Thou art The Christ

I am The Christ, here in flesh, preparing you to be, it also. A race of Christs raising now over the earth where all are Christ who will be it in the shoes of The One, thou art, if you are willing to be it. You must learn how first.

I am preparing a race for a new beginning. A new beginning Christ is a New Covenant Christ who will be it humble enough to learn from it, that it is, within thee. You and The Christ are the same person. Christ is wearing you, if you are not separating from it to be yourself in separation of, The Christ being, your True Self.

Your true self is a light being, a spirit, a torturer not again of yourselves. You quit creating separation from light for darkness to be in of your thought thinking separation into existence because, you’re the Creator; you are The Creator of you.

The Creator is you no more in separation of you separating from your very selfhood of Christship that mandates no other can have authority over you. Your word is you, and if you are not wearing your words, you’re wearing someone else’s words that you’ve put on the flesh of. My role is to prepare you to wear your words, be your words, and live the life of your words; not someone else’s.

Theodore Cottingham