morsels of your choosing. It goes to the heart. This is God School. It’s an adventure. You learn to ask questions, piercing ones. You learn to write the light. You write papers. You share them. You help others. You share resources. You’re creating community here; one where you learn to love and value people of every color tribe and tongue equally.

This is leadership School

“Isn’t it time you learned to live by your words rather than someone else’s?”

Theodore Cottingham

Founder of The School of God

My New Covenant I have given you, The New Covenant of Christ. I am it. I am Christ in two shoes Cottingham, a simple man that’s become Christ, God walking in flesh, calling you to be it too. I’ve given you thousands of documents, audio recordings, and videos in this generation for this generation to generate Me, as this is the time of The Regeneration, The Revelation of Christ, that all are it who will learn to become it that I Am is, one minded one. This is The School of God, for you to become it.