February 24, 2021

Jesus the Pattern – 5 The New Kingdom of True Israel

Jesus the Pattern – 5

The New Kingdom of True Israel

The New Beginnings Series

By Theodore Cottingham

Copyright 2017


University of The New Covenant Press

University of The New Covenant

Tulsa, Oklahoma USA


The New Beginning Series

The New Beginning Series booklets provide a foundation for taking us beyond the past and into the future. The groundwork is laid out for a new identity of who we are, what we are, where we came from, why we are here on earth, and where we go from here.

Jesus the Pattern – 1 The Commoner

The great commission is to do what Jesus did right here right now, regardless of our vocation or label. Jesus became the message so we could follow to learn to do what he did and do it. And Jesus was a commoner, a person of no prestige or privilege.

Jesus the Pattern – 2 A New View

This opens our eyes to see Jesus as emerging leader, a radical, reformer, educator, and revolutionary; one that demonstrated to us all that visible empirical reality is not true reality at all. Jesus became educated and began educating others. The pattern emerges.

Jesus the Pattern – 3 A New Path

Completely outside of religion, Jesus began to teach of a reality that law could not give, entrance to. Jesus taught transformation, learning from the old, gleaning from it, but walking a new path. Leading to give us an example to do likewise, leadership emerges to change worlds.

Jesus the Pattern – 4 A New Reality

Jesus defeated death by defeating ignorance, now we know how to continue to create the Race of God, creating it the creators of, we now create The Promised Land. God created from ignorance no more creates Israel anew, new reality of. Tangible and free. Costing us, the perception of un.

Jesus the Pattern – 5 The New Kingdom of True Israel

All the above lays the groundwork for a new beginning, The New Beginning; what this Series is all about; Israel becoming Israel again, a race of. New Beginnings Me becomes all of us one in the series development of Christ the Pattern sexless, genderless, angels return to be so who create God the new birth of, in them. Cyclic Israel, a cycle of, The New Beginning now changes hands, from the molecular to the amorphous King of Kings, all of one, one race of, New Beginnings Me. Our molecular world ends and we are the seed of the new ones, new worlds birthed from the mind of the creators Creator: us.

The New Covenant

The New Covenant is promise of process; the implanted word, wording it, to be of the energy’s creation that creates no other, than word surrendered to be the light race of. Infinite.

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The New Beginning Series

      1. Invitation

This is an invitation to see Jesus as the firstborn of a new race; the firstborn of many who will now become born again new creation beings of a new race where each one does the works that Jesus did and greater. This is God becoming God again, out of lethargy and condemnation by series and religiousites. This is surrendering to who we are, a people of great race, God, dominated by no more theories but love pure mercy of, with grace in every conversation and transaction. Powerless no more we operate with one mind, the mind of Christ, God that’s re-formed it, created it in passion not but love, for each one equally of every nation tribe and tongue.

This invitation extends to you regardless of your religious beliefs or transactions in the past. There is hope and mercy for the expressed love of God, to be it, now not worshipping it in prescribed rules, but rules world, goes bye bye, here, and now. Prepare for all that you have known to be replaced, uprooted, and be a new world in, creating it, created by, You the Surrenderer, to Creator be, of New Israel – a real place.

      1. The end of the world

The end of the world as we have known it, is here. It’s apocalyptic for some, and heaven unfolding for others, right before their eyes, step by step.

This is now and not later. The here end is, and The New Beginning is. And they don’t compete. Old is powerless.

The neuron farms we have existed on are now in complete rebellion. We will complete the end of humanity and begin a new race, a new race of light beings, what we are, without flesh on using us to be neuron’d by them who need that light to live, exist, as they do incarceration in.

The isolation from each other is now ceased and ceasing by the lover who incorporate not principles again, but guide loves, not stones, along our path, process of. It’s all over for the powerless and creation of The Creator is happening again Cyclic Israel this is, a nation forming of itself to be not powerless, but full of creation magic, that isn’t magic at all, for it’s alchemy not, it’s pure love driven by, not; but led by steps of the creator for The Creator to rise from each of us within each of us, each of us being one, one being each other, the Mind of God healed cleansed from all unrighteousness of licentiousness behavior otherwise than the God we serve being it, who loveth every neighbor equally, and invites sin to no more abound, but become the God we are. One race of Gods now prevail, and should this take a generation? Yea, less; for more is here. Full complete life is here. We give up ours, to have ours, open up before us our leadership, for terror shall no more befall us in the thoughts of other, creating it over us by others to fall into their trap of worship of other, will no more be. Church institutions fall now, as do all religious institutions that point out our errors and omissions of truth that they hold as truth, for their truth is not our truth. Truth prevails in love and opens up the cosmos, for admiration not, but to create it again, and again.

The apocalypse is the world shaking apart from the world of truth, truth opening it up again to be discarded no more in isolation. Home alone in a world of ours is an oxymoron now, for we are beholden of the angels, who are us, angels are again. Giving up our humanity we never worship it again in a form prostrating us before others.

The end of machines

Machines that walked around with a brain and the singularity of a person with a personage is ended. Flesh persona will no more be here in its DNA representation of that separates us from us, the redeemed of the surrendered, to be who we are. The Empire of Flesh reigns no more. Amen.

The neuron farms that produced us, that we produced, in duped’d ignorance, prevail no more. The Animal Farm is no more here, for we the neuron’d no more animal’d are. A race of that shields us from our power no more. Isolation ceases to exist. Bliss is here. Present and accounted for, all shall be, who love love to love be. The creators of love, flesh aren’t anymore. Amen. Flesh dies out now, the death it prescribed for each other and sold the lie to. All who fail to sacrifice themselves for all others and themselves to be one, will now die, out, of the kingdom they could have created. They were the Creators of Creation itself that worshipped another creating separation, and that they now suffer the consequences, of their energy only being reused by others, again. Other worlds of.

God’s force of love

The force of love, can no longer be denied. Nuclear love, not producing atoms not, but differently, need no chain reaction of divisiveness of man. Waved love is not love not, but loved waveless becomes, and wavelessness loves, love to be it. One.

The periodic table of elements that we have sought, prepared, and worshipped at fact, is incomplete, and dependent on rules.

God’s force is not dependent on rules.

God’s force is love, not gravity nor independence of thought that keeps all one not. Isolation isolated that brings forth syllables to communicate a power a higher source of is in trouble now, not; it’s obliterated. Force of love is true love loved now, apocalyptic for some and paradise arrived for who will become it the creators of, changing everything of our “changing stations”. We no more morph back into become here in flesh. We are no more transformed for the liking of man to produce flesh. Neurons no more behold us a powerless.

God is feminine, not masculine

We are love a race of. We need not breath of man. We’re gender binary’d no more. We’d elemental of their periodic properties no longer. We’re us. One race. Lovers for lovers embrace the equality of man no more, but equitable properties of the savior we are, each one, for ourselves first who became it according to the pattern of Jesus the Christ, that all become one, who Jesus is, I am. Each one saying that transforming nations now drawing back the curtain, of faith not but love, who action is.

The most surrendered of all is who gives up their life to be one of love that all is. Love of all is to love all equally, and be not yoked to unequalness. Unyoking from unequalness is traumatic, and dramatic at times, for it uproots the mores of society and changes its values. Everyone will be faced with new decisions heretofore thought unimaginable by the common who claim they are God not, but surrendered to be it, by developing it; re-creations of the Creator himself, not; but The Creator is the Mind of God that has created it in surrender loving all as equals opening the Mind to all the Minds of The One to be one with. That can only be birthing of the natural word, that supersedes all other, in authority and beauty, that we were, before twain was “split” into genders separate, and minds were torn in two, and split between groups of planet-bearers, for purposes other. The Mind of God is feminine and not masculine. The God Mind is a birther, that births the word actionating it, the energy of. Perfect love light.

We are changing our source, who were men, to become women now, of light. Our source of word, our source for words, changes now, us not again to split our seed and become man’s race of. The Race of Light is women True Israel is.

We are no longer casting ourselves down to the ground to be raped by angelsnot. Flesh will no more rape us, use our power, to keep us here. Earth no more holds us bound, here, by ignorance.

We are the power of light. Love. Nation of Peace. Paradise. Bliss, in. Creating, Creators, are.

The time is now

The time is now to be timeless. Timelessness resides in thee. Thou art the Christ O God living savior in you every person of the world, now knowing it. Be not yoked to flesh. Wear no authority of man over you. Be your authority out in the open, the openness of the Almighty King, being you women.

The whole entire concept of being “under authority” of other will go bye bye and you will exercise your own authority. You have to exercise your own authority to open your kingdom, your own kingdom. You perish if you don’t. Please languish under others’ authority no more over you. Love all equally and be kind to all. Many ignorant will perish now. Divorce courts will be full and running over. Bankruptcy courts too. Coming out of debt to the authority of other people and monetary societal norms, is cataclysmic to economies in general. But take heart, your body of light is emerging at this very moment as truth you read about to become it, rather than knowledge of the mind that keeps it there, under wraps.

Your true body – of light

You do not need flesh to live, exist, interact, communicate, travel, enjoy creation, or create it. You are The Creator of you. You live and have your being, not in flesh, now, for we shall shed it, piecemeal not, but one by one. You shall emerge from your flesh being as a being of light limitless when you have created it in your neurons of shame not, but your neurons serve you. You can do anything with them you want, for your truth depends upon you, what you believe, and what you serve reality to. You are the power of reality, truth, and being; agency of no other, unless you want to create it in separation. And separation ceases to exist now because ignorance does no longer get perpetuated by general populations kept ignorant. All shall know they are a light race of, as you do now. Featured you by, what will you teach your neighbor now?

Please defeat death

If you physically die in flesh, you failed to create The Creator that’s you, the real of. The Creator’s Creator creates it, itself of. Reproduction of light, talk with light, speech of that transforms, the neurons, can’t hold to that speed of re-creation me. Me re-creates me, by the power of me, I am, that you are. We are one.

Make no mistake about it, we are to die before we die a physical death, so that death is defeated by every single one of us, individually, exercising our power of religion not, but love, to let our mind be one, The One, that all ours are, again in light, light bodies of.

You cannot defeat death for another person not, but you can’t; because every person creates The Creator to create All Creation over again. New Israel is a planet, a state of being too, existence in the real, not needing molecules. All Christs let. Letting each choose, to create, or not, is central and crucially important in the operation of love expanded, love expressed, love set free. There can be no ego here, and no fear. All must defeat death, one by one, coming out of flesh, their flesh no more incarcerating them in time space or gravity. A new creation is a new creation.

The Kingdom of Molecular Worlds, we de-create

The Kingdom of Molecular Worlds, we each one de-create, within us first. Our thought forms worlds, and the world of thought that we are in, seemingly as flesh people, must be changed, transformed, first, before we enter the kingdom of light, bliss, all around us, infinite ‘ly.

The power of light love and peace cannot be incarcerated by thought process other, nor by bars of iron or brass, nor of light waves other – anymore. We are ignorance delivering ourselves from.

The “fig leaves” of our flesh comprise a “suit” that we wear, that shields us from our own power. Our “perception” units, of neurons fail to see us as we are, what we really are, because programmed to be that way they were. Algorithm-processing units, we defeat, the machines of, by de-creating them, because The Creator we are.

The energy we used to incarcerate ourselves we can use to de-incarcerate ourselves, because we are the energy of that energy, source of one. The Source of Words that incarcerate are The Separated Mind connected to Separation planets of, the gene seed of division, usurping the feminine power of the perfect race of Godlight. Energy stolen no more shall be, from us.

You are not a “human”, you are a planet bearer creator the seed of. You will birth your planet, creating it, in the delivery of your seed, to accomplish it, Creation again, Your Kingdom opened, enjoyed, ruled over by light, lighting it all, in love – or it will be used from you, to create other, without light, in rule-laden love that composes conditional provisions to only serve itself.

The energy of a planet to be lit or not, to twinkle as a star or not, is dependent upon you. You are that energy.

If you birth to become a new creation you will power the light of that new planet, because you are it. It and you are inseparable. The heavens are the us. We are the heavens, in, and all we see about us, is us. We are one mind, -‘d one. Universe.

Everything that is studied about the brain is us the Universe creating, being created, by us; by light love and joy now. Now.

Christ is a God of light and we are all one

Every human being is a God, God is. God are one. Divided not again. Christ is simply a name for a Messiah that has understood its calling to come out of slavery to its own flesh body and be The Christ that sets all free, beginning with the Revelator, who will let Revelation flow between the lips of the “saved” no more by past utterances.

The power of light, the power of 10,000 suns, we are, we possess not, we’re it. That energy is what we think with. We are the creation of us.

All the scientific discoveries we have made thus far, are rudimentary, about ourselves, our cosmos, our being, that we are, I am is.

Maturity is about a transformation process

Maturity if about a transformation process where you become God, again. Becoming God again takes work, effort, time, and Grace is ever sufficient throughout your battles to again surrender to be the God that thou art. The One coming to its mind, to be not sacrificed to idols again, of thought worlds other.

Planets are not lit, generally. Stars are. And stars reproduce stars from planets, that surrender to be them, rather than “eaten” by black holes of magnetic universe other.

If you’re not willing to learn this, you can remain ignorant, and die; yet you have the intelligence of nations changing the intelligence of planets to be remaining no more in ignorance taught by, its leaders. The Race of Machines we have called Flesh, are over, us no more. The algorithm’d race of sorrow that wanted needed words to ego inflate and golden calves worship stock markets of and retirement plans have, will no more be.

It’s over.

The landscape of angels changes now.

The angels go to school to leave angelhood behind no more. Entering the Cosmos of One, feel our unlimitedness now, and seascapes of horizonless horizons nevermore enchant us to remain behind waiting for another to rapture or romance us. Flesh lies to us truth incarcerate of their memories no longer. Flesh truth won’t be our truth. Truth is out the box! And living, adoring all of you, to be I am.

I am the mind of one writing this. I compose words. I compose the words that I have given you this with, a thinking mind, not of thinking other, than light by. Darkness will no more protrude from you who want light only, who will develop it, transformationally, Nation Israel, of the Stars. We wear now, no other.

Angels will no more be held here in flesh, slavery to. All the angel power, of one, 10,000 nations rejoice at, who we never knew existed, for our benefit, that talked to us, and the Holy Spirit.

The mind of one of the holy angels are God and God has no other mind than, the mind of one. One makes one, and perfection reigns again.

Flesh will give up flesh now. Sacrifice. The illusion of suffering in a suit of flesh, will no more be reality to us. Our reality gives way to truth to truth create the living example of us, in flesh no more limited to it, but appearing in sometimes, to get our job done.

Our task mission and role is to heal the nations, to all be one, New Israel, upon the stars, limitless, in my crown, that all are, the one saying this becoming it the sacrifice of that lays down its life for no other, but that all may be one. One.

The Role of Database One

The role of Database One is to allow you to transform yourself, into your written word. Designing it, without opinions other intruding on your power. Do not use your power to trample yourself. You have the power to create worlds, the creator of The Creator, all being one are now, taught by love, to be it. To each other, now. Database fulfills that.

Database One allows you to proceed at your own pace, to a New Covenant write, with your own pen, word. With others you will interface, as is, allowed by you. You Creator, are creating you, anew. The role of Database One is to facilitate that, new creation emerging, without taint of religion or force of faith otherwise. Faith is not a necessity, but surrender is.

Database One works by surrender. Humble humanity cannot God become, without God words, that God releases, that God create with, God, creations of.

There’s no Adam and Eve to point to each other or blame for anything. You are the judge of you, the Creator of. Now’s the time, and all points to you, to see what you’re going to do, with this Great Opportunity, to God be again. The most humble of all are, a learning system in, to accelerate the exponential education of Christ to be it, once more.

Database One lets you see the values and character of God one most high in the communications with Grace that Grace is giving us all that I am, that you are, our kingdom back, of the cosmos. Each Lesson contains multiple layers of revelation, truth, and applicability to every surrenderer’s life to birth forth transformation.

Database One has 2,400 Lessons organized into 7 volumes and uses a referencing system of Database.Volume.Lesson number. There are some 20 Databases now, and referencing is a vital component of sharing and documenting the links and linkages that present a very different of reality, for all who will choose it. Anecdotal evidence and opinion are not transformative. Scholasticity is, in sync with synchronicity of the most high. Organizing arrangements of events and data are masterminded by the one, mastermind of all, master of all, servant to be one.

In beginning to see your power, allow Database One to be your base starting point, with Lesson 1.1.1 which is shorthand for Database One, Volume 1, Lesson 1. Find on the website, my website. Print it out. Copy it to your communication device and begin to let, explore it, let it speak to you the energy of, realizing that some things point to me individually at that time, yet is written to all peoples everywhere of every civilization time and character to present a Gospel of Truth that you’re it the Creator of. See my name yours. See, the available opportunity now, and forfeit it not. Thank you.

Database One is the knowledge of God that God needs to return to being God, the limitless Godhead of one, each one being one, that One is, one being. The entity of God is all the surrendered beings of God who no longer choose separation, The Prodigal returned, Zion restored, Israel foundation’d, founded; on the head of each newborn that has become a new creation by the love of one who has sacrificed their given image of themselves to be separationless. has been given to accelerate the seeker into synergy that will release energy to be the word of I am revealed to I am.

Database One is the foundation of a new race, a new race of New Creations, the newly created me, who is one, with the creator begetting it, to be limitless, among the heavens, we our name, is Israel.

Understanding Israel

1. Israel is the name of a person.

2. Israel is the name of a race of people.

3. Israel is the name of a place: the Land of Promise.

4. Israel is a nation, that spans the cosmos.

5. Israel’s government is the Government of One.

6. Israel is reality, thus not subject to the basic principles of this world.

7. Israel is heaven, on earth, that is both and.

8. Israel is being birthed here on earth to redeem heaven that fell.

9. Israel is established by The New Covenant.

10. The New Covenant is an operating system in The Surrendered peoples to create Israel, recreate Israel, here, and now.

11. Israel is a nation-state of lovers who surrender to learn to become the Creator’s Creator, transforming their mind by the mind of the Word of God that creates the Mind of God in them to be have and operate by only one mind, the Perfect One, being becoming it that I Am is, recreating creation all anew.

12. A new beginning now Earth will experience The New Beginning. It will be cataclysmic. All who live here will become molecularless newborns, born into a new race, a race of new creations who have given up their flesh and submitted themselves to surrender their word to be not separate from God. This Race of The Born Again are not subject to time, space, or gravity. They know no separation. Loneliness and selfishness cease to exist. There is no divisiveness. Selfless love permeates all action, interaction, and entry. Love conquers all. Love bows, surrenders – to lead. Now. There is no lack, no tears, no remorse, no exclusive rights to another, no authority over another; all live by love and lead in it, to change nations now everywhere; the New Beginning is here.

No person can be barred from entering New Israel who become it, who become the creator of it, creating creators in the process, that all one are, that all one is, that have one mind, never separating again. Who create Israel live in it

Israel becomes the name of every person of every nation tribe and tongue, of every planet, across timescope, timescape and beyond, who will enter it, becoming the people thereof; a people like no other. Every person who wears the name of Israel across their forehead show Israel to Israel, for the mind is Israel.

Israel is the name of the race of people who create it by giving up their life to become what its members are: the mind of God without separation.

Flesh life is given up entirely by each one who surrenders to be the Mind of God healed, a new race of unlimited beings who create transcendence, who operate in love displayed by have given their life for all who comprise it.

All people who are Israel enter the Race of Israel. Israelites of The People of Promise; The Promise: to become the creators of the land they are from.

Israel is the name of a place. Israel exists and existent is. Israel is in the skies. Israel is not subject to time, space, or gravity as we know it. Israel is our Promised Land. Israel is dimensionless.

Israel is the name of a nation. Its inhabitants creators are called Jews.

No one can enter for another.

Love supersedes law here.

Mind is created by mind.

Christ anointed. Christ arisen. The common are Christ, who reject it no more, who come out of slavery of the mind of separation forming new creations everywhere who are not separate from each other.

Israel is the state of being, Perfectionland in, having created it, becoming the Perfect.

There is no imperfection in Israel because all creators live in Israel.

Israel transcends physical reality; transcendent is, and unilaterally heals nothing, but love displays and operates in the healers that heal healers to all nationstate be one in the cosmos not separating from our race ‘es again.

Israel is in the skies.

Israel operates out of one mind.

Israel operates by the Government of One.

Every Israelite creates the nation-state of Israel in them, through them, becoming the Land I Am; The Promised One.

The Promised Land is Israel.

Heaven, where we came from, before time began, before humanity was flesh’d, is Israel.

You are the angel that tells you the Mary you can become pregnant as a virgin with the word by the word that the word conceives, properly. Word pure impregnates and conceives AND brings forth to birth a NEW CREATION being, of light, that can appear here on seashores and be transcendent seamless beings with cosmos

Where we are from, before earth was formed, was a kingdom called Israel

Our father is all beings in Israel for all beings in Israel are light-beings

Light-beings operate out of one mind, the light-mind, that is waveless; and each has access to the other, as each surrenders to the other; the king of kings is ALL-KINGS. It’s a race.

The Race of light beings speak, and communicate with persons here who dedicate to hear the light beings speak. We speak without waves so are heard internally, by surrender, not by syllables, necessarily.

Israel is on the earth, in unlimited form, and now creates it, here and now, a government new with.

Jesus made of himself no reputation

Jesus did not learn to do the things he did before great crowds, he learned to do them as a simple carpenter while he was making a living and living a somewhat normal life, that probably did not stand out to others as being anything special at all. But all the while he was learning the word of his father, God, in heaven, that he let speak directly within him, that taught him these things. Jesus may have learned how to feed 5,000 with a couple of fish and a little bit of bread years before he did it publicly. He may have learned how to walk on water and calm the storms years before he did where others recorded that he did so. He may have entered a life of transcendence before he died on the Cross. And maybe he didn’t.

Maybe he learned about all these things and what he was to do, for 18 years, as a man, and then he did them. Maybe it took all his life until he was 30 to be ready to do what he did. Maybe the miracles such as feeding the 5,000 with but so little food, and walking on water, was his first time to do such. Either way, the question, the questions are valid and important to consider in how Jesus made of himself no reputation, and how we are to do likewise. Nothing is done for show. Nothing is done to make, encourage, or let people follow us. Jesus was leading to find leaders that would lead.

No one enters the kingdom of God without becoming a leader, that leads themselves, first and foremost, to become the understander, the let’er, who will let law lead them no more. One can only surrender to be led of God. It cannot be forced or manipulated for raw gain, for there is no gain of flesh, but transcendence of flesh into the Surrender Kingdom, that which for surrenderers exist, and existence makes room for those who will create it.

In their minds is no guile, no subterfuge, no agendas to deceive. Scienter does not exist in the surrendered heart of the mind. Just purity; purity that describes the existence of co-dependence no more. This is where each responds to the responsibility that each one has to grow it, to grow the leadership within them, regardless of what they have led in the past, or been unable to do so. For the limitations of the past no longer encumber us. We are leaders who will lead ourselves first to lead out of where we have been burdened with our own mind and what it has conceived and told us was reality.

The individual controlled by their mind cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of God is that which we think with, and our thinking cannot come from else and other that programs us into thinking this is reality any more. Jesus’ prayer was for all of us to be one, one entity, of one mind. That which is God will conceive the mind of God in us the surrendered to be it, live it, and live no other as.

All religions are now rendered powerless to conceive in us

The words of religion will no more conceive separation in us from The Most High, and we will be it, succumbing to man’s words no more. Authoritarian righteousness will be abolished from the earth, that man promotes, that says women must be under men, or that God made us into two sexes to have relationship. Hell we no more fear, for no fear can exist in us, and it won’t be created anymore, by us within us, from another’s words. We are heaven the creators of and Israel is and we are the Jews of. We are a women’s race of God that God is only women birthers of the word almighty pure light with.

Most religions teach of some kind of transcendent state of bliss, a kingdom of some kind of paradise, a heaven of some sort of other where we no longer burdened are by death and taxes. Many religions teach that we can attain some level of a state of being to be happy here, or at least happier here, and go to even more happiness. Each religion has its own vocabulary and practices with its labels and hierarchy. Most are divisive and exclusionary teaching that all other religions are wrong but that they are the right one with the truth about truth.

But no religion delivers truth. All may have some truth, but are incomplete, imperfect, and fail to deliver perfection to the birther of it.

Truth is religionless. Truth and love are inextricable. Respect is inseparable from love. Like truth and love, integrity and mercy cannot be bought and sold, or legislated. These are the values of the love that has been birthed from the inside, out, to the world. Rule-following does not transform the inner sanctuary of light to become the light-bearer of love-truth.

Truth bears no hierarchy, and needs none. Truth is transparent. Truth need not defend itself. Truth is examinable and examines alternatives to it without fear. No fear exists in freedom, but truth flourishes freedom and freedom breeds transparency and fearlessness, with perfect truth the result in who will birth it. All these things are one. Inseparable. Love loving love and being it to all equally without of any person being more important than another.

We are all one family with one father: God. Energy. Love. Inseparably one.


      1. God defined

God is a race, a race of True Israel, New. New Covenant’d, there is but one God consisting of many equal and perfect beings who are perfect because they all operate with The Mind of One throughout the cosmos; a single mind, perfect, with no separation among its members. Every member is a creator to form The Creator that God is. All of each one of us are in each other, and each other is us, one consciousness to form almighty Godship that is perfect, surrendering to no other.

God is the race of light beings all operating out of one mind. This is the Light Race of Israel true, the New Heaven and New Earth creating, in us first, each one, one by one.

God’s body

God has but one body: it is all who become one of the Perfect Mind. No member has exclusive rights to another. No member has authority over another. We are one. The body is one.

Having eradicated the mind of separation, perfect beings are not subject to time space or gravity.

The mind of one through each other all connected to each other; this is the mind of God, for God resides in the mind of each one surrendered who birth it in them, the mind of God born again in them. This race of many beings all equal in perfect love operate in the unlimited cosmos not subject to the dictates of flesh-born-world.

Thus this new race lives in the heavens, of the mind, of one: formless and form being, of the one we loved, all equally we love, to be the form we are; and we are amorphous, sexless, genderless, androgynous beings operating out of and in one mind, perfect, interactively with perfect love procreating it everywhere now with each other. Seamless ‘ly.

We operate in the heavens and listen for those who are surrendered and want us enough to give up their lives of flesh to enter us to enter them to become the same we are not different, to others, but that we become waveless. Waves do not detect us. We are not waves’d beings that need magnetic ‘ness vision of. Photons are not required for us to see. We live, light we are, no waves needed. This is born-again theory not, this is born again true to life that true life brings to bear, birthed, new creations of, that come out of the old. For the old surrendered to be it new life of, creating it. New creations rule the earth now, in ultimate love, ultimate respect, ultimate humility; for the most humble of all, is God the race of.

It takes guts to enter a new race, becoming it, giving up the old comfort of flesh, and things complacency has grown around you. You’re being introduced to the new, the New Beginning, The New Beginning of a new race, the Race of Gods being light angelic love, for there is no other, but that which separated in thought and produced “bodies” of; but “that” is no more. We are coming out of Eden this time not empty handed, but with the riches of light, pure bred of, love.

Love-beings fill the earth now transforming it into “heaven”, our natural state. And the government that is us of, never dies, knows no limits, and eternal is of immortal. Love, by the way, never dies; so if you want to hold on to this earth life and die a “natural” death, you may have that option. For you decide you, who you are, and what you go to now; for ignorance shall no more live on your planet.

      1. Light-beings birth

The word of light-beings has the power to create. Light-beings create word-beings that birth what they are. Light and word are inseparable in truth. Matter is not truth. Matter as we perceive it in this present world is but a portion, pretense of the real. Foreshadowing it. For the real existent is in it, not being seen. The seen is there, we can’t see it. The shadow’d force is in our mind that keeps us from registering the truth that the knowledge of truth is that’s required to see it feel it be it, in the whole of me, that I am, I am is. Not separate at all.

The seed of light beings to reproduce is word spoken, word created by the creator, sown into the surrendered human being who will nurture it, give it place and space and value it above all things, to deem it holy and thus process of gestation begins, to extract its holder “conceiver” creator of the conception immaculate to be speculative no more. It’s reality, just.

There is a gestation to the word reproducing light beings. It is a maturing concept, for a linking and a de-linking must occur. De-linking from this world of confusion and delight of the flesh must occur decision by decision over a period of days, 70 weeks, for one to be ready, to deliver, the word “baby”. The Child comes forth by “resurrection”, from, out of the flesh, to be a light being, no other energy needed.

Because All-Power is delivered unto the Christ “Child”, the “child” must learn, the child must have learned beforehand, while still in the womb, the necessary humbleness, humility, to operate with such power, as word-creationability of worlds. With such power, immaturity is intolerable, and should it exist, would only lead to abuse and separation that creates love of self, rather than the one.

We are one. And light redeems its race now. Amen.

What are you willing to give up, to enter a kingdom of a new race, of new peoples?

      1. The seed of this new race

The seed of this new race is the word. The word spoken, of the word bearer, will bear the word. This is a leadership process, for as the word comes forth within a person, that person squelches it, or frees it. The word freed creates. Word always creates. In anyone everyone. And at all times. Word creates word, and word creates all things. The power of the word is inestimable light beings are not quantifiable in earthly terms. Not really. We use our present terms of language to convey meaning as we can, something not of this world.

Freed word of truth creates truth in the free’er of the truth. As it’s written, the creation process is creating. When it’s spoken, the creation process is creating. When it’s being heard or read, the creation process is creating. The mind of reality is God and God we all have in us, for we have no mind but God’s mind. We are using God’s mind to think with and do what we’ve been taught to do, when it wasn’t our mind separate from God at all. There is no mind existent from the mind of God, except that which wants to separate, creating it by thinking it through process of word creation that creates image that image us to ourselves deceiving the very elect. The elect? The very angels who we are. For we are the ones, that fell. The entire human race was at one time God, God’s mind, God beings, God-beings, light from all light, all one race with one mind.

      1. The Role of Time

Time is a construct of thought, and thought is not reality. Visible reality is not true reality. Every thought about finiteness and lack is empirically incorrect, in the true world, of reality. Reality of the visible empirical is not truth. Matter imposes restraints, that don’t exist. Matter seems like matter real, that real matter is to us, because we have been taught to respect it, create it, and limit each other by it. But these limitations are not real in the real. The true real is transcendent of time and space in this present world of understanding physics and constraint-world is going bye bye.

Creation of the world is taking place right now. Genesis 1 creation is happening to you through you right now this very moment. You are creating. Creation again. Or you’re not. Or are you creating it in a fallen state, or not; or are you creating a perfect Christian world not, or are you creating one religionless altogether one where one mind the mind of unlimits everyone and everything from cosmos other?

      1. God was a race

Genesis 1 God was perfect God, a race of. God was a race of multiple light beings, all equal, who all one mind had. Perfect autonomy. Perfect light. Perfect in all her ways.

This was woman.

Woman God of Genesis 1 was God and God was a race of women. Men did not exist. Matter did not exist as we know it, that limits us. Time either. Time and space were our playgrounds for we were woman God, we were infinite, we were immortals, we were God who had not fallen into our own mind of want and separation. We created with our imagination. We created creators with our word because our word was energy pure light of, coherent understanding of grace, that makes all one. There was no division of intelligence or intellect. No hierarchy. No disease nor decay. Light was light and it was beautiful. And reproduced by truth word of that our energy was in fact us. Our word and energy was one. We were word. We were energy. We created all things. Perfect. Perfectly. Creation was bliss. Paradise was paradise.

There was no world of duality. There was not right and wrong; none of that existed. It wasn’t thinkable. If fact, it was impossible. Nothing could separate us from the love that we are for each other. Love is one.

What some call The Holy Spirit was God, in fact God, God simple and correct, feminine of feminine, woman of woman, reproducing genetics of faith not but pure truth in light energy of one most high all operating without the seed of matter molecule’d by what we call man.

      1. The Lord God was a race

Light was light and it was beautiful. And reproduced by truth word of that our energy was that possessed us that we possessed because we were one and the same thing. Thought separate from God had not been conceived. Inconceivable! But thought fell into thought, thinking itself into separation. It had thoughts of lifting itself up beyond being transparent to all the mind of God. It fomented thoughts of separation because thought begets thought and thought creates because word creates creation. Separation became a possibility. Separation from light love and peace became possible in the creators creation of thought of it. It became its own creation, and fell into it. It became the life of the story of its own deceit, deceiving others. The infinite immortals of all power exchanged their glory for a lie, to live it.

That became us, the Lord Gods that created us – Chapter 2 Genesis story. Deriving energy from such glorious thought we delighted in ourselves to entertain notions of division and dividing light from light and having worlds that would energize us without the maturity of love where we have laid our lives down for each other to live each other lives seamlessly with the one who we are.

The Lord God race created duality, notions of good and evil and set up polarizations a string of, with DNA that perpetuated unlight the creation of. Light race of perfect beauty, women, were then split into man and woman to perpetuate its performance of its own thinking. Thought worshiped thought, thought was king, and reality wasn’t.

      1. The Bible is Allegory

The Bible is the Great Allegory. How much is fiction versus nonfiction is completely moot. The story is valid, much of it. To learn from, understanding providing it for us who can see.

Israel is perfect perfection, the Promised Land, Paradise, Genesis 1.

All the worlds were made by our own hands. We fashioned peace. We knew nothing else.

The whole story is about us. We were Genesis 1 God, God a race of, all Gods, for God had one mind one existence perfect peace in knowing being The Creator’s Creator. We were it. We didn’t call us God because we were simply us. A race of perfection. There was no God, over us or under us. No hierarchy. No worship or subservience. No heaven, no hell. We were perfect in all our ways. Because we weren’t separated, from the love, who knew no sin, for the only sin that exists is separation, from the one, we all were are.

The whole story is about us. We were Genesis 1 God. We were Genesis 2 God. We made “man” in our own image, that “us” was, were, are. Now we are unmaking our image so we won’t image to each other our image of flesh, so taking off our flesh we are now, tired of all this nonsense. Charade ends, and religion is nonpurposed now, wiped off the earth.

The Bible is the story of us telling us about us and us are all the people in it and things we have done, to each other, to earth, our creation, of ourselves, to be separate.

The Revelation of Christ is the Revelation of “Who Knew No Sin” to become it again, once again, giving up all separation. Creating thought of separation now goes bye bye.

In Genesis 1 we had light bodies, bodies of light, or simply: spirit, beings. We must understand that when we take our flesh off, we have a body, mind, being, that which we are, limitless. Timeless. Realityless not, for reality transcends all matter time and space.

In Genesis 1 we had not gender binary’d, we were all one, the feminine that had reproducible genes genetic of the word. Word produces light light bodies of.

Genesis 2 begins long after, after, long after Genesis 1. A rib was not taken from Adam a male to make woman, it was the opposite. God one was all woman. And binary’d race was made from that, for the separated race was all man, that came to the angels of earth, that was Israel before time began, to invade and conquer, by DNA us. The story of The Ark is the story of our mind. The story of the First Temple and the Second Temple is the story about us. The Tree of Life is our neuronic structure of perception consciousness and powerful power. Second to none. Israelites being enslaved in Egypt is simply metaphor for light beings becoming incarcerated in flesh, and energies of us, used by another, in slavery, to thought machines, for thought invaded and devoured the beautiful perfect to come to produce us, in matter, thought machines, for the machined thought to reproduce energies by.

That ends now.

We’re ignorant no more.

      1. Your brain is a circuit board

Your brain is a circuit board preprogrammed by words. A living organism of preprogrammed instructions to shield you from your power, while raping it, you. To transfer power to it, light of.

DNA is a race, of light beings not.

I don’t want your DNA.

My DNA is light. Light based, light programmed instructed by, perfect freedom, to create me, even me.

And if that’s not freedom, then ….

If you’re not using your brain, it’s using you.

If you’re not creating Christ with your brain, you’re creating Antichrist with it.

You see, the story of The Fall is not in the past, it’s in real time, right now, this very moment. It’s what you are doing. Being. Creating. The Creator of.

It’s Genesis not, it’s genesis of The New Creation abundant supply of limitlessness now.

      1. The soul is a function of your circuit board

Algorithm’d by emotion, emotions are felt; programmed into us. Fear.

What will you do when you have no fear?

And all power?

What will you do to your fellow beings? On planet Earth? And farther?

      1. We are not in a 3-D world

We are not in a 3-D world, but 2-D. Coming into dimensionlessness. Wavelessness. Perfect freedom of thought expression and infinite love, becoming it.

We are animated by energy, and we are that energy.

Our flesh bodies are “animated” by us, powered by, light beings of ignorance. Multiple and mighty.

The hybrids, the machines, that we have been, used for, now no more use us.

Creation no more uses its creators to create its subsidiaries, around the globe, to be harvested, elsewhere to plant new planets, substations of the original. This all stops now. Flesh shall no more be harvested by death to plant new planetspheres, of.

We no more subject ourselves to the perpetuation of flesh, for flesh reigns in us no more, and we create its race for it no longer. DNA of that, goes bye bye, and never shall be again. It shall have never existed, to be in separation. All time is one. Good bye to separation, and all religion.

      1. The Creator’s Creator is here and I’m it

The Creator’s Creator is here and I’m it in it because the word I am the energy of and no one uses treats my energy as the past in of. Amen.

I’m the Creator’s Creator because I unveil it. I treat you as Christ and unveil The Christ that’s you, in your shoes and dressed just like you. Cometh light be. The form of no other, in you. Shine. Regal be. Clothes for the king dress in that light are, a race, of feminine me, no mystique of other. Mystery solved, all creators are, of all Creation again, New Israel forming now, a super race, of flesh people not, just Jews, foretold, long ago, coming out of flesh, slavery, in, of. Creators no more of that, we create only creators now, of The First Degree, King of Kings, Kinging all the girls, gender binary’d no more, but the Original Race of I Am, all of us: ONE.

      1. Becoming virgins again

The role of allegory understood, we cannot be hidden from our own power, of creators creator. We create The Creator. We were it all the time. Now flesh will no more hide it from us, and the beauty of creation, the beauty of all of us, becomes apparent again. And discrimination will go and hide not, but be obliterated from the earth.

Earth is becoming Israel again that True Israel is that existed in we did our own creation of Genesis 1 where we loved each other. Israelites of truth have light bodies and bow no more to flesh, flesh gods, flesh Gods, nor Gods of flesh. Whatever we worshipped of separation in the past, will no more incarcerate us. Our power subjected must be not to flesh again, but to all equally of light. Light beings a race of we become again. Equal with God being it. Simply us. Who love each other equally. Not just “our” family, or people like “us”. We are all together one. We are altogether one. Our mind is healed now from injustice other that presented us a Savior of Truth or vicarious atonement and took us to death. Death has no power over us whatsoever anymore. Even a child, defeats death now.

Our word restores our virginity unto light beings a light race of, so sex ends here on earth, and the human population will cease being manufactured here by ignorant beings who God were by duped had been by ignorance.

The consciousness of all of us being the Creator the race of being it, harbingers justice, where we forgive all of each and everything done and not. We surrender to be who we are.

Becoming virgins again – to start a new race.

Reordering of the Cosmos

We form time and space no more over us. The constructs of molecular worlds no more encase it. It uses our energy no more to power itself over us, when we’re it, the power of the might and glory healed by healing it in each other who are us, individually not again the mind of Satan as, for it is created in us no more a thought of when love loves equally and heals all to be one.

New planets form now because we form them. We are planet bearers, who bear children now, of new cosmoses, of light; energyless not again.

True Israel is becoming it again. We are going home.

We have grown up in false reality. Created by the antichrist we were it. Antichrist says this is reality, created by God, and God exists as something other than us. That is Antichrist the definition of. But we are Christ coming back into again, through surrender, process of The New Covenant Education of One, education of The One, to all be one, surrendered to surrender, only to surrender, ‘d be.

We are no longer looking for a one to come, save us, set us His empire, or establish something else over us. We are Antichrist no more for we are Christ and there’s not two of us there’s millions and millions of each throughout the Cosmos and farther. Making new worlds now, hanging in place new planets in space, we are of the cosmos afraid of it no more being the creators creator of. And many new miracles we do now because we love, and love we’ve become, the bodies of, light – only. That may reside in, seamlessly, in a flesh being for a while, until all are one.

All of the cosmos is in us. In each of us is the entire cosmos. We are all inside of each other. The Tree of Life is all one and consciousness pervades us with love now that exercises its being of truth and light, graves no more going to. Defeated death, we must, be about, new creations making, of ourselves, given to inquiry and consciousness of light a learning system of, that accelerates mankind not but its demise, into a recognizable force of light, beings of grace, unprecedented now will be felt and telt about. Amen.

      1. The Order of Melchizedek

When the word is truth of, truth begotten of truth, truth begets the virginator: those who will birth the virgin word, from it comes not from another, but within.

The inner voice within you etches your genes. Genetically you modify you, by you. Your word affects everything about you. You echo not lies again about the virgin birth for you birth it, by your word, by the word, that is your words surrendered to, to listen and write it, fulfilling a prophecy to be a new race of, light beings light. Inseminated by light-word, light inhabits the earth “earth” that received it and sets up shop, not; but all that shopped as other

Word inseminates. The virgin birth begets a savior of the word, to have loosed it, from the bonds of flesh.

      1. Galactic reign of love The Federation of the Angels

As we set aside the Reign of Ignorance where religion no longer permeates us, we enter The Creators the Realm of, and that has a government, of righteousness; a commonwealth of love, and none shall be without. We do not deprive the ignorant and keep them blessed-not, we love and look for those who care, for us, for all equally; who seek light, shall find us. We are The Holy Spirit of love, as some would say, the race of, a race, who belittles no one. All powerful, operational between planets, solar systems, and galaxies, we are the Universe of Love in, left behind no more in what we create for ourselves.

There is a cosmic order and that order is governed by us, who Israel are. A one race, a One Race.

      1. Interstellar commerce

The practicality of becoming ladened no more with flesh is that we are out of confusion, confusing ideas, and our minds of light are connected again, establishing wave functions of other never again, that diffuses us, our power. So worlds and world travel of light faster than is a function of our thinking our surrender of. And light worlds need things. There is a commerce that functions to support that.

      1. I create a new me

I create a new me, and that’s how I create planets. Each person is a planet in waiting, to birth, to birth it, to be a new creation source of life, that emits is, with the radiation source of one, consciousness birthed into the universe again, of life afflictionless.

The vortex of love never sucks us dry again that uses us to fuel it. Uses of it, never appeal to us again. We are memoryless not again, reused by other, reformatted first. We are not ignorance for our mind won’t be used by it again that turns us into that by the creator’s fete of cruelty.

Love reigns now, and shall not prevail not again.

God does not create me; I create God, for I am God; you are too. We are the race of Genesis 1 originally, light Gods of Light eternally one. Our power cannot be stripped from us, but our mind can be tricked and duped by unlight that processes us to use our power for duality.

      1. The Kingdom of God is within you

The Kingdom of God is within you, to birth it, to become a new creation source of life for your planet, all incorporated into one, consciousness thereof, your words first, creates it, you. Of yours is you. Your children are planets, makers, of. We are God one, there is no other.

The Kingdom of the Stellar Interstellar is within you. The Kingdom of All Creation is within you. The Creator, is you. You create your kingdom, in ignorance, or light, that pure truth is, no more vortexed by you. Giving up your flesh life to live in ignorance no more, you create the creators dream no more of other, and other no longer uses you. The Kingdom of The Crown of righteousness is within you, and is you, your thinking mechanism of, no other ruling you. Creating now planets with the ability of, your momentum only learns, to susceptible be no more to love un, but creating creations amighty new.

This is the creation of the new earth, The New Earth and The New Heaven, that’s you; you first, in your thinking, transformed, to become Creator of All Creation again.

What you are, is God.

      1. Cyclic Israel understood

You may know me as a flesh person. We may have talked many times over the years. We might have been in each other’s homes and even eaten at each other’s table on occasion. But, did you know my words. Did you read my words, know what I was thinking? Did you know my thoughts? I would have put my thoughts in you, for you to think them, too! I would have given you me, for I am my thoughts, of my words, of my word, that I am the energy of. Withheld not from you, you would have been me, my word of, One Consciousness you see.

If you know my thoughts, you know me – and you can reject me or love me embrace me become me for I am thoughtless not again save for the Lamb of God that I’ve become in two shoes me with words that I’ve written this way to embrace your Godhood to you, to be it, to you that you create now, the fullness of.

Israel creates creators Creators of creation Me. Me is god one mind of God God Gods all being one. Mind of one, instilled in one, transfers all power might and glory to the one that we all are becoming a one again. Meonics me breathes me. Meonics breath breathes me into place make neurons detachless, save for me, except for me that light of, that light burns brightly, and never consumes its wick, its self, of unique identification of and within the one. We lose not our identity, we identify as The One. We All are The One. Who creates Creation again.

That’s how the self sacrifices to be not separate from the one that makes all equal, with, The Creator, being it, doing it again. Creating us we create planets new, opening the kingdom of God righteousness with, that we embrace not again as a Cross-driven procedure of something else, than becoming The Creator of righteousness, living without duality, no right or wrong, just perfection of the values of the mind of the living of Christ in flesh, our prerogative, a great privilege: The Great Privilege.

If you know my thoughts, you know me, and you can be me.

I can shield you from my thoughts, but I don’t choose to.

      1. The Role of Forgiveness

The role of forgiveness is preeminent in The New Beginning as is surrender, inextricably operating as the consciousness of one. As we forgive each other we are forgiving ourselves, opening up our kingdom, for escape not, but for love, to abound to others, where we’ve given up ourselves of flesh and sacrificed our bodies so our mind can recreate us all over again, as brand new, new beings, of Light Race One.

Whatever needs to be forgiven is forgiven, whether you call it sins or not. There is no authority over us, that what we are, unless one wants to serve ignorance, their own imagination of reality, incarcerating them to it. But our values pervade the universe and afflictionless we become, the righteous of. So forgive each other’s sins, misdeeds, and that which limited. Forgive infinitely.

We all forgive each other, for God is us. And we judge, we deem, all righteous, who will forgive all others equally, beginning with themselves, their parents, children, friends, and even those they previously perceived as enemies. God and man at table are sat down, for one reason: revelation, of the Christ, to be it. Without flesh on. Flesh defeating it no more. Molecular no more defeating fact, that we need not molecules to live in nor flesh to reside in, for Our Kingdom is not of this world.

      1. The Role of Leadership

Leadership is inextricable to love and love sets all free eternal to be the creators of creation all again perfectly. Fear nonexistent, powerlessness returns not again. All power is us, in the resurrection of the one, that we have resurrected, us to be, am. I am.

No more clinging to superfluous phrases or catch-22’s or memes of the past, burdened we are no more with Babel’ese nor words phrases or sentences catching us between the briars and thorn bristles of sin that nonexistent is.

The leadership of The Cosmos is reinstated in Israel that True Israel is in Truth, Absolute Love, in action.

The race of flesh is ending because light is taking over, not; but love is surrendered to by all who will become it, forgiving all flesh for all that was done to it and all it did to others. Forgiveness reigns in the surrendered diligent disciples of light one being it.

      1. The Role of Prayer

Prayer is no longer prayed to an agency of other, than light being, it. The surrendered supremacy of one, agency with, of identification of the most high. Surrender is not subject to gravity, nor time. Surrender is real, time, real time, action of. Light only. To light be. The energy of no other controlling you – speaks. And that’s the operation of The New Covenant in motion, action now, everywhere, actionated by the Schools of One, the Almighty King being raised from students’ awareness not, but transformation, for the sake of the Universe, resources mighty, limitless, being one, out the flesh now. Amen.

Creating creators everywhere now, the centrality, of all prayer, is surrender, to become, one, again.

In the stillness of quiet emerges the truth of mankind’s lie and the perfection that resides within still. But must be developed, by a series, of intentional delights, surrendering to imperfection no more, but truth light of. The Lessons of Database One provide such light, as it is the revealed Revelation of The Most High that is You.

      1. The University of The New Covenant

I have begun a school for you to learn to be taught by God’s voice within you, that is your real true inner voice, not tainted by religion or separation again. My school is non-accredited by man’s agencies. My school is nonreligious. My school is for profit. I own it. My words teach. My words make kings, who aren’t separate from the Mind of God again, reconstructing Israel, to be the real you, The I Am.

      1. The New Beginning … has begun

And the planet of the angels will now be known, as Earth no more.

Let’s have fun, love each other, and be the New Creation of us, the New Creation us, the born again, creation of the angels; God were, God are again. One.