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Jesus the Pattern – 3 A New Path

Jesus the Pattern – 3
A New Path

The New Beginnings Series

Theodore Cottingham
Copyright 2009 by Theodore Cottingham


University of The New Covenant Press
University of The New Covenant
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

The New Beginning Series

The New Beginning Series provide a foundation for taking us beyond the past. The groundwork is laid out for a new identity of who we are, what we are, where we came from, why we are here on earth, and what’s before us as we enter a new beginning, of everything we have known. This Series lays the groundwork for us to create new worlds, for we are no longer limited to one world, existence, as we’ve known it. Ambiguity and imprecision give way to a clarity of expression in the love of one that changes everything.

In The New Beginnings Series, we are opening up the life of the pattern not just to “study” it, but to become it, to walk through the door that Jesus became so that we do the same, fulfilling the Revelation of Christ in all peoples, no longer separate. The Life of One is fulfilled in us as we become not separate from the life that Jesus became. He became one with his father, of life, of Christ, to Christ all with the seed of life becoming it, watering it for the Tree of Life to come forth within us. Justified not by other, we simply surrender to our pattern to become as he became. Let us now open our minds to the Mind of One to become it, not separate, learning how Jesus did it to do likewise, between all of us, becoming one. The life of one, mystery’d no more.

Let us all allow each other to see Jesus not as a baby in a manger with a halo, but a simple common man that gave us a pattern; a pattern that allows us to enter the transcendent invisible reality of the kingdom of God right now that reality is, and become seamless with it. Jesus overcame the lie that our eyes give us saying we are in the real world. Let us see what Jesus did for us by giving us a pattern, that we enter the patternship of, to become something beyond the empirical visible we seem to live in. Let us reevaluate what reality is, in terms of our pattern, and let us become the becomers that enter – The Real.

Seeing something you’ve never seen before is now possible for you are not limited to the understanding of the words and sentences in this booklet, but the words and sentences IN this booklet can help you see Jesus as your Pattern, so that you can begin to enter a life of oneship with the Mind of God. See and hear things you’ve never seen or heard before. And where will you hear and see them? Inside of you. That is where the teacher teaches – by the word that you are – by using these words to help birth the words of truth that already live inside you, regardless of what you believe.

Let us examine and explore the man God Jesus – who became one of both, not; but “two” that became one. Jesus figured out who he was, and when he had figured it out, he had become it. What he had become, is God. He became God by entering God. The mind of God became his. He uprooted the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and let it be his giver of life no more. He uprooted the Tree that sucked the life out of him. He did not save the soul, he transcended it. He eradicated it from him. The transcendent became his world. This world of the visible empirical no longer incarcerated him or limited who he was or what he did. Love is the master of all, not time space gravity or the molecular. We become love by surrendering to it; and when we do, everything in our life changes.

Jesus became the most radical revolutionary because of his love, and love operates by surrender. Surrender is the highest form of authority we have. Surrender is something we must learn how to

live, for it is a process. When we fully surrender all our authority to love, we will have become it. And love has no limits, and never dies.

Jesus defied religion, religious practices, religious rule, religious leaders, and then told us all to do as he did; learn that God is your father and learn to let God your father teach you directly; heal the sick, raise the dead, do miracles and enter the kingdom of God by being it. Learn, you must learn who you are and why you are here by learning how to learn from God your father, who is in you already. God teaches from within to be separate no more, is the operation of The New Covenant, to become it experientially. I and my father are one – becoming all of us in one that The One is, each of us is, all healing each other as we heal ourselves in the knowledge of one. Amen.

Jesus fathered the words of the father. He delivered them to us, and birthed them. He gave us the pattern that we can now follow to learn from to enter the father’s life as he did, the mind of one bringing forth to maturity to heal the life of Christ, the body of one, being it to each other, in love pure freed. You have to be broken to be it. You enter the bloodship of one, that you were before you entered the earth. Returning home is where we be now, the returners, of the life of Christ to Christ that we are, the body of One, one, in one of one one being. That’s us. Rejuvenated not, redesigned not, to be other, again; we the Life of Christ are. One being ONE being One one recapitalized or not. Be one, surrendered being The Being I Am. Be it unto thee. I love you all. Amen.

Think! Not like in the past.

Thank you.

Theodore Cottingham

The New Beginning Series

The New Beginning Series booklets provide a foundation for taking us beyond the past and into the future. The groundwork is laid out for a new identity of who we are, what we are, where we came from, why we are here on earth, and where we go from here.

I began writing The New Beginning Series booklets in 2006 while in England. There several months, I wrote the first booklets of Jesus the Pattern, The New Covenant, The Priesthood of All Believers, and The Kingdom of Heaven. I have chosen to not change those booklets hardly at all even though much revelation knowledge has come since then.

Jesus the Pattern – 2 I think I wrote mostly in 2008, and Booklet – 3 in 2009. Booklet – 4 was written in 2015 mostly, and Booklet – 5 was written in 2017. It seems important that you know how things progressed, even through all of Database One and subsequent Databases, the Booklets I’ve written, and how I now have become Grace in two shoes Cottingham.

I pray to you to begin the Series with Booklet 1 and proceed to build in each one as I did in writing them. I love you and bless you for reading and studying Jesus the Pattern, and becoming it in your shoes, the real you, the Christ of one.

Grace Cottingham

Jesus the Pattern – 1 The Commoner
The great commission is to do what Jesus did right here right now, regardless of our vocation or label. Jesus became the message so we follow to do what he did.

Jesus the Pattern – 2 A New View
This opens our eyes to see Jesus as emerging leader, a radical, reformer, educator, and revolutionary; one that demonstrated that visible empirical reality is not true reality at all.

Jesus the Pattern – 3 A New Path
Leading to give us an example to do likewise, leadership emerges to change worlds.

Jesus the Pattern – 4 A New Reality
Leading to give us an example to do likewise, leadership emerges to change worlds.

Jesus the Pattern – 5 The New Kingdom of True Israel
Jesus defeated death by defeating ignorance, now we know how to continue to create the Race of God, creating it the creators of, we now create The Promised Land.

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The New Beginnings Series


Jesus was a human. Jesus grew up as a human. Jesus faced human difficulty. When his skin was pierced he bled. Jesus had red blood in his veins just like every other human. He had molecular blood and bodily processes just like all flesh. He had a normal mind, normal intelligence, normal processing ability of words as he learned them, and normal looks. His appearance was normal. His body grew in size as normal with age. Everything about Jesus was simply normal. He was a human, just like all humans. He was a member of humanity and had a consciousness like all other humans. Jesus was born into this world no more special than any other baby on another continent or at a different time in history.

Every baby comes out of the womb of the flesh ignorant, totally ignorant of who they are, what they are, where they are, what they are made of, why they are here, what is before them, and the choices they will have to make. Jesus was no different. He did not know a language at birth, he had to learn it. People taught him to read. He learned table manners and the customs of his culture through experiences with others. He had to develop and mature. He had to learn everything he would come to know.

As he grew up he experienced the same emotions peoples everywhere experience today; loneliness, anguish, rejection, wonderment, curiosity, laughter, and yes, even fear. He was simply a common man. He was completely human, in every way normal.

Jesus was not different than other humans, but he did something different that resulted in him becoming something new: he became something more than human it would seem, a human without the limitations of humanity, by surrendering to a teaching method that transcended the ways of man and the limitations of this world. This teaching method would result in Jesus learning the heart of God becoming perfect with it, seamless.

The heart of God is the mind of God. God teaches not limited by words nor limited to words, but uses words, as necessary, until exponential learning can take place. The mind of God will teach the mind of a human commensurate with a human’s humility. Only the humble learn how to learn from God within them. God is humble, the most humble of all. God lets humans limit God all the time, for God lets humans choose what they want to create and live like. Humans live in a world of thought, or they enter The Mind of God that teaches them from within, becoming one with it, becoming what it is, the mind of God unlimited. One, seamless. Perfect. THIS is THE result of God teaching from within. Experiential learning, that transforms.

This is The New Covenant in operation. Jesus became it and requested we all do likewise.

God taught Jesus directly within his mind that God was not subject to the limitations of this world, and that if Jesus would “nurture” the words within him that God was giving him and teaching him with, they would result in a tree of life forming within him, and the fruit of it would be eternal, for the words of the mind of God given directly into the mind of Jesus, that Jesus nurtured and learned how to abide in, were the seeds of new life forming within him, anew, a new garden, a new world, a new heaven and a new earth.

By transmitting information directly into Jesus, teaching him directly, God preempted the necessity of man teaching man. God said the teacher would be God, this way, from now on; no excuse remains. God preempted the priesthood that wanted to insert itself between God and man. Now, there’s no veil, no “ordination” that will stand in the way of learning The Christship of One, from the one who became it, one with The Teacher, who will teach us ALL things. Internally. If we obey? “Obey?” If we surrender. The privilege greatest of all, is to have God teach you directly, in your language, not limited to it, or any censorship of almighty-not.

The priesthood that now comes forth is a priesthood of surrenderers, a priesthood of learners, a priesthood of drink-offering’d disciples that learn how to become as Jesus became. Our pattern did, and said do as I do, heal the sick, raise the dead, being the kingdom, the revelation of the kingdom first hand to the downtrodden common people, who know now a different learning system that NO ONE can deny them, for it’s taught directly within/into their mind. Each one submits, to become leaders, to lead all in a priesthood of one. Amen. All equal. No tiereaucracy again. All tears wiped away now will be, a New Learning System in place, Within.

This is an invitation to do as Jesus asked and do the things he did, and greater; you, yourself. No longer will we allow others to “rip” from us the knowledge of The Christ that asked all to be so, as he became, the kingdom opener of one doing the things he did for others and himself. He healed himself first, for he became one with the teacher that “bred” the Tree of Life within him, that he “ate” from. He became it. And said do likewise. Now no other will stand in our way of being drink-offerings as he did, as he was, as the life he lived before us became for us The Pattern. Now ALL nations will know, and become, the not-separates, as he became, resulting in transformation of the Revolution of Christ.

The mystery of Christ is now no longer a mystery. It is all out in the open, explained. The patternship is given to us all of every nation tribe and tongue.

So now what? Whether you are a boy or girl, man or woman; regardless of religious persuasion or having none, please open to see how a common person became one with what God is, to operate out of the same mind, and then learn to do likewise. Become what our pattern became. Shall we now?

Let’s explore. Let’s delve deeper into the life of the pattern of a person who no one has equaled before or since, even though it was Jesus’ primary request that each of us do so.

This is an invitation to open your mind to a new thought, a new set of thoughts about how Jesus has been “served” to us in the past, and explore his life for yourself. Allow yourself to become an adventurer so that you are not just taking religion’s presentation of Jesus.

Allow yourself to explore Jesus’ life as a pattern for us, a pattern that became the door for us to enter true reality. Let yourself go beyond the superficial understandings of the past, so that whole new worlds are opened up to you, right now, here and now, in this life; not after you die. Let us now begin an adventure to explore deeper understandings of a common man who became the pattern for all of us to enter true reality here and now.

Jesus did not do things for us, he showed us how to do them. He showed us that the visible empirical reality we live in is not the real. Jesus became the first transcendent man – the firstborn from the dead, the firstborn of many brethren. We are the ones now who accept the invitation to learn as he learned, to do what he did, and to enter the kingdom of heaven while here on earth, and reveal to all peoples that we all have the same father, we all came from the same place, and we ARE actually truly all one family.

This was his message – he lived it; one father, one kingdom, one blood, one family.

This is your invitation to see the kingdom of heaven and enter it as a new creation not limited to flesh, just like Jesus did. Jesus our pattern is The Pattern for entering transcendence that we can become seamless with. Seamless? True reality is infinite and unlimited, boundary’d not by time or space. Gravity has no recognition for it is powerless. Gravity is false, as is time and space the way that we humans recognize and experience it. But Jesus overcame that limitation, because of the words he surrendered to, to learn the knowledge and become it, the wisdom of the one, transcendent God that all are. Jesus began to learn of a reality that was not visible by his human eyes. His father taught him and spoke with him increasingly about a kingdom that he was the king of, that he was to enter, to rule and reign in, making all rulers and reigners like him, all equal becoming, the one mind is. God. Revealed. Transcendent. Omniscient. And time and space no more rule and rein them in the false appearing real that this visible empirical world is, consists of, and represents itself as.

This is your invitation to do a new thing, with new peoples, without fear; all being surrenderers to a process to hear and become the surrendered Christ, taught by the first person words of Jesus not, but the Father of Lights, the father of light, the father of one; not hung up on punctuation again of what may be your preferred nounage or not. Recognize The Christ become one from a regular human being Just Like You. And Jesus issues you THIS invitation not, or does he, or it? What he BECAME issues YOU this invitation to become WHAT he became BECOMING him. There is only one, and that’s what we now understand through the Patternship of One booklets that we ALL produce in our OWN countries? Everywhere. Amen.

Be the Pattern of One; blessed not, or TRANSFORMED COMPLETELY? Becoming seamless with two realities? The reality of the visible empirical that we humans are in is an image of the real. The truly real is the reality of the kingdom of heaven, tangible, empirical, visible; but it takes a regeneration in us to see it, to enter it, the word of by the word. We transform. Be become something new as Jesus did, Jesus our pattern did, it. We are, to, now do, as he did. We follow into his pattern to enter the Kingdom of God here and now without flesh on, to enter and be seamless with the world of flesh, to “wear” our flesh again, seamlessly, with “our” worlds that we now recognize as ours. Belonging to no one else, we give not our authority away to others again. We are all one. A kingdom inside us is set free now, to see, be, and become. The enterers entered now shall be by revelation that becomes the becomer, not; but the becomer becomes the revelation about, to be it. Prophesied about is all of us, now entering, following the followership of our pattern to all leaders be, no more led by other. See your eyes opened through the words of the Savior that simply gave us the pattern to do as he does, he did, we do now; all living one life. Amen.

Christ is educated

The kingdom where all are Christs, where every person is a Christ learning who they are, must be prepared for such a journey of righteousness. Every bit of unrighteousness is unlearned now, and the planting of righteousness flourishes by the taught teachers who will teach all surrenderedly as the father has taught us.

Jesus grew up as a human – he was human. Jesus came out of a flesh womb and began to experience what we call our world. His eyes began to see things that other people had names for, so he grew up learning the names for everything he saw. He began to learn how to use words and apply words to what he saw and experienced. He experienced sibling rivalry. He experienced being a normal kid in a common household. His identity was formed as a human for he found himself in a world with others who looked like him and spoke the language he did. It all seemed so real. Just like our daily world looks to us today, our normal world reality reaches in to us to penetrate us with the identity it wants to give us.

Jesus was inundated with sensory information from the world all around him that formed his identity. His 5-sense mind dominated his identity, his thoughts and emotions, and dictated how he lived his daily life. He was . . . normal. Until …

Jesus was as limited as any other human until he learned better.

What Jesus did have was parents that told him of the prophecy of his birth. Consider the words of Database One that have spoken about this [1.3.12]. Jesus had parents that valued the words about his birth, and Jesus valued what his parents had to say about it all. Consider how this information affected Jesus as he was learning to mature. As a young child those things may have sounded pretty exciting. As a youngster a bit older, he may have pondered as did his mother Mary and asked himself, “how can these things be?” This information was significant and important to Jesus, for it presented him with a dilemma. As a child he hungered for food and friendship, yet there were times that the information his parents had given him came to the forefront of his thinking. How could he possibly go from being “normal” in his community to fulfilling the words foretold about him? Would that not create a dilemma for anyone in that situation?

Jesus heard stories of his birth foretold that he simply accepted as fact when he was younger. But as he grew and matured he had to decide for himself if he would believe them, and give himself to their fulfillment. Do you not think he agonized many times over those words he was told by his parents? And scriptures then that may pertain to him? What about what he read about the messiah in the book of Isaiah? Did he not have to process those words repeatedly within him to learn how to surrender to them in order to birth them, so the words would birth him?

The words that our father gave into the mind of Jesus to teach him who he was – Jesus could have rejected, and lived just like any other person. Jesus had a choice – and he made it every day – thousands of times – to accept those words, receive them and not reject them? He could have chosen at any point to change his course. Nothing he did was cast in stone. He was the listening listener. He was the meditator cogitator ponderer – that gave place to the words given him that reveal him. He rejected not his christship but developed it. He had to mature, in it, just like we all do.

No one is born into this world already skilled at something, except whimpering and crying, being selfish and self-centered, and exalting ego led by id. Jesus learned how to lay his life down before us all. He became love. Loved he did – all equally. There is no partiality in the kingdom of the real.

Jesus did not do what he did for us so that we would not have to do them, he showed us what we must go through and how to do it. He gave us the path; he became the way, the Pattern.

He showed us that the visible empirical reality we live in is not the real. Jesus became the first transcendent man – the firstborn from the dead, the firstborn of many brethren. We are the ones now who accept the invitation to learn as he learned, to do what he did, and to enter the kingdom of heaven while here on earth, and reveal to all peoples that we all have the same father, we all came f rom the same place, and we ARE actually truly all one family.

This was his message – he lived it; one father, one kingdom, one blood, one family. Let us see the man that lived this message before us – for us to be it – also. When Jesus said “follow me” he was inviting all of us to follow his pattern of becoming the one that did the things he did. The life Jesus lived is our pattern.

So how did Jesus go from being a “normal” man, a normal member of his town to becoming one that reinterpreted the scriptures, became a teacher, a leader that changed how the priesthood is entered, changed who can enter the priesthood and how it operates? How did he do the miracles? How did he . . . change his identity; from God to man, or was it, man to God?

Jesus educated

Jesus was educated. He studied. He learned. He applied himself. He appropriated effort to learn and know, to understand, and apply what he learned. He learned the scriptures but learned he was not bound by them. He evaluated them, valued them, and completely revised how some were taught and interpreted. He revised the meanings of many things. He introduced a new interpretation of scripture and what it means to know God. He valued information but learned information is not relationship. He learned what was written, but his primary teacher was not words in ink, but the living speaking voice of the Christ within, the perfect mind being expressed to his human mind, to give him knowledge others weren’t willing to receive. Jesus took time for the speaking voice within him to be developed, to deepen relationship with its speaker; to receive it, to be taught of it, by it, and become it. The revelation beholden is to embrace it to the point of transformation, to be transformed into being it, being information no more just residing in thought, but flesh that became the living word. Jesus birthed the word that taught him what he was, who he was, and what he had to do not, but what he could, surrender to, to become, showing all the love he was, experiencing, to be the pattern for all, to be the pattern.

Jesus learned to sit still. Jesus learned to quell his spirit mind, not; he learned to calm be and speak peace and tranquil be come by the stillness he incorporated into his daily schedule. He arose early to give time to stillness where he could interact with the divine revelation revealing it in him, to be not separate. He gave time to the priorities of his culture not; he gave time to learn who he is, what he had, what was given him, and how to live his life. He learned to live by the word, the word given him daily. He became one with his word. The word within him and the word he spoke became one, over a process of transformation; a learning transformation. It was an educational transformation. Jesus the man was learning to become Jesus the Christ.

God as father spoke, taught, and interacted as teacher priest and king, to open all that to Jesus the learner, who simply surrendered to learn this way. This is The New Covenant in operation. A learning system learned, and displayed before us all.

Jesus gave time to the words his father gave him. He interacted with father about them in a learning process over the years as he developed and matured. He let those words birth something within him. Those words grew the womb for the seed, of the word, of the words, of the father, to become delivered, The Christ real before us all; giving us the way to do it all as he did. Jesus become the firstborn of all people who are dead walking around in flesh, thinking in mankind’s mind of separateness. Jesus transcended this, by believing not, but subscribing to religion, not; but by the teaching directly of his father by his father in him within him, the kingdom revealed.

Jesus became seamless with it, the kingdom, of heaven, God being. One. Jesus became the first surrenderer to do so, fully. He brought to birth: the word. He birthed the word, “the” word, the simple word of God, masterfully surrenderedly and completely humbly and said asked and requested we all do likewise.

Jesus became “I and my father are one”, because he pursued it. He had tenacity. He focused. He prioritized. He said “no” many times to many people in many situations that wanted his time spent elsewhere in other things. He learned his identity through the words given him of his father by his father yielding the kingdom of heaven birthed, into the real, walking now, all who will. The veil is no more.

Jesus begot the kingdom within him, for he birthed it place. He became the begotten of God for he begot God. He gave it birth. He gave it place to birth, in his head. That is where he and his father become one – in the head. Of Christ begot the christ that the christ was – the word. The father was the word. Jesus became it. Jesus became the word – made manifest in flesh that he fathered his father to become one with.

Jesus birthed his father’s word in him – that he had been given and taught by, so the present world we live in, held his interest no more, but to redeem it, by giving us the pattern, in life, to become it. He who beholds it will become it. in this world; the false real, or the false appearing real: daily life on planet Earth. When Jesus said “follow me” he was inviting all of us to follow his pattern of becoming the one that did the things he did. His experience is our pattern.

Jesus became born or the real – entering it through process, a processing that matured him to operate in power, grace, and glory.

Years of preparation went before his leadership. As Jesus let the words of our father live in his mind, Jesus’ mind became one with the source of the words he gave life. He gave life to the words in him, as we all do. Words don’t live until they live in us, within us. We give them life, and we choose the words we give life to, and design we do, life accordingly.

Words are genetic. Words affect genes. Words program genes. Words genetic matter. Matter yields to love. Love is real and matter isn’t. Love becomes perfected and designs matter differently than the visible empirical we seem limited to. Love is a creator, love is the creator. The creator creates, but never dies; thus love never dies. Love is humble. Love is a leader. Loving all to leadership out of the flesh that we have found ourselves in now, is the role of love surrendered to love be, birth, and make known. Love will be known now, for you are reading this. And yielding to temptation not; but the humblest of all is love, surrendered before all love.

God is love. Love divides those who want to love and those who want to control. Love teaches love to love. Love does not control. Control declines love, and issues its own truth. Love does not decline love, but learns from it, and with it, releasing it to be taught in the learner-teacher. Love lets truth come forth and truth exonerates love for they are one and the same. Love is known now for Jesus defined it in a way no other has; he gave us his life for us to how to do what he did, and apply it to our life, our eyes, accordingly.

Love is truth triumphant. Love never gives up on love. Flesh loving flesh to remain flesh is not the message; transcendence is, transformance is, regeneration is. And that truth brings divisiveness because the comfortable that want to remain in the belief systems of their teachers will become defensive and critical of the new revelation of Christ the Christ being in the common. But it’s coming forth anyway. No one will stop it.

Jesus declines to remain in ignorance. Religion did not romance him into lullabies other. Jesus did not start out as a leader, nor intend to be one, but love requested it, for love become the leader of love to all be loved by love. That truth is simple, not complex, and not of man. Truth speaks, love responds. Love speaks, truth responds. Love intertwined with truth is the same thing, life. Life of love known now the pattern shall be. Love never fails. Love is, love exists, exonerates, and captures the actions of control exercised by other to be powerless, for love is the greatest power of all.

Love speaks. Love teaches. Love compares not, but makes equal to the equalers who will be students of love to the point of become equal with the teach; that being the highest delight of any teacher of love, for control is no more present. Control is rendered useless, inefficient, and costly, costing a price no one wants to pay now. Love brings generation of love and creativity. Love creates. Control demands creativity conform to its ways, edicts, and constraint. Those that want to use love for their forces and pleasures will no more be, for all love is set free now in the pattern of one, Jesus gave, the foresight, to see, if with eyes of love we will look through. And that changes all conflict, all wars, and all tools used to wage wars.

The only sword that love uses is truth, that cuts asunder the scales from our eyes to see who we are, what, where, and why. Truth births, truth. The yielded surrendered birth truth into the real to be it, entering heaven, becoming transcendent humans, Gods, God is, The One, that one is. All surrendered ARE The One. By education we are redeemed, not; but by surrender, we learn. We become. The education we receive from The King we become, not separate from. The King kings the Kingers who will make all King, of righteousness, in equal thinking, the mind of the Original Christ, one who began before time, that we all are again. The king king’d again who in heavenly places reign now, in love perfectly love redeemed by love ers who become it, grasping to our identity as flesh no more. Our race changes now.

Jesus transformed

Jesus let. Jesus learned. Jesus learned to let, his words be heard through his father’s not, but his father’s words through his mouth. Jesus spoke father’s words. The word was the father, that he let. Father’s words were let through the son. The son father’d the words of the father to be one with, not separate. The father was the word. The son let the father teach. The word taught the son that the father was in the son. The word of one, is one. They became one. The identity of the two apart diminished, and became obliterated.

All this happened by let. By surrender, all things are changed. When love surrenders to love, love results in being equal. Operating out of one mind, the mind became one, becomes one again; as time no more destroys the understanding of who does what when.

Jesus let the word teach him who he is. Who is was is who he is that the father is. The father father’d the word in the son that became the mother wombed, new covenant’d. The New Covenant is that One shall be ONE, and no capitalization needed any more shall be. The common shall be one. The Common shall be one. Amen.

Jesus let the voice within teach the voice within the difference between the source of motive and the motive of source. The source of the permanent real was not thought as we know it that absorbs our thought, life; but life as the real in the real, the father of, gives us anew the life of one, to regenerate all things perfectly. We are creators and the creator teaches us this. We let. We control or not, the let –ing. We surrender, or we control ourselves in our thought process life of that gives us the life we know. We control are in, and we control it. Control controls us through us controlling it, not; but letting it be the Our Source of What We Think that we worship. We don’t call it thought, because IT “it” seems normal. Right and righteous are concepts frequently left to the consideration of others, but we can no longer abdicate our responsibility to investigate and be responsible for us. There is no vicarious responsibility assigned to other, anymore. There’s no blame in Eden, there’s no blame here; for in Eden we are.

Jesus realized where creation was going on because he father was teaching him, from within. Within the voice of the Our Savior was the Voice of the savior of The One who Ever will listen. Whoever will listen and become the voice not separate with, will become the one I am. God not separate from man now will be; all will know, the mystery of Christ no more. It’s all settled, out in the open, and now no one can point blame at another. It’s front-page stuff now, not fodder for other. Mud slinging ceases. Not all, not; all does. Know these things. All things change now. Amen.

We worship our thought no more. Belief systems no longer design us. We no longer are doctrinated by belief other that teaches separation. We change. We become as our pattern became, and becoming what he became, do as he did. We let our identity be changed by the word of our father. We let father teach us. We perceive separation no more. We choose to separate no more. We choose to be life, the life of one that was, is, limited no more, we learn the learning system of God our pattern. We choose to learn as our pattern learned. We choose this process of learning from God directly that transforms our identity.

Jesus surrendered

During the process of Jesus becoming Christ, he received the words of his father that were crucial to this process. The process begun can only be surrendered to. Yet tenacity takes place in the surrendered. Focus happens, not; focus is intentional and takes practice to see what is being said. The words of the father spoke of a kingdom of Christ, and that Christ he was. He had to let “the” words sink in. He had to – grow them. That which Jesus given was, had to grow and replace the diversity of man’s words that gave him a kingdom of righteousness not, but a man’s kingdom of sight, in which he perceived death would reign. The neurons of righteousness had to grow and form the tree of righteousness that defeats death. The visual kingdom, the “visual” kingdom Jesus learned how to “untrust” not, but to realize there was a greater, and trust in it. He was it. It was inside him. His father said he had a kingdom within him; it was heaven. He had to birth it. He HAD to birth it, not; he had a choice. He trusted his father’s words which came forth inside of him. He perceived them differently, than the hearing in his ears and the sight of which he perceived, his kingdom not, or was it pervasive of the non “reality’d” kingdom of visual sight.

Acuity of no other, Jesus developed. Matured, in the ways of man not, or that too! Jesus developed adversity not, but came through it, learning about two kingdoms at one time. The one he was in he learned was not the real; the one that was inside of him, was the real, and he had sight of that now with the words that helped him see, and surrender, to being, it. Birthed. In the nations. A one Christ. A one christ. A one God whether you capitalize it or not, for God shall not be ruled by punctuation or the thoughts of man that give credence to this kingdom of sight needing two eyes to see, and accomplice be, in creating it. For the false shall no more be created through the real and deceived be by those who created it in separation deceit of, deceiving each other, about it.

We come into Christ now to be it. We are USED not more to create the real that’s un. Unreal no more exists in us. We submit to BEING the Christ, whether you punctuate as required in your culture or not; for nothing shall submit us to un being any more. We the Christ are being transformed as our Christs are, all one being, LET ing all now take place as the kingdom of man bears it not, for burden of beasts we shall be no more for our ignorance. Of what is taking place, throughout the nations now, is the beast revealed the beasts revealed, not; or was it US, designing us, in ignorance, of our power, given us that we are, of our kingdom within, that we exited, in Eden, not, or are we IN Eden?

Now barring ourselves no more from Eden or where we think in thoughts, we the creator of righteousness are, for we submit to it no other of. We surrender to being our “thoughts” led in no more of man determining, definitions of; for the father is righteousness of righteousness the right standing of the surrendered submitted to tenacity be of to learn the right of man, not; but God, being equal surrendered to and becoming the transformed into righteousness being born again. Through the flesh that insists no more on separation a “distinctive” life of, everything changes now.

The way that Jesus was transformed into Christ we all shall be, for we are taught not of man again limiting man to man of man’s ways and religion. All shall change now, in the twinkling of an eye, not; or shall we behold, the man of many sorrows, not, or shall we be acquainted with grief no more? Of a suffering Cross not, or shall we come through it to see the prototype he was, he is? We shall. Suffer no more. Amen.

Are you willing to study these booklets on Jesus the Pattern to understand the message in fullness that Jesus prescribed for us not to believe in, but to become! A believing results not in a change of belief, but a transformed life, a life of Christ born anew, again. A born again Christ showing up now will be, everywhere! In every nation tribe and tongue now shall be; tongues no longer transcribing us to be other, wise about. We create Christs. We create Christ. We LET all be Christs. We surrender to be it that all one mind is. Amen.

Now the financial common will do as Jesus did. The rich shall. There will be no poor. The glorious common will submit to the riches of heaven that need nothing of this world, but will redeem it through the love of one, for all becomes one now. One doing as he did, our pattern becoming our pattern so we all become our pattern that he is, in separation not, but fully clothed in Jesus’ words, or ours? Shall our words be out of one mind now, our father’s? We will each one let our father teach us that same way that Jesus let our father teach us, that we are one not separate in the thinkistics of man? Will we let thinkology no more reign in us, rule over over, and rein us in, flesh as flesh?

Jesus’ body

God the Father taught Jesus that Jesus looked just like the father, but the father looks nothing like the son [1.3.300 and 1.4.99] . How can that be? Our eyes fool us. We are projected onto ourselves, a screen of; a “screen” of. We “see” through a glass darkly. We see not with the light of man, not; but only of, unless we see THROUGH the words of I am. I am the word taught Jesus he was. He became the word just like this. He submitted to surrender to learn the word was him, that would transform him, his mortal body, into something glorious, never needing death and never going through it.

Jesus did not have to die on the Cross, but he chose to give us the picture of a life surrendered, a life surrendered to father’s words, our father, our father’s words, God is, that births the word, that lets flesh rule it no more. The body dies, of thought, and every word of man that man parent’d rule us no more. God rules, in love, and teaches differently than empirical evidence suggests. We do not go to a wooden cross and let our flesh be hanged upon it, no, we die while living this life in this life to transcend into a higher truth: that truth resides in us, in every single person, bar none, and none shall be barred from it. The release of Christ is the release of the father in the son to all be the father birthed in the son that sexless is, never needing mankind’s definitions of God again. Reality is transcended, to know a greater reality, the kingdom of God, heaven in, birthing it. The door is in each of us. The pattern showed us how to walk it, walk in to it, birthing it, giving it place, our place in life changing.

Every word of man reinforces man and man’s world to world the world of man, creating it, conveying it, permeating the thinking of mankind to insist on its separation from God and that God is other, if God exists at all. But all of that is false. This world simply is not reality at all. It’s empirically evidence’d to itself, in circular reasoning, in its own projection to itself. It’s false. The kingdom of God is real.

Now we come to thornier issues because we use the same vocabulary to discuss and view very different things, defining things differently, with nuances cataclysmic to all that was, that we were accustomed to, and comfortable with, as we yearned for heaven, or a better place somewhere somehow.

Father taught Jesus that the father of all perfect light is God who his father is, the word.

The seed is within of perfection, but he had to birth it. He had to birth “out” of that thing he was in; a flesh body. A flesh body could hold him no more back to do the will of him who sent him. But if Jesus had to come out of the body of flesh to do the will of who sent him, where did “that” body come from? Where did flesh originate? Did thinking thought originate thought in a body to house a thought-mind? Did the leaves of “flesh” grow in the garden of the tomb of “flesh”?

Jesus learned that he looked just like father, his father, God the one and only. Father taught him with the words of first-person love that he looked nothing like father. Where then, where in the “world” then did the “flesh” come from”?

The perfect “I Am” had become a race of slaves in bodies of imperfect I Am. Perfect I Am was still perfect, but limited by flesh by thinking mechanisms that “implied” reality, not; but created it imperfectly so that it would be perceived as limited, and seem so “real” that the I Am would be fooled by it. Tricked. Satan did this, or did I Am do this to I Am because I Am wanted to think thoughts of separation and have a “mind” of its own? Who’s at cause here? What’s to blame? Thinking thought? What kind of mechanism thinks us? What do we THINK with? What’s, thinking us? Is SOMETHING using US? Are “we” in slavery? To Thinking Thought? Is a deity of Thought thinking us, to be something else? Our energies being used, to create it?


The He She It Divine taught Jesus that he wasn’t flesh, but appeared in, to be, it. But it wasn’t real. It wasn’t real, but it appeared to be real in the unreal kingdom of man. The real was what was inside. The kingdom of heaven within him was, the real was, he was; seamless with. The Divine Real taught Jesus it was NEVER the will of God the father almighty of love peace and joy, to make “man” flesh. Flesh is a false creation. Flesh is a false wisdom. Flesh is real appearing in unreal to “fool” the real into thinking it’s real reality in, when it isn’t. Flesh is what came about as a result of the “fall” of man; or was it “angels”? or was it GOD? That fell.

The image of man is not the image of God, but God perfectly I Am is God perfectly in man, mankind, womankind, woman, flesh race of flesh God is in perfectly, but limited by the flesh that flesh thinks separately with. Man tries to create God in the image of man and limits its creations to creations of mind. Mind rules it. Thought rules them. Flesh rules with flesh, rules. Ruled flesh rules flesh. God rules with love and love sets all free. Man incarcerates man and develops religion to stay in thought control. Control is more important to thought than anything else. It creates ego, id, life as separate life is that separates life from life, not knowing the father in intimacy, but supplanting it, and usurping its privilege.

Jesus’ mind

The new birth brings transformation to the thought life. But, are we addressing the thought of life, or the life of thought? The thought life of thought reigns in the soul. Jesus had a soul like every person has, until he experienced transformation by resurrection. Soul is what the resurrection got rid of, and eliminated from the body of flesh so that he would not be bound by flesh any more. The soul of man is the beast, regardless of what definition you choose to use of soul. There is no salvation to the soul, only elimination, of it. Thought is what reigns in a soul, as sovereign, based on empirical evidence and logic, and rule of law, man, and thought thinking thought a source of, itself. Giving rise to thought begot thought and begets thought. Thought reproduces thought. Thought reigns supreme in the soul; it loves thought. Thought loves itself, its deception, its deceptor, and creates illusion in the illusory that seems so real that we are machined into creating it, for ourselves; powering our energy not, but our energy being used for it to deceive us. We’ve become the deceiver that deceives ourselves. Imagistic evidence of empirical data that reinforces itself with itself powering itself with our power of God evidence the false as appearing real, and we fall for it, every time, until Christ reigns, in our mortal bodies, to become born again, defeating mortal evidence, defeating truth un, and appearing in the new heavens and earth, a new creation of; Jesus gave us the pattern of. Jesus’ evidence of the real became it, he birthed anew and his thought life he was born in/with ruled/rules the life of one no more.

This world and its reality is not reality at all; but our father’s word is, and that word that our father consists of gives us a kingdom of righteousness to see, become, hear of, preach and teach, and reveal to all submitted surrendered who drink-offering’d are, that will drink the cup of suffering no more in flesh apart from the kingdom of righteous for those who will enter it. The word is greater than the flesh. The word is greater than the world. The basic principles of this world cannot hold the righteousness of the sufferer back any longer. The new beginning is now begun and this is what this series is about: The New Beginnings begun, the Revelation of Christ settled, a mystery no more. All will now understand how he became what he became and did what he did, understanding his life, the Life of the Pattern, of Jesus not of flesh not, but one who became God and entered the kingdom of The Real and taught us how to, also, requesting that we all do so, as equal, with him all being in one body, that which we were before time began. Amen.

Thought life love thought. Though produces thought. The wheat and chaff grow together. Thought produces its own “righteousness” by DECIDING what’s right and wrong by ITS own knowledge, and experience, and word of man, and woman, and deciders other, that influence and exert authority and religion and empirical evidence all around them. They judge by reality that they have “experienced” because they have experienced nothing but flesh realms, in the now of the present moment that they think they exist in, and purport to control, not, but in reality are, the controllers of it. They are trying to control thought, worshipping it. They worship thought. That’s what man does. Taught to do that what man does so well, worship the thought of reality that seems to appear and present itself so real to us, that we question it not, for we say, “I am”, in this world, no matter what we attached to those meanings. We think we empirical evidence are to ourselves of our flesh matter and limited to it we are.

Jesus had a different outlook, for he formed it; not at first, but he birthed it day by day IN thought, for thought to no more rule him. He learned how. He surrendered to wheat grow in rather than chaff; or wisdom rather than knowledge. Or did he have knowledge first, that empirical “knowledge” defied? Who was teaching who, the father the son, or what the son birthing the father that was teaching him? Who was the womb “er” in? Where, was the womb of the “New Birth” –er?

In the mind.

The mind is the battlefield. The mind is reality. The mind has been usurped into creating unreality, evidence appearing real that isn’t real at all. We were duped. We stumped and stymied each other with our theories that stigma’d and signatured an identity of the real world appearing real that isn’t real at all, but seems so, so that we question it not. We taught to conform to empirical evidence appearing real, our blood falling on the ground. While the images of falsity with its governments, religions, and self-propagation continues to incarcerate us.

But all that changes now. We learn what Jesus learned for the taught us the pattern, that he was, for us to become it. Learning how he became what he became, to do what he did, we now also surrender likewise surrendering to the learning system of the one.

Jesus learned that true life was not in the blood of man, not in his blood, not in blood period. Blood coagulated into and by molecules do not contain life, but my father’s words does, and we all have the same father; all of mankind, does. The blood of the real body is word. The word is what genetics the real. The word genes the real. The genetics of flesh no more reign over us, in us, or through us, for the blood of the real will be spoken by the surrendered who life of one reveal, being it with the word, of truth. The word is what lives. We have no other life than the real, when we know it. And now we know it. We follow our pattern. We become as he did, becoming what he became. The word creates, and creators us words now as surrendered do, as our prototype did, as our pattern becomes it as we become our pattern. Our father equaled it in teaching the son how to be the father birthed in the son so that they were one. They became one by word: blood, to the real, in the real, now transcendent becoming.

The prototype is greater than the models suffering defeat in two-legged flesh. The word is supreme, in righteousness, reality, and truth being it. That’s what we birth, it’s already inside of us; every one of us of every nation tribe and tongue. Babel will no more occur giving us tongues of other to divisive be about the Christ being ALL of us, one body of. One blood, all ours. One. Equal. Religion will not divide us anymore. Language will not divide us anymore. Government will not divide us anymore. Love will unite in one that does new things now with new peoples far and wide, in “divine” ways. Love will be usurped by want no more.

Jesus gave us a new picture of God.

Jesus gave us a new picture of man.

Jesus gave us a new picture of God and man not separate, but both becoming the one, I am.

Jesus’ word

Jesus gave us the words his father gave him. Jesus’ word became that of the Father. Father’s words spoken through Jesus’ lips he became, the child of, that brought forth maturity through speaking that which he learned from and became. The father is the word. The word comes through the “son” to become the father, when matured, developed, completion attained – entered. We ENTER this process. It’s a process. It’s all a process, until we experience the completion of resurrection INTO the perfect becoming it. That’s what Jesus’ word teaches us. It’s not about salvation to escape hell, it’s that we create heaven as Jesus did becoming the entry of. He entered his entry point that inside of him was, and is, in each of us. It’s opened by the word of the father that we become; one with not separate, we conceive things we never imagined as Jesus did. Miracles come forth for our intent is different, for our information is different, -ly formed. We form it, differently. We choose to word the world we’re given as normal, not; but the kingdom of heaven revealed.

Jesus said he did not speak of himself but spoke the words of our father. Jesus let the father speak through him that he gave voice to. He let his voice be used of the father by the father to father the word of I am. I am was the word; still is. Dynamic, living, motive’d of one who gives all to be one, surrendered, to ALL operate out of one. The living, dead no more.

The living word does not originate out of mind carnal in separation, for the word incarnate in us all is, if we let it speak, as Jesus did. Jesus quelled the mind of separation to sense the word of his father that he told of us so that we would understand we have the same father. Understanding the blood of the father is the word of the father that “inseminates” the son to mother nothing but the pure, blood of the lamb being, appearing, by revelation, resurrection, resulting in.

He did not originate words of separation, but oneship. He gave us blood of the real, that father father’d in him, to be the seed of no other. He became the father, fathering the word, to conceive it and bring it forth, before us all, becoming one – perfect thought, perfect mind, one body, transcendent becoming the Christ; flesh in, but not limited to it. His word had crowned his flesh not, his word crowned the word of his father in him to have no other word, and the word of the father is the father’s blood in the father’s body, that reveals it. The blood ceases separation, for the word of separation had ceased in him, and brought forth the one, that they “both” were, in one mind, one body, one being, the not-separate from each other. They WERE each other, and “other” did not exist.

The fullness of The Covenant New this is. The Covenant made with flesh, to not be of Commandments again, but pure love, brought forth, in flesh appearing. The all-of-us for, now known, The Covenant is. Operational, in our own being, to be not separate. The word body of Christ now in all of us released, releashed not again in the flesh, of carnal mind, cognitive processes usurping what we can see as the unlimited body of Christ’s becomes our own.

Jesus became the unlimited Christ for he laid his body down, and he picked it back up again, and appeared to others to say do what I did. What I have done for you, do for others. Give them your life, to become one.

Jesus’ word-blood-body

Jesus was taught by God that the body of flesh was not his real body, at all, but that flesh is subservient to thought, false or real. Thought false captivates the flesh and uses it for its own purposes and regeneration, regenerative ly. It generates its seed in others by procreation of the seed of flesh.

Thought true and real that our father’s heart consists of flows freely, comprised of truth it waters the tree of life, within, each one, to bring forth the body of life real, molecularless. The tree of life produces fruit not of this world limited to it. The tree of life produces a body of light, life, and joys unspeakable about, until now; for all is known about our pattern now, that we enter; emulating not, but becoming it, one with, one being; the coexistent gone. The images of coexistence shall no more be soul’d. The word-body of light will be produced, co-produced not, but produced by the one surrendered to be it, marriage’d to no other.

God reproduces God by word

The Word of God is the word of God that comes forth from the mouth of God delivering it, to the saints not, but all the surrendered, to be it, not separate again.

The Word of God is not a book, magic, or ministration of other. The Word of God is mind made manifest, hearing, sensing, becoming. See hear feel become is the administration of the Word to become it. Word is great, unto the nations now, to become it. One with, not separate from God, the speaker. The speaker speaks. Amen.

The word of God reproduces the word of God, to be magic not, but incantations of religion will no more surface as imitations of man’s mind to create something separate. The mind of God creates the mind of God, to be not separate. All one are – now will be known, not separating creating it, as such, separate, as Antichrist was.

The mind of the separation is man thinking it’s separate.

The mind of the antichrist is man thinking it’s separate, creating it.

The mind of the Antichrist is mankind thinking its separation into existence, because the mind separated from the Mind, the Mind of Christ, that it Was. And Is shall no more be separate.

All one will be healed now, for Jesus the Pattern will be healing all, not; but the Surrendered will, without the Will of Man wanting to be separate; without the will of man separating into anything to think into, thinking its separateness, of. All that changes now.

The word of God released is, in the common logic, not; but the common who will not release theirs peremptorily over God’s, that theirs is, in righteousness, without separation. It birthed has to be. Not automatic, separation must decrease, not; but obliterated be by the word of Christship One, the Christ; automatically granted Christship not; but exonerated to grow it. It matured must be. Developed it must be. The wheat and chaff grew together, in our bodies of separation; but separation is now obliterated in the Surrender of One, the Surrender of The One, that ALL of us Are, I am.

I am the surrendered is now my name of all who are, surrendered to “reproduce” the Christ, not by man’s means, but unsurrendered not; but Christ one shall be. All now known, reproducing Christ in the likeness not; but the perfect creation of one. Walking the earth we all shall be now, seamless with. Creating creation perfectly. For we were the ones that created us, to “think” with, the mind of separation, in flesh. We created “flesh” to “think” with. We created the Antichrist Mind, to have separation with, enjoying it, to think with in our separation from Christ our heavenly father. We father’d ourselves in separation, and enjoy, not; but suffer to this day.

Now all shall be revealed. The mystery of Christ is over. Settled, all will be. Shall be one now shall be known all Christ is, a Race of One. God produces God. God reproducing God. And religion shall no more produce “itself” in its thought of separation leading a “people” astray, of flesh thinking its flesh, apart from God. The Father of Lights will all be us, creating it, in born “again” ship, the born again Christ. Christ born again, in each of us, producing God, God reproducing God, without separation, one mind of. Amen.

Religion describes God by separating it

Religion sets definitional boundaries, setting up boundaries that were never there, but in thought. Thought came between God and man. Thought set up language to converse with itself. Thought thought up ego, not; it was it, the engineer of. We engineered our thought, process, s. Thought, then, engineered us. We fell into our thought, process, of processing boundaries, protecting our thought, processes, from each other. We wanted to think alone, and have existence within ourselves, of self, ville. Selfville became our operation ‘al standard. We conceived ourselves into an existence of separation from our real self, actual self, that wasn’t separate at all, from each other.

We trusted each other. We had compassion not, we didn’t need it, for we were one with ourselves being ourselves self of no other. We had all things in compassion not; but companionship, that transcended our miniscule minds. Or were we the Mind of the Savior, that didn’t need a Savior? Were we that which created our own separation? Yes, and amen not; but that which did amen the Savior not being us, now changes; for all is known. Amen.

All the religions of the worlds change now. Separation shall not be able to stand, the witness of me. And I am I am, and known I am without religion. Religion shall no more play my part; did it ever? I am I am, changing everything. Amen. I am is known now without religion, for religion shall not separate me again. I am all things one.

Religion inserted itself between God and man

Religion was necessary for people to keep people here, innocuous not, but inoculated from the truth that the gospel was them, the Gospel of Christ was a born again “man” about, not; the Gospel of Christ is that we all God should be, for “we” all ARE! Not separating again, we surrender. The only “power” we have is surrender. To be what we are, we surrender to. We become what we are before flesh ensued us and pursued us and we grew it on our bodies to be flesh parts of, all identifying itself as flesh “people”.

Religion gave us its best “shot” at a “picture” of God, or creation, or what we should do, be, or have thoughts of, to keep us united not, but separate from each other separate from God that we are. Have the right to be, not; we ARE the Royalty of Heaven now, redeemed; every nation and tribe on earth, now one, never diversity being an issue again, for we won’t “issue” issue of again. We bear the Christ. We suffer, we “suffer” now to “lay down” our bodies, of flesh, thought, by. We loved it. We loved to think differently. We loved to counteract and contrapose and contradict and enter interdictions and dictums to each other, edicts of; being right and wrong sometimes and contradicting life not, or were We it? Now our mind shall be healed. We shall not hold on to flesh, again. We shall not hold on to religion, ever again. We shall not support it. We pull the supports “out” of that which supported us as evil, not; but separate from the God we are, that we surrender now to being, “born again” experiencing now in a new way, that separates God from God no more. We IN the heavens go now, as did our pattern.

We learn from our experience, but our “experience” shall no more verifiably give us empirical evidence that “we” should be a race “here” limited to “hear” only words of man and religion be of, a race of flesh, incarcerated to one planet. We change time. We change everything for the Christ is unlimited, and measurelessly gives the love of Christ to all Christ, to all who all want to be one mind of now, wantless; want never “driving” us again.

Religion reconciled man’s logic with man’s limitations

Religion did not heal God. Religion did not heal man, it separated from God, mostly. It set up the contraposed, the contrarian, the counter juxtaposition’d, the “good” versus “evil” and that “we” needed another, rejecting ourselves, that Christ mind of one separated.

Thinking man could not deal with these things that threaten its existence. The mind created un reality, to exist in. The mind creates finiteness. Finite creations think finitely. Finite creations in lack fill need with something that will unite them with something bigger than their finiteness and give them hope of something better. Lack overtakes the rationale that the finite ‘ly created being may have been infinite at one time. Time may have distorted many things about how the finite thinks, and what has been communicated, about it.

Religion is perpetuated by hope, despair, suffering. Religion is about the future, always. Religion paints on its own canvas keeping the painter separate from the canvass, its painted on being, at the same time. Religion is about time, circumstances, and reality false. Religion creates separation. Hopes arise, division ensues, and imaginations soar in the promise of life better at some point. Identity may arise in this, because identification with the hope of betterness cultivates energy. Discipline is taught, and masterful deceivers deceive the populace, sincerely so, at times; but ignorant nonetheless. And ignorance is discretionary, not; ignorance is abolished, now, through the pattern of one.

Humanity breeds humans separate from God

Humans teach people how to be humans. From birth we are given an identity as a human by humans that continually birth separation from God by teaching our separateness. That separateness is reinforced throughout our entire lives. We are taught to identify as we are identified. We are taught to reproduce what we think reproduced us. We have been told that we are limited and experiencing a separation from God that only religion can heal. Religion poses as the bridge to God, with each religion asserting its rightness.

So what forms our identity in this world? Parents, media, religion? Education? Words. Images. Feelings. Words images and feelings feed into our experiences and our experiences are formed by them. Our experiences feed into our words images and feelings, constricting us in a circular cycle that gets interpreted, fed, and reconstituted by our 5-sense mind. Our 5-sense mind dictates a reality to us. We assume that reality is real; our consciousness has reinforcement that it’s real. That reality reinforces itself with its words and images and continuously creates streams of data that cause feelings, emotional interpretations of data streams from various encounters throughout our day, to reinforce that we are experiencing reality. Thus our world view forms. Formations occur in us to form us to the images we think we are. We’re the imaged of ourselves. But we don’t know it. We’re fooled into thinking that thought has conceived us not, but that we are something normal and right in our own thinking to think like others perceive and tell us to. Conformity is praised.

Jesus grew up as a human with the identity of a human in a human setting judged by humans as existence in reality in expression of flesh identification with flesh as being the creation of God. Whether creation of flesh, us in flesh, was the will of our father is seldom questioned, but it must be now. We must know and be no longer incarcerated in the image of thought and thought’s images that have given us a reality of other apart from our father.

We were never created to be apart from our father, by our father. Our father taught Jesus he was not separate from the father so that father become one I am with Jesus. They were actually, the same one. One resided in one that one was. Jesus overcame the oneness, not; he matured from the duality of Satan thinking Satanically that there was one, into being that which knew no sin; from birth not; but from the new creation coming forth in him that he was, maturing to the point to no return, The New Birth.

Experientially, Jesus became something new. He let transformation transform him, by the voice of God, by the voice of his father, that God was, is ours. We have the same father. Our fatherness is in the seed, our seed, of mankind not; but the real that transcends it. We become the transcendent that Jesus became when we surrender to what Jesus surrendered to; that man’s ways do not make religion, not; but only religion based in logic and reconciliation to what “he” can understand and “create” coexistence in.

Mankind’s seed in not the seed of God. Mankind’s seed is the seed of separation sown into us, “sown” into us, sewn into us by theories and Mankind’s blessing, not; but we’re told that God blessed us and made us “two” : that male and female “he” made us. Yet before we knew anything, of all this, we were genderless. We were existent before these worlds began, of thought thinking thought.

Thought thinks us no more.

We determine thought, not, we let it go. Control of, control, shall no more control us, seeing the pattern; of the Great High Priest, not, again as flesh; but the one Of The Pattern, of Christ, that became it; was us, as us, as completely separation in, separate from, the grace of God not; but the evidentiary appeal, not; but the evidence is in, and I’m one, with my father, having conceived it. Amen.

The thought that ran on Jesus’ mainframe, his computer of thought thinking him “his” identity of, was changed, is changed, by us who follow the pattern to see his way of thinking, not; or did he overcome his thinking by the words of his father that gave him new words and new patterns of thought that conflagrated not again on his head the thoughts of others, burning him, here in hell.

Jesus overcame thought by the words of his testimony and the blood of his life that he gave, for us, not; but to become the becomer that gave us the pattern, so we would do likewise. Blood is always shed, but it’s the blood of the real that’s the speech patterns of the unreal no more “forming” it as other. The “blood” of the real is the word, the spoken word, the written word, living and dynamic and sharper than any faith words of anyone else, that wants faith in other.

Jesus did something new, never before done. Jesus grew up human, and became God. Or was he God before he became “human”? Were you? As was He was? Are we “as was” no more? Are we changing everything to be like our pattern, as our pattern, becoming being it? Will we let our identity be changed? Will WE change it or will we lay it down, to be trampled no more by men, or angels, or what?

Will we “lay” down our flesh to be The Identity of IT no more? Will we BE having God “visit” us, not, or shall we BE The Revelator of, as Jesus became that gave us the words he gave us that his father gave us through him to give to us to be as He is? Whether capitalized or not? No deity exists beyond God, and God is one; and “God” did not “put” us in flesh. We “found” ourselves here, because we designed our separation, from God, the mind of.

We wanted our mind to think us. We designed that mind. We designed the mind. We fell in, what we wanted. What we want designs, defines us no more.

Jesus learned a bigger cosmic story than what religion gave him. Jesus learned from his father, who is true father is, was, and coming is in all the surrendered to follow the way to become it, conceiving the father the word of. Truth beholds truth. Error conceives error. Religion reproduces religion. Identity reproduces identity like the identified seems. But what seems to be reality may not be, real at all.

The identity of Satan may not real be at all. The identity of God may not be real, as realized, or experienced, by thought.

Thought may have fooled us.

But Jesus learned to be controlled by thought no more that gave him a vision of separation. He had to “conceive” it. He had to “hear” it, from his “father” first. Within him. Within him he “heard” words that he conceived, he “perceived”, he chose – to listen, to become, to grow in “him” who knew so sin so He would have no sin, of “separation” again. His father taught him he was one, with the father IN him he was one, one WITH the father IN him HIM was, no longer separate. The mind had to be trained, to overcome the mind. The mind of the one WITH God that God was, had to “overcome” the “strength” of the one that “minded” man with the minds of man that man thinks with, is his, of separation. It this clear? Is that clear that ALL things are not as separation seemed, to present to us, that are, seeming to appear?

Might the Kingdom of God be really within us?, that we can be separate from, no more, because we realize it? Might we conceive it? Conceding it no more to religion, religion “forms” us no more in its image, or its definitions, or its words, of orthodoxy or “orthodox” anything. No “creeds” form us again separating us from our creator that we are, now no longer separating from, knowing it’s us. The creators were us all the time. We had the power, we were it. The kingdom of God was within us, and we were it. We fell, but we “fall” no more, for theories other or definitions of the past that give us words of separation.

Jesus was given words of unseparation from his father that told him who he was, and he held on to “his” identity no longer, became, becoming, all do now, as he became we become. The one, separated no longer. Our identity is wrapped up in religion no more. Our identity comes from a book, a “book” no more, of the “law” or anything else. The “Word” is freed. We speak it, we become is as our pattern did. Relinquishing all form of “flesh” as our identity, we let our identity be transformed by the renewing of our mind into something completely different, a one of separation no more, we let go of all that programmed us into thinking otherwise. A new identity is forged, not upon our will, for our will we will have given up, to hear this, to conceive this, that our father and I are one, and there are many – who all are one. The One. The ONE. The “simple” one, who will learn from father directly, our father entering our fatherhood of one.

Jesus redefined himself by father’s words

God redefined what reality existed of. God taught Jesus of a kingdom of reality, a real kingdom that was not visible to the eyes of flesh. Flesh people were born into a world of thought and through reigned supreme through separation from that reality. The reality of the flesh to the flesh was real and seemed to indicate to the inhabitants thereof that they were in reality; but that reality fooled them. They enjoyed their reality, working day by day to enact out their thoughts in their own bodies, of flesh laden with thought matters, that matters flesh to be in the unreal calling it real. Jesus let the words of blood-real, that of his father’s, flow in his veins of thought to create eyes that could see, beyond the world of thought. Thought could not incarcerate him when he know better, and trusted, his father to teach him, of this reality that transcended the visible. He called it the kingdom of God. He called it heaven, the kingdom of reality that transcended hope, charity, and salvation “other”. It real was. It The Real was. It was close. It was in him. He defined it and then became it. He had to enter it first, in the world of the “unreal” to transcend it, becoming the door.

Jesus learned to define himself by what his father taught him rather than what empirical visible people gave him evidence of. He learned to judge another way. He learned to judge not by his sight nor the hearing in his ears, but by every word that proceeded from the mouth of his father through him that he had become one with, the same being; bodyless not, the father has a son in which to live, and give his life that all should be saved not, but be the same one.

Jesus redefined his world by father’s words

Jesus redefined what he was able to see, by father’s words. The Word of the Father came forth, not the word of faith. Faith came that he was hearing God directly, his father was, speaking; sensing he was, it; hearing. It redefined his world, for him. He learned he was not subject to it, as man taught him. The visible empirical just wasn’t real; it wasn’t the real – the word was, that the father gave, giving us all into the one that one is, one mind’d.

The mind of the real redefines the unreal mind so the unreal mind no more programs us, to be separation in. It’s a redefinitioning that lets us see, things we have not seen before. The unreal mind wants vocabulary because it wants to categorize and be “over”. The unreal mind wants to be the word, to us, to supplant the real, and fool us, by using us, by using our energy to fuel our wants into separation to think with, powering waves, and ways, of the almighty-not. The world of waves appears as the real, the visible empirical we think with and see with and power –’d by are. But all that changes by the energy of the holy that holds onto “unreal” words no more. Were the “words” real at all? Or were the “descriptions” of what the “words” gave us, unreal? Or were WE real, at all? Or Imaged, by our minds? Power? Mind’s power? Power of The Mind? What seeing are we with? Will words allow “us” to see things WE’VE never SEEN?

Does the mind have power, or is it only God’s power? Or God’s mind we think with? If we thought we were in separation did we use God’s power, God’s mind, to think “separation” into existence, so “thought” we could operate in? Were “we” falling into our own “thought” worlds? Worlds of thought incarcerating us? And if so, was Jesus in one just like us, like we are, still?

Do worlds of thought give of words of thought, or do worlds of words give us thought? Did thought conceive words in separation, of the father? With our “own” vocabulary did we become Babel ‘ing fools? Was Babel, now; happening now? If we see words with different stories, different angles of view, can we see perceive and result in different circumstances, and figure “out” things differently, to a different conclusion?

Father’s words, OUR Father’s Words gave a different reality to Jesus the son that chose not to reject his sonship. Father, Our Father taught our brother that a kingdom exists for which he was made, to serve, not; but to rule over, to make all rulers in; so that all kingdoms would exist now, not in rulership of other. All would be equal. In heavenly places we would ALL be. He would show us the pattern. We would die to reality that “appeared” as real to ENTER the REALITY of the mind, not; but the Surrendered, Reality of One, that all one are “for”, now made not; but surrendered unto being wearing creating it. The creator priest king was born. The priestking was the creator that entered the reality of oneship with the father to see reality consisted not of the empirical visible but transcended it and would transcend into it by development of the full word of Christ the Son that the Father was manifest to bring “each other” forth; for They were Both one. One. 1.

Jesus redefined his word by father’s worlds

Jesus learned what was taught him, by people. People use language and develop methods of communication they deem acceptable in their culture, and cultivate those things in their young. The communication of the parents mold the communication of their children. Children learn by watching, listening, doing, making mistakes, judgments, learning how to navigate in a world they find themselves being in. Adaptation takes place. The molders mold future molders, of education, religion, government, and culture. Culture develops and adheres to its rules of communication and acceptability. People excel in their cultures who learn the methods memes and meanings and how to manipulate them for advantage, to succeed in the eyes of others, that formed theirs.

Jesus was normal, but he had a penchant for learning, given of him by his father and mother, for he had a curiosity that developed early. This curiosity was birthed and fueled by his parents telling him of the angel that appeared to his mom. His dad told him about the dream he received as instruction when Jesus was still a baby. They let. They all let. His parents let him ask and shared with him freely about the nature and circumstances of his birth, and yet let him grow up normally as a man in their community becoming a carpenter.

But the world he knew that was given him by language, and what he saw all around him, was giving way increasingly to a –nother world; a “world” he could not see, with his “naked” eyes, but he COULD see IN the words given him in his heart, that father instructed him with. This gave rise to another set of eyes, or, an “eye” for something else. Definitions no longer matched with the words others gave him, that his father described to him differently. Increased differences began to take place. Aberrations abrogated the differences not, but exacerbated them. Jesus was then faced day after day to believe the words of his father that came to him internally, or what he was seeing with his eyes and being taught by others. He could see his culture and the customs of its adherents. He could hear sense and feel the words of his father. He faced difficulty and agonized as any human would, for God was revealing Godship to the one that had revoked it, not; but “forgotten” it. He had to be “taught” of it, all over again, as he came “out” of the womb, knowing nothing, of any of this.

Now father’s words within him began to show him not only of his world that he was in, but of another, and began defining it increasingly with the same vocabulary. God, kingdom, priest, heaven, creation, earth, scripture, prophecy, angels; were all words that had been defined for him, but as he received our father’s words directly teaching him, our father’s words described things differently, for our father revealed within him the world not controlled by words. Jesus could increasingly learn by revelation, not commensurate with the cognitive, but exponentially by the word of the lamb surrendered to enter the world of the word surrendered to be the word.

The word reveals a different world; father did thusly. Father was the word that Jesus brought forth as the son, an identity of one. The world that father came from taught Jesus he was of the same “stock”. The “seed” of the father he was, that he would speak. Speaking –ly, he would bring forth the father, within him, to give voice to, the father’s word; the son becoming the father by the speaking Voice of One. There was only one. Learning from one one was. One mind they shared, not; they were it. That’s was they “consisted” of. And a new world was born, because the spirit of religion was nowhere to be found in it. The soul of man was not entwined within it. It was pure and holy, for father simply clarified and gave his heart, in his words, and the son birthed them, and became something that resurrected in the process, leading to the resurrection from the cross of suffering, in the humanity of one.

The message Jesus got and became is of another world, that another world exists, and everything redefined became. What he was, where, how and why he was “as” he was, he now challenged not, he simply became the “brought forth” word. He walked it. He breathed it. He became it. He healed it in others, to do so also. He said “do as I do” to others, inviting them into the fullness of what he had become, what he learned, and the experience that desire so deeply: to be one with The Father again of All Existence, time and space independent, the kingdom of heaven opening, the kingdom of the real, not suffering again in magnetic poles of earth; yet able to operate in it, revealing to others they were not subject to the magnetics of earth any more than he was. Jesus wanted people to learn what he learned, to become what he became, and heal humanity, to be God not separate from each other again.

To do this, Jesus gave us the words his father had given him, and taught us of a kingdom, living it before us, how we should act as we enter it, and the values we will display. How we treat each other changes, for a priest always exonerates the forgiven who forgives all of everything who will become the forgiver of a race that separated from God to no longer be separate at all from each other. This gives rise to redefinitions of grace, living, life; and actually, redefines everything about existence of where we are and the power we have of life to live in love, and love life to be not incarcerated in the existence of man. Thus our communication changes, as did his. His values changed, his priorities changed, and words used Him no more; he became the word, the natural word, naturally; and super became natural – just natural ‘ly. He was, himself, again. The son satisfied by no other, he became the word incarnate birthed giving it freely to all as he had been given it freely by his father to become it. Father and word are one. Son and father are one. The mother of the Son, us being; we womb not the word, but the word wombs us, and delivers us, to worlds unfreed not; for we free them now. We become the word just as Our Father taught the Son that our brother was, that we are one.

Father’s words redefined the world Jesus knew. Now our father’s words directly to us redefine our world. We do what our pattern did, the way our pattern did. We do. Amen.

Jesus redefined his role by father’s words

Jesus began to understand, as he matured in his father’s words, and began to receive them increasingly, and with clarity, was to manifest them. He was to bring them to life. He was to breathe into them, the life that he was. He gave them breath. He the breath of God was for he surrendered to be, it. He gave what he wanted, to be. He gave love to love so that love was brought forth, through his word, he him giving it the birth, into this real world – to us, that “seems” so real, but isn’t. It IS real to us, in it; but Jesus learned the visible “real” is not the real at all, but the kingdom of heaven is, the kingdom of Christ, that his father taught him about, through the words of the surrendered God to God.

Jesus began to define life differently. ALL life. The father taught him that “all” life was one, and the The One he was to bring it, in, to the all-consciousness of the Christ, to be “demented” no more. No longer believing in the kingdom of the real “empirical visible” as being the only visible reality, The Christ taught The Christ that The Christ was the Sent One that ALL are The Sent One. We are ALL sent to each other. “Each other” we are. We ARE of one mind, now having forgot not. We claim the past not; we look forward to the future not; but become I am, is. The one taught of I am is the I am that receives it to become it. Redefined we are now by the words of I am that Jesus received and proclaimed mighty not, but simply his father’s words, that we are one with. If we will know it, we receive it to become it. There is no knowledge of it in separation that births the true will intent and essence of Christ.

Jesus learned this. He “had” to learn not; he surrendered to learn. He became the matured, in the words of I am, the New Covenant revealing, that he was it, not; but that “it” was something new that revealed a kingdom of righteousness for anyone for everyone who surrenders to bring it forth. It required a sacrifice no one understood, for he became it, to show us, to “show” us, how – to be it. The sacrifice became the lamb, not; the lamb became the sacrifice for ALL of us to SEE the sacrifice that HE made so we ALL make the same sacrifice; not “just like” he did, being “nailed” to a tree, but a Cross of deliverance we ALL walk through. And it’s not as just life thinks it is, in the system of life, as we know it. As we have known it is no more.

Jesus’ role was not to do things “for” us, but to become the pattern. It was not his destiny, it was his privilege; and “that” privilege – we all have. To become it, the pattern that he showed us, is available to us all. To become one not separate again, from our father’s words, is to BECOME the word, in the flesh, seamless with the one giving it. A new creation is formed. A new “something” that “people” normal don’t know what to do with, for they can’t control it.

Religion fought it. Fights it again, religion does, for ALL CHRISTS become THE CHRIST now that ALL ONE ARE. The One is known now, it’s ALL of us one. The destiny of no other, we seek now. We seek no separation. We seek love, not; we become it. Not separate from love we form ALL things differently now.

The role of Christ was simply to become one. One mind, one mind’d, one with the Savior who will define it to others for ALL to be one: their own. Only one saves one, and that’s who surrenders to BE the Savior I Am. There’s no “saving” anymore anything, for “soulish” nature will no more again try to be patched up. There’s no “saving” flesh any more, for the “rapture” of other. One becomes the Christ, according to the pattern, no matter what you think of it or call it or name it. The ONE Christ mind is known, formed by the words of Savior not of other. We all surrender to be The Priesthood of One, now in. That saves us from our blessings, not; but reveals them far and wide. Who simply become The Son is the Son of Blessing blessing ALL women men and children, from human foreign races and races of the blessed-not so that ALL are blessed with The Knowledge of One, The One, the Knowledge of the Firstborn Son, who brings “it” forth; for we are all “wombed” by the word, now, of I am.

The destiny, is simply surrendered to. We all have the same destiny. We all have the “it” that It is that He She It is, One divine, regardless of how “circumstances” have defined this term to you. Without term limits is now coming forth for the surrendered to transcend all behavior other, for we BECOME the humblest of all. We BECOME the humble. It isn’t/wasn’t our nature, not; for before time began, we WERE. We are all now, transferring the kindness of one, not; but birthing it in the all together one. Altogether one our name now, who will birth no other “destiny” in The One, that we are all, according to the pattern of the one that gave us his words of the father to free ours to be one with. All changes now.

Jesus learned the authority of the Creator

Jesus learned how to learn. Jesus learned of his authority through surrender to the mind of his father, that was within him all the time. Maybe we all have it, and don’t know it. Or maybe we’ve abdicated our authority to another. What is there about authority; that enables and empowers, or cripples and condemns? What is there about each other’s authority, that so many want to control and conquer? Or do we conquer ourselves if we put ourselves under someone else’s, or allow it? Why do so many want each other to be under someone’s authority, of flesh? Why does the mind of man want to be the judge of man, or the judge of God, or the judge of all things? Why does the mind seek preeminence even when teaching about God, or judging what God is, or who God is? What if the mind of man was never separate from God, until it wanted to think with its own thoughts? What if that’s how separation came “into” the world?

What if there is only one authority? What if there is only that exists in the world is the power of surrender? What if there is only one mind, of God’s? What if the ONLY blood there is, is of God’s? One blood? One family? One kingdom? One race? Not separate?

What if there is no power to create miracles, other than to surrender to let your love flow through you, that you had before the world began? What if you have to become love again to let love flow through you? What if you have to become the word again to let the word flow through you? What if you have to create the mind of God in you again to let it flow through you, birthing into becoming what you were before you were flesh?

Are you creating the mind of the Creator to create creators that all are, one IN one, to All Be One? Again?

Jesus learned the authority of The Creator from the Creator that he learned to let speak within him, to teach him. He had the authority to walk in his identity of flesh, as we all do, with the mind of separation, as a normal flesh man; but Jesus learned surrender. Jesus learned surrender from the mind of God that teaches surrender, humility in. Only the humble can receive the mind of God, directly, within, internally, birthing it thought by thought, day by day, of surrender in surrender becoming The Surrendered One.

Surrender operates in humility, of a learning system that teaches the mind to not be separate, of itself and each other, who surrendered are. Surrender is to surrender to surrender only, and not other creating it, with a mind in separation. Separate minds concoct great things, not; but separation the infrastructure of superstructures that fall now, for all is known, about the authority of The Christ that we all have – within us. Bar none.

Jesus learned to surrender to a learning system that the Creator revealed in him, that he revealed he of was, that he opened up to all others, to be of, also. This is a kingdom of father’s schools, of father’s school, that schools the Father to be brought forth in the sondaughter to birth a new creation by becoming it, the Father again, not separated. This is the School of the Father. This is The New Covenant Promise. This is the “system” of The New Covenant. Process.

Jesus was taught first-hand by the Creator that he was the Creator. He could not learn that by flesh, only. He had to have the internal teacher freed in him, to become it. The word of man benefitted him, as such, sometimes, yet robbed his identity from him, sometimes. He had to learn to separate truth from untruth. He had to learn to let Truth identify un. He had to discern, but first he had to learn how to discern, and make decisions, and how who and what to give his authority. He had to learn how to exercise authority. He had authority, as we all do, but what was he to do with his?, subject it to the religious and surrender to their teachings about a God, a creator, and a “one to come”, who was someone else?

The Creator taught Jesus that he was the son of the Creator. The Creator had a mind. The Creator has a mind. The Creator is the mind of Creation, and has no mind separate from it. Creation thinks it has a mind separate from the Creator, but it is fallen, into disrepair, and separation, from itself. It separated in its own self, being, the separated. It separated from its Creator being it, separated. It gave up its Creatorship by being the Creation of The Creator, rather than the Creator, that created all things Perfectly.

The Perfect creates the word of the Perfect. The perfection of Christ is the Christ perfected, to no longer think separate, -ly, with what it has to think with. The separator thinks it has a mind to think with, separately, from God and each other, and hides its thoughts in to nurture a creation of its own in its own thought, worshipping, exalting its own thought, the fruit of its own life, of separation, that it created for itself. Its agenda is only of maintaining self, itself and its procreation of itself, and its ego of worship things “outside” of it, to keep perpetuating itself in separation. The separators create false authority to exalt and be members of, abdicating theirs, of perfection. This is how the angels fell. They authoritized “other” to have authority, over them. Perfection of truth gave way to untruth, and imperfection. Incorrupt became corrupt, in its own thinking, of itself, in separation, separating from it, creating its own world, and its creations, in images other, than itself. It saw others as separate, creating them, as. The creation created itself in separation, of itself to worship the worship of others not, but its own, in self-worship. It wanted the glory it gave another, when all the while, it perfect was, had all music, and all creation was, in harmony. Eden was, perfect. Our mind was, and no authority had another over it.

The authority of the Perfect that has separated from the perfect tells all the perfect they can’t be perfect: they’re flesh! They’re creating beings! But truth trumps the false, and false “real” will now be seen for what it is, and isn’t. The visible empirical will no longer fool our minds, eyes, or body. The senses of the Perfect will NOW come forth, through, in, the word, of dynamic flesh, not; but dynamic creation of the mind of Christ that we surrender to, to bring it forth, speaking it, writing it, becoming it.

Christ is the mind of the father. Father is the mind of one. One is the mind, and we have no other, unless we create it, choosing it, in separation. For thought teaches thought. Thought succumbs to thought no more of other. The authority of the “believer” we have not; but the become of one, righteousness altogether, perfect in all our ways of thought, birthing the resurrection of the one mind, transcending flesh, transcendent becoming, the newborn new creations. Christ in the flesh walking our streets now will be. Amen.

The word of truth creates, for the Creator creates with thought, not separate. Thought brings forth word. Word can be separate from God or IN God, not; for God is word. God is thought. Every thought of truth-word brings forth God, that let God be it. It is one with its creator. The Creator is God and the Son is God as is All Sons and Daughters of the Most High. God taught this, to Jesus, to All Be One. Deity was source of an issue, for the SON was the issue, the genetics of Christ, of which God is, is ONLY one, that ALL are in surrender to not be separate, in thought, creating something else.

Jesus became the Creator because He WAS the Creator. The Creator of Himself he was for he became it, for he learned how to Re Create himself as something brand new, transcendent of flesh, by the word of His Father that taught him internally, directly, first-hand. The Creator teaches that way, you know. The word enters the flesh as intangible incorporeal amorphous being The Being of The Creator of The Real IN the Real. The real father is The Word, the living dynamic Teacher, who will teach all things to the surrendered “son” to be The Father brought forth IN the Son who will birth a New Creation, resurrecting a New Creation Christ, Christ a new being not separate from the Father but operating out of one mind, one body, one blood; Christ perfected. This is when Jesus became perfect, the perfect, perfection perfectioning the perfect that lived within him that he separated from no more, resulting in resurrection. The body of The Son became the body of The Father perfect; only one being, The Creator Complete. ‘ing the cycle.

All choose to complete the Christ or remain anti.

All become perfect or remain imperfect, seeking other, loving their thought, above all things.

All become the perfect son, the perfect daughter, the perfect offspring of God, to be it, brought forth in the development of the offspring to become the fathermotherdaughteroneson. There is only one. That’s what we are. That what I call you – to see, be – becoming it; no longer in separation wanting salvation “other” or whatever one may call their “end” state.

We all now understand being IN the Christ that the Christ is in us, that The Creator is, having all authority in heaven in earth, and all beings are Christ, the Son, and They choose, whether to remain in the separation they themselves created for their “self”, or they “return” as the Prodigal Son, to father’s house again, in the skies, the kingdom opened, our kingdom come.

Re Created himself differently, while he was The Son. It was while he was The Son that he became taught of The Father by The Father that he could become not separate, but a new creation: one that births into what the Father is.

He was The Son that became The Father, for he father’d the word, becoming it.

The most humble of all, existence, is the word, the Creator of All. The Meek teach only the meek. The Humble teach only the humble. The Creator is the meekest of all, for the Creator surrenders to be created by its creation, to be not separate. The Creator bows before its creation and says “honor me” not; but “create me”. The creationability is within the creation. The arrogant create separation with it, but the humble meek learn “this” is not reality at all, in “our” world that we are accustomed to, being in.

The character of God is humility. The trait of God is meekness. The nature of God: forgiveness. The value of values in the God of One is to realize that no creation exists outside of the body of God the Creator and its creation. The body of mankind is the body of God. They are one. The authority of God is in God, and we have no other being, unless we use the power of God to create separation from that which we truly are, creating a fabrication of something that emulates the real, but truly, is genuine imitation; ultimate arrogance, crowned by ignorance, that seeks its own way, lusting after its own creation; the very antithesis of God, God’s nature, and the operation of the one mind of God.

The Creator allows creation to create it. Father is the one bowing before us all, and asking sincerely, for each of us to birth what “he” is, the word, by letting our word be his not, but his ours, so that we experience the antithesis of relationship no more, but the onehood oneship in the heavens, seamless with the crown of life, that comes forth in the word of I am, as we speak it, as Jesus did, and teach it, walking it out in the earth today in every vocation known to man.

All of creation will now be created again.

The Creator created all creation to become The Creator

The Creator created mankind to all be The Creator. The Creator creates creators, to all be The Creator that creation is, not separate, now changing hell into heaven. We have been in hell, for we have been in separation, creating it, from each other, from Christ that we are, that we were, that we are again now, surrendered to be.

Before time began we were the creators of The Creator that all had One Mind. We were it. There was no other. Anti had not been “born”, for we had not “conceived” it and brought it forth as our own creation that we “fell” into. The mind of one is Many. Many is the Mind of One, that do not separate. One is plural. One is Elohim. One is El Shaddai. One is Adonai. One is God, the Creators are that A Race is, of One. Jesus became the Firstborn of That Race that we SAW and could touch and relate to as one that had blasted “through” the reality that seems like it is real, to one that is Truly Real, the Kingdom of Heaven that we All will experience as we cease from our ways of separation.

The Christ is birthed by the word. Anyone can birth the word, to become the ultimate king, that “serves” all to “be” The King, that they always were, before time began. Jesus did this; we do this now. In this day and age of computers and rockets, we “blast” out of the “old” thinking into the new bringing forth out of the kingdom that which births the kingdom anew, a New Creation of, Creation in. The word we are. The Word we are. Living and dynamic we change everything as the humblest people of all, anywhere. We bow before all and become the living Christ of Creation that Creates All Christs everywhere of every nation tribe and tongue. Bar none.

Jesus become One that was created that created The Creator. He became one. BUT he had do decide that for himself. His father’s words gave him the word, but he had to become it. He had to decide for himself. He had to create. He had to “create” the Creator, for The Word births The Word, in all who will, conceive it. Bring it to delivery he did, the word did that womb’d him. He let The Word womb him. He had it in him all the time. We all do. We did, separate no more.

Jesus became the word. He was not born with it any different than we are, than any of us, of ANY nation tribe or tongue anywhere. He was free of the tongue of God, not; he had to learn how to use it. But first, he had to decide who he was, and what he would be taught, what he would believe, he would create. He created the creator of The Creator, whether anyone capitalizes the words it describes or not. Deification is not the issue, WE are.

He learned the authority of the Creator by being it, released in him, to teach him who he was. Jesus surrendered to who he was, becoming the Christ, the son who left not the father out from him, but became one, the same one in. Giving no authority to other, the false had no authority over him; it never did, but he had to learn it. He had to become it.

The tangible molecular can no longer maintain authority over truth. The visible empirical will no longer present its world as reality. We give our authority to visible empiricalates no more. The visibleites no longer fool us.

Jesus’ mission became the father’s mission

The father desired to reveal the word. The word revealed the son. The son became the father. Fathered the word the son did. The son became one with the word, of I am. I am the word, the father said, taught the son “he” was. A he she it divine one come forth, genderless in The Real. Form of flesh “forming” it no more as separate.

The “mission” of the one is the role of the “destined” to become the one of Destiny, all one. One mind in, no separation occurs, for the Word births The Word within us, not separate. Jesus knew this, Jesus learned this. He “knew” this only because he learned it. He let “himself” be taught, of the father’s words directly, and now we all do. Now we ALL do. Things differently will now take place, by father’s word, that we let, come through us. We become one with the one thinking no differently. We edit not the father’s words. We become them. We study them, learn from them, become seamless with the source, the source become us, one mind of. No other “transfers” us again to “races” other, so that we are “raced” against each other. We GIVE UP, trying to be separate. “Separate” is no more. I am one, we all say. We learn from the pattern to become, a fully discipled disciple that becomes one, equal with the master to become what the master becomes, is. Discipled by no other, we release the father’s words to become it. It requires the first-person words of the Savior, not, of other; but The Christ that The Father is, the He-She-It Divine one. Wombless not again. The womb of The One is within us all. It only is inseminated by the word of the one, who Christ is, by the word, the word becoming it, birthing it, becoming a new creation. Transcendentless not; we become so, the transcendent love we loved to become it. Surrendered, is the only way. Surrendered, is The Only Way, to “receive” the love that we become.

We resist the mission no more, to become the king. The pattern was not born with the “destiny” to become the king, he had to surrender to become it, to learn its ways, to become one with the one mind of one; to think differently, to “redefine” everything, about where he was, and what “reality” was, and is. And be not subject to it.

Jesus learned by his father’s word directly into his heart, his mind, that he was not separate from his father, ‘s, words. He was the father of the word incarnate because he let it, be. He let father father something in him, of the real, to birth it in him, to become it, opening his kingdom, in the sky. The kingdom of righteousness was within him all the time, but he had to open it; he had to learn how to open it, by the words of I am. He released. He released within him the kingdom of I am to be it, incarnate, incarnated by no other, that wanted to edit it out of him, but the definitions of other. He valued the words within him more than all the teaching of the teachers that taught him “about” God. He became it, while the others wanted to “teach” it.

The mission of the father to bring forth the son became the son’s mission to bring forth the father in covenant, of one. The new. The New Covenant birthed, this way. The way of all flesh, not, incarcerated any longer in the thinking of I am not. I am became the birthed. Walking the earth, doing miracles, exhibiting the kingdom, letting all do, telling them they “must”, not; but walking out a patternship before us all, to do so, for us all, to do so, for each other not; but exhibiting love becoming it. All for love’s sake, that we separate not from again.

The mission of The One is to bring forth The One

One mind is healed by the one who will heal it. It’s in me, you, and all one, becoming so. So we think differently; we must learn how. The unsurrendered don’t. The unsurrendered die, in flesh, and go round and round the caskets not, or do they, ensconce themselves in their own dead casket works. They loved to think. They did not often think how they worshipped their thought, but they did. They valued their thought more than anything else; the unsurrendered still do. They edit their thought to conform to righteousness, not; but to conformity’s comformness that brings forth not the incarnate word, of the father, that’s within them, but they worshipping their own bring forth their own righteousness from their own tree of neurons and editing a way of life that gives them their choices, of their choices, and die for it, they do. They give their life for it, as they chose, to think with. The thoughts of man imperil all man. The thoughts of God will bring peace, and birth it, if the let ‘er will let The New Birth take place, that The New Word is, living and dynamic, and coming from/through The Process of BECOMING the pattern.

A perfectly “cut” pattern is equal to The Pattern. A perfectly “formed” pattern is “equal” to the pattern, BEING the “same” as the pattern. A pattern that is Perfect, is simply a pattern that doesn’t insist on being different. A Pattern Perfect is a perfect pattern, complete in righteousness, that perfection is. A “perfect” being is one, who simply does not insist on being imperfect. But a process must come forth, for the educated “believer” becomes a perfected perfect, not; but a becomer births the word; births the word of the First Born, the firstborn Christ. There’s only one, and ALL become that one.

The completion of christ, the Completion of Christ, the completion of You, is simply by surrendering to become as your pattern became. One with Christ is becoming it, a New Birth of, that transcends the heavens, not; but enters it. The skies above are filled with the Glory of God that birth it, the angels announce it, The Word Birthed, THE WORD BIRTHED is The Name of the All Glorious Ones that ALL ONE ARE.

Now we do the works of the son, the “son” that ALL of us are, who surrender to be so, brought forth, bringing forth the Incarnate Word, of the Saviors, ALL becoming one. One simple one. Arrogant not at all. Religious not at all. Perfect simplicity to LET the father become the word inside them, birthing, birthing them into the new, life of one. The father reproduces the father in the sondaughter one. The daughterson becomes the one. Wombed all are, with the incarnate word; dying no more, in the flesh, but resurrection experiencing; through the flesh not, but the word living and dynamic. The word of God lives walking the streets, now and forever.

The word birthed.

Again and again in all nations now. Amen.

The Father brings forth the son

The father is the word.

The seed is the word.

The I am is the mother.

I am the womb.

We all say now, we are; not separating in one or the other.

The I am the word now births.

The I am the word now comes forth, as new creations, as Jesus did; as Jesus our pattern did.

Instead of living a life separate from our father, Jesus learned that the life of his father was within him. Jesus learned that his father was incarnate within him, and his father had “voice”. Jesus learned this by letting the voice of his father teach him by speaking into his mind. The “voice” spoke in words into his mind, for the voice was the word. The word was the father. Father and the word were one, incarnate in the son.

The voice was like a seed that he carried within him. It was like he was pregnant with the voice. It was like Jesus carried the seed of his father within him, that he could “father” if he so chose to birth it. Jesus chose to birth the seed and become the birther of the word that was the father. Thus the father had brought forth the son and the son then brought forth the father. They became one.

Jesus discovered this step by step, day by day. He learned this because he learned to let our father speak into his mind about these things, teaching him daily in the temple not made with hands. The temple not made with hands is our mind within; not the molecular, but the eternal.

As the son brings forth the father, the father teaches the son how to overcome the world, how to overcome time space and gravity and not be limited to the molecular. Father is the teacher, for the teacher is Christ. Anyone becoming one with Christ is Christ, for they become one.

As our pattern let the teacher teach about true reality, the teacher taught about all things necessary to become the pattern for all of us to follow him into where he is. This is our kingdom that has been given us. It is inside of us and all around us, but in a completely unlimited manner, not subject to the authority rule and dominion of mankind.

The son brings forth the father

Jesus began to physically interact with the kingdom of heaven while still on earth in a suit of flesh. He began to see the kingdom of the real, the kingdom of heaven, through the words that came into his mind as he let our father teach him. The words of the kingdom opened him up because he opened up to the words of the kingdom. Those words were the seed Jesus let take root in him. That seed grew the tree of life in his mind. Jesus nurtured the trees of truth within him that altogether make up the tree of life within him. He consistently interacted with our father to tend these trees of truth. This is how Jesus took care of the Eden within him. Every person has The Garden of Eden within them. They tend it and grow it using their own judgment, judging all from their own knowledge that they judge good and evil, and grow their garden accordingly.

Jesus learned how to let the words of his father uproot the growth of others words that others planted within him. The words of his father gave wisdom knowledge and understanding how to water the trees of truth daily while uprooting the vines that wanted to choke it and drink its water. The vines and trees that grew from the seed of the decision making process of good and evil were cast down and uprooted.

Jesus interacted with our father in an exchange of life, the exchange of words that brought pure life to the son so that the son would bring forth the pure word of the father, that the father had fathered in the son – to be one. That is where they are one – in the mind. Eden is not separate from you – you have one. You are the father and you are the son of YOUR WORDS. You are your words. Your word is you. You decide what is barred from your Eden and what you let in. You decide how you communicate with God your father and what you let him teach you.

Jesus learned how to plant seeds of truth as he ate truth. The truth responded to truth to plants expanded and synergy took place in his garden. As Jesus spoke the words of eternal truth more fruit would spring forth bearing more precious seed that he would carefully nurture. Jesus nurtured the word and became it for he grew it, grew into it, and the vine of life became a mighty one, originating one. The seed and the bearer became not separate. They existed in one mind, for no untruth had any place anymore in Jesus. Was Jesus mistaken for a gardener?

Jesus learned to live from the fruit of the truth trees that grew within him. Truth trees yield the fruit of truth – words not separate from the father within that provided the seed. The seed is the word and the word is the seed. This is the invitation for you to grow it.

Truth trees give knowledge of truth, not dependent on the empirical visible realm. Wisdom is the application of maturity that grows from the love of truth.

The tree of life is one tree of many truth trees that exists in the garden of life, if tilled correctly, and not lain fallow. One tree of truth can birth many truth trees. The seed within the fruit is the fruit itself that brings forth life – new life.

Religion no longer controls what Christ is

Religion has controlled the image of Christ, as an image, but no longer. Religion cannot control Christ, nor box-in the definition of it any longer. Be no longer controlled by religious thought. The definitions of the past no longer give you your world view of Christ or you. Definitionalize your future by the understanding now that you cannot separate from Christ that you are, unless you insist on being/creating your own thought-existence and perpetuating it in your “own” power, by your own judgment of what you judge good or evil, eating of the tree you create.

Institutions of those who wanted to give themselves authority to control others, manage them, and lead them in the paths of righteousness, is over; for righteousness is no longer defined by what man says it is, thus it is no longer controlled by them.

This is an invitation to see the voice of God.


This is an invitation to hear the voice of God.


This is an invitation to speak the voice of God.


This is an invitation to be the voice of God.


Learning from the voice of God – is education by God.

God educates to be not separate. God creates by word, by thought, by – mind of one, receiving creating it, the tree of life resulting in.

Creating the tree of life within you to be the life of God not separate is the fullness of The New Covenant operationalized. When that creation is complete, a newborn creation comes forth. A creation of Christ that Christ creates is the father created in the son that the son creates as the father to bring forth creation anew. A new race is formed, and the old dies out in the dessert. The Promised Land is entered, operationalized, and the kingdom of Christ is known, formed, out of the old, into the new. Slavery abolished. Eden restored. God and man one, the same. Separation abolished. Flesh no more usurping God’s mind. The head restored, Christship of one, walking the heavens, in high places all; timeless. Time no more dictating to us anything.

Religion no longer controls God

Religion chose its definitions and locked them into place. It canonized its phrasings. It hallowed its interpretations and set up bureaucratic layers of authority to rule the people of God in separation, keeping it separate, powering its control by people sincere, but ignorant.

Religion has not introduced people to God directly to learn from God directly, but to worship an image through them. Religion has controlled the creation thought, definitions, control of language, and authority it asserted of itself as the authority of one having answers. This ends now. For the tree of good and evil will no longer be cultivated by religion in the Eden of God, barring God from Eden.

Poised for Resurrection

Will you let yourself be taught by God directly, what God is, who you are, and what you have to do, not; or get to do, will you will accept the privilege, the honor? Will you be abased first? Will you have to die to what you thought in the past, about God, about other, people, Gods, or religions? Will you have to CHANGE? Behavior? Values? Vocabulary? Time? Priorities? Will education play a part in this?

Are you willing to experience the renewing of your mind, or the transformation of it? Are you willing to develop it by the words of God, the first-person words of I am, speaking through you, to you, in you, you writing it? Will you with others share it? In new ways? Broadcasting it? Will you be not afraid? Will you learn to be not afraid. Will you Muchafraid be no more, about “man” or what Man may “do” to you, “say” about you, or what “reputation” you may “demolish” by being Godman, not; or is that what you become, a Godwoman? Or simply God, not separate, from him her one, whatever One is, that speaks, and becomes, makes, equals, in the heavens?

Will you exalt your mind no more in separation from God, ‘s?

Will you let The New Birth birth YOU into a new creation, a new being, transcendent, of all flesh, to heal it, by being The Pattern also? Will you heal your people, your countries, your all in all being, no longer subject to flesh, ways or wants?

Will you give up all want? Will Want no longer program you? Will you nurture ego no more, but let ego die on the cross of suffering, nonverbal not, or will it scream at you, inside? Wanting more, ever wanting, ever wanting more, life of ego, instilled in it, it raping you all the time while it supplants the voice of the savior that you are to you, that you can be? Will you birth The Savior in you, the Savior that’s you? Will you experience the resurrection coming out of the flesh, to experience sitting in “high places”? Will you think it not robbery to be equal with God? If that is God’s highest desires for you?

Will you poise yourself not for downfall again? Will you purpose to be the Christ? In surrender, do great things not, or simply will you be a Plain Clothes Christ? If you become a plain clothes Christ where will you live O Great Rabbi? Will all of your life change? Will you be IN every vocation? Will Christ you be of the Government of Peace? Bringing it to earth? Being seamless with heaven? Where WILL you live?

What are the implications for the those who will not separate?

God breeds Gods not separate from God

God is one of many beings. Being one, is all equal. All equal are in God, that one is. One is one mind’d one. All operate out of one mind. Not separate, all share the life of one. That is what one is. That we might be one was Jesus’ prayer in John 17. That we all let all be one is the prayer of the father for all ones who aren’t, so that all may be, redeemed, by the precious blood of their word. The word incarnate released will teach the separators, the “separators” that “they” are not separate at all, from the kingdom of God within. That opens up everything for us all to be one, heaven bound no more by hell. Hell’s boundaries no more encircle us, in thought of other.

God’s life breeds God’s life, the life of God, not equal not. Humans change it in to something else, called humanity, by humanity; antichrist it is, for all christ God are. All Christ God are. All Christs god are. Capitalization denotes nothing not, but herein be informed that “capitalization” does not “create” or “de-create” the Christ, nor take anything away from him, or her, that all one is, becoming. One is defined differently for Christ is known now throughout all, in all, all being one, not antichrist anymore; not Antichrist anymore, the Christ is known, not superfluous to anything anymore the world of Christ is known, not separate, any more. So all that separated, is no more comfortable when it identified as being separate, for it “enjoyed” its separateness. It could think its own thoughts, creating it, as itself wanted to. It was driven by want, by passion for sadness, not; but a great deal of sadness incorporated the separation, not; but the separation did, for The Christ lost something – its identity. As Christ lost its identity in its own creation, it lost its joy, not; but lost all manner of creation of itself and lusted after its own creation to create with. God doesn’t do that, didn’t do that; separation did, that want, became. Want wanted want, and created it to worship, in, not; or did it FALL into its own creation, of itself, that we call the “fall”?

God’s breath breathes God’s principles, not; but God’s words, God’s word, created by God to be it – dynamic and living, us giving it breath, to create nothing else in separation again.

Who do you say you are?

What are you willing to know this day from Database One? [1.2.13] I am [1.2.118] Has the story that we have been given as a flesh “race” been “altered”, from reality, keep us out of it? Are you really flesh limited to it? Will you let your father be equal with you, or will you be equal with your father that invites you in to the heavens, to be at table, with the Christ being it?

No longer limited to the five-sense mind, might you now be realizing you the Son of God are, whether male or female? The Son of God is not flesh, the Son of God is the Mind not separated.

If you cease your separation from God, you become it. What separates you from God? Word enamored with word, that wants to use it for its own imaging, its own control, and its perpetuation of itself with the image; of a beast not, but you; for what That Mind of UnGod is what “turns” you into The Beast.

You are God or God separated from God. The angels fell, or are YOU the angels, the angel, that you are, not knowing it? Now you know, and surrender to know the truth, being it. Relieved not, but becoming a new creation time and space independent of molecular ‘ness. A living new creation that walks the earth today as our pattern did, doing the miracles, revealing the Kingdom of God in a new way, with all redefining who they are, where they are, and what their limits are, no more. For the limitless now shall walk the earth, unlimited ‘ly, fully in meekness, and understanding, the fullness of God, having become it.

Will you please no more separate from God into your flesh “suit” to do your thinking “with” and worship what “you” thought, was right, judging it good or evil in you “own” eyes? What tree will you eat from this day, judging Christ, what? Who? Whom? Please no longer insist that you are a flesh race separate from God remaining in separation.

Who do I say you are?

I say your father is God and you are The Son. Regardless of your flesh orientation, gender, belief system or lack thereof; the seed of God in you IS the Real You. You have no energy but God’s. You as a flesh “person” have no power whatsoever, none at all, to even get out of bed or arise from sleep. The energy you think with, is God’s, mind; that you have decided is separate, until now, because people have told you you were flesh, and a race of people, humans, limited, to one planet, limited to flesh ways, and customs. But the Truth is that man’s thinking changed God into flesh, and grew flesh upon it, and called it its creation. Actually, there is no mind of man separate from God’s, but the mind that chooses to be, and creates it, thereby, powering it, fueling it, being the energy thereof, to think with and decide for itself, what everything is and what is good and bad, evil or holy, in its own right. It judges the empirical visible as its wants dictates, its reality to it, and what’s important. It, is the word to itself. It chooses its own words. It lives by them. It chooses its creatorship. It creates the created denying The Creator, the authorship of the most high. The center of existence in the mind of separation, is simply that, a mind separated, using God’s power to fuel its excitement at being self-existent; that it exists in separation, so it pleases itself.

Flesh covered over a race of God. God is a race, and that “race” is EVERY nation tribe and tongue. Complete in God the fullness you are, but that fullness must be matured, grown, completed, given the righteousness of God through another name not, but yours, your body broken for you to see you are the righteousness of God if you will cultivate it, and cull it out of you not again choosing the tree of your own judgment, judging you into separation.

Consider [1.2.168 v29] “Come into Me and let Me see you and let yourself see Me. Let yourself see Me. Let your eyes behold Me. Let your eyes behold who I am. Let My eyes behold who you are. Let My eyes behold you. Let your eyes behold who I am, that I am I Am, that you are I Am, that I am inside of you. Let Me in. Let Me unfold. Let Me out. Let Me strengthen you. Let Me give you My wings, My roads, My constellations of only Me, constellaxionary, vocabulary of only Me.”

Who do I say you are? Christ. Please consider [1.3.31 v4] “I come up on you now. I come up on you. I come up on you in such might, grace, glory, and power, dominion of only me; reconciled, yea, restitution/reinstitution, yea, reincarnation of only me – me; seat of me; seat of me in you; seat of Christ; the Christ; I am Christ, yea, you are Christ in me; my Christ, my glory; the lifter of my head.”

This is the revelation of The One who will raise the Head of Christ, being it. Rejecting no longer the patternship Jesus gave us, we follow that pattern into becoming it, doing all things now differently, studying, becoming, birthing the Revolution of One, who becomes it. [1.2.13]

God saying “I am you” is found more than a hundred times in Database One. Consider God saying to you right now directly “I am I Am, you are I Am, you are My body. Can’t you see that I am My body, that you are My body, that My body is you?” [1.2.191]

Feel now God saying to you these words, letting God create within you the fullness of these words: “I love you and I give you Me. Yes, the greatest force, the greatest amalgamation, the greatest coagulation, coalescing in Me, people of Me, people that are Me. I love you. 24. Oh, see. See Me. See that I am. See that I am I Am. That you are I Am. Then what I have given. Behold what I have given. Behold what I have said. Behold and receive fulfillment promised long ago by the prophets, royally plattering My truths, My truth, My truth which now is and comes forth; all enclosed not, but disclosed, made open and operational by, now, you, the receivers receiving Me in My fullness, being Me. I love you. And I link together in networks never before seen, imagined, or operated in; yea, transcendent of personality, in mode of operation, being Me, seeing Me, seeing Me in each other. And knowing who I am, what I am, and how I operate, My delivery system being, receiving. Receiving, yea, the fullness of Me, operationalize My hand, My body made flesh, My body made flesh before you, My body made flesh: you. My body is you. You are My flesh and blood. You are My body. Receive Me unto Myself and where with Me you may be also, for you already are.” [1.3.5 v23-24]

Revolution of One

God is one. All of God is one. There is but one.

Jesus started a revolution. It is now finished, will be finished now. All will become one. Two not.

Lacking separation, we all become one, teaching one, ‘ship. The one we are we all are. One. In one being one we create “us” not separate from each other again. This changes all our values. Our separation ceases. Walls come down. Constitutions change. Laws change. Love changes not but becomes known, not separate from, the lover; who loves all to be one, is all of us now.

This is a revolution that revolves around the planet not, but the planet revolves around this now, changing its axis. Spinning no more on the webs of deceit, all momentum changes, all universe changes now, into The One. We all waited for, was “us”. To be one. A revolution now in place, is. Was shall no more program us. We learn direct from God what God is where how why and how all came into place and comes into place now, directly, but the word of God, living, direct, mighty – to heal. The separation – exists no more, for we will not create it anymore, with our brethren, of all races tribes and tongues. Wagging no more at each other, we teach, divisiveness now more but oneship, of The One. God we are, as Jesus was, coming into it, the oneship of the divine that makes no separation of “oneship” other. “Other” will not exist, any more.

Fellowships of love light and peace will now come into existence in every country, every nation, every community. Everything changes now, for we are loved – forgiven, and forgiveness heals, and healing forgiveness separates nothing, but all being one returns. The Prodigal no more, in a “far” country. Increasing “separation” gives way to peace, forgiveness, in the Priesthood of One, which Jesus started, becoming the first one, becoming it first. He gave us the pattern. Patternship of One now exists in the Fellowships of Light. Everywhere now, shall be changed. Love shall ensue, and be pursued by no other than surrender. Curiosity will give way to love. Love shall be felt, telt, and communicated thusly in tangible ways, extemporaneously “preaching” The Christ not, but that all shall become it now revolts into a revolution that electrifies everything, with the oneness of Christ. We pay off each other’s bills. We live in common. We live righteously. Completely different than from “communities” before us, we ENTER the skies of love. Tremendously known, respected, abased by all not, but some, maybe, sometime; but that dissuades us not, from becoming the one, the one we all were. In “remembrance” of nothing, not; but pure love walking the street, of each one’s home town, community, changing everything.

A Revolution of Peace ensues, and sued we aren’t by our brother anymore. We “sue” no one. We “kill” no one. We love. We live. We write. We study. We priesthood are, of the one. We all are one. We let God teach, speak, live in us that our life is, not separate anymore. We have no other life. We live the life of God teaching us to be the teachers thereof hereof hearing the words of Christ to be it, released unto the nations, healing all light, to be lit now.

We lead, and we are not afraid of it. We “went” to school for it. We love, enter. We love Enter Me courses knowing and moving into territories heretofore unknown, change everything, with our love, of truth, becoming it. We enter every part of society, and “society” will never be the same again, feeling love, transmitting it, being it to everyone equally. Unconditional love perceived, not; but experienced. Experiential living the Christ life of one. Experientially Christ Christing Christ, experientially Christing The Christ everywhere, all being one.

Schools starting everywhere, we are one. We create one. We create them everywhere for love shall be known, and incarcerated in thought no more of belief systems other, that “worship” a God afar off, or that something else is known, another way.

We surrender to be the Christ. This is a priesthood of forgivers that experience forgiveness firsthand, forgiving each other, us first; forgiving ourselves of every offense, and for the full separation, which we no more cling to. We express forgiveness to all. We freely offer it to all; but it’s free, not; for it costs everything, for we enter into forgivenesshood, as a forgiver, holding nothing against another. We peace give freely. We understand a giver, the giving spirit of one that becomes one with the “spirit” of forgiveness peace and grace. We tactful become. We discern. We learn how, in school; of the “spirit” not, but Christ, school. Christ school teaches this in the University of One, The New Covenant. And that changes everything. We understand love by entering it in school, experientially. We experience love there, and here we start schools everything in the courses of one, that make all one, experientially, in surrender, complete. Perfection reigns in peace. School teaches, makes free, sets free, the free-ers. Freedom abounds, freedom. Freedom replicates freedom, not by formula, but the dynamic freedom of peace, all-creativity reigns in creativity, in creative peace, that transcends the nations now.

All changes.



In the Introduction I stated “The heart of God is the mind of God. God teaches not limited by words nor limited to words, but uses words, as necessary, until exponential learning can take place. The mind of God will teach the mind of a human commensurate with a human’s humility. Only the humble learn how to learn from God within them.” The result of this process is that the mind of man becomes the mind of God, for man will not hold it separate any longer, to think in and have its separation, thought by itself. The word words itself to be not separate, separating no longer, healing the breach/gap. Transcendence takes place IN the learning system of the most high to separate from the most high no more. That which robbed us from oneship robs us no longer. But what about that “exponential learning”?

The mind of God, not being limited to words or by words, transcend words. It “works” by revelation. The mind of God is revealed in revelation. Knowing “occurs”, spontaneously, often; after great surrender, to receive it. It transcends the logic, function, and unction of magic and the ability of neurons perceive, quantify, and issue a result according to its dictates.

The meek do not inherit the earth, they grow it. They grow the neurons not; they “grow” the ability in maturity to be taught of the living God within them without separation. The mind not inserting itself into the “middle” anymore, the “middleware” that “ran” on our mainframes no longer incorporate us into their operativeness; and their operation of “their” neurons no more make us up as images to ourselves.

Revelation puts things together not with sentences. Revelation transcends logic, rationale, limitation of man, and things molecular, time based with time. All that limited us born again not; but we are, out of “that” learning system of the old, and The New Covenant we are, for we’ve become it, as our pattern became. One with it, equal we are, not thinking it robbery to be equal with God any more. We’re simply doing the works now of God among the earths, not limited to one, but being the Transcendent One we all were, before Time began, as space and distance, and “algorithms” of math of another “nature”.

The nature of Christ now known and developed, we become as became, timeless. We learn differently, for we LET The Christ teach us that We ARE the Christ; all of us one, all of us IN one, all of “us” COMING OUT now, The Flesh ruling us no more. Molecularless we become born again new creations doing John 14:12 and ALL of Database One known now shall be, our STUDY GUIDE and companion will the The TRUTH that sets ALL FREE.

Become as our pattern became. BE Jesus to all, your name here: ________________________.

Thank you.



Everything about Jesus was about you. Are you willing to resurrect the incarnate christ, that is in you, that is you? Never has a person been born without it. Christ is not external, it is internal; not modified by the outside.

The patternship is given to us all, the request is made now to each of us of every nation tribe and tongue, and the will of the one that became “I and my father are one” will be now complete, entered, displayed as perfection perfects the imperfect to know and see we were never separate at all; but just taught each other so.

That was the result of Jesus relationship with his teacher, who was within, because he let the teacher within teach him. He became one with his teacher, in thought and deed, and taught the words of his father, about a kingdom that would come this way through to common people, the common surrenderers of every nation tribe and tongue, to allow them to do just as he did, and become what he became.

There remained no priesthood of others to deny Jesus his Christship. He learned it firsthand from the giver of life to be it. He became the Christ because he learned how to be by the surrender he exercised to allow God to become him directly. He became one with the teacher who taught him this. He was the first. He was the first of many firstborn now, to do likewise, because we enter his pattern

THE COSMIC PICTURE is no longer determined by science or religion, for the birth takes place of the son that becomes the father that fathers the sondaughter on that daughters all are the womb of, no other; for we all have The Womb, for we all have The Wound no more of/from each other. We let The Christ be FREED now, birthing it, with “our” word, not separate, from each other, that Christ is. One freed. In the heavens all Israel will be known now, where we live. Faith not by, but pure love living the dynamic of God no other being, returned, the Prodigal, is to God, as other not, but the king enthroned again, never leaving again the Temple of Light, the Head of Christ raised, the “third” no more of other, but Perfect Light, Third Temple, known, created, IN on The Surrendered to be it. Amen.

The surrendered now consist will of The Common Man, of mankind, consisting of every nation tribe and tongue; unsurrendered no more. Creating separation no longer, we enter the Priesthood of One that light is, creating it, on our shoulders, no more darkness, exists. We are The Light, one mind’d of, home.

Never alone again.

Let’s go home.

Grace Cottingham