Are you ready for more than Church, religious teachings and ancient texts


Looking for ten “one in a million” people who are ready for adventure and exploration into learning from your own inner voice, to form the first class in this School that is just beginning. Unique and non-religious, non-Christian, non-accredited, based on the writings that have come through Theodore that describe a school like no other, for the surrendered ready to stop creating separation from whatever they called God, to be it, be one, one mind’d one, learning to be taught directly by God.

The Christ is becoming Christ’d

The Christ is becoming Christ’d by YOU who will learn to birth THE CHRIST WITHIN YOU, in a new paradigm of education, THROUGH YOUR INNER VOICE I am beginning the …

Imagine a new life, for you, where you create it, with others, creating creation again

Imagine a school, consisting of community; a community where competition does not exist, but the opposite, where synergy is created in surrender, and love is learned, equality practiced, and communication …

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