About Theodore

My background includes three years as an Internal Auditor for the Williams Companies in Tulsa, then opening my own small business doing accounting and tax. That soon gave way to more consulting engagements mixed with years of being a part time business manager for several firms one or two days a week. Retired from that in 2005.

I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Corporate Finance, then obtained an Masters Degree in Business Administration from Oral Roberts University. In 2005 I graduated with a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Leadership.

In 2010 after 32 years of marriage I experienced divorce and bankruptcy.

In 2016 I changed my legal name to Grace Cottingham and began dressing as a woman. It was part of my spiritual path as I increasingly sought to acknowledge and experience my unity with the The Divine Feminine. In March of 2017 I changed my legal name back to Theodore and resumed dressing as a man, feeling I had completed that portion of my path.

During my years of auditing and small business consulting, I developed a great combination of skills to be mayor. A strong financial background coupled with planning and management experience combine into a unique skill set for leading Eureka’s 9 million dollar budget and the many faceted responsibilities the mayor has to you, the citizens of Eureka.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you as Mayor.

Theodore Cottingham
PO Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA 72632