Imagine a school, consisting of community; a community where competition does not exist, but the opposite, where synergy is created in surrender, and love is learned, equality practiced, and communication takes on new meaning where authenticity of self unites with other surrenderers to learn how to obliterate the separation from each other.

Imagine a school not based on grades, but involvement with each other, releasing each other to create The Creator through your words and actions. Imagine interacting within community and online seamlessly with other like minded people, women and men from many cultures.

Imagine a school that accepts you regardless of your vocation, former training, or socioeconomic status. With 3 six-month semesters.

Imagine a school where tuition is $100. USD per month, and meets most days: 10 a.m. to 12 noon, and meets on a hillside sometimes, sometimes in parks and coffee shops, libraries, and homes. Imagine School Out the Box 101 with you forming it, in creativity of your creation. Imagine daily interaction with your internal self, the angelic of you, your warrior self no longer informing you to be at war with yourself. Imagine what you become when you take your limits off, each other, and you. Imagine how to learn and teach at the same time, how to create a school while you’re in it, and sustain an operation of your creativity that’s meaningful to you.

Imagine a completely non-religious school that sees the life of Jesus as the pattern for you doing extraordinary things yourself, and becoming what he became: first and foremost: a leader, a leader that learned how become unafraid of people, powerful people, and became a leader that loved women and men equally, disdained all their religious practices, and called you the Light of the world. What is your capacity for developing light? Within? Without love not again. Let there be light, in you this day, not covered over by another. Let your creativity come forth. Let yourself love with other people in a community that values values that enhance each other, enters politics, creates commercial enterprises, and is led by not the word of another.

I am developing the light. Light developer I am, releasing I am to be it. The Christ is not a person, The Christ is all who will be it. Learn how. It’s not easy, it’s doable. Release of the inner self to live uncontrolled by man is completely within your purview and authority. I release your authority this day, to be you, the angelic you, the spiritual you without separation of God in your mind, so your mind is not controlled by you, that has been programmed by another. I release women into their own personal leadership to lead in every profession, never being subjugated under man’s authority again. I release your love, to be the lover, of you. You and each other, all being one, a race of learners leaders and joyous people: without limits. This requires mercy and forgiveness, you first, of you first, and then each other. It requires diligence and tenacity. What I’m talking about is changing the paradigm of man and this world, so that we change it.

I invite you to explore this website. Consider Christ, consider becoming it. Consider your mind is unlimited, and can only be limited by you, influenced by another to do so. This school unlimits the mind of the conscious, conscious surrendered, to become the surrenderer I am, that I am is. Be a real you, unique, a pattern of one.

Theodore Cottingham