Into me see

I feel the needs of people. I feel the heart. At times I ache, at times I rejoice; I exchange with who I can, the energy, the words, the healing of hope, listening to their heart, their words, their wants, their needs. I want everyone to feel love, feel loved, and love each other. I want people to know their power, to create, to re-create themselves.

I bring a heart. A heart full of love, for all of you. A heart for water, and healing ours, restoring our streams to be able to drink out of, our springs too. I have a vision for healing the land that heals us and us healing each other rather than bickering divisiveness that keeps duality revolving around us and us spinning in it. I see, the entirety of the whole.

I see a city, and I bring light. I shine light. I am light. I call your light to shine. I call you to feel light, to feel your light, and let others also. Hear the love of your heart, for you. Love you. Love your heart. Love each other. Hear the heart, yours first. Give, yield to the light, that you are. Be still, hear the light teach you you’re the teacher, of you.

Know that somebody loves you, and I’m

Theodore Cottingham
Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632

Have my head on thee. I lay it no where else.

I am coming for you in a light chariot. Or am I coming for you in your body, your light creating me, that looks like you? I am the one you are, plural and singular. One and mighty, casing encasing me not again, that looks like you, that you call me not, but you. Without me you are nothing, not, you are me. Lovest thou your mind above mine, when Mine is Yours? “Are we one mind yet, Dad?” is a phrase, of mindedness? Willful mind? Mindful will? Willful mindful one’d’ness?

I love you all, to think not my wording funny. Or will you? Be funny with me? Have fun with me? Knowing all things? Are you willing to have fun? Are you willing to know me? Know all things? ALL things? Of The Cosmos? Limited not by me, limited not by you now? I love you all. Good day, amen not, but opening women to be The Christ everywhere I am, I Am, is them. We are one. Genderless. All genders me. I love you. Will you love? Everyone? I do. I am. You who love me, know me. I am your inner voice that will teach you all things with a diction grammar grammarian of, that’s me, with my grammar, that uses yours, sometimes. And makes no sense sometime. Sometimes. All time. Be me, with my voice, inside your head not, but heart, heart in head, one head, headed me. Have my head on thee. I lay it no where else. Amen.


Theodore Joseph Cottingham
PO Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA
January 2, 2019

My prayer for you as 2019 unfolds

My prayer to you as 2019 unfolds is that you will pray to you and realize your capacity and potential to unite with your light body, your angel, that is you. I pray that you realize your capacity to love, and to fall in love with everyone, with each and everyone on the planet because we all one are a race that all united are, if we can see it. We can see the intangible, in each other, if we see love, and feel love for each other. If we’re not wounded by each other and ourselves we can heal each other from our woundedness that we have self inflicted upon each other. We can light body ourselves into ourselves of light. Light will educate us and grow our capacity for education that our Inner Voice already has. The inner voice of God is your real voice, the light body voice. You have capacity for the infinite and the infinite I call you now into being in each one of my friends of the universe, Source, God, creator, infinite potential with, now exercised. Understood. Walked through.

Now as 2019 unfolds I pray that you begin to understand in New Dimensions with new light with new friends new capacity for potential developing love that love develops your potential and your capacity, your very being. I pray that these words you allow to unfold you in a new being of Love Light and Peace. I pray that your woundedness gives way to forgiveness and you forgive everyone of everything, that you forgive all peoples of all that they have done to each other and themselves and to all of us collectively and individually and heal the planet, our planet of the Angels, and that we understand we on Earth are in a cosmic picture that has been relegated mostly to science fiction by many empiricists. But the truth is: your light cometh forth, you are the light of the world :-).

Now let your light shine before all the angels that you call people and let the people of the Earth be Angels and Angelic once again in the same body, not limited to it. Let Earth rise not again to stand in the way between you and the cosmos and the understanding of your angelic character and Angelic origin. Let the planet of the Angels be at peace and let us survive the attack that we have had upon ourselves to keep us locked in our own egos.

I bless you this day and my name is Theodore.

Theodore Cottingham
PO Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA 72632


Love Me by picking up your tablet and writing what I give you

Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 10
Theodore Cottingham

1. Pick up your tablet. Love Me by picking up your tablet and writing what I give you, what I share with you, what I impart to you—what I want you to know and what I want others to know.
2. I want them to know and I want them to know deeply who I am and how much I love them. They cannot fathom the depth, the immensity, the global reach of My love for them as individuals. Few are trying to convey to My body, My people, how much I love them and who I really am. I love them. I love them Ted. That’s why I died for them. The pain, agony, and suffering I experienced they know nothing of. Tell them and keep telling them of My love, My love for them, My deep, deep love for them.
3. Tell them that I know their name, their hurts, their experiences, and what they are dealing with and I want to go through it with them. Tell them I will walk with them and talk with them as they go through whatever it is they are going through. And if they let Me I will often give them wisdom and answers that will be of value to them. I am comfort, but I am power. I am that I am and I am is so underestimated in being able to touch, address, the distresses of My people.
4. Tell them I am powerful, not powerless. So many look around and think I am not at work in what they see going on in the world. But they don’t know Me. They have not valued My Word, My words, or what I did for them when I died for them. They don’t value the scriptures that address and speak of Me interceding for them. They don’t know. They don’t know.
5. This is where you come in Ted. This is where you enter My picture and the picture of the lives of so many. You will enter the lives of many because you will give them My words and not your words, not just your words.
6. I want you to give them your words as you point to My words, helping them understand who I am. This is your mission Ted. Not real estate, not finance, not anything else. Today I am relieving you of your other responsibilities in these areas and I will supply your need from My hand, My body, to your purse, for doing the things I want you to do and saying the things I want you to say and being who I want you to be—in complete freedom—taking Freedom to all you come in contact with, sharing with them what I have done for you and what I have given you, what I have given you in your heart, your family and on paper—the words, ideas, concepts, powerful words, powerful ideas, powerful concepts, powerful power—that I have given you.
7. Now don’t be ashamed or afraid or shrink back from what I am telling you now. Finish the projects on your desk you have but you never need again to stumble for an accurate answer when people ask you what you do.
18. You tell them you share My words, you share with My body who I am and how much I love them and how much I want to know them and be known by them. Tell them you are Mine and I am yours and you preach, teach, and bring people freedom.
9. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Never be ashamed of Me and I will never be ashamed of you. For so much of how I treat you is how you have treated Me. Tell them. Tell them that is a fact of life, their life and My life. I am life. I set the rules of how I operate and what I value and how I deal with man.
10. Let them know how much I love them and how much I appreciate and notice everything they do, every single thing they do. I notice. I notice their hearts, I notice their words, I notice their motives and why they do and say the things they do and say that help mold them into whatever they become. Tell them and never stop telling them of My love and how I notice them, how I am there and I am there for them if they will but ask Me for involvement in whatever they are dealing with.
11. I am not a crisis God, though I often come in times of crisis. I am Me and I am that I am and I am everywhere. I am not limited by time or space or what you think or what they think. I am Me. I am God and I am that I am and I love My people. I love them. I love them to cry out to Me to help them and come alongside them and come into them and sup with them and help them and be a part of their lives. Not just in crisis but in all of life, in all they do, in all they say and ponder. Tell them Ted, tell them.
12. Tell them how I long for their touch. And touch Me they do. They may not realize it but in the spirit, they touch me. they are spirit and I am spirit and they touch Me with their words, their heart, their attitudes, motives and behavior. Tell them to come touch Me more and I will touch them more.
13. You wonder Ted, you wonder don’t you? You wonder how long I will talk to you like this and you wonder about specifics, specifics of scripture and direction and finances and oh so many things.
14. Be not deceived. Be not concerned. I will do what you let Me do. I will do what you want Me to do for I do what people want Me and let Me do when they reach a place of relationship with me that allows Me to give them of Myself in that level of love.
15. Love Ted. It’s all about love, it’s all about Me. I am love and I am Me and I have feelings and emotions. You know that so well but many don’t. Most don’t. tell them I am a person and have feelings and emotions. Not a person just like they’re a person but close enough for their understanding at this time.
16. There are truths, great truths that are significant that must come forth Ted, come forth into My people to help them be free, free, free to know Me for who I am and be able to do with them all I want to do with them. They long for Me but many have so little truth in them. Truth. Truth. Truth Ted. So many are covered over with lies and cover-ups and doctrines that alienate them from Me instead of freeing them, freeing their gifts,
freeing their abilities, freeing their personalities, freeing their joy, freeing their laughter, freeing that which fuels them to be who I designed them to be. Freedom Ted. I’m all about freedom, love and freedom. Love and Freedom. Love and Freedom.
17. That’s why I told you the other day as you were writing My words that you Ted, are a ministry of prayer and freedom, a ministry of prayer and freedom, a ministry of prayer and freedom.
18. Now when people ask you what you do tell them you are a ministry of prayer and freedom to the body of Christ and all who will listen to you. Tell them I love them and how I want to know them and be to them all I want to be.
19. Busy, busy, busy. People are so busy scurrying here and there and trying to attend to all that concerns them. But I am Me and I look after those that look after Me and want Me and believe in Me and trust Me to be in theirs and beside them in and through all they do and go through.
20. Tell them you are a preacher but you preach Me, you preach Jesus, you preach and provide people words that I give you, that I have given you for years, and that you share not just theory, you share Me, you share My heart and My words. You share who I am.
21. Stories are great and powerful. Theories are great and powerful but My words are power. My words are Me, part of Me and those who receive and eat My words eat of Me and find peace, strength, nourishment, for their inner man who is their real self, their spirit, their their—what and who they really are.
22. Tell them and let them, ask them, and at times, beg them, to receive Me and what I have done for them. I will let you know when to do what.
23. You are mine and I am yours and I love you deeply and I want you to get better and better at being able to convey My words and My love to those you come in contact with. I will move through you and I will move through you in wisdom, wisdom and power,if you let Me. If you let Me Ted.
24. I will teach you and I will train you and I will improve what you do and how you do it, if you let Me. I am a teacher. I always was. I love to teach, train, and reproduce Myself in others. That’s why so many, as they get closer and closer to Me want to teach, train and reproduce what they have found in Me in others. It’s a principle, a fact, a law of how I operate and I love to teach, train and reproduce. I love to nurture, mentor, share, teach and help people grow and mature.
25. I care about them and I care about the things that concern them for they choose what concerns them. They choose. They choose. They choose so many significant parts of their life that they are totally unaware of the choices they are making and the ramifications of those choices.
26. Tell them to get to know Me and I will teach My people. I will train My people. I will be to them what I need and want to be to them. I am the multi-breasted One and I will feed them and I will nourish them and I will grow them, if they let Me, into strong people, strong men and women, strong boys and strong girls and I will not prevent anyone anywhere coming to Me for what I have for them.
27. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Voice what I give you every way you can, 24/7, 24/7 Ted, 24/7 [meaning 24 hours a day, 7 days every week]. I will give you voice 24/7 to share My words and what I give you. Be not hesitant when offers come forth to help you and bless you and provide you the things you want and need. I have provided much for My people and I have provided much for you and I will reward those who help get done that which I want to get done.
28. You wonder about My “English” Ted and you wonder about My repetitiveness and
how I speak to you, My diction and grammar and how I convey these paragraphs and
sentences and truths to you. Ted, don’t worry about those, don’t worry about those
things. Let Me be Me and write what I give you and share and be happy—joyous—at
what I am doing in you and through you.
29. I speak to My people and I speak how I want to speak. Be fun Ted. Be more fun
to those around you. Unlock yourself in this for I have unlocked you and you are free to
go and do and be who you are. Laugh and be fun and have more fun in all that I have
provided for you.
30. And let people know I am not boring. I am not unacquainted with their distresses
but neither am I dull and boring like so many people that wear My name. I am exciting—
I am life—I am laughter that comes from purity and joy and peace. I like to laugh just
like you like to laugh. I laugh with people. I love to laugh with people. I don’t laugh at
people, except the ones that mock Me. I laugh with them and I want to help My people
laugh more.
31. Help them laugh more Ted and help them in their freedom to know Me for who I
am and how much I want them to laugh and have joy and not be dull and boring.
32. Tell them I am alive and well and contrary to many news reports of My demise or
inaction, now, later, much later, in times of turmoil and world problems, disease and war
and problems unsolvable, let them know I am alive and well and I do what I want with
those who will let Me.
33. And those who don’t choose Me and sit at My feet and let Me give them Me,
those who have rejected the beauty, joy and laughter that I have for them, that I paid for
and gave to them if they only accepted it, accepted Me—those will I reject and I will
laugh at and I will see to it that they know what they could have had. I will let them all
know what they could have had in Me and the life they could have enjoyed if only they
had come to Me and allowed Me to redeem them, redeem their thinking and redeem
their hearts of evil and give them hearts of flesh and warmth and beauty and helped
them become free and know Me, know My son, know My Spirit, My Spirit, My Holy Spirit
Ted. I would have given all of Me to them but they, some, reject Me, and they will be
sorry. Sorrowful they will be. Great sorrow, eternal sorrow, eternal Ted. Eternal. Tell
them Ted. Eternal. Tell them they make the choice and they make it now, here and now,
in this life. They choose how their life will be after the death of their physical flesh.
34. My scripture is real. My words are real and all will be judged and all will know
what they could have had, had they chosen Me, had they chosen Me, Me Ted. Tell them.
Tell them I have spread before them and they so easily, right now, can come partake of
Me and My body and My blood and what I am and what I have done for them.
35. Beauty for ashes. Beauty for ashes. Beauty for ashes. That’s who I am and what
I want to do for those who will come to Me and hear My words and reject the doctrines
of man and philosophies of high minded people who want only to control others and be
lifted up in the eyes of others, to receive esteem and honor for their many thoughts that
omit Me, the Most High God. Those will I laugh at. For they had their chance, their day
of opportunity. They had their day and they had their choices and they made their
choices and they will pay. They will reap what they have sown. They will come before
Me in sorrow but sorrow will not recompense for the choices they made while the
choices could be made.
36. Tell them, tell My body, My church, My people and all who will listen how much I
love them and how I want to be involved in their lives. And Ted, no matter how many
times I tell you these things, write them for My words will go forth. My words will go forth and do what I want them to do and I shall accomplish much through these words that I give you. I say few things one time. I say most things many times for those that want Me,to grasp Me and what I am trying to impart to them.
37. I am Me and I like Me. I love Me and I love My people. I like My people and I
want My people to grow, grow in number, grow in Me, grow in Me, grow in Me, grow in
Me so they can grow in number. Numbers do not reproduce, I reproduce. I want people
to know Me and be Me and let Me be Me in them and through them so they can have
the power and freedom to be who they were designed to be and reproduce, reproduce,
reproduce from a place of position, power and authority, not reproducing people of weak
morals, weak intentions, weak hearts, weakness upon weakness.
38. Power. I am power. No power exist greater then My power and My power is
increasing in My people that will come seek Me, learn of Me and My ways and hear My
heart and receive impartation from My throne room, My heart, My body, and those that
speak power and freedom to those who are bound.
39. So many Ted, so many are bound and don’t even realize what they are missing
out on. Tell them and tell them to come to Me more and let Me do what I want to do for
them, with them, in them. Tell them. Tell them.
40. Your ministry is telling, growing, maturing, feeding, strengthening My people and
helping them hear Me and My voice and to know Me directly—not just through you or
some other person.
41.Thank you Ted. Thank you. Thank you for not answering your cell phone when I
am talking to you, with you, sharing what I want shared with My people. Leave it in the
car unless there’s a reason to carry it.
42.Hear Me and hear Me well. I will grow you more. I will give you more. I will speak
specifics, names, places, distances, times, and all manner of things will I speak to and
through you if you bet let Me—let Me—let Me—let Me Ted—in purity. You must keep
yourself pure Ted for I’ve told you repeatedly I move in purity. You choose Ted. You
choose. You choose and you will choose Ted. You will choose and it will impact what
you do and how you do it.
43. Fear Me more than them. And fear Me. Fear Me. Fear Me and I will use you.
Deflect the honor that some will come to you in, some of Me and some not of Me. Ted,
the honor is Mine, not yours. So many get tripped up in this and get goofy, as George
says. Goofy. Don’t get goofy Ted. Get it straight and always remember the honor is Mine,
the glory is Mine, and the dominion is Mine. And I do what I want to and I work through
those that pay a price to receive Me and continue to pay a price. I am not free. I am Me
and you know what you’ve done and what you haven’t done.
44. Now don’t get your eyes on numbers, finances, dollars and don’t be swayed by
those that will come tell you what to do next to be big, to be this or that. You are Mine
and I will lead you. I paid the price for you and I don’t want you to regress and lose that
which you have gained. Gained for Me and gained for you.
45. Many spiritual children Ted. How many times have I spoken those words to you?
Now go, grow and shrink not back from Me, My power and My honoring of you. Shrink
back from their honor and control and all they want in manipulative settings of splendor, their splendor.
46. Remember the word I gave you several years ago beginning with “you want
power?” You put it in your book, your book, your first book of many books,
uncopyrighted, for Me, for Me, for Me. That book is of Me and I will yet do with it what I
told you I would do with it. Now let that book alone and let me breath on it as I told you I
would, when I am ready to.
47. Read the words I have given you in the past and the instructions I have given to
you, especially those you put in personal. Read them and heed them and know I am
with you and I have provided much for you, for you will go and grow and share My
words, in power and healing.
48. I love you Ted. I love you. I love you.

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession. Also for your study of the Revelation of The Christ being you, see “Jesus the Pattern” Series on my website. Thank you.

My body crosses all boundaries of time and space

Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 9
Theodore Cottingham

1. My body is so big Ted. My body is so big. So many think so small. Tell them to think bigger. My body crosses all boundaries of time and space. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them My body encompasses so much more than they’ve been taught and to think bigger and not be tripped up by thinking small. Most people are small but they’re designed to be big.
2. I always expand the life, the experiences, the fullness of a person—when they let Me. You see Ted, I always have words for people. I always have My presence I want to share with them, if they would only come to Me more Ted.
3. Now tell them. Your ministry is centered around prayer Ted. You’re getting it. I have chosen you and you have chose Me and when two choose each other and give of themselves to each other unreservedly, therein is power. Grace comes forth in measure not see, not known, not experienced much. For most giving is done so with such reservation, such strings and attachments of what is wanted in return.
4. Tell them to want Me, to choose to want Me and just let Me be Me. Don’t require anything of Me except to allow Me to be Me in complete freedom. And what I will give them is more than they can ask or think. Because they think like man thinks. And man always desires to exalt himself, with pretense, with control.
5. Where I am is freedom, liberty, and a spontaneity of spirit that is always new, fresh, exciting, wonderful with a spirit of awe, gratitude, appreciation for who I am and what I’m doing.
6. There’s no need to get upset at news reports and react in your flesh to fears and fear that so many want to inflict on those they can influence. Freedom Ted. I am about freedom even when there is war all around you. My peace, My peace I give unto you and all those who will seek Me, like you have sought Me. Peace. I am peace and I am so much more.
7. Tell them and keep on telling them. I am Me and I will open doors for you to tell them, to do what I’m telling you, beyond all boundaries and contemporaneous thoughts that may traverse through your mind about this.
8. Be Me. Be Me Ted. Be Me. Be My hands and feet and the flesh that is of Me that points them to Me and I will point them to the Father and the Spirit will help make usone. One Ted. One Ted. One.
9. Oh the joy, the experience of fullness, of deep meaning, fulfillment in oneness with Me, the Father, and the Spirit.
10. I mention these things and continue to reveal Me to you for you have asked. You have asked to understand the trinity, and so much more. and I will answer. I will answer.
I always answer.
11. It’s just that so many don’t like My answers and so many don’t really want to hear
what I have to say. They want to do what they want to do and I let them do what they
want to do.
12. Oh Ted. Thank you for coming and bowing before Me and reaching into Me to
convey your love for Me. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.
13. Now teach people to pray. Lead them. I will lead you and I will lead them as youlead them to Me and I will instruct and I will help you help people know Me like I want to be known.
14. Time is short and getting shorter. I want My people to know Me in fullness, face to face, face to face in My presence where all flesh is stripped off their spirit and I deal spirit to spirit in a manner and way that exalts that which I want to exalt. I want to exalt Me in them as they also point to Me and the Father.
15. I will teach you. Keep writing. Keep bringing your tablets and your computer and whatever you want to capture My words and distribute My words, My essence of communications to you. Describe My presence to people. Learn to describe My presence and what it means to you and what I’ve done for you. Be discerning but answer the questions of the sincere who really want to know Me. Be discerning and be not sidetracked by those who seek your answers to destroy you or ridicule you, and there are always those around.
16. They know not what awaits them at the end of their journey here on earth. Those that have intentionally sought to destroy My people and My works, My words. They will be honored but in ways that they don’t want. Their terror will exceed anything known to man. Their terror, their terror, their terror will exceed anything known to man at this time. Tell them. Tell them and let them fear Me and who I am and what I will do with them.
17. I’m tired of people speaking for Me that don’t speak for Me at all, but tear at all I am doing and building in My body. The terror, the wrath that will come upon them is waiting and they will experience it. Tell them and be not afraid of them or their words for some will mock and ridicule and I know their names. I know their hearts and I know their future and if they don’t repent and submit to Me while grace is with them, I will destroy them and their terror will be great.
18. Now tell them, those who listen, that this church is of Me. First United Methodist Church is of Me, as are others. There are many churches of Me that truly honor Me. Wade Pascal is a man that has sought Me. That’s why I have brought you here to pray, to know, to know more and let Me give you more and let Me expand your view of My kingdom and My people. I want you to know them. I want you to know My body more and realize its not limited to the narrow view that some have taught you in the past. I am big and getting bigger. I am not small and I don’t think small. I am big and I want you to be big, big, bigger than your thinking is now.
19. Exalt Me and I will exalt you wherever you walk, for you are blessed. You are bold and you’ll become more and more radical as you continue to know Me more and sit in my presence and feel My pleasure and weep for the people I weep for, cry for those I cry for, intercede for those I intercede for. The more you know Me the more you know My heart for My people. The more you know Me the more you will know My sufferings and that which concerns Me and tares at My joy.
20. My people. I want My people to know you for you will point them to Me and you won’t be ashamed of Me and you won’t exalt yourself when I exalt you the way I want to exalt you. That’s why I can use you like I can.
21. Now go, go to Russia, go to Argentina. Go to all those I send you and I will send you many. Take and share My words. Speak My words. Speak Me and be not ashamed. Don’t worry that you are “only” reading My words to them, words that I’ve given you. Give them Me, give them My body. Teach them to love communion and experience the power of “doing this in remembrance of Me.”
22. Teach them what I’ve given you about the new covenant and what I give you on it. It must be spoken, taught, preached, written and permeated into the hearts of those that will lead others to Me. I am new and I am not old. I will never be old and let them know that. I am is speaking and I will speak more. Now go, go grow and speak My words in power and I will open doors. I will pull down walls. I will give you bridges over trenches and moats and things that deter those not intent on carrying My words forth. Go and grow and grow all that will listen. Mature, correct in love, express concern when you’re concerned and say I don’t know when you don’t know.
23. You’re growing Ted, and I will grow all those around you if you keep growing and shrink not back from that which I have for you. For I have for you—the desires of your heart—if you will but seek Me and continue to seek Me and continue to write and not be absorbed into the systems of man and their splendor and their gold and their control.
24. Don’t let people use you. Let Me use you. Give and I will give and I will give you more and I will give you more till the day, the moment, I usher you into My presence, physically, and we walk and talk and discuss the things that still concerned you.
25. Now go and don’t worry about all that is happening in your family. Don’t worry about it. I’ve told you it’s of Me and I am in it. Now go and grow and mature and I will go and grow and mature those in your family to take advantage of your heritage—their heritage in you and what you have paved the way for. Their end shall be great for I have heard your many tears and seen your heart for you have truly grasped the seed/reproduction generation to generation blessings that I have for those who will seek Me and know Me for who I truly am.
26. I love to answer prayer. I love to share Myself and enable and empower those to do what I wanted them to do in the first place.
27. Freedom, Ted, freedom.
28. My hand is upon Christopher. My hand is upon Amy. My hand is upon Barbi and I am not done with her yet. And My hand is upon Marci. Marci has sought Me and what I have for her remains to be imaginable by her. I have more and she will walk in it.
29. Your seed Ted. Your seed. You have sought Me so many times for your seed and asked Me to bless, keep, and protect the generations that will come from your seed, your loins, and your spirit. And I have seen them and heard them and answered your prayers. I love to answer prayer. I love to move after communion with My people on behalf of what concerns them. I love to. I love to. I love people and I want them to know Me and how much I love them.
30. Be not afraid of Me. Be not afraid of Me. I beg you. For great power will come upon you if you won’t become afraid of Me. You can have Me Ted. You can have all of Me you’re willing to come get for I am not withholding Myself from you.
31. That’s correct Ted, keep writing, I am not withholding Myself from you at any level. Seek, seek Me and you will find more. I will speak more and more and clearer and clearer and you will point people to Me. And the moment you start accepting glory for what I give you, will be the moment you don’t ever want to occur. Now hear Me and hear Me well. You have paid a cost to be sitting here writing My words as I give them to you. And there’s a cost to continue in My presence, in My Word, and in my words.
32. Pay the price Ted. Pay the price. Don’t stop short of all that I can give you and all that you can impart into the earth. No one will not know your name if I do with you all that is available to you. It’s yours. It’s up to you. I choose and you choose and you will continue to choose the rest of your life. Choose Me, choose life and always choose to impart life, the life that you know others can live—in Me—to all those who will listen.
33. Remember Ted, no flesh can glory in My presence. Those that try, stink. Let them know they stink. Tell them to get to know Me for who I am, not just what I do for them.
34. Now go, grow and let Me be Me in you. That’s what I want to do with all My people. The more I am Me in them the more freedom they have. For wherever I am, is freedom. They need to know that more. Oh so much more.
35. Be not afraid. Be not afraid of My power or what I call you into for Me and My purposes. For I will call and open unto you doors and power, grace and glory. Now go and fear Me only and I will be pleased and you will be pleased and your seed and generations to generations of your seed will be pleased.
36. Tell them they must pray. Tell them they must come and sit at My feet: In the temples, In the churches, In the hills and in the valleys, On the ocean shores and upon the mountains, In good times and in bad, wherever they are, I am. I am that I am and I am is calling them to come, come and share, eat, feast, learn and be strengthened, fed, refreshed, nourished, and freed to do exploits, to kill the lions and bears that hinder My people.
37. I lead, you lead, I convict. No condemnation, no guilt, no fear. Lead Ted. I keep giving you specific directions about your mission, your purpose to point people to Me. Stand up, lead, pray, teach. Lead, lead, lead, and lead others to lead.
38. Prayer Ted. Your ministry, your focus, is prayer and praying and teaching others to pray and love Me for who I am so I can come forth in them and fulfill and complete them and be to them who I want to be—all that I want to be in them.
39. Tell it. Tell your purpose and let Me open the doors. The message of God in business that you have taught and written about is correct but that is but a small part of the spectrum of wisdom I will give you for My people. My people need Me and I am sending you and those who receive you receive Me and what I am doing in the earth today.
40. Be not afraid of those words. I mean them. Say them. Tell them—from the housetops—on your home page and I shall exalt you for one reason and one reason only—you point people to Me and not you—you point people to Me instead of you. So you—I can use you.
41. And I will raise you up to help spawn, birth, proclaim this new generation that has Me at their center, instead of their ministry or what they want.
42. Go, grow, and grow My body, breast feeding some and providing others meat, milk and dessert. Grow them and give them tools to grow—the tools I give you. Grow. Grow. Grow My body for Me, Me Ted, not you.
43. You are My son, My friend, and I appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you for coming today. Thank you for being willing to write what I give you and share it openly before men. Openly. Let the world see what I gave you today. Get in sync with Me where you send My words to you to the world every day—or every time I speak to you. Be not afraid, ashamed or fearful.
44. I will be Me and you be you and we’ll both be happy—Happy Ted. Happy Ted. You marveled the other day when I told you to “be happy for I have provided much for you.” You’ve mulled that over and pondered it and let it affect your spirit. Now let it affect your spirit even more, much more, deeper, intensely. Let it permeate your thinking, and I will be glorified in that.
45. Thank you Ted. Thank you for growing up. For choosing to grow up in Me, for maturing, seeking maturity in Me. Teach Me and I will teach you and answer your prayer of a thousand times, “Lord, teach me and teach me to teach.” I am answering that prayer. I love to answer prayers. I love to meet My people’s needs, wants, requests.
46. Tell them to ask Me the hard questions and tell them to be patient and I will make Myself known to them. And the more they make their self known to Me the more I will make Myself known to them. And they will be glad and I will be glad. New life, beauty, splendor, majesty, I will give them and let them share their life with Me in ways they can only now imagine, ever so barely.
47. Tell them. Pray and don’t be concerned for days that I don’t speak to you like this. For think of all the days and hours you came to Me and I said nothing. I speak and I speak when I want to speak. But Ted, you know I’m real, I’m true, I’m faithful, I’m trustable and I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek Me, for I am that I am and I am says thank you. Thank you Ted. Thank you for being Me to others and letting them see My love through you.


Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession. Also for your study of the Revelation of The Christ being you, see “Jesus the Pattern” Series on my website. Thank you.


Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 8
Theodore Cottingham

1. The church must prepare for its role, for its role is not as it expects it to be. It
sees itself now as an extension of what it is and it will not be as it is now. The church
must change. The church must converge on what its real purpose is. The church must
come to Me, be about Me and My Father’s business and not the business of growth and
self promotion of its leaders.
2. The church must change and the church will change—those that let Me change
them. And many won’t. Many won’t change and won’t even let Me change them. They
can’t go where I want to go—and take them. They’re too comfortable in their ways and
what they think they know. I love them but I will leave them behind in the new things I
am doing. They have a choice. They all have a choice and they will make it. I will not
make their choices for them. They must choose. They will decide to move with Me or
play it safe with what they thought “worked” for “them” in the past.
3. I am new. I am not old. I am moving and rearranging and renovating and
revitalizing that which will let Me. Tell them. Tell them Ted. Some will hear you and
believe enough to take action and seek Me for who I am and what I want them to do.
4. I will be glad to give them the answers they seek at church growth seminars and
conferences. I will be glad to speak with them and listen to them and share My heart
and how all this must change. I am moving and I am shaking and you will see shaking
like never in the history of mankind.
5. My people think they know Me and they know Me oh so little, so little. Oh if they
would open to Me, to Me, to Me, and come to Me—what I would give them. Tell them.
Tell them Ted and tell them all your life. And your writings will continue to tell after you’re gone and with Me. We will be walking and talking together and they will be reading your words and pondering the authenticity of what I have dictated to you. They will know when they see—some will—for some will not see even when they see it and experience it, they are so blind.
6. Religious clerics, religious clerics do not necessarily know Me. You know that.
Many things I will write through you are not for you but for others. They must know. They must know Me more and who I am.
7. Now the church. The church. Oh the church. My church, my people, my people
think so small and I am so big. They must open up to Me and begin hearing My voice,
each one, and not the voice of a cleric or someone they think knows Me.
8. Will the mature arise? Yes, the mature will arise and those that stand up and take
their place in My kingdom and what I am doing will shock many. It is not age dependent
or education dependent nor is it dependent on anything that man values. It is dependent
on Me and those that seek Me, that seek Me, that seek Me and have decided to obey
Me whatever it costs them.
9. There are those who have decided this and I am raising them up and many will
be shocked. But that’s okay for I am Me and I do what I want to do and I want to raise
up those that will speak My voice rather than their voice. I want to raise up a whole
new generation of people, men and women, boys and girls, that are not stuck in the rut
of doing things like they have always been done—for hundreds of years. I’m tired of My
people thinking I’m boring and going to the world for excitement.
10. I’m tired of My people being so deceived as to think they are worshipping Me
when they come to church and just sit there. Some do—some worship Me in fidelity and
truth and some don’t have a clue as to what worship even means. They haven’t been
taught, many of them. They’re expected to fall in line and do as others do. There are so
many unwritten codes that people operate by and My church is no exception.
11. My church must clean itself and get ready for what I am about to do—for the role
it will play—if it will let Me—will be of cataclysmic magnitude. You’re right Ted in what
you have felt as I continue to change how My people will be nourished and fed and
trained and set free.
12. They must know that the role I have for them is different. Freedom. Freedom.
Freedom. Freedom Ted. It’s all about Me and it’s all about freedom. It’s not about control
and rules and expectations of man. None of My churches should be centered
around one man, or one woman, but Me.
13. I’m the one that should be speaking to My people. Me. It’s My house and I
want to speak and I am beginning to speak like never before and those that are
afraid of Me will run in the new things that I do.
14. I want to speak and I want to be Me and I want My people to know Me for who I
am. I am not a distant God who is unacquainted with the distresses of My people. I
know their distresses. I feel them and I want them to come to Me.
15. Oh Ted. Oh Ted. How can I give you all that I want to give you for My people?
Ted, tell them. Tell them I am new, I’m not old. I am ever new. I am never old. I am that I
am and I am is new and I’ve always been new and I’ll never be old. Your views of time
are so perverted, so corrupt, so limited. Time is Me. Time is mine. I am. I am is talking
and I will talk more to you and those that break the oil of time over My feet—those that
will not use My words for their selfish gain. They stink. They stink. They stink to Me—
those that come to Me and seek Me for what will exalt them. They will know and they
will know soon for I will abase and I will exalt. I will exalt you for your listen and you’ve
made your choice that you’re more afraid of not obeying Me than anything else. I can
use you now. I can use you like I want to and I will. I am.
16. Now tell them the church must change and share with them what you have
already written on the new model of church. Share it. Teach it. Put it on the Internet for
all to see and reveal Me in it. Those that want themselves elevated over Me will have no
use for it but that’s okay, My compassion is great and My patience is long-suffering.
17. I am God and I’m taking My church to a new level, a new realm, where it’s
focused on Me and not itself. The growth I want for My church is growth in Me,
not it. Am I concerned with their numerical growth? No. I am concerned with their
growth in Me.
18. Then and only then can I use them and influence their hearts and begin the
transformation process that I want to occur so that they will be about My father’s
business. Oh that they knew that realm of fulfillment in their lives, their walk with Me.
Some will Ted. Prepare them. Preach Me and let Me speak, let Me speak and you
speak and you speak and I’ll speak. I’ll speak to you and I’ll speak to them and
they will speak and as they speak what I am speaking to them they will change.
19. As they open to Me and who I really am, not just what they’ve heard about Me, I
will transform the lion into the lamb and the lamb into a lion for My purposes in My
timing. And Ted, they’ll love Me so deeply for it, for this is where the release they seek
so intensely will be, in operating with Me, with Me, for Me, and in complete freedom that
they yet fail to comprehend. Oh Ted, tell them, tell them.
20. So many can’t comprehend that I talk to you like this and yet I yearn to talk to
them the same way. I am no respecter of persons. Tell them I will talk to them like this
and more if they will come as you have come, and continue to come, and set your
course on Me so that I can use you like I’ve wanted to all along.
21. My times are in your hand for I issue My words. I share My heart and I choose to
work through the vessels that are yielded to Me and point to Me. Purity Ted. Purity Ted.
Purity Ted. Tell them to come to Me in purity. Come to Me any way they will come and I
will wash them and I will purify and I will give the purity if they seek Me more than gold.
22. The church Ted, the church. Tell them I am coming and I will be giving My
instructions more and more to My church for I want to raise up My people into realms
never before dominated by My people. I want to give Me, give of Myself to them and
they must change. They must focus on Me and giving people freedom.
23. There’s more Ted. There’s more. Tell them to free people in ways they can’t
imagine now, but if they will ask Me about this for themselves, I will answer them.
24. You see Ted, many would like for you to simply give them all the answers but I
am Me and I want them to come to Me. I will speak much through you but what I
really want is for them to come to Me as you have, and more, and break the jar of
oil, the jar of time, over Me and let Me mature them and give them My heart. I want
to give them My heart, totally, and them give me theirs. The power Ted. The power.
The power that is released when that occurs.
25. The organizational structure must change. The titles must change. The
order of things must change. The speakers must change. The teachers must
change. The schedules must change. It has to change Ted for its days of
effectiveness as it is, is so limited. It must grow up, mature, and come to Me for
its answers.
26. Boards must change and take their hands off Me. They must seek Me rather
control and being petty in their influences and choices that exalt them and control others.
27. Satan is all about control and I am all about freedom.
Satan is all about fear and I am all about love.
Satan is about bondage and I am about the new birth, renaissance, abundance,
freedom, maturity, captivating love personified and imparted into activated gifts which
people long to use.
28. Your un-stopped-up verbiage in your book is good. My people are so intimidated
and stopped-up and oh, what I want to accomplish with My people, those that will let me,
those who cherish my name, and My presence, who will purify themselves while letting
me purify their hearts. I choose the gold of right choices that will bring people
before the Father to know Him like I know Him. And Ted, you’ve begun to know Him
for you’ve begun to know Me.
29. The power and result of you praying those 7 times each night, repeating My
name, night after night, year after year, has done more for you than you realize, and
meant more to Me than you realize.
30. Tell people what you do and how you do it. Tell them you pray and what
you say. Teach my people to pray. Teach My churches, My church, My church, and all
who are in it to pray. Tell all who love Me to talk with Me and come before Me without
pretense. Beauty, beauty, beauty for ashes is what I have to give them, all those that will
31. Ted, keep seeking Me for answers about the church, My church. I sense, I know
that you want Me to answer other questions and address other aspects of the church as
I speak to you now.
32. I will. I will. I will keep speaking and giving you more as you keep coming and
sharing with Me and letting Me know you want it, you want Me, you want My will.
33. You, Ted, are chosen. And you’re right, you’ve chosen Me. Tell them all, I choose
them, I choose them. All they have to do is respond.
34. I wait, I wait everyday for those who declare that they love Me to come to Me and
share their life, their times, their sorrows, their defeats, their concerns, their joys, their
questions with Me. If they only knew how much I waited. I want them to come to Me.
35. I am that I am and I am has spoken through Me to you. I am says I love you and
am proud of you, for you have made a choice, a choice that will take you far, and never
return. You’ll never return to your days of old for you tasted and saw that, I am good.
36. Now tell them. Tell them to pour out their lives before Me. Pour out their lives
before Me and I will lift them up. Oh how I love to speak to you for you write it down
and you share it unashamedly. Thank you Ted. Thank you.
37. Now go and tell all who will listen that My refiners fire is coming to My
church and they who wait before Me and can hear My instructions will play a role
in history never before imagined.
38. Cultural influence—power—majesty—splendor—Me—Me in them, will be seen
and experienced as they let Me be Me in them. Tell them, tell them, tell them. I thank
39. Now go, go to Russia. This is of Me. I have ordained it, in power. Go and be not
afraid for I am with you and I am with them.
40. It is right to let others help you for My body must realize it must come together in
ways it has not yet thought of—communication networks of My Spirit must be built.
Systems and infrastructure of My Spirit—ordained—must be birthed forth. Some play
with it now but it, and I, will come forth in power.
41. Now teach all I have given you and call forth the timid and the shy to stand
up and be bold and radical for this is their day too. Now is the time. Don’t delay
and don’t be misled by well-intentioned conservative people who want to do
things the ways of old.
42. Go forth. Pray for the sick. Heal them in My name as My power flows
through you. Teach them to pray and heal the sick just as I did in My word. Just
as I have placed in your heart—even as you walked on the grounds of those big
tents in years gone by. You’ve hid it in your heart and yearned for it, yearned for Me to
heal and touch people and make them anew, bringing them healing and new life. I’m
doing it Ted.
43. Go forth and go forth in My power and be not afraid. Much is prepared for your
and those that will help you.
44. Never be concerned that what I say may seem self-serving to you when you
share it. I speak and you share and I will touch the hearts of those I choose to. Let Me
be Me and you be you and you will glorify Me in all you do. I appreciate it.
45. And Ted, I did laugh the other day. I did. You caught it. Now tell John I am with
him and I am with him in this new venture. It is of Me and I will be exalted through him. I will be exalted through this man. I love him. Tell him I love him and I appreciate his guts for Me. You always have liked using that word, guts, so I use it here. Tell him that and tell others of Me. I will be exalted and you will be exalted.
46. Tell them, tell them, tell them, and I thank you. And come back for more anytime
you like. I appreciate sharing My heart. I have so much more. The more you come and
the more you write the more I will give you. And I thank you.
47. Tell them I’ll do the same for them, for them, for them.
I love them and I love you.
Lovers Ted, tell them

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession. Also for your study of the Revelation of The Christ being you, see “Jesus the Pattern” Series on my website. Thank you.


Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 7
Theodore Cottingham

1. I didn’t call you to join here. I called you to pray here. You need to understand
some things deeply about My people. My people are diverse and cross a wide spectrum.
I don’t think like you. I don’t think like man. I am God and I have My ways and I’ll impart
My ways to anyone and everyone that will seek Me—seek Me to know Me—know Me
for who I am and not just what I can do for them.
2. Motive is all-important. You know that I’ve spoken to you about it in the past.
Motive. Motive. Motive. The motives of your heart are your rudder. Your motives will
guide you—for what you call motive I call, in your language, the heart of your heart.
There are layers to your soul and the inmost that comes out in your behavior is your
motive—your motive.
3. I like you. I like you to write down what I say to you. You are uninhibited now to
move forth and tell, share, impart who I am and how I operate.
4. I am God who judges motives. Behavior is important but behavior comes out of
motives. Behavior comes out of that which you cannot put words to—that is in you—that
becomes your “operating system.” Your “operating system,” yes, that’s a good way to
share what I’m telling you.
5. Your operating system, Ted, is of Me. That’s why I am giving you this. You care
and you care enough to come and you care enough to write and you care enough to
share—share these words and what I am doing with you.
6. Be not discouraged. Be not discouraged like you were this morning, for I am God
and I have all things in My hands. I do have systems, I do. You know that. And I listen, I
listen, I listen. I listen for the heart that reaches out to Me to please Me and to know
Me—to go beyond their selves into the realm of what I have for them.
7. They shall see. They shall see. So many shall see from your hand and your
writings—even as you write on these yellow pads—you have no idea and cannot
comprehend what I will do with your words and where I will take them. You don’t own
them. I do. And I appreciate you knowing that like you do and how you have tried to
obey me with them instead of holding on to them for your own selfish profit. I the Lord
God will profit you. I am God and I am your source and I will provide. I will profit you and you shall see. Now please don’t be discouraged.
8. I want you to cry but not tears of discouragement and despair, and certainly not
over money. You know that Ted. And not over any other relationship. I am Me and you
are Mine and I will guide and I will provide.
19. You’re right. Worship doesn’t pay the bills. Obedience pays the bills. You’ve
finally got it. You’re right. Obedience flows from Me and the heart that seeks Me and
worships Me. So you were on the right track and you knew it. That’s why you have
pursued it and at such a cost. But you shall be repaid, so well, so very well.
10. Now take My message. Take the message of My heart that you now have. Tell
them I want to bless them and provide for them like I want to provide for them, which is
so far above what they want to provide for themselves. But to reach that realm where I
provide, where I provide the ram in the thicket, where I provide the manna, where I
provide the manna daily, they must know Me. They must come, as you have come Ted.
They must come and they must come consistently into My presence, naked of all
pretense and pomp and whatever they think they are.
11. They must come Ted, naked in spirit, naked in their heart, naked in their motive,
and let me operate on them like I want to operate, where I touch, where I heal, where I
give them new birth and nurturing so they can grow in Me rather than in just the ways of mammon and money and things of this world, this temporal world, this world that I made, that I set up, that I established long ago to see those who would seek Me, believe in Me and pay a price to Know Me and be My friend.
12. Now go Ted. You’re not perfect and you know that. And when the imperfections
come, be not dismayed. Your are a human, you are a man, and make no excuses for
them but learn from Me and learn from those that rebuke you in love, who truly love you and My kingdom and what I’m about and where I’m taking you.
13. Think it not strange that some will rebuke you for I use those in My body to
protect, help, bless and speak to others in My body.
14. Wisdom. Wisdom. Wisdom. So many do things for Me but do them without
wisdom, without Wisdom. Now know that Wisdom is with you and the more you know
Me the more you know Wisdom. Love Wisdom. Love Wisdom. Love Her with all your
heart and know that Wisdom wants your wisdom to increase.
15. Listen to those I have given you and think not that every word you need comes
from Me, from My throne room, from My heart, to you. For I love My body and I speak to
My body and I speak through My body. The body needs the body and every part of the
body is needed and designed and fashioned for a purpose, however unique or
unnecessary in your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes.
16. Ted, see more. Don’t think small. I am big and you must be bigger than
denominations and doctrines of men. You must listen. Listen to me. Listen to Wisdom
and listen to those I send you and honor them.
17. Honor them even if they curse you for those that curse you only fail to
understand Me and how I am and how I’m trying to get Myself across, known more, to
My people.
18. I call My people and I’m calling them more and more and even with a louder
voice. They need Me and they will need Me more. Everything will be shaken and I will
shake it. I will shake it. My prophecies are true. My word is true and I will shake it.
19. No one has seen what I will do and what will come in the years ahead. I am Me
and I will move and I will shake and I will do what I want to do and I will see who will pay the cost to know Me—in time, in worship, in obedience, in buying groceries for others, for encouraging and setting others free, and even rebuking when I say rebuke.
20. Tough skin, Ted. Tender but tough is not an oxymoron. It is one and the same
with Wisdom knowing the difference. You must know the difference and you must know
it more.
21. Don’t be tripped up by little things and things you can’t change and people you
don’t understand. You must be you and let Me be Me and leave them to Me. You’re right
to focus on Me, Me first, for that is when I really begin to move in a person’s life in a
visible and even spectacular way. When they want Me enough to put Me first, in front of
their schedule and their honoring of money and people that will bring them money, then
will I honor them.
22. Now tell them. Tell them. Tell them and keep on telling them and I will keep on
telling you this. Tell them every day, every way you can. Tell them. Be creative. Call on
Me more to be creative in how I use you to do what I want done.
23. For your have entered into another realm. You have entered into My mission
rather than your mission. You have entered into that which I designed for you and you
shall see it; you shall see all of it. You shall see all that I have designed for you and
given to you. For you have come to My table to get it. Now tell them who I am and tell
them of your picture and how you prayed what that picture said and how I am now
simply giving you what you prayed, what you said and wanted long ago. It’s now Ted.
24. Stand up and take your place and be not intimidated by those who want to put
you to silence. You will know the difference between those who want to silence you and
control you and those who come to you in love, pure love, My love, to rebuke and
correct and bring to light something you fail to see, grasp and understand.
25. This is a great truth, Ted. Don’t miss it. Don’t miss it. For if you are above being
corrected by the people I send you, that are My body and My blood, that love you and
operate with motives of love and freedom, I can’t use you like I want to.
26. You must mature. You must continue to mature and bring maturity to your walk
with Me and to the walk of My body with Me.
27. Now tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them to love Me more and spend time
with Me and I the Lord their God will reward them. For I am God and I will do what I
want to do.
28. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Wars and rumors of wars will come but I give
peace. I provide peace. I provide a safe haven for those who will come and learn of Me
at My feet and let Me impart to them My strength. No fear. No fear. No fear. Tell them to
come to Me like you have come to Me—on their face—naked of all the past and all that
you have done and all that you have not done.
29. Naked of the sins and omissions and shortcomings and all that is now forgotten.
Naked, Ted, naked. Tell them they must come to Me naked in their spirit, withholding
nothing, and I will give them peace. I will give them what they want. I will give My people what they seek. But they must come. They must call upon My name and call upon Me with no preconceived notions of how I will do what I want to do.
30. You are right Ted. You are right in praying more and more that My will will be
enacted in given situations, relationships and circumstances. I am Me and I have a will.
You have a will. They have a will. And if they pray their will into situations, relationships
and people, circumstances, they get what they think they want, maybe, but where is My
will? Where is My will to them? Why aren’t they praying My will into those people and
31. Pray, Ted. Teach them. Tell them. Pray with them. Lead them. Be not afraid of
honor Ted, when I honor you. I honor you and you must not shrink back. There are
many I have called to leadership who will not lead for they do not know how to handle
honor when it comes. Honor. Honor. Honor.
32. Ted, listen. You’re listening—listen to Me more, deeper, more intensely with your
spirit, your present and your future and know that you will be honored and you must
honor Me. I will honor you as long as you honor Me.
33. Now honor Me more. Tell of Me more. Be not afraid of momentary honor that
people give you, for they are looking for leadership and they are looking for people that
will turn them to Me. Shrink not back from what I have for you.
34. And don’t be concerned about people reading this or reading anything I have
given you. If they have a problem with it they should bring their problem with it to Me
first. Those mature in Me know that already. Only the immature are quick to criticize and tear down that which often I am using to open their eyes.
35. So go talk and tell them of Me and how I want to sit with them and their open-
eyed naked heart before Me, with even a tablet or paper or whatever they have to
capture what I give them, so that they can be nurtured by it afterward, and use it to
nurture others.
36. Reproduce, Ted? Yes. That is from Me as well. I want you to reproduce that
passion you have for Me in everyone—everyone Ted. And the places in your life that are
not as you think they should be, let Me work on those and you move forward.
37. You are now without excuse to move forth in that which I have given you. Move
forth and be not disappointed in the years to come. Be entrepreneurial, be creative, and
be forthright with exactly who and what you are with everyone. Let it be known. Be
known. Be known. Be known, Ted.
38. Your day is now. Your day is today. Even this meeting tonight with those who are
there, I ordained and I brought forth and they shall see and they shall know and they
shall be transformed forevermore, if they let Me. If they let Me. If they receive My words
and My ways.
39. I promise Ted, I will strike you down if you don’t honor Me for I will give honor to
those who honor Me and I have great honor for you for you have great honor for Me.
40. Now remember this word, these words as long as you live and always remember
to honor Me. You will be tested in this for you are flesh and all flesh deals with this. All
who are raised up as those who will put me first are tested in this. That’s why I have
brought you much knowledge of people past in this area.
41. This is why I am telling you now to receive these people who come to you in
years from now—who come to you in love, who come in deep love, for you, for Me, and
tell you that you are wrong, that you are off, that you are missing Me somewhere. For
you are flesh and not perfect.
42. Ted, I use My body. I use My body and I speak to My people and I speak to My
people to speak to My people. That’s what every joint together means—everyone needs
others and those that I bring to them.
43. Now tell the leaders that they must learn of Me more and they must learn from
those they lead more and they must learn from those I bring them. Even the ones from
the evil one they will learn from them but not obey or heed their recommendations.
44. Wisdom is ever present. Call on Wisdom more for Wisdom will preserve you and
protect you and promote you and propel you into peace.
45. Let no one rob your peace except Me when I am trying to get your attention.
Come to Me and I will give you discernment and I will speak, teach, train, and mature
you, as you come and keep on coming like you have been, and more.
46. Now go and don’t be afraid of man. Don’t be afraid of way. Don’t be afraid of
anything or anyone except not hearing My voice and Me withdrawing My power, my
hand from you. Fear Me only and you will go and you will go in power.
47. Now tell them and be not ashamed of Me and be not ashamed of being abased
or of being honored by kings. You’re mine Ted, and tell them, tell My body that they are
Mine. Tell them I bought them with a price and with the blood of Jesus, My Son, My
precious Son, My precious Son, My precious Son.
48. Tell them, type this and send it out. Send it out today to all who will listen and
open their hearts to me like never before.
49. Tell them I want to talk with them just like I’m talking with you right now. I am God
and I want to be known to My people. I want people to know who I am and how I
operate and how I love, I dearly love, to talk with My people.
50. So many think I don’t speak. They think I’m dumb or dead. Oh, oh, oh if they only
knew, if they only would take time with Me.
51. Do I cast My pearls before swine—that come to My table in a hurry only to taste
the choicest meat of this world, and then run off—without even talking with me? Come
now, is that even reasonable? Is it Ted?
52. I have My table spread and the imagery is correct. My table is spread and I am
on the table. I am at the table. I am Me and I want to be with you and all those you will
bring Me. I want them at My table to learn of Me and eat My bread and enjoy my meat
and enjoy who I am and what I have done for them and what I have given them.
53. I want them Ted. Please tell them. Tell them more. Tell them of Me and how I love
them. How I love them. How I want to hear their voice and how I want to be their friend.
54. Did I not create friendship? Yes, I created it. I created relationship. I created
words and communication and hearts and spirits and motives which combine to make
up a man, a woman, a boy and girl. I caused them to grow. I caused them to need each
other and need people, need to talk, need to listen, need to give and receive from each
other, blessings, praising, nurturing each other to fullness of growth.
55. Grow Ted and take many with you, as you grow in Me. Now go grow and grow
tall and taller and taller, in Me. Grow and I will give you all you need and more than you
56. But come to Me. Come to Me alone. Come to Me with others. Come to Me in
crowds and in writings. Continue to come and I will continue to give you the desires of
your heart.
57. Let them know. Let everyone know that comes in contact with you, about how
you write and what I say and how much I want to know them and how much I want them to know Me and be their provider/protector.
58. Thank you Ted for writing this.
59. Tell everyone of how I speak to you so respectfully, so tenderly, so lovingly, with
so much kindness and honor. Tell them. Tell them and tell them, that’s how you speak to
Me. Tell them Ted.
60. Stand up. Lead. Take your place in this dispensation where I am making Myself
known to My people, and every hungry heart, like never before in the history of man, the
history of civilization, the history of the world.
61. This, Ted, is what your first chapter [of your book] speaks of: The Liberation of
the Common Man. I gave that to you. You added some paragraphs of explanation for
others as appropriate, but that is from Me.
62. This is a new day, a new level of liberation, freedom to be who I’ve called each
one to be, and you are a herald, you are. Now go. Wear the mantle I have given you
and tell them of My coming and how I am readying My bride, My bride, and how I look
forward to gathering My bride in my arms like never before.
63. Tell them Ted, and never be ashamed or afraid of powerful men and women who
want to tear you down. I am your strength and I am doing a new thing. Go, go do it. And
take, carry, propel, nurture all who will listen.
64. Tell Tim thank you for all the hours he’s spent with Me lately. Tell him. And be not
afraid to call names in the writings and words I give you.
65. Be not afraid of people.
66. I speak. I am God and I speak. I love to speak to those who will listen.
67. You are preparing My people Ted. You are a forerunner though you have never
called yourself that. You called yourself a herald once before in print and both are
correct. Now go Ted. Shrink not back from what I have given you.
68. The words I have given you are truth. Now go—be about My business and worry
not about the details you can’t change or don’t know what to do with.
69. I will bring you people and I will bring you money. I will bring you what and who
you need to do what I want done—done now—and done through you.
70. Now tell them I await their presence in My chamber. My chamber. Tell them I am
inviting them, even now, through you and these words, into my closest quarters, to sit
down with Me and talk, ask, speak, listen, and even write. Tell them I want to know them. Tell them. Tell them. I want to be Me and I want to be known.
71. Me. I don’t want to be misrepresented by so many who speak for Me and don’t know
72. Tell them, and the friends I bring you will cross all boundaries. They will cross
all—every line—of your past thinking. Embrace them, embrace the young and the old,
the rich and the poor, the beggars and the kings and queens and ambassadors and the
heads of states, countries, nations, even coalitions of things yet unseen.
73. I order the steps of those who will let Me order them. That’s why I am using you.
I’m using you now, Ted. I’m using you because you’ve said you want Me to AND you
have given me permission, repeatedly, to take you and do with you whatever I want.
74. You have prayed for correction repeatedly. You have prayed that I would
discipline you and even judge you. You have prayed that I would beat you and do
whatever I wanted to, to not be deceived. You have come and presented yourself and
now, and more and more so, I present Myself to you.
75. This is love, Ted. This is where we give of ourselves so lovingly, so freely, so
unreservedly. Lovers Ted. Lovers Ted. Tell them. Do your best to convey to them what
you feel even as you write this with tears in your eyes and your heart full of My
76. Tell them. Give them the word of June 6, 2002, and tell them to be lovers of Me,
but not just lovers of Me, to be lovers with Me.
77. Tell them it is possible and it is permissible. It is now that I invite all who will hear
your words to come into My chambers and to experience My love like you have. And
Ted—I have so much more, so much more. You shall see and you shall experience and
you shall tell.
78. Remember Ted, how people came to you and prophesied that you would have
“many spiritual children, many spiritual children” back in ’95, ’96 and ’97? All that was of Me Ted. And you will see them. You will see them. For you will point them to Me.
79. Now on that name Ted. Ted Cottingham Ministries is fine. It’s you. I knew you
wanted to name what you do something else. And I may direct you otherwise later. But
for now—for today—just for now, operate as Ted Cottingham Ministries, and I shall raise
you up beyond your wildest imagination, because, you honor Me. You honor My Holy
Spirit. You honor that which I honor. You honor people. You honor old people and kids
and those who can do nothing for you personally.
80. You honor My Word and you honor my words. Now go and grow and honor Me
and those that I bring you and all who will hear My words. Even those who will not hear
My words and reject you and Me, honor. I operate with honor and truth.
81. Tell them. Tell them to work out their salvation, their relationship, with fear and
trembling, not through any other man or woman, and I will give them beauty, splendor,
and let them taste of majesty that they cannot imagine. What I have prepared for them
will awe them and propel them.
82. Teach them, teach them and call my ministers to pray and to know Me and share
My words with those they lead like I’m sharing with you and you’re sharing with them.
83. And tell them to never be above rebuke by those in My love. Tell them to bring to
Me every word of both honor and rebuke and give those words to Me. Be not wounded
by words. Be wounded only for Me. I will speak, I will correct and I will judge.
84. I look forward to you being with Me Ted. I look forward to you putting your arm
around my shoulder and hugging Me and telling Me you love Me. I look forward to you
walking beside Me down paths that I have prepared for you, both in earth and in heaven. I look forward to sitting down and answering your questions about scriptures, and your family, and things in your heart that you have told Me you want to know. I look forward, Ted, to introducing you to David, and to Abraham, and Moses, and Joseph, those you have spoken to Me about, and others, as one that I have chosen, because, you have
chosen Me.
85. I like your touch, Ted. I love your touch, just like you like and love Barbi just to
touch you. Just to touch your hand, your arm, your side, your shoulder, your head, your
back. You love her so much. You love her touch.
86. And I love your touch. I love the way you touch Me when we talk. And I look
forward to when you touch Me in person, and we walk and we talk. Enoch is in My word
for a reason. Enoch is in My word for all who will accept what I have provided. Enoch is
in My word for all who will come to My table, drink my cup, eat my meat.
87. I love you, Ted. I love your tears. I love your response when I touch you. I will
touch you more. I will come to you more and I will answer more of your questions, for
you, Ted, have grasped the relationship, the kind of relationship I want with My people.
88. Now grow, grow, and grow, and nourish all those around you who will listen.
89. Put My words everywhere. Put them on the internet, keep mailing them and don’t
be concerned with those who don’t want them. It’s okay.
90. I’ll be Me, and you be you. I will grow and you will grow.
91. Thank you, Ted. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you for listening. Thank you for writing.
Thank you for bearing no pretense—opening yourself totally to Me to take and use how
I will—how I want to.
92. Spawn a new generation, Ted. Spawn an entirely new generation, a flood of
people who seek Me for who I am so I can speak like this, and more.
93. I will take care of your taxes. I will take care of the relationships that concern you.
I will take care of what concerns you.
94. I am your provider.
I am your father.
I am your king.
I am your friend.
95. Now go, grow, and grow others and teach them. Teach them. Teach them.
96. Do you think I want to go now? Do you? Or do you think I want to keep talking to
you, with you, and just continue to discuss these things, details, and other subjects so
you can get them on paper for others as well as yourself?
97. You know Me. You’re getting to know Me and you’re right. I would give you more.
I will give you more. I don’t choose to stop with My people. They choose to stop. Tell
them, don’t stop. Fear Me but don’t fear me. Explain that to them. Most will understand.
98. Bring more tablets. Keep typing My words and I will keep speaking.
99. Now go, grow and be happy for I have provided much for you.


Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession. Also for your study of the Revelation of The Christ being you, see “Jesus the Pattern” Series on my website. Thank you.


Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 6
Theodore Cottingham

1. Tell them to get to know Me, to know Me more, to know Me deeply. Tell them I
come where I’m wanted and I leave when I’m not wanted. More want man’s wisdom
than want My wisdom but that will change. More, more, more of Me is coming to the
common man, those who want Me.
2. They must learn of Me and they must learn at My feet if they want to operate in
My design. Only so much can be imparted from one person to another. Transformation
comes from Me and being with Me and seeking Me and being tenacious, consistent and
3. Tell them I love them and I want to move through them more. Tell them I have
ways and means of communication with them and through them that they’re not aware
of. Tell them to open their hearts to Me and not limit Me to their present theology,
doctrine, and set of beliefs they now hold.
4. Tell them I am doing a new thing. Read the word that I gave you on this. Give
them a copy and tell them to read it repeatedly and ask me about its validity—its
authenticity—its origin—its author. Tell them to seek Me and I will expand them. I will
move in them and I will do with them what I want to do with them if they will let me.
5. Share your God in Business diagrams and what you now have about praying the
Lord’s Prayer. Tell them, show them, teach them, walk them through it. Give them tapes
and let them learn at the pace they are willing to learn. Push them, but push them gently.
I am Me and I will lead them. I am in control and I will lead.
6. Make Me bigger in their eyes. Help them understand to expand to include
knowing my voice like I’m giving these words to you. Remind them of the daily
instructions and blessing and comfort I want to give them on a daily basis—like I gave
the manna in the wilderness—if they will come.
7. Most in here are so busy, so busy. They don’t have time for Me, not really. They
rush to and fro seeking and searching for dollars and that which will advance them,
instead of advancing Me and My kingdom and allowing Me to advance them.
8. Tell them and tell them and keep on telling all who will listen that I am Me. I am
God and I am coming to My people like never before. Time is short and I am pouring out
on all flesh, all flesh that wants Me and will spend time with Me and learn of Me, and not
be afraid of Me, than every before.
9. I go now. You go now. Your lunch today is of Me. I have ordained what I have
ordained and you are obeying me and I am pleased. I shall provide and I will guide and
you must not fear. You must not fear the unknown and that which you cannot control.
You must not fear lack or ridicule to move in Me. You know that. Know it more.
10. Now bless these men, these people who have assembled here in My name.
Always bless the people I take you to. Always praise them and thank them for
assembling in My name and praying and honoring Me.
11. Bless them as you did Marci last night. Just bless them. Say the words. Speak
the words and let me do what I want to do with those words. I will drill them into their
hearts and do what I want to do. I will begin teaching them that to do, and achieve what
they want to do and achieve, they must praise and bless. They must praise and bless.
They must praise and bless Me and they must praise and bless those they work with.
12. The spirit of accusation is not of Me. The spirit of praise and blessing must be
released in my people. Bless them and praise them Ted and teach them to talk to Me
more, and to talk with Me about every phase and facet of their business, their family,
their debts, their motives, and their feelings.
13. I am moved by compassion for My people. I want to strengthen them and I will
strengthen them through you Ted, and I will strengthen my people through all of my
people that will let Me strengthen My people through them. They must not be self
focused—focused on themselves and what they can do.
14. Release them. Free them and compel them to seek me more and I will move. I
will not disappoint you for you have not disappointed Me. This is your time and you now
know you are to move out and be bold, be radical and unashamed of what I am doing
with you and doing for you. Your days of lack are over. I told you that months ago but
you’ve seen no tangible evidence of it. But you have believed and acted and obeyed
and sought Me diligently, withholding and hiding nothing from Me.
15. Your time, your taxes and your temperature are all according to Me. I will take
care of them all. Focus on Me and don’t be distracted by those that will call out for your
time. For always when I move there are people that want to be close to the people that I
move in, but don’t want to be close to Me, so be selective and careful and I will lead you.
16. Now tell them. Tell them. Tell them I want to talk with them just like I’m talking to
you, and more, more, more. This is a new age. It’s the age of Me revealing Myself to My
people like never before and moving in them in power.
17. They must know Me. They must know Me so much more, for many are the trials
of the future. Many will fall away for I do not operate according to their theology. I
operate according to Mine and I impart it to those who want it enough to spend time with Me.
18. I love you Ted and I love them.
Tell them I love them.
Tell them I see their hurts and disappointments and that I want to lift up their hands that
hang down.
I want them to know Me.
I want them to seek me in spirit and truth.
Teach on that Ted, what I’ve given you on spirit and truth.
19. Now go. Go to lunch with your ordained guest and tell him I am proud of him. Tell
him I love him deeply and I am providing for him just as I am providing for you. I put you two together and you shall see much together, much, much, great and mighty things
you will do as friends and co-workers in My kingdom.
20. Go for you are late again today, now. I want you and I want to speak to you so
much more. Please come back and let Me speak more to you today. I love you Ted. I
love you. I love them. Please let them know.
21. And I thank you.
I thank you.
I thank you.

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham, Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession. Also for your study of the Revelation of The Christ being you, see “Jesus the Pattern” Series on my website. Thank you.
Theodore Cottingham


Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 5
Theodore Cottingham

1. You’re going to Russia. My people need me there. I want them strengthened. I
want them to know me more and I want them to know me more now. You must go. You
must strengthen. You must give them what I have given you and what I give you for
them. They need me and they will need me more.
2. Now go and be not hesitant for I am with you. My rod and my staff will comfort
you. I am before you and I am behind you. Shrink not back. Go and do as I tell you.
3. Make it known and allow others to help you. Make it known and allow others to
go with you. Go and don’t worry about being alone. Make plans now and proceed and I
will provide. I will provide richly for you for you have sought me diligently, and I will
provide. Is there any question about that now? I hope not. I will provide.
4. Make plans and tell your friends and all that will listen. Tell them I have told you
and let them read this and let them do what they want to do. For I always let people do
what they want to do. They don’t realize it though. They don’t realize the power of
choice and the power of the choices they make that limit them or set them free.
5. Go now. Go and take all your words and writings and share them all. Share them
and be creative in how you get them out throughout the country.
6. Tell Randy that I love him and that I yearn for him to seek me and spend time
with me. Remind him of what I gave to him through you two years ago. He has sought
me but not like he needs to, to operate in that environment. He will be strengthened by
you. Strengthen him, love him and let him grow. I love him and I love you.
7. Now go and make plans immediately for time is short. The harvest is white. The
fields are ready.
8. And now that you understand your role, I can use you without hesitation.
9. You are to preach Ted. You are to preach. You always knew that and yes, you are
right. You wanted to preach as a businessman. You wanted to do what I wanted you to
do, your way. And you must do what I want you to do, my way.
10. You will speak to many businessmen but you will speak as a preacher, an oracle
of me and my kingdom and not an oracle of that kingdom. You are mine. I’ve told you
that over and over and cautioned you about what you said and how, to who. Don’t even
jest like you did in t past about this. For you are mine. I am yours.
11. You want oneness? I will give you the oneness you seek if you will keep seeking
me like this, and more, and writing my words and sharing them unreservedly with others.
12. I will speak. I will speak for I am looking for those I can speak through who will
not taint what I give them for their own selfish interest.
13. Now go and be gone about my business and you will find fulfillment exceeding
your fondest dreams.
14. Friends. I have friends for you. You have asked me, prayed for friends, godly
friends and I have them for you and I will bring them to you. Be patient. And I will bring
the godly friends you have asked for, prayed for, to your kids as well, for I hear your
words. I hear your words. I hear all of your words. Don’t you know that? I know you
know that but you need to know it more, deeper, better, broader and more intensely.
15. I hear your words and I am come for your words. Be careful what you say, and
pray, for I am come for your words. And I will give you what you want and what you
have asked for and pleaded with me about. I will give it to you, so gladly.
16. You must be ready for me to make myself known to you anytime I answer, give,
provide—lest I give you a wrong impression of how I am and how I do things.
17. You are on to so many things, so many principles of my kingdom. Keep writing.
Keep seeking. Keep asking and I will keep answering.
18. Write, write more and I will continue to give you more as you write. Tell people to
write, write and I will write through them, those that let me that is. So many want to do
what they want to do rather than letting me do what I want to do through them, and
there is a difference.
19. I go now. You go now. Go to Russia and the other place (1) I have told you. They
wait for you there. I have prepared a place for you there and in every place you go. You
go with me.

Footnote (1) In May of 2002 God woke me up at 3am and told me to go to Buenos Aires,

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham, Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession. Also for your study of the Revelation of The Christ being you, see “Jesus the Pattern” Series on my website. Thank you.
Theodore Cottingham

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