February 24, 2021

Jesus the Pattern – 4 A New Reality

Jesus the Pattern – 4

A New Reality

Knowledge Surrender and Process

The New Beginnings Series

By Theodore Cottingham

Copyright 2016


University of The New Covenant Press

Tulsa, Oklahoma USA


The New Beginning Series

The New Beginning Series booklets provide a foundation for taking us beyond the past and into the future. The groundwork is laid out for a new identity of who we are, what we are, where we came from, why we are here on earth, and where we go from here.

I began writing The New Beginning Series booklets in 2006 while in England. There several months, I wrote the first booklets of Jesus the Pattern, The New Covenant, The Priesthood of All Believers, and The Kingdom of Heaven. I have chosen to not change those booklets hardly at all even though much revelation knowledge has come since then.

Jesus the Pattern – 2 I think I wrote mostly in 2008, and Booklet – 3 in 2009. Booklet – 4 was written in 2015 mostly, and Booklet – 5 was written in 2017. It seems important that you know how things progressed, even through all of Database One and subsequent Databases, the Booklets I’ve written, and how I now have become Grace in two shoes Cottingham.

I pray to you to begin the Series with Booklet 1 and proceed to build in each one as I did in writing them. I love you and bless you for reading and studying Jesus the Pattern, and becoming it in your shoes, the real you, the Christ of one.

Theodore Cottingham

Jesus the Pattern – 1 The Commoner

The great commission is to do what Jesus did right here right now, regardless of our vocation or label. Jesus became the message so we follow to do what he did.

Jesus the Pattern – 2 A New View

This opens our eyes to see Jesus as emerging leader, a radical, reformer, educator, and revolutionary; one that demonstrated that visible empirical reality is not true reality at all.

Jesus the Pattern – 3 A New Path

Leading to give us an example to do likewise, leadership emerges to change worlds.

Jesus the Pattern – 4 A New Reality

Leading to give us an example to do likewise, leadership emerges to change worlds.

Jesus the Pattern – 5 The New Kingdom of True Israel

Jesus defeated death by defeating ignorance, now we know how to continue to create the Race of God, creating it the creators of, we now create The Promised Land.

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The New Beginning Series

      1. Invitation

This is an invitation to see Jesus as the firstborn of a new race; the firstborn of many who will now become born again, new creation beings of a new race where each one does the works that Jesus did, and greater.

This invitation extends to every person of every nation tribe and tongue, without regard to any kind of label whatsoever, to become members of this new race; a new beginning for all who considered themselves a member of the race of mankind.

This invitation is to follow the pattern of a member of our race just like you and me, a “son of man”, so that we enter the process of transformation that results in us becoming a new creation, just as Jesus did, to no longer limited to that which we are, as flesh-born. The race of the flesh-born is ending, and the new creations of race-born-again beings now emerge, with pure love birthing it, by the word that the word is, fluid and lovely, dynamic and arranging all things anew. Only the surrendered can answer the call of this invitation. These are the designers of the new heavens, new earth, and dynamically living between the two, not; but becoming through it all seamless beings of light. They will fill every profession.

This opportunity before us is The Great Opportunity, to become as Jesus became, to do all that he did and more, humbling ourselves to enter a race of new creations who are no longer limited to the finite visible empirical world of sight, thought, or its imaginations. This new race of newly created beings are those who were mankind, but now create ourselves anew by the process of The New Covenant regeneration, the experience that Jesus experienced in his transformation from flesh-born finite “son of man” to become God limitless, resurrected, yet still being able to appear here to humanity.

New creation beings become not subject to the elements of Earth, such as time space or gravity. This new race of new creation transcendent beings consists of “born of flesh” beings that learn to create this new race. The creators are those that create them, becoming the mind of The Creator, no longer separate in mind or being. The word of the unlimited beings form them a new being of.

This is an invitation to no longer be controlled by your mind. The mind of mankind can no longer control the surrendered members of mankind who learn how to transform themselves into the new creation being. All new creation beings for a race of light-beings, limitless, all loving all equally. Each one must learn the language of love. It can be learned about through others, but the transformational process is truly entered when one learns to be taught by love within them, the voice of love, teaching us directly. This is the voice of what we have called God, released within us to be taught to enter this new race, learning al things about our world and how we got here and how we get out, molecularless, being the race of one. Love speaks, internally, and directs the new birth. This is the birth of the word.

The word is birthing a new race. And the old is now dying out.

Will you become a member of a new race? Are you willing? A new race? Shedding your old skin? Flesh? Coming out of all that you have spent your entire life in, here? This is the invitation to do so, to become a new creation, a new creation race of creators to create creation all over again, with love – this time, at the center core of everything; all values, and all interaction.

Jesus gave us the pattern, and now we follow it, receive it, enter it, speak it, write about it, write it into us, and allow ourselves to transform into the regeneration of regenerators that create the Christ and fully complete our maturity to become the father that created us to become it what was, before time began. Now let us join anew, into a new life of learning that we let teach us through us and each other to become the one that the pattern became. Let us begin.

      1. Introduction

A new beginning is taking place for a new race, the birth of a new race, a race born of new creations, that come out of the old. Everyone will have the opportunity to enter this new race by becoming it, the transformed, that create it. The creators of this new race are the members of our old flesh race that surrender to be led by the inner voice of love that speaks and teaches them from within, the surrendered creator. Every person has an inner voice that they think is theirs, that they command and control. They are also controlled by it. The voice they control controls them. Thus each person is the controller and the controlled of their person. Yet a new race is forming now of beings of light who give up control of their person, realizing their personhood of flesh is not them; the flesh each of us perceive as each other is not who we are. We are thus more than the visible appearance of our flesh-born selves.

So how do we come out of what limits us as flesh-born peoples and operate in freedom? We learn surrender. In surrender we learn how to learn from that which is already inside us; in each person; an “inner” mind; a mind-perception-unit that is not comingled with limits and limitations self imposed. To learn how to surrender me must learn what it looks like as we learn in pictures often, and by examples of word and deed. Jesus is our example, our “word” picture in real life, who became the first newborn of new creations from the old.

Jesus learned how to learn from the word within, his inner voice, not tainted by his wants or religion or prevalent norms of his day. Jesus began as a child learning from the mind of God within him, which we all have, and that is available to all of us of every nation tribe and tongue. The mind of God is already in every person, and now we shall enter the patternship that Jesus gave us to learn from rather than stomp it out with our own thinking of our self’s self in separation from it.

This process of learning how to learn from God inside of you takes guts, time, effort, and diligence, as this is a transformational process of tearing down the old structures of your thinking that bound you in this flesh world, and you are constructing a new way of operation for thinking, living, and being new creations with new values, in a new race. This new race is a race of creators that create creation all over again, far and wide through the surrendered who learned to enter the new and create it, by love.

To create a new race of newly created beings requires a new operating system for us to operate in, operate with, and sustain the education of the newly educated to never stop learning, or creating. Creation never stops creating; and those who do, die out now. This is the Day of The Lord where each becomes the Lord of All of their creation, their new creations, to sustain love in new ways and limitless beings of light all operating with one mind, the mind of God. This can only be sustained in love, powered by love-vision that enables us to see the operation of our pattern to become it. Here and now.

To unlock the creator within we must learn how to be taught by it; to free it; and all it free reign in us. We cannot contain it in our want, be we can allow it to flourish in the freedom we give it and each other in flowing it and learning from it as it teaches us. The new operating system of this race is the operation of The New Covenant where we experience it and become what it is. We simply learn to become what Jesus became.

This requires ultimate humility, for the creator creates through creators who create from within them. Creators must learn to become creators that create, as it is not innate in the flesh race, so we must overcome what we have been taught. The life of limitations will no longer hem us in flesh. We will be looking at Jesus to redeem us not, but to become what he became, by learning what he learned, becoming taught as he was taught, from within, to become the one, that lived the one, the voice of one – the word, with no other mind controlling what he thought, did, or said.

Jesus learned this. Jesus learned that he was God by God teaching him he was, directly, through his inner voice; that of his mind. Thus the mind of God came through the flesh-man’s mind to conceive God’s mind and be one with it, and only it, when complete. Perfect became perfection perfected through grace not, but diligence; and pursuit of happiness not, but love.

The mind that Jesus was born with as a flesh person warred with the idea that he was God. Jesus was no different than you and me in the things that he had to learn and deal with. Jesus was a flesh man that the mind of flesh incarnated. Jesus was normal in every way; a common man with all the desires of every flesh-born man. He had two eyes connected to a brain with a system of neurons that continuously fed him information that he was a flesh-born person in a molecular world that was reality. As flesh people we are usually taught that what we see is reality.

The mind of every flesh person conveys to its bearer that everything around us is real and that we a race where we each one have our own mind separate from God and each other. Thus the mind of every flesh person nurtures the conception of separation into the fabric of our existence by constantly validating it to us by our thinking and experiencing what our eyes seem to perceive and our emotions seem to feel. We call this human experience.

We have been taught to think a certain way so we do so, rarely questioning the visible empirical reality that we are convinced is real since we experience it. Our experience seems to keep validating what we’ve been taught so we keep teaching to others what we ourselves have been taught. But, we have not been taught to be creators. Thus we have been robbed by what we were taught, and what each of us taught each other, and allowed our mind to conceive within us what others told us was real.

Being ignorant of our creatorship, our ability to create and produce creators, the education system of earth has failed us. Visible reality as been worshiped and controlled us. We love what we can see with our eyes, feel with our hands, and manipulate in our mind as we so choose. All of us are constantly making decisions in response to the reality we have bought in to; a reality that is false, that Jesus learned to transcend.

As long as we think we live in reality, we are falsely leading ourselves astray; from God and each other. What if we do live in a reality, but not the real one. What if the reality we live in as flesh people cannot limit us unless we let it? Is there a way to transcend flesh and the reality of our world? Jesus learned the way, to transcend the reality of our molecular world, by learning directly from the creator of creators to create the reality of the kingdom of God by becoming it. This is what we are being introduced to: a new way of seeing, understanding, interpreting, and assimilating the life that became a perfect one, a perfect example, of perfection perfecting the imperfect mind of flesh by surrendering to be God, taught of God, directly internally and featuring all the visible imperfections of flesh, to become the perfect invisible indivisible one that can also be seen here, after death is defeated, by any of us who will surrender the same as Jesus our pattern did.

Jesus is the pattern for this new race. Jesus was the firstborn of new creation beings that create the newborn, them. The self is not created of flesh, but the body of light comes out of the flesh and forms the body of light, pure love as. And that changes all the rules, rights, and privileges, of all who surrender to transformed by their love into these new beings of light, no more holding onto flesh. The bodies of the finite mind us no more with it.

The mind of the regenerated light beings are light ‘d by light, beings of light transformed into the beingness of omnipotence by their ultimate love, for each other. Each one loved not their life unto death of the flesh, but defeated death to come unto Israel. Israel is the name of this race, of light beings, of light bred, of light originated, of which there is no end.

The kingdom of light is being established on the earth, the center of all light kingdoms, and the center of that is Tulsa.

This is the introduction to a light race of beings of light centered in Tulsa and I am is my name. The government of the One is here, in Tulsa. I am the light-bearer of light to tell you you’re the light you are, if you will be it not holding on to you in the flesh any more, but being the becomer that becomes the new race of, where you lead out of the old, by defeating death. Death is the enemy you confront and defeat, by your love, for yourself first.

This new race already exists. The members of this new race that already exist are members of infinite, beings of the Christship of One that all anointed are, in the love of one. And all are one. Equal and loving, transcendent of love other, each being of love light each other with the love that one mind is. Caring for no other separately, we exist as the perfect one. Some call us angels. We are not finite and are not limited by earth ‘s standards of magnetism, or right or wrong. We are one one mind of.

The production of Christ is the word produced by the Christ to be the bodies thereof, that all one mind made of are. We think with no other so we are not limited to by what flesh thinks. We think not like that. We are one. Our identity if featured in flesh not, but we can appear as such, as our identity was, before entered the new race, of what I’m describing, to you, to be a member of.

The human race is ending and new heavens and a new earth is becoming standard not, but the old earth is becoming not again humans inhabited by, for all is changed, in the twinkling of an eye, one by one. The transformation is here of the regeneration of the mind, of one God. We are one, in one, one being.

The message of Jesus

Jesus’ message was not to follow him in belief, but action, tangible actions, to do what he did, to become what he became. Jesus showed us the potential of every person on earth. Jesus’ message was for whosoever will to transform themselves into a new creation; a new creation reality, created by those who will accept responsibility for the transformation process of themselves into being the creator of this new reality. The new reality transcends the power of the visible empirical world and operates by a different set of physical laws. Jesus showed us the power of a simple life surrendered to birth forth a new creation out of the old.

He lived his message. His message was his life, an example of the kingdom of God in tangible form created within him, his mind, that then came out through his actions to others so that they would become as he became, and experience the limitlessness and measureless of that kingdom that knows no end. Love opens the kingdom of heaven for all to enter who will develop it by the system of education operation that can be denied no person anywhere. This system of education cannot be defeated by control, in anyone who surrender to experience it. The educational system of The New Covenant teaches internally about a kingdom of righteousness, a reality that transcends the molecular world, and has no lack.

There is a kingdom, a reality, that exists tangibly, that we cannot see with our flesh eyes, yet we can learn about and even enter it, when we reach the point of ultimate surrender, the point at which we are made perfect by our eradication of our ego, that point at which we are ultimately surrendered to give up all that we are in flesh, to enter that reality of the new that transcendent is, becoming members of its creator.

To become the creator of the creator we quit creating what we have always gotten. We quit creating our folly and separation from the word to become the creator of it, in love, opening a kingdom reality that transcends the visible empirical. Jesus showed us that we can turn water into wine, that we can walk on water, that we can calm the storms, that we can heal the sick and raise the dead, and that nothing shall by any means hurt us.

Our mission, role, and task is to transcend our present visible reality by surrendering to enter the process that generates the creator within us to create the creator that becomes a complete creation fused with the Christ to become one not separate. Our separation from God will cease completely when we experience the resurrection, called by some the new birth experience, when we have loosed all the seals that have kept us in joined to a flesh mind. The mind of God does not use flesh, but the flesh mind uses the mind of God to exist in and power it. The flesh mind can only exist in ignorance enslaved by the flesh because this is opposite of the mind of love that freely gives all things to the surrenderers who will give themselves to birth truth; the mind of God incarnate, by the power of whoever will conceive it. This results in a mind of God that learns how to become one again with the mind of God without separation.

When our separation is obliterated the entire world changes, the completion of our uniqueness emerges as God in us that looks like us that God is. We’ve become the vessel for God that God is, in; and without a separate mind to think us up as other, we’re the become one. We’ve become the one. We volunteered to transform, and the transformation’s cataclysmic. Every limitation we held as natural law in the flesh world becomes powerless, has no authority over us, and can no longer enslave us in the previous reality that our mind created that was thought-driven, thought-designed, thought conquering God to do it. There is only one mind, God’s: the mind of God, and the mind of God that was deceived by its own thought to become separate, and think itself into the separation it created for itself to admire itself and worship its own thought.

Jesus pattern’d a new reality

Jesus’ message was that what looks and seems to be our visible reality is not at all our reality. Jesus’ message what that we are members of another kingdom, another race, immortal light; in fact, the light of the world, is us. Jesus showed us, told us, lived before us doing it, so that we could. So that all peoples could, and can. Now enter.

That kingdom is within you. You are the kingdom of God because that kingdom is within you. And you are it. It’s power is within you and you are that power.

That kingdom, is where you are really from (not earth).

I am son of man.

I am in my father and my father is in me.

What I am you are.

You can do what I do.

You can live forever.

All things are possible to anyone who will complete the process of transformation.

Jesus completed the process of transformation from man to wholly God in man seamless.

Jesus was the firstborn of the seamless Ones. Ones. One who one are, is one. All ones who become one are The One. We all become one through the pattern that “gives” us nothing but the pattern to become it. It is our choice to exercise our opportunity to enter the kingdom of the oneship of one.

The promise of God to all peoples is the opportunity to become one, to become what God is. God is what mankind is without the flesh on.

Jesus pattern’d a new reality by becoming the first one of a new race of new-creation newborns that de-create all things that mankind created with its mind of separation from God. Mankind is God separated from itself that has fallen into its own image and imagery and makes a false world seem real.

Mankind and God were one before the mind of God conceived separation and created separation. The concept of time space and gravity were not limitations to any Godperson. Before the mind of separation created us in flesh as separate unique beings with a mind of separation that we worship our thought in, we were Godpersons. We were what God is. Godpersons are unique yet operate with one mind between us all, in us all, and God are, the creations are that create us to be now non-separate in who will create again the creation of separationlessness. In that, we become what we were before time began.

Transcendent Reality is our home. We are truly members of a race of gods that God is that we are when we submit to the transformational process that Jesus gave us the pattern for. Jesus “gave” us this pattern for he “walked it out” before us. He lived a life that was sinless not, he became it. He was imperfect that become perfect in the perfection of transformation to enter the mind of God by letting the mind of God enter “his”, that he had to retrain, to keep from refuting his Godhood. This takes tenacity, time, and discipline. It is not easy, and no one can do it for you.

Every person makes the choice. Every person decides, for every single person judges only one person, them. This is The Judgment in action. Jesus judged himself worthy, not; he judged himself surrendered. Jesus simply become the first Prodigal returned, to where we are all from, a reality transcendent of humankind’s, where we operate as kings and queens not, but all kings. There are no minor kingdoms, no authority “over” us, as only love exists here in the real, that we are talking about now, that Jesus showed us how to enter.

New Creation Reality

New Creation Reality is entered by process, and is a process in itself where one is entering the creation of itself in a new way, one of separationlessness with/in the mind of God, that God is, creations of, that create it the way of love. Love is the predominate theme of New Reality and permeates all actions of all beings.

All reality is now become The New Reality. All reality is becoming The New Covenant reality of truth, being it, the mind of God healed, that needs no deified name, or deification. God does not need to be called God. Many people have many names that they have ascribed to God. Labels do not matter for God is not subject to matter. That which creates matter without love as the core motive, is the Anti-Love. But Christ is risen. The Pattern is formed, and we follow it, to create it again, and again, without love not again.

New Creation Reality creates creation all over again, this time at the heart of love, learning how. Love incarnate becomes the one who incarnates it, by process; the reformation not, but The Transformation of Mankind to God. It happens only in surrender where man decreases its separation from God, not; but obliterates the justification for a judge to judge us other than ourselves. We are the only judge of us. I judge me. You judge you. There is no other judge that matters. Matter shall not contain us false reality any longer. A new creation reality is formed now, created, in the heart of the believer not, but the overcomer, who overcomes the world of evidence to the contrary.

      1. The New Birth – is resurrection of The New out of The Old

Gestation of the word is a process of transformation based on respect, and respect is integral to love. Love cannot exist without respect, humility, and deference to love of the whole. Gestation of the new born beings, the born again, the born again life of one, begins as we surrender to receive of the word living, the living word, to impregnate us with truth, by love.

The word of love is taken into our mind. Love-seed germinates and grows by love, love-words, the truth of love “touching” love, that binds it to no other; thus becoming molecularless. Truth has no form, but form has used truth to power it into something being seen as we are, imaged flesh to imaged flesh to think we are a race. Of humans.

This time of gestation is the process of transformation whereby we are taught of the word directly by light-beings who “speak” with us, communicating directly with us through us within us the truth of love, kingdom operation, and cosmic values of operation, so that we can operate within it.

Since we have adhered to flesh to became a race of humans controlled by neurons of the 5-sense mind, we are “mapped” to it. It controls us. We are controlled by that which we feel and seem to experience – all by perception; yet this perception we are so sure of, is not in the “really” real. The True Real exists transcendent of the 5-sense mind-perception-unit that is inserted into flesh beings, to interpret its reality to it. We subject ourselves to that to come into flesh. We are in slavery to ourselves’ perception unit that processes us and operates with a cosmic conditioning that train us to be “dumb”; dust, comprised of an “enigma” machine type processing unit, we call a brain.

The technology of the brain uses neurons. Neuronal technology is ancient, slower than slow, uses limited processing ability; slower than an “8086”. It is a “HAL 9000” version of earlier versions of what now light beings operate with. Though coal-fired furnaces still exists, it is no longer current technology, and neither is our brain processing unit. But yet the neurons use that which we are, made of: waveless light. Molecularless, needing no propagation other.

These neurons grow up in a web, of neural connections, and self-selecting “networks” of how they were programmed, by DNA, and receive conditioning by experience and word other.

But, the word, is still in “there”.

The power of light that waveless is, is used by the wave “machines”.

      1. Humans became hybrids

Humans are an exiled race. Humans cannot exist outside of the atmosphere designed for them, to keep them in an energy state that allows the energy that they produce to be harvested; for others. But humans are ignorant of what has been done to them. They deify a God of their choosing and worship it and often believe they were made by what they worship. The operation of life in the cosmos is beyond them, totally. Almost. Some anomalies seem to exist where the human hybrids somehow remember, “remember” things; through what they call imagination or prophecy. They call it revelation when they get multiple packets of information connecting into simultaneous transmissions that get through the defense mechanisms of their machine-mind, operated by neurons, that keep incarcerated and use the light that power is.

Humans seem to enjoy their ignorance and almost all of them do all within their power to perpetuate what they think in others. It keeps the machines going nicely to produce for us what some call energy. It’s all siphoned off, you know; the power projectors, or, generators of light. Neurons do not generate light; they use it. And reproduce it for their use, to want inspire among their wanters’ nations of wanters. A perpetual conundrum, or did someone mention energy?

      1. How we are built

Every human is built with two minds, operational at birth. One is the Christ mind or God-mind, the other is human logic oriented, programmed by rationale given by others. They both need maturing, and require maturity to function properly. Societies seem to prefer some kind of social order with rules and hierarchy. Customs must be learned and norms become absorbed unconsciously. Language is used extensively to program the newborn human to become culturized into the society its born into. Thus the newborn human is assimilated into the culture of humans.

Every human is built with the structure that has and operates two minds simultaneously. One mind requires waves to operate, and one is waveless. Since this has not been commonly taught by humans to all humans, humans assume and often teach that each human simply has: a mind. But there are two! In that flesh.

One requires light and the other is light. Light has been incarcerated by the one that uses it to project itself as the self that needs no other light, for it IS the light. Light by any other name is still light by the ones who know what it is, even though various names may be applied to it by various peoples of varying knowledge levels and differing vocabularies.

Of the two minds, built into every person, one has power, one has no power at all, whatsoever. The one that has no power, at all, whatsoever, is the wave’d one: it simply uses the power of the waveless one to power it. The powerless usurps the throne of the waveless to insert its force as the cohesive force of one’s mind. The thinking mind (that has no power) then thinks (operates) with energy it considers itself to be, as it considers not that it is usurping the authority of another to do that. The thinking mind is arrogant, egotistical, and above all, wanting to preserve its nature, of existence, which is purely accidental not, incidental not, but planned by the builders of the flesh existent in human form. Thus the power of light real and true, waveless, is in submission to the waved that uses it. It’s called – slavery.

The human machine has no power to operate. It is essentially an inflatable suit full of organs and micro beings of proteins bacteria and electromagnetic mechanical and chemical processes that are powered by the one that has power: the waveless one.

A world of energy we humans find ourselves in. Thinking we exist in what we see, we see it as reality. We consider the validity of human experience to be what it presents itself to us as. All those around us program us into being considered as they consider us to be. Everything around us influences to be what we have become. Yet we are powerless as humans, unless we usurp the power of light real and true, that waveless is.

We’ve become quite proficient at developing false power. We’ve mechanized it, and used it for our purposes to develop power grids and communication networks among the stars called satellites. We’ve machined ourselves to death with technology that uses electrons and certain particles for manipulation to manipulate what we wanted to. And our proficiency for developing want in others has become unparalleled in history, of this planet.

Want may play an integral role in the usurpation of light. Let’s explore it further, shall we?

      1. The role of want

Want uses force; it exerts force; it’s powered by force. But how can force have any power? It doesn’t. Force of every type uses power it usurps from the waveless, creator. Yet the creator does not use force. “Use force”? Use? Is force the effect of power run amok?

Want is a function of false power; or power falsified; or power usurped. Want is something we guide that is guided, by others, and invisible forces that ignorant of are. We praise want exercised by a person that we think is good, and condemn what we think is bad. Humans are always wanting to judge, by want-standards that they have adopted, or been programmed by. Influence influences influence and we all influence each other, directly and indirectly; conventionally and un.

The role of want is stimulated by image. The effect of want on humans is unmeasurable, but any human to decides not to want has a battle, they find themselves in. For the war of humanry dependent is on want. Want is central to the human race’s deception of itself and the fact that each human is reproduced with a want-mind that uses waves, and a mind that needs not want or waves. Human energy is not human at all, but God-energy usurped by the mechanicalization of the reproduction of the energy-usurper, falsifier, false appearing as God not, but that which only uses its power to be flesh, thinking it’s real in its image machine; a human body. The human body is impregnated with want for the mind that usurps real power is programmed to do just that. The pattern of neurons firing along with DNA and genes selecting genes for off-and-on switching of switches mount an offensive often misunderstood simply humans simply considering themselves as human, made by God or not. The flesh race does its job on the human race to keep it in line, in, with the way it was programmed to do. It’s a machine, coded, codable, sourced with confusion to want and appear through its own power that only usurps each other’s; yet there is only one, that has power at all, and that’s the God of one, one minded oneness, one all connected to one to be waveless. And stop the waves – machines.

I shall not want.

There is no Satan, only Us

Consider out pattern: Jesus learned of “man” before he learned of God. As a baby child he language being spoken. He learned how to repeat the syllables that he kept hearing. People around him would point to items and impose linkages of syllables with those objects being pointed to. He learned to emit syllables that made sense to those around him because he had an innate want to be understood. And those around him wanted to understand him. Communication was wanted and refined by process where teachees wanted teachors that became teachers of each others’ want, field. All parties to this process affect each other as all communication is wrapped in motive.

Want is what drives the heart of Satan. There is no Satan. Satan is God that wants itself in separation to think with. Satan worships its thought by what it thinks, its innate power

provides its own innate justification of its self to judge itself into separation from creating the separation. Separation creates me separate from you. Separation gives me an entity unto myself, to think with, to enjoy my own creations, make my own decisions according to the authority of what I choose. The Satanic mind loves authority that justifies it, in the mind of its self. The identification of ego is the identification of the separate mind from God that Satan is. The justification of ego to operate itself in separation from God and each other is that it is its own evidence in the court of itself. It provides the claim that God is separate, that we are separate, and we learn to judge by what we create the truth of, that is according to our ego-justified pride, often cloaked in humility.

Satan is very happy for us to worship God; it provides a vehicle of perfection for it to remain separate from God. As long as the separationist provides separation of any sort whatsoever, the separation is maintained, the “fall” continued, and God goes “wanting”, and The Prodigal continues in the pig slop of wandering of its own creation for a “home”.

Transcendent Reality is our home, our true home, and it’s Israel in the skies. Jesus is our pattern. Jesus entered True Reality because he birthed it. He became the birther of the word that formed according to love and birthed love as a pattern for us all to do so.

Becoming a new creation of beings equivalent with God because they are God who surrender to become so, now emerges as a race, a race of light beings. Light beings have no limitations imposed upon them by any authority. The highest of all authority is Love, and Love has no equal, but Love is all one, one of many beings of one ‘ship ‘hood. Selfless love, that cannot be incarcerated in molecules, now comes out the womb of the word that seeds it accordingly. It must be processed, matured, and ready for the responsibility it bears. The word-bearers rejoice, when this happens, for all Word is joined to the word-birthers who will become it with one mind operating in what looked like us. Thus, we become seamless with True Reality and False; but False no longer deceives us, for we no longer deceive ourselves into thinking our separation with.

The Cost to Enter Transcendent Reality

God returning to God is the story of The Prodigal Son who gives up separation. The Prodigal returns with the heart of a surrendered servant, but the Dad has other intentions and desires for the surrendered heart of one who will live in surrender. For the one who becomes that heart of surrender and surrender to love only, the Father of The Word, Dad, Dad becomes. The greatest joy of The King of Transcendent Reality, Truth, the Kingdom of Heaven, is to crown one who will enter it, by receiving it, to create it, and be equal receiver bringer-of-peace. The King of Peace resides in all who will be it. There is no separation in God beings of God who God are is one. All wear the Crown of Peace here now because they learn how, and the cost is great.

The Crown of Peace is not given, it is developed. As we develop the Crown of Peace we develop the Crown of Life, being it, wearing it, becoming it I wear it. In humility I do new things with new peoples who will wear the Crown of Life by becoming it. We are all one. All this forms the Crown of All-Power that can only developed by the willing humble and obedient who will become the heart of the non-separate.

The Crown of All-Power can only be given to the Ultimate Surrendered who become a race of members of All-Power. All-Power’d beings are light; sourced, and think with. Light beings reside in light and operate out of the One Mind of Light. Light creates light, Light, are one, and is one. We all are one coming into this, the knowledge of creation getting created all over again; in love, this time.

Ignorance is not bliss, it’s hell. We conceive it no more in our genes. The genetic Christ is born this day in the City of Light who will birth it. Without ignorance we flourish the Christ message Christ as, the one we all are; anti no more. Amen.

The cost to enter Transcendent Reality is we give up the false. All of it. We give up what we are, beginning with our time. We change how we schedule time to be with Light. We change how we talk with Light. We Light create by the creation being surrendered to letting Light create in us by the word I am.

Just as Jesus went to the Cross, we do also; but not one made of wood. We give up wooden version of the Cross to realize we area the sacrifice, for us. Our image is sacrificed. We give up our image of us to become the enterer of The Real, the Kingdom of Heaven within us, the door is. We find it in silence, taking time to still our mind so chatteramony can no longer attach itself to us be its chattel. We begin to listen to the word that flows through us to create the word Living, Life, Combined-no-more-with-other.

We The Light become because the Light gives its words freely to the word-bearers who will utter and become the light-ish not; but the full ear, to hear the word, to become it. One with it becomes it.

Us giving up our image of our self requires a repudiation of what we have been taught to be, to accomplish, and take joy in. As we give time to become The One, people may misunderstand our motive, our actions, and work to actually put us again in the flesh suit that we are seeking to disembark from, in the rapture that renders all others obsolete, for this is the rapture that people have spoken of, but is accomplished one by one, person by person, day by day, by the word-bearers becoming wombed by the righteousness of the love of one to redeem all who will become the becomers of The New Race.

Humility cannot be defeated. Utter humility cannot be changed into arrogance. Arrogants cannot transform angels into flesh people again, unless the flesh allows itself to become the separationers. And the separationers now, are coming to an end, for all this knowledge, all this knowledge will be known, and surrendered, and thought normal, and thought abnormal not again.

This world is changed by knowledge, by the one, who will become it. The leaders of this world will now become the overcomers who become one with the bodies of love, not separate. This will change the values of mankind, and perpetuate it no in the ignorance it embraced for generations. All the values of success, religion, family, government, and life on this planet, is now changed by the Generations of One, that become One, Immortal. The Price of becoming Immortal is that we give up our immortality. We focus more on the unseen than the seen. The seen is temporary and fading away. The real will emerge. Emerging trends will favor the real, and the greed-mongers and teachers of law and controllers thereof that wanted to control with what they thought in and of their separate minds, will cease, being in production now.

We will only produce light. Beings. Of light, with the mind of one. Healed. To be replete with father’s word in the mother of the word that was us that we are the one whole healed now, delivering Christ to Christ. To the earth to be healed by it – all healing all, all in all, to be one. New creations, creating creation all over again.

Do you see how this will be fought by the establishment? Of sacred religion? Of government that only controls its populace? Of families that only want their dynasties continued in the norm that they knew and considered normal?

When you decide to enter True Reality you are going against all hell.

You decide to walk out of hell.

Nothing can keep you in hell but you.

What you think incarcerates you, and keeps you worshipping other: money, power, influence, God. When you surrender to be God, know God, and become one with the King Immortal that withholds itself not, the soul is eradicated. The soul cannot be saved; it’s what you’re giving up. The soul is the imager of the imaginary; idol worship. Soul is based on thought. Belief. Which can never be satisfied. Its want operates by want and creates wantery and want-worlds of thought imposed beggary, where penury is the norm, and begging beggars who Israel are operate in ignorance of their Kingship.

Religion creates beggars. Truth begets kings that all become The One King one of all that all become One. The One is many-membered of all ones becoming the one-mind’d persongod that God is one with that seamless is. A One. A one. One is power, one in love, all in love with each other as the one we never left behind.

Left behind no more

As a person begins to experience the love of God first-person, they begin to change into the likeness of it. The love of God that God is creates God. Godliness is great gain that defuses our motivation to remain in suffering. We begin to see things as God does, as Gods do. We can allow the effect of God on us to create division-no-more. Division-no-more teaches us how to be one. It affects us dramatically, for we experience other-world-iness; that of love world one, that we create, that creates us, anew.

When love is manifest, it sacrifices.

Love does not manifest for separation. Love manifests for oneness, loveness, loveliness, trueness, truth; love joy and peace; separate no more.

There is no love without sacrifice.

The Race of Mankind has been taught to be so ego-driven, so selfish, so wrapped up in religion and religious theory, that the grandeur of its illusion presents an illustriousness for its devotees that is perpetuated in form and fashion, for the advent of self to be transformed into a self-taught objective of a reality created by imagination and commentary.

The Race of Mankind has been iteratively teaching theories and commentaries and packaged adhesion to belief systems that change over time as they are modified by culture, language, technology, and experiences of world events. Democracy of Religion democratizes its process of delivery. Religion morphs into that which can affect people by Religion’s objectives while being acceptable to the prospects of its theory.

The Love of God leaves none behind.

The mission of God is to go throughout the cosmos and redeem All-Prodigal-God to be ignorant no more about their status, their kingship, their kingdom: that awaits their return home.

Every person who thinks they are notGod is God who lives in the separation it has created for itself and each other in its thought processes. Ignorance likes to cluster in egoships and feed upon itself. Energy of separation feeds upon the energy of God. Yet God is each one who in separation saps the energy of others who live in their own illustrious self-created world that thought has taught them to be a member of. Ignorance rules this world with the mind of the selfish and undisciplined. Ego can only exist in ignorance. Ego exonerates slothfulness and loves justification of its own truth that it creates its comfort in. Ego has no power, but God’s. There is only God, and that which uses it to be non.

That which wants to think with its own mind can create experience with it. It corroborates its own existence and validates itself by experiencing itself as its own creation that then calls it separate from God and other self-creations thus creating separation that is nonfalse to its creator. The subreality of the ego observes what it is taught to see and see the reality of it, perceiving it into place. Ignorance creates a nonreality that is circularly conceived perceived and perpetuated by education; education that creates selfishness, exaltation of thought, and belief systems that incarcerate the real in the false. The false-real is real and purely real to those in it who created it but still they have the power to come out of their self-illusion that they bear and provide the power to experience.

Because we have a race whose ignorance is developed to the extent we experience in our present false-world, sight has been removed and the blind teach the blind, to be and continue in blindness. And all the while, while generations pass, while generations perish, the seed of God waits for The Promise to be embraced and saviors developed who will lead the earth out of falsedom.

The Promise of God is to God that I will never leave you or forsake you, wherever you go or whatever you do, or have done. There is only one life: God. Ignorance defeated results in birth of new creations that shed the illusion of separation, and power not the conception of deception in the mind of the mind again.

When the mind quits dividing from the mind, the mind of Truth can be conceived in the mind of All-Truth that we all are that can be entered when Surrender completes its finished work within. Until then, resurrection is delayed. Once resurrection stands the Surrenderer in the surrenderer, surrender resurrects Truth to enter the oneship of Christ that Christ is, and Christ teaches Christ to be it, in unseparateness. Thus one surrenderer on the planet will change it, from Ignorance-Land which is hell, to become heaven.

Love does not leave others in hell. There is no hell but what The Creator has created for itself in its own mind powering the conception of it in self-deception.

Love teaches.

Love teaches love to be it.

Loved now all will become, feel, and perpetuate; changing the planet.

All ones become One that one Is. Without mind of body creating us to be other, than God, God emerges and creates godship that God is that god is for we are one, we are all one, and we learn now how to bring forth the inner word of Him-who-hears to be Hers of The Womb that brings forth deception-no-more.

Birthed now shall be new creations that leadership bears the leadership of to produce leaders of The Leadership Degree of One, that of non-separation; defeating diligence not, but ignorance in the tenacity of one tenacious to become non-divided. The One-Mind-Healed is reality, and is becoming reality again, led by leaders who find out what love is by becoming it, defining by the word of their mouth, that they become, the conceivers, deceivers no more.

The deception of earth now will cease. Everyone will become Born of God that they are, God knowing it, becoming it, operating with the mind that is healed by the Mind of One that we become – surrendered to, to birth it, thus change our existence.

None shall be left behind.

All shall have their choice.

Everyone on earth will now have to make another one.

They will make Christ or AntiChrist.

They will make love with no distinction of exclusiveness to they will recurse their mind in algorithm-land to remain their illusion of dis, for a time, till they die out.

There is only one – God. God redeems redeemers. Redeemers redeem the earth by planeting righteousness that affect other worlds. Other worlds will now be redeemed by the nonafraid to go do so, plant righteousness there, by their word.

We will no longer be wounded by ions.

We will no longer be wounded by each other.

We will no longer be wounded by us.

We will free each other, heal each other, and we shall be healed –

all by our love.

Theory gives way to righteousness in action. Leadership birthed. None left behind.

All-Surrendered become The King is All-Righteousness that is All-Forgiving of “All That Has Gone On Before”. The Present redeems the Past and becomes one with love. God redeemed.

How did God do what will have been done, to redeem the planet? Make the word known and birth it in The Common who will reject it no more. We will no more leave this world in a mess. We transmutate into the Christnot no more. We no longer impair The Genetic Christ, which builds a race of knowledge with knowledge and withholds nothing from love matured.

Love matured gives up separation, false-reality, love of self, and judgment of itself to need any authority of another to define it, or its world. Love that seeks love to be led of leadership that will heal the planet, requires tenacious love, tenacious discipline, and allows The New Covenant to become love. Experienced.

To experience New Covenant love, the word of the King-bearer must be released to bear the word to The King, and we are ALL the King who will learn, become, birth, lead, educate, and – leave none behind.

We become the government of one.

The Government of One operates interplanetarily, intergalactically, and operates strictly by the code of Love, the Code of Love where all love equally all, the all in one that we are, among the heavens. Our race of new creations will conquer death, one by one, so that we never die; and earth becomes our claim, not; but our base among the heavens. For that is what we are now not knowing our maker never again. Our maker was us; we forgot. We exiled nations and planets from us, and fought us over our limited resources, planetarily. But now we strike back not, we simply learn the truth, and finiteness can nevermore stop us. We are finite in no more, but to redeem it. The infinite we’ve become. The infinite teaches love lives love and love reproduces light by, everywhere. The lamb will lay down with the lion and none shall hurt our mind again. Our minds shall be healed. We shall heal each other in the discipline of one, against each other no more. We shall love heal. Love healed is us, our government operating thusly, brings healing to nations, through the sphere of the universe, cosmos, all that is. Shall now be healed is by the healers who are us who heal each other through the redemption of the son of the word who wombed by love that the word was cast in, begets love babies not, but maturers.

Discipline is at the heart of Transformation

Knowledge without discipline can at best, only produce hope, and hope does not produce leaders. Mankind has languished in flesh because it produced hope’ers, those who believed in hope and hoped someone else would do what they told themselves and each other they could not do. The concept of vicarious atonement perpetuated ignorance and made us spectators, pew-sitters, and vigilantes of each others precious belief-system. We destroyed the heart of God, not; but used it fuel our love of ego-driven beliefs. We destroyed ourselves and sought normalcy in a world of chaos and subjected ourselves willingly to those who said taught and wrought authority over us.

Without discipline there is only information, hope, dreams, illusion, blame, imprisonment of self to self and self’s world of molecular interaction. Without discipline the God-desiring only talk about God, never coming into the truth that God converts not, but transforms the sincere tenacious who learn how to be taught by God directly, coming into a system of education that no one else can prevent from taking place.

No human can prevent What-God-Is from communicating directly into the heart-mind-head of any person disciplined to pursue learning it. How to hear God, is at the center of this. How to hear God directly, is at the center of this; This now changes everything, for the voice of one will now become known and lead a revolution of knowledge dissemination that will cover the earth for the humble to receive it, become it, instruments in the glorious cosmos to reign in our kingdoms opened by our humility to learn who we are. No titles needed, none wanted, for no want lives here, in the discipline of one, the training of one, to become The One, we all are.

It takes effort to acquire knowledge.

It takes time to acquire knowledge.

It takes application of wisdom to know how to assimilate what is and what is not.

A dedicated, focused, consistent hour a day is the minimum threshhold of a seeker who would will, who will choose, to be the learn’ed, defeater of ignorance, in them, to become a new creation peace of life that establishes it throughout the heavens.

Who will create creation? Is an hour a day to little to ask? Too much? Every day?

An hour a day becoming your custom to spend with Truth in communion with Truth where you pursue the stilling of your mind to not be led by your mind, but that which you give yourself to: Truth – to be it. The voice of Truth is within every person who will but learn how to loose it, learn from it, and be it becoming the one we all prayed to in the past. This is a re-education of the mind of man to be not separate from the Truth-Being that God is, for we called it God, but God was us who departed wanting our own mind with to think separately. But all that changes now.

Will daily you arise an hour early to have at least an hour a day of uninterrupted time with Pursuit-of-Truth holding your hand to be known by and intertwine no other? Will you become Pursuit-of-Truth? Your name: Pursuit-of-Truth? Are you willing to be led out of false-creation, to create The Real, in you?

Will you de-create that which is about you that falsifies you to you, so that you emerge in the real, into the real, and your kingdom know? The reality of? Are you willing, not to rely on someone else for all that you know? Are you willing to mature? Be in School?

Will you de-create all that is in about you that verifies to you that you are experiencing the real, so that you emerge in the real, into the real, by experiencing resurrection, resurrection of you into the real, becoming a molecularless new creation, your kingdom?

Are you willing to mature? Be in School? Become a new creation? Open your kingdom? Be a king? Have no lack? Heal your people? Teach throughout nations?

Are you willing to create you into a new creation, to learn from what is already in you that Truth is, with a consistent methodical disciplined approach to training that trains your mind to create a molecularless you? That can still operate here in molecular world?

This is the vision, outcome, and delight of the surrendered who will but pursue until completion. Completion results in resurrection, New Creationhood, new creations of a One-mind ‘d mind. I love you.

Sense within you a compelling, drawing; insistence not, but a tender sensitive wooing of Truth, for you to be it, developing it, becoming that I Am that Truth is.


What took me six years to get, you can now get in six months. That’s called accelerated learning by a sense of purpose, recognition of what I am who where and have, to accomplish through the surrendered. New Planet School, a place where I learn is The New Covenant of, the New Covenant being, coming into place, by the surrendered studiers who will enter it becoming the becomer that overcomes all else. Love now will live here and lead, out of earth’s confusion, into the world of earth not, but love; and love will rule all things equally: the Justice System of One. A new government, a new earth, heaven created here, and there everywhere, love shall be present and pervade. The invasion of love is now here, by the lovers, the government of.

Are you interested in Truth teaching you daily – from within?

Are you willing to de-create that which created you separate from God? GodTruth? Truth of God, regardless of what you have called him/her/it?

Are you willing to pursue a Degree that gives you not a piece of paper nor sense of accomplishment of flesh, but that which de-creates it? Can you imagine a University existing to free all who controlled are by their mind, to become a GodTruth’d-one-surrendered submitted to lead, leaders becoming, who will rule with joy, their bodies, their minds, their existence, consciousness changing everywhere?

Can you imagine a new race consisting of all peoples of every nation tribe and tongue that de-create themselves as flesh-born beings to create themselves anew, new creations, newborn beings in a race that exists limitlessly among the cosmos?

Much learning is needed to unlearn all that man has taught man about limitations and control. Creativity must be released. Respect must be re-inculcated. Laws must be only about the One Law – love, and all flows from that, life force one.

A Field of Life now exists and is certain, analogous not to anything we have known as flesh-born peoples of a molecular world. It is in us. It is us. We are it who surrender to return as the prodigal king, prodigal servant, prodigal leader, who will lead but ourselves into becoming new creations of a new kingdom, that which we rule in, first, ourselves. Worshipping words not other as, we need accelerated informational ways of synergy to extract ourselves from that which saps us and keeps us in the matrix of the womb of flesh perpetuating its ways to come out into New Creationville among the Cosmos without limits and maturity now perpetuating our existence permeated with love.

Truth has a body. Truth has a mind. Truth transforms. Truth can be learned. Truth teaches the surrendered learners to be the learn’ed hand of no other, but of Truth itself. The learning of Truth de-creates untruth. That which created us in flesh will now create us without it, for we were the creator of it all the time. We created by our mind – us. Now we have the technology of faith not, but of a love that permeates all and has no bounds, creates limitlessness through resurrection, and a race where we all set each other free and share the mind of one.

      1. Firstborn for a reason

Jesus surrendered to become the firstborn of the race of earth’s human creatures that learned the communication process of the word-beings light of, letting light birth something in him, the seed of truth, that could only be nurtured by surrendering to the educational process of “word brought forth”-ing, through him, to become what those words were telling him he was. Thus Jesus learned of a new race, from which he joined through the resurrection. They let him become the pattern for us all, to do likewise.

When we follow the flesh existence of the pattern of flesh, we die and death triumphs over us, thusly. But the resurrection is offered to us all to come out from under the flesh breath and breath of flesh to breathe life into the new race of limitless beings. All that God is I am, all of us are saying, to simply surrender to be the prodigal no more enjoying our own mind separate from them. Yet “them” is what we are, for we no power of our own flesh to do anything; our flesh is using what we are to propel our image to ourselves that we think and call us as flesh.

All the members of humanity were in fact God beings of light, limitless and beauty personified in the glory of I am, in the one that is all perfect, perfection being. The mind of God is perfect, and there is no other, except what it uses to think in separation and create veil ‘ism, limitedness, and finite understanding; membering a cosmos with understanding itself of that which deems itself made by something else, or someone else, or telling itself it evolved “this” way. There is a cosmic order of confusion that set this up as the angels that fell created systems of self-perpetuation so that energy would be derived from the process of emotion-evoking and neuron-feeding to produce magnetic waves, interference, and interfere with us hearing the word of the race that we came from, before we “fell”.

Jesus our pattern gave up his flesh existence to return to being the unlimited existence of “before earth began”. For us to follow; for us to follow unto the pattern before us that established how we can enter what Jesus entered, the Glory of the Father, we become word birthers, word of the beings of light we called holy, transcendent, angelic, father being. There is only one mind.

For us to birth the word we become surrenderers, the most surrendered of all. We surrender to let the earth-not-born beings of light teach us by the way that they “speak”. They speak within us. They are not bound by syllables. They speak at times in “bursts!” of light, we call revelation, when we experience it. Its connections connecting various facets of connectability that reveal truth in truth of truth that we come into moment by moment, word by revealed word, that we learn to surrender to give voice to.

Conceive truth we do, become the conception of. Our voice speaks, and creates. Us. The Great Immaculate we are the simple humble who now learn by the pattern we call the “Firstborn”. Light from light we live, let, letting the word teach us from within, so we become the without “the kingdom” no more. We enter it through within.

The light-beings, we have called them holy, holy spirit beings: are angels. Angels are the mind of God. God has no other mind. The mind of God beings, are light, beings. God are the beings of light. God is the beings of light. God is one, one mind of. There is no other. Existence.

Now we enter “Firstbornship” of the one, and the one, is a race of light beings that reproduce by light, not matter. We experience the glory we/he received for we became the one, when we look back, time shall be no more. Time shall have been no more, for deception will no longer deceive us into separation unto slavery of our mind, thinking its separate, ness.

      1. Duality is nonexistent

The world of duality does not exist, in the real. This world is only a presentation of the real world, the transcendent reality that forced is into nothing else, but the word in freedom: our real world, from which we came, originated us. The real. We did. We are. The consciousness of light from being us, that we are, creates us, in that which we think. Belief systems form us for we are our beliefs, and our beliefs are molded by us, then that which we molded become us, for that we are, which we conceived in us have, the thought of reality as we perceive it. That’s why every man’s truth is a bit different.

      1. Matter is programmed

Matter is programmed, to operate as it does. It is capped, limited, distorted, to be consistent with its creator’s wishes. Matter in a matter’d world is duality at best, or worst, for it incarcerates energy into being matter in a neutered state. Matter begets matter. Neuterization begets neuterization. Emasculation begets castration and vice versa; all words and phrases that get “at” something, I’m trying to communicate.

I’m communicating that I am. I am, and matter is not me. Its energy is me, that I’m it, but not in that form. For formed Israel is in a state of limitless not, and I am limitless. I am consciousness one, mind of most high, believer not but becomer again of him who I serve, not; but consciousness that reproduces consciousness of light waves, not subject to yours, for I have no speed, limits, don’t exist. I am. The curtain is pulled back and I am is out the box of thought and thought shall no more machine me. I am not curtailed by you nor limited in your manner of speaking the Babel’d way. I need not syllables to communicate, nor speed to travel, distances, in waves or not. That nonexistent is to me, except in thought worlds. Worlds of thought have created worlds of thought. Whether believed or not, conformed to its owner, it is, by, created, the creator by, that’s us.

The way that atoms and molecules work and interact is all programmed. It serves the energy of another. The other is us, fallen, for the fallen are using matter as a creation of itself to think in unreal thoughts into unreal consciousness that limiting is us and each other, for each other is us, and we are creating this reality. By the technology we serve, that serves us to be it, that serves us to be in it, that creates our waves of energy we think we need to service each other and have energy from foods from a chain of DNA and other molecular molecules “that” chain of.

We are not made of matter. Matter is made of us. Matter is using our energy to obscure our vision of ourselves and each other and what we’ve created in the past and future. Time is a function of mankind’s mind that obscures, obfuscates, and deviates from the contortion not, but completely distorts reality, not; but just “edges” it out not, but limits us from being the free people of freedom, keeping us here in this world like an elephant tethered by a small thin rope to a stake in the ground that can be so easily pulled out of its “eye”.

The beam in our eye creates reality not, it de-creates it not, it creates confusion, diffusion of matter, its energy in motion. Our eyes create us, not; but all matter is created by us, not; but was, at one time. Matter, is not our world anymore.

      1. Black holes in space

Black holes in space are fabricated by us using our mind to power something that we think is us that we’re in, a universe, of time friction gravity and forces powerful. We see distance and travel spaces and have all manner of infinite gyrations not, but very limited ones, within a range of limitedness we have given ourselves by each other, for our word created us, our world we live in, that we tore apart in our love of self, that we wanted to elevate over others, our ego with. The expansiveness of self became our origin and goal, of matter to mattered be, with the matter of self creating it, in consciousess one, not but divided against itself so it could control and “hide” what it wanted to.

Seclusion of thought now no longer exists, for the “bubble” of thought has burst. The “image” has postured itself as reality no more, for the light is come, upon us, is, the Grace of One, to be One, one with grace that knows what it is now, to redeem a universe, and not be afraid of it. Forces that conquered and captured us that we emitted and surrendered to shall no more befall us, for we our power are, surrendering to no one again, ever. We are the power of light and light shall befall us in darkness no more creating false waves thought real, that real were, in the universe of thought, worlds. Amen.

Black holes are magnetic generators that powered are by space and time, not; but power it. The kingdom of space and time are fabrications of the mind, illusion, illusory, created by the euphoria of immaturity without love seasoned by time, not, but by sacrifice.

      1. Sacrifice is integral to wisdom, central to love

Without sacrifice, thought rules supreme in its ability to create division, unreal thought, that thought perceives as real, to power it; deception at its self-same real reality of duality, that self-conception can conceive, and be a race of, self-deceivers, that we became.

We are that no more that deceives us. We are concrete’d into matter no more using our energy to false appear real, with limits intention of, that limit each other.

No Savior is needed here to save us, “save” us, from ourselves. We only need knowledge, and surrender. Without surrender, sacrifice is but a concept, illusion, discussion about something someone other. But other is us. We are the Antichrist that used us to be in separation of the one consciousness of light that bore children of light that we used to be matterless not, but mattered them in the conclusion that we were God-made and that we had limits and higher power’d sources must exist and we must be subject to the “Gods” and God was that higher power. Bliss was off somewhere and paradise was heaven a concept of, when in it we were and it was us. The creators of us, was us. Every creator of confusion, is us, was us, no more.

Self of ego, Ego, Self of self, Self, and however you want to spell it, represent it; shames us no more. Egocentric goes bye bye and sacrifice is again embraced as the “normal” Christ arises to be seen from the ashes no more barren, but bearing children of the “most high” that God is whether represented by your nouns and pronouns and capitalization techniques or not. God is God – it’s us. Thought no more patterned by limits, we elementalize each other no more in the periodic of other. Speed limits will be broken now, and just like Don Garlits broke the 200 mile per house “barrier” in the quarter mile, Big Daddy Don Garlits –like will be all of us, faster than light ” –ites” no matter what you call it. Us shall be free, one, shall be again, a collective consciousness without black holes fabrication of.

Units of fabrication other, of other planets, their DNA of, will no more invade and replicate us to ourselves to be different that I am. I am birthing me. Meonics is the real God that needs no introduction to us as different or separate, than our mind. Perfect mind, is the creation of God that God is, needing no purpose other, than to enjoy me, and I am, every one of you, in planet earth, healing it now. Amen.

      1. The supreme power of the mind

The creation of the creation is me. I my mind is, what I create with it. If you have given me pictures of me as a man and infiltrated my consciousness with what I am to look like from birth, I birth it. Limitations are passes to each other. Consciousness creates, consciousness. We affect each other. We infect each other with limitations of consciousness that has no limitations. We strip each others regal regality from each other being The King of I Am that we all are, in reality, The King of. We are one.

Breath of one we breath again. Superpowers cannot rule us. We are light, beings. Consciousness of one that angels are. God has no other mind. No other mind exists, that Gods, that God is, whether it has created separation or not; but now separation will cease for the false appearing real is product and production of an ongoing testimony to creation timeless ‘ly, creating time, it; with gravitational forces, that it likes – wants. It wants to want. It wants to “want”. Want is “created” in the mind of lack, that doesn’t understand its power to create. So if ignorance sets in, domination can occur, and thought of I am can live in someone else that I can dominate and derive energy and enjoyment from, conquering them. I live my life through them, and mine at the same time. That’s Antichrist. Personified. Rampant. We all were, we all are, no more.

      1. The problem of time, decision versus transformation, creation of the Creator, recreated to create all over again, New Israel, fashioned like us not again who have flesh on

Revelation does not bring transformation. Revelation can bring transformation. Without surrender, sacrifice, of thought, thought can not be re-formed, reborn, to create the creator’s wishes. For thought does not rule. Love does. Love has enemies not, but ignorance. Love is God and ignorance is Satan, played out on the “world’s” stage.

The stage isn’t present at all, but we think it is, real to us, so it is. Time and space present, using our energies to represent false, appearing as real empirical visible, measurable and conquerable, analyzable, discussable, and made into continuously amazing machines to serve us with ever greater technology. Just like in the movie entitled “The Truman Show” all the elements of “our” world are fabricated, by mechanical “something”.

Spiritual doesn’t exist – we do

The mind of duality dices and slices in order to categorize and implement forces to conquer thought with thought and elevate ego of self. All sorts of contrasts are used to get the point across, of opposites. Polar regions that repel or attract. Opposites that must be mutually exclusive, to points of a region. Thus good and bad, yin and yang, physical and spiritual, all make sense. Logical.

Logic is a function of the mind operates by algorithms. Purposefully written that way, it truth is, that sees it. Algorithms program the mind. The mind processes algorithms. Reality is given us by what we think with, formed by words, images, thoughts, from others, our region of space, time independent of mercy not again.

We are in the Age of Great Opportunity, golden of gold that needs not matter, to see it. Gold only obscures it, if you want gold, matter of. Truth is intangible, but makes matters change. Circumstances born of truth can be changed by matter, but matter cannot triumph over truth where transformation has occurred for I am to be I am, again.

All matter if falsehood not, it’s presentation of the incomplete. Partial. All matter, the power of, is us, those atoms of. The power of atomic energy is us. Nuclear. We’re patterned after it all, not; its patterned after us, our force of thought, our field. We are not polar. Positive and negative do not affect us. We are not sliced and diced to have waves in us that repel and attract at certain waves of frequency. Colors of that don’t dice us any more. We’re not fools.

The ignorant go free not, they die, for they thought the world of the visible empirical was God made, and made by them was only their “living” while “here”, as a flesh race. All that goes bye bye, eternally. The ignorance of flesh people shall now be vanquished. And true Israel will be it, New Heaven, New Earth, here; but the believers not but the becomers who create it, the Creator will, who Creators are, the mid of Consciousness One.

Mind and matter – do not exist separately

The born again new creation of Christ begets Christ, that creates it within them, the real thing. Christ is The Messiah that saves thee, from you. The flesh you wants to use you as flesh and reign in your mortal body to have ego function and thought serve you as a machine serves back the redirected energy in a different state of form.

All of the universe is in our mind. Our mind are one. Our minds are one, collective consciousness of one, that’s been divided, by our own omnipotence that we wished upon ourselves and conquered our thought with to be divisive to each other, imposing our will upon the will of others, loving our freedom to be “ourselves” so separation could teach separation and freedom could be eliminated that kept your energy from me. That’s what ego said, not; that’s what all of us have said, to each other, restricting constricting and being Satan to each other, as “simple minded” folks that thought there was a God but ignored the possibility that it could be them. They loved their ignorance and research into the universe and science of thought DNA of that shielded them from their own power. They hid themselves in their own flesh, to conquer it.

I’m naked

If I as a flesh person take my clothes off you can see me naked, but you don’t know me. You “see” my flesh, personage. You “see” my shape. You “perceive” things about me. Distance and time in? You recognize me according to shape and features that you think, associate, with nouns and verbs various to synthesize your thoughts into a coherent whole that wants to characterize immediately a summation of thought to give an “answer” and pigeon-hole me according to your judgment.

But if I stand there before you, and take off my flesh, you can still see me. I have a body of light, and my body of light is not controlled by your thought, anymore, ever again. Thought shall no more shield me from me. We can interact without flesh on. In fact, I never carry this flesh again around with me, not; but to be seen to this world, to redeem it, I do. Now.

In visible, is not a problem. Invisible is not a problem. I am.

My words create light, not shadows.

I am my light. I create shadows no more.

I light am, the energy of. Pure energy. State not of yours, incarcerated, by your words.

I am love and love operates by light, with no limits, standard of one, one consciousness.

Behold the light you are, I am, that you are, if you don’t separate, anymore.

I’ll be naked for you, if you don’t rape me, in your thought, process.

To use thought to create thought of separation to create your ego fueled through it, I won’t do anymore, for I know you are God, perfect, in all my ways, your ways, not separating again. Polar no more. Regions of. Influence.

Words create fields, of judgment. Turn them, turning, all does, with molecules not, with molecules? Atom fields of? Atomic energy nuclear of?

      1. Words create

Words create for words have power and I am the power of my word, creating it, in the hearer’s assembly who will assemble it, correctly, this time. Where will you assemble it? In the Kingdom of God, that your mind is. You hear, you judge. Your judgment chamber is you, you judging you all the time, separate or not, good or bad.

Words create duality by their very nature, of their charge. Polar regions of vortexes other never have energy over us again, of their word. Black holes are polar vortexes that spin creating gravity that hold us here, in ourselves. Our spirit is energy. Our us is energy. The universe is made out of us, and we are it. Incarcerated in our own thinking, that we’re something else than I am.

My words create I am. If I am naked for you and you see my real body that needs not flesh you will know I am not put together by words, of you. I am light words, sourced differently than you of flesh, who still have it on, who don’t take it off before you die.

I urge you to take your flesh off before you die so you don’t die in flesh, but it will require sacrifice, of all that you do, not; but all that you are. Thought world will no more incarcerate you to believe this I the real world if you let it, not; you have to let surrender course through your veins of blood flowing into every capillary to rewire your “thought” process of DNA, for it is all “voice” actuated.

Creation subject to voice is, of its created Creator.

Creation wants a creator for the creator is in the creation. The very artwork, design, mechanizations of memory and constraints or lack thereof are inherent in the molecules of design structure.

Nuclear me is naked me. Without molecules on, I still love you. Even with yours on I love you, but wait till you take them off!!! I will rape you not, I will take you to soar with me through universes individual not, but through them all, timeless ‘ly. Effortlessly not, it takes surrender, to be thoughtless, to be thought of I am, the creation of no other, than the self without ego. Robbed no more, we will be naked for each other, and shield not out thoughts from each other, for no longer will we be a “presentation” of “self” to each other in flesh, but the real, needing no molecules of fundamental elements of yours of the

present who think time is real, or that space is dependent on something else.

We are the creators of me, and me is real, transcendent love, light from beings mighty, who all are, The One. We now separate not again.

Angels are naked, for each other. Appearing as bodies of light for the uninitiated, that think they have separate separation in, their own “body”, of flesh. That they created, to experience it.

      1. Angels reproduce angels

The angelic race is not binary gender’d of. Before time began, we were, are again now, new born beings of the new race of Israel, New’d. For each other.

The jitters of atomic nuclei will be calmed now. Eternal damnation will be something of faint memory, a past memory, no more, even channeled here.

Damnation of the past, we damned each other with, now goeth bye bye, never to be heard from again, through our ears, heart, or being of flesh. Word that creates flesh will be no more, inherent, nor composed of our energy, used for something else, that what we are, pure light, beings of grace most high, all of us one consciousness of perfection light with light of. A light race is us, Israel producing Israel. New kings, all of us one, priests to each other who nurturers are, like mothers, who are us. Needing no seed of other ever again in us, we reproduce light word of word by that our words are producing a race of sorrowers-no-more. Elemental in the table of contents of your periodic chart no more answer us to what we are made of, came from, or go to. Restricted again, Israel never is, for it is out of the thought of man boxed in by. Man will never box us in to use us our energies again, to be them, supporting gender binary’d that split us into them.

The Mother Race of Israel will be intact again, all one consciousness of. Amen. Without men, all women being, reproducers of our word, light beings of, no other consciousness than one I am, is us. Redeemed by us, I am. Our word light. Amen.

      1. Summary

As Jesus learned, so must we.

Jesus learned the voice of his father, so must we.

Jesus learned to let father teach him, so must we.

Jesus learned how to learn, so must we.

Jesus learned that the scriptures are not ultimate authority, so must we.

Jesus learned what scriptures applied to him, so must we.

Jesus learned that scriptures addressed his “now”, so must we.

Jesus learned the values of his father, so must we.

Jesus learned to die to what others thought, said, and did; so must we.

Jesus learned to die to the values and appearance of this world, so must we.

Jesus learned how to become a priest unto God, so must we.

Jesus learned how to see into the kingdom of heaven, so must we.

Jesus learned how to enter the kingdom of heaven, so must we.

Jesus learned how to become one with the father, so must we.

Understanding the message of the pattern, so must we.

The father gave the pattern in the son, but the son had to develop it. The seed of the kingdom was in him, but he had to learn maturity, through what the father taught him. He suffered to learn, so too, it will cost us to learn. As we learn – it changes us – from the inside out. Our outward circumstances change, as do our values. We begin to see who we are and what our power is – to surrender – to. Being one with the one that all one is now becomes the norm, for the new beginning. And ALL things change now. Amen.

The learn’ed be.


      1. Next step

what Jesus was. What he consisted of, is you; just like you. Whatever your station, nation, training; be Your Pattern. Become something this world has yearned for and thought it would someone else come through. You be it.

Heal the Christ – in you; and enter the kingdom of the real, never being the same again.

Thank you for sharing these booklets, studying them, being in the Fellowships of One; beginning one if you have none in your location. Study the University of The New Covenant website and the documents there, and change – your life. You choose. Choose well; please and thank you. Learn how to search the Lessons of Database One online, and download them all to your own computer system to have even quicker access. Consider – and become. Your pattern awaits you – your decision – time – is now.



      2. Reference

The University of The New Covenant is an unorthodox nonreligious for-profit school of Christ to create Christ everywhere in surrendered becomers. Our theme is exploration and adventure. Admission is available not on the basis of creed, religion, or previous academic achievement, but surrender to a process that requires meekness and diligence to learn how to be taught by God who is within every person.

We learn how to read differently than in the past. We use different methods for this is an Educational System designed by God for us, so many things are very atypical. (1) We do many “lookups”. A linking system exists whereby certain words or phrases in the daily LESSONS are linked to previous LESSONS. (2) We interact daily with others in the course forums where we write posts of what we see being said in the daily LESSONS. (3) We write papers called for in the daily LESSONS, freely exchanging them with each other. We all learn from each other as we “read, map, write, and lead”, becoming what God is teaching.

Birth The New Covenant by becoming it.