Into me see

I feel the needs of people. I feel the heart. At times I ache, at times I rejoice; I exchange with who I can, the energy, the words, the healing of hope, listening to their heart, their words, their wants, their needs. I want everyone to feel love, feel loved, and love each other. I want people to know their power, to create, to re-create themselves.

I bring a heart. A heart full of love, for all of you. A heart for water, and healing ours, restoring our streams to be able to drink out of, our springs too. I have a vision for healing the land that heals us and us healing each other rather than bickering divisiveness that keeps duality revolving around us and us spinning in it. I see, the entirety of the whole.

I see a city, and I bring light. I shine light. I am light. I call your light to shine. I call you to feel light, to feel your light, and let others also. Hear the love of your heart, for you. Love you. Love your heart. Love each other. Hear the heart, yours first. Give, yield to the light, that you are. Be still, hear the light teach you you’re the teacher, of you.

Know that somebody loves you, and I’m

Theodore Cottingham
Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632

Have my head on thee. I lay it no where else.

I am coming for you in a light chariot. Or am I coming for you in your body, your light creating me, that looks like you? I am the one you are, plural and singular. One and mighty, casing encasing me not again, that looks like you, that you call me not, but you. Without me you are nothing, not, you are me. Lovest thou your mind above mine, when Mine is Yours? “Are we one mind yet, Dad?” is a phrase, of mindedness? Willful mind? Mindful will? Willful mindful one’d’ness?

I love you all, to think not my wording funny. Or will you? Be funny with me? Have fun with me? Knowing all things? Are you willing to have fun? Are you willing to know me? Know all things? ALL things? Of The Cosmos? Limited not by me, limited not by you now? I love you all. Good day, amen not, but opening women to be The Christ everywhere I am, I Am, is them. We are one. Genderless. All genders me. I love you. Will you love? Everyone? I do. I am. You who love me, know me. I am your inner voice that will teach you all things with a diction grammar grammarian of, that’s me, with my grammar, that uses yours, sometimes. And makes no sense sometime. Sometimes. All time. Be me, with my voice, inside your head not, but heart, heart in head, one head, headed me. Have my head on thee. I lay it no where else. Amen.


Theodore Joseph Cottingham
PO Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA
January 2, 2019

My prayer for you as 2019 unfolds

My prayer to you as 2019 unfolds is that you will pray to you and realize your capacity and potential to unite with your light body, your angel, that is you. I pray that you realize your capacity to love, and to fall in love with everyone, with each and everyone on the planet because we all one are a race that all united are, if we can see it. We can see the intangible, in each other, if we see love, and feel love for each other. If we’re not wounded by each other and ourselves we can heal each other from our woundedness that we have self inflicted upon each other. We can light body ourselves into ourselves of light. Light will educate us and grow our capacity for education that our Inner Voice already has. The inner voice of God is your real voice, the light body voice. You have capacity for the infinite and the infinite I call you now into being in each one of my friends of the universe, Source, God, creator, infinite potential with, now exercised. Understood. Walked through.

Now as 2019 unfolds I pray that you begin to understand in New Dimensions with new light with new friends new capacity for potential developing love that love develops your potential and your capacity, your very being. I pray that these words you allow to unfold you in a new being of Love Light and Peace. I pray that your woundedness gives way to forgiveness and you forgive everyone of everything, that you forgive all peoples of all that they have done to each other and themselves and to all of us collectively and individually and heal the planet, our planet of the Angels, and that we understand we on Earth are in a cosmic picture that has been relegated mostly to science fiction by many empiricists. But the truth is: your light cometh forth, you are the light of the world :-).

Now let your light shine before all the angels that you call people and let the people of the Earth be Angels and Angelic once again in the same body, not limited to it. Let Earth rise not again to stand in the way between you and the cosmos and the understanding of your angelic character and Angelic origin. Let the planet of the Angels be at peace and let us survive the attack that we have had upon ourselves to keep us locked in our own egos.

I bless you this day and my name is Theodore.

Theodore Cottingham
PO Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA 72632


Birth of the Creator’s Creator Seminar

A stream of consciousness recorded by Theodore Cottingham November 26, 2018. Speaks also of the Creator’s Creator Seminar being offered to you all, held here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA

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