February 24, 2021

Jesus The Pattern – 2 A New View

Jesus the Pattern – 2
A New View

The New Beginnings Series

Theodore Cottingham
Copyright 2008 by Theodore Cottingham

University of The New Covenant Press
University of The New Covenant
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

The New Beginning Series

The New Beginning Series booklets provide a foundation for taking us beyond the past and into the future. The groundwork is laid out for a new identity of who we are, what we are, where we came from, why we are here on earth, and where we go from here.

I began writing The New Beginning Series booklets in 2006 while in England. There several months, I wrote the first booklets of Jesus the Pattern, The New Covenant, The Priesthood of All Believers, and The Kingdom of Heaven. I have chosen to not change those booklets hardly at all even though much revelation knowledge has come since then.

Jesus the Pattern – 2 I think I wrote mostly in 2008, and Booklet – 3 in 2009. Booklet – 4 was written in 2015 mostly, and Booklet – 5 was written in 2017. It seems important that you know how things progressed, even through all of Database One and subsequent Databases, the Booklets I’ve written, and how I now have become Grace in two shoes Cottingham.

I pray to you to begin the Series with Booklet 1 and proceed to build in each one as I did in writing them. I love you and bless you for reading and studying Jesus the Pattern, and becoming it in your shoes, the real you, the Christ of one.

Theodore Cottingham

Jesus the Pattern – 1 The Commoner
The great commission is to do what Jesus did right here right now, regardless of our vocation or label. Jesus became the message so we follow to do what he did.

Jesus the Pattern – 2 A New View
This opens our eyes to see Jesus as emerging leader, a radical, reformer, educator, and revolutionary; one that demonstrated that visible empirical reality is not true reality at all.

Jesus the Pattern – 3 A New Path
Leading to give us an example to do likewise, leadership emerges to change worlds.

Jesus the Pattern – 4 A New Reality
Leading to give us an example to do likewise, leadership emerges to change worlds.

Jesus the Pattern – 5 The New Kingdom of True Israel
Jesus defeated death by defeating ignorance, now we know how to continue to create the Race of God, creating it the creators of, we now create The Promised Land.

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These publications and more are available from the University of The New Covenant Press in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

By Dr. Theodore Cottingham
University of The New Covenant


This is an invitation to build on what was shared in Jesus the Pattern -1 The Commoner.

The New Beginnings Series is preparing us for a new beginning. Life as we have known it in the past no more programs us to continue it. It – of the past, is no more determining how we look at Jesus, the priesthood, or anything else for that matter, for matter rules this earth no more. Rules of matter no more constrain us. Shackles and bonds of the past no more chain us to the DNA of its words.

Every person must now re-decide what they believe about who they are and what the message of Jesus was, and still is. Did he do things “for” us? Or did he show us how to? Did he let his father teach him directly, or did he show us how to learn? Did he transcend visible empirical reality for us, or was he showing us how? Was he the one to worship, or did he give us the path to become one with our father as he did, one with the same father?

Did Jesus do things FOR us so we would not have to? Or did he give us a pattern to enter true reality that transcends the visible empirical, to do what he did? Everyone will now have to decide that, for what they become is their choice, -s. Each person’s choices sum to their choice, to be made now. What you choose you are.

Let us see Jesus not romanticized as a baby in a manger with a halo, but a simple common man, born flesh, in a stinking stable without any attributes of specialness whatsoever in his being.

Jesus was a commoner, a person that had molecular flesh and red blood just like everyone else. He was subject to time space and gravity, infection, disease, cold and hunger. He had no royal rank or privilege other than what is given to every man woman and child of every nation tribe and tongue that ever lived. He was a flesh and blood person with the nature of all flesh within him, as we all have. Jesus was a normal person in every way just like you and me; a son of man.

This is an invitation to see Jesus as never seen before; through the eyes of one surrendered that give you his, and that’s you. Only you can open your mind to a new thought, to a new set of thoughts about how the life of Jesus has been “served” in services that have kept us from experiencing the fullness of his life. Explore his life for yourself. Challenge the assumptions you have made about him. Allow yourself to become an adventurer so that you are not just taking religion’s presentation of the man Jesus.

Let yourself go beyond the superficial understandings of the past, so that whole new worlds are opened up to you, right now, here and now, in this life; not waiting for death to triumph over you. Allow yourself to explore Jesus’ life as a pattern for yours, that no one can deny you. Everything he did, you can do; that was his request.

Jesus became the most radical revolutionary ever because of his love, and love operates by surrender. Surrender is the highest form of authority we have, and when we fully surrender all our authority to love, we become it. Love has no limits, and never dies.

Let us now begin to explore a deeper understanding of a common man who became the pattern for a race of humans to become something brand new.

This is an invitation to see the life of Jesus as seldom taught.

This is an invitation to see Jesus as a reformer. He wasn’t born a reformer, he became one.

This is an invitation to see Jesus as an educator. He wasn’t born an educator, he became one.

This is an invitation to see Jesus as a revolutionary. He wasn’t born a revolutionary, he became one.

Seeing something you may have never seen you may now do so, if you choose. You are not limited to the understanding of the words and sentences in this booklet. You are not limited to the sentence structure of these paragraphs and how joined they are by punctuation, practice and grammar. Let the words and sentences in this booklet open up Jesus the Pattern to you in a whole new light; not constrained by the past. Let yourself see and consider the patternship of Jesus like never seen or heard before. Will you see and hear? Will you let yourself let?

Let the teacher within you teach you as you read this. Let the teacher visualize within you truth about the real; and limit not truth to stagnancy. God creates and is always creating therefore very dynamic, always revealing, always constructing; beautifying and revealing the temple of one, not made with hands, in the surrendered surrenderers.

Let us examine and explore Jesus the pattern, becoming adventurers dynamically with the one that reveals all things within the meek, breathing life into ours, creating all things anew.

The Rebel

Jesus was a rebel, and led a revolution. He lived a life that showed people how to learn more than what man can teach. His life lived the operation of The New Covenant to give us the example that we might change all things as he did. He was not controlled by religion nor the scriptures of the religious. He went to the common. He wore no special clothes, made no demands on others, and did nothing to lift himself in the eyes of others.

He taught all peoples freely about a reality that was given to every person, that no one could deny them. It was inside of them and all around them. It was not visible by normal eyes; it was not molecular.

He showed us the authority of religion had no authority in the life of love. He showed us the rule of law in a land cannot stop the life of God in a person. He showed us that no dominion of the forces that affect this planet has power over the love of our true father.

He showed us a model of priesthood as designed by God for our father taught him how to be it. The priesthood of love operates without the protocols of religion. Jesus showed us what true priesthood does, and doesn’t do; how it loves always, even unto death. Jesus showed us that even death does not have authority over love. Jesus was our example, our pattern, and still is.

He was the first to show us oneship with our father. He became “The One” and exemplified what one is, and told us to do likewise, showing us how to become it. Showing us we had the same father, showing us of the kingdom of of the real, he told us to do as he did; turn the water into wine, calm the storms and walk on waters tumultuous. He showed us to raise the dead, heal the sick, and not let religion destroy our sonship that reveals the father in us to birth it, into something new, becoming a new creation not subject to the authority rule and dominion of this world.

Jesus was a rebel, a revolutionary, and led the Revolution of One, so that we might ALL become “The One”, with what one is.

The Revolutionary

“I and my father are one”, could be the message written on your mind, to enter that which is real about you, and in you. If it’s written in your mind, it is written on your forehead.

You are a revolution in the making as you embrace “I and my father are one”. This has been something labeled by the religious as “sacred and untouchable”, but it isn’t. It is fact. It is truth. It is the truth about you and every person who will surrender to be not separate.

To enter the Revolution of One, you experience it. That which is in you that tells you you are not one with your father is false trying to appear as real. The real in you and the unreal in you are at odds; not war, just present. As you let the father who is in you reveal you to you be not separate, you resolve that oddity by creating the greatest surrender of all; who you are, to who you are. One. You behold it. You begin to see how you are one with your father, and you no longer resist it, but let it come forth. You see God your father as not apart from you, but in you. You see, the father is the living word that was born into you, even before you became a “human” on this earth. When you let your true father teach you directly, in your mind into your mind, you conceive no separateness. You begin to hear differently, see differently, operate differently; with different values. Into your forehead is something different than what you taught. You kneel to the crown of life forging it.

See in you something more than what anybody has ever taught you. See you not separate from the teacher within you who the father is, that YOUR father is. The real you is birthed by your heavenly father where you came from; heaven, before you ever arrived on earth. Up to now you have not known who you were, thinking you were flesh, being taught that by others. If you are not separate from God you are not limited to flesh. Revolutionary! The priesthood changes, the role of who does what where changes! No other’s authority covers you; you become the pure pristine light that you were before worlds began. You realize the fullness of is in you, and you surrender to let the maturing process begin and birth you into the true real, the kingdom of God. As you mature, conflicts arise; within and without the seal of your flesh. If you tell others your father is God then your brethren may want to kill you or sell you into slavery, to be like them; for their thinking has forged them in who they are, serving their flesh, in an existence false, thought real, as separate; them not knowing who they are or surrendering that we all have the same father.

Ask me if I am the christ and I will tell you you are. In surrender you begin to mature the anointed Messiah that YOU are, letting you reveal to you by first-person birth of the words inside you; to be not separate, to write them on your forehead (mind), operating by them, walking throughout the earth in love that bears no false witness against its neighbor. Bearing love to all, we discover we increasingly become changed in the likeness of who we worshipped; pure love, birthing in each other pure love; selfless. Ego dies. Selfishness is obliterated. Our greatest joy is birthing christ in each other. How? By (1) letting all know they are, honoring them as such, and (2) not stripping their birthright from them insisting they are separate from their true father. Call no man on earth your father, for God is your father, true and real.

You birthing who you truly are, is revolutionary. Letting the “false real” no more dictate reality to you brings forth a revolution in your life. You are no longer looking for “another” to come, or another to give you words of eternal life. You begin maturing to hear them inside of you, becoming an explorer in the unknowable unsearchable things of God, that are no longer unknowable or unsearchable. God’s highest delight is for you to birth the truth of the dynamic word, him being it you one. The voice of God quieted no more; you speak and reveal truths hidden before the world began, for you no longer hide them. In your flesh in no more vice. Grips of other no longer hold you back.

As you begin bringing forth truth, revealing the unknown, revealing it to be known, it creates a revolution, first in your life, and then those around you. You become a revolutionary just like Jesus our pattern.

Let us no longer be afraid of being who we are. Jesus did not offend the righteous, but the religious were offended greatly. The religious could not control him. The religious said it was blasphemy that he said he that his father was God. The religious were offended by his priestship, his kingship, and the message of a kingdom that all could enter.

The religious wanted to kill Jesus the pattern. Will the religious want to kill you as you let the teacher within teach you directly? Will the religious tell you that you cannot hear God? If religion cannot control you what do they do, who do they go to? Will they go to love, or to the sword to cut your head off, so that you won’t be the head of christ anymore? Where does christ have to lay his head? Is it not in your head? Need you want them to be separate? Having no separation will you have lifted his? On your shoulders, giving him voice? Speaking his words first-person? If you are not separate who are you, him or ONE? One minded? Is christ all many that ONE are?

The religious welcome your complacency when you are immersed in their protocols and don’t question their authority, but what about when they cannot control the truth that flows through your lips, your words and writings? What about when healings come through you to others? On street corners, or on pews? On rugs? Will the religious not want to control you, insist that you conform to their image of holiness, maybe being ordained by them, to bring you under their authority structure, submit you to their “covering” so they can control you, control your words, your life, and take credit whenever they commend you?

Different religions look for a return of a messiah, but what happens when the messiah they look for, is you? Or you begin doing what their “messiah” was prophesied to do? You reader hearer, I am asking you, about you. For when you embrace Jesus the pattern, YOU will be a revolutionary, else you will be castrated by religion.

If you bring peace, will the chaos understand it; or will chaos not want to understand it, realizing its control may be threatened? Chaos wants to continue its pattern of control. Chaos demands obeisance. The false demands obeisance. False authority wants only to perpetuate its authority at all costs.

Is there only one Messiah, or is there more than one; maybe… millions? Billions? Are we not ALL to be The One that ONE IS? Are we not all sons and daughters of the most high? Do we not ALL have the same father, God? We are. We do. We now surrender.

Every person on earth is your brother and your sister. Let discrimination cease. Let religious bickering cease. Let love arise and let us know the truths of God by birthing it by letting God teach each of us directly from within who the christ is, and when we learn, let us not reject the fact that it is us, within us, and that we each one birth it.

We mature in process but there comes a moment when each is brought to the birth, experiencing the transformation that is eventful, an event, where we experience our pattern in fullness, as our pattern, entering the realmship of the nonmolecular. This is when we become a new creation, and it’s only though the word of our father, for he birth it; our flesh holding us outside of our kingdom no more. We become the true us that we were all the time; taught into subjection no longer; we honor the christ to become it, that which “I and my father is one” is, no longer being incarcerated by time space or gravity.

This creates a revolution, this is a revolution of life, of love, of all redeeming all; this is the Crystal Revolution. The surrendered who are not afraid of it will be it and birth it throughout the earth, and not be afraid of anyone else or anything else ever again. These are the firstborn from the dead; dead in their whitewashed “tombs” no more. Men no longer walking around as trees, our sight will have been healed, our bodies glorified, and we will have become the ONE all waited for. This is The New Covenant fulfilled; and THIS! is revolutionary.

God our father taught Jesus how to become the first of the firstborn. Now everyone who enters become the firstborn; without difference. The last shall be first because there is only ONE. Are you willing to surrender to the same learning process that Jesus experienced, so that you become as our pattern, The One that all wait for? Waiting for no other, will you lead out of your wandering experience to come into the Promised Land promised you? Will you be the one?

The One

The One we all wait for – is us – to have become one.

Most of us have been taught “I and my father” did not pertain to us. We have not been taught to “call no man on earth your father, for you have one father”. We have all experienced a disconnect from The One that One is. We have felt it. We have groaned in our bodies. The One we have felt disconnected from is infinite, omnipotent, omniscient.

In our state of disconnectedness, we experience finiteness, lack, and joylessness. Many of us have become intimately acquainted with loneliness and despair. We often feel alone, even among people. We often feel unloved, even if around people that tell us they love us. We suffer feelings of powerlessness. Sensations of guilt, shame, bewilderment, and disappointment wash over us at times. The energy that we experience from others frequently seems like salt being rubbed into the wounds of our deepest feeling. Gut-wrenching inadequacy raises its head and ruins many a day, conversation, relationship, experience, and lives. Feelings of powerlessness loom.

Mankind has been taught that it is separate from God, breeding this disconnectedness we all have experienced. Religion guiles us with a message that we can connect to God through its practices and protocols if we give ourselves to its values, insight, and operation. Religion exists with the pretense of connecting us with God but does it? Or does it continually reinforce the feelings of disconnectedness from God emphasizing that God is something else, somewhere else, and that we “come to God” through them, whatever their label.

Since the disconnectedness is false, but appears real, mankind believes the lie; the lie that God our father was something else, somewhere else. Instead of continuing to operate with God as our father with the fullness of our father God within us; and us having life unlimited in our father, we fell, and continue falling. We fell deeply into unconsciousness thinking God a mystery. We suffer amnesia, not remembering who we were, what we were, who our true father is, and what we have been given. We exchanged the glory of God for a lie, and have continued to live it for generations; eons.

The results have been devastating. We were perfect pristine pure light. We did not know what a need was. We knew no lack. We had no feelings of inadequacy or unlove, for we were perfect love. We were perfectly loved and we knew no sin because we had not separated from our father in our thought. Our sentience was one. We operated perfectly in the omniscience, omnipotence, and infinity of our father. All of us were equal with each other, for our father made us all equal with him. In fact, we were him. He resided in us and we in him; we were not separate at all. The father was many-membered one. He was. He is. And that which father was, still is. That which was pure pristine perfection in us, still is. That which is still in us is the mind of our father; consciousness one, with one consciousness; but thinking we have a mind of our own, we have created it thusly, and have suffered immensely. Thus creation groans. Waiting.

We created it thusly, for we were the Creator. We were not separate from the Creator at all. The Creator created us as the Creator! They never was any separation until we began to want. Being the unlimited infinite, we could create, and we did. We created worlds and worlds; entire star systems, with peoples; for we created us. We created us not separate from us. The father and the son was not separate at all.

All glory was given our creation for we were the father created in the son that was the father. All of our creation operated in all of our glory. We were one with our creation in our creation for our creation was in us for our creation was us. We were one. There was no mind apart from us; there was nothing apart from us. We were perfect in all our ways.

We operated in perfect surrender to father for father was all of us. Equal. All of father’s power glory and dominion resided in us, for father gave us everything infinitely, unreservedly, and withheld nothing back. Father’s love continuously expressed: “all that I have is thine”. Father taught us to create. Everything we created was perfect, for there was no separateness that created darkness from the light of truth.

But then we began to want. Instead of operating in perfect surrender to the father, in the father, that which we were, we began to want. We had infinite power, so we began to create in our want. We were the perfect that became imperfect. We were incorruptible that put on corruption. We were sinless and became sin, for we separated to create separateness so we could experience the will of our want, wanting to know our will separate from our father’s. We began to worship our own free will, as we called it. We created creation without surrender and let it worship us. That which we prayed to in the past to bless our flesh was us. We created this mess. Humankind did. Mankind was God that fell. We were all angels; for there is NO hierarchy in heaven. All are equal, regardless of the name you desire to apply to the beings of light that come and go throughout the heavens in perfect love.

But we fell. We fell into being our own creation, with two minds. Two minds? The mind of our creation has a mind that it operates with and in. But that’s not the whole story. We were the completeness of our father before time began. All of our seed still has the seed of the real our father in it. The seed of our creation, our “son” still has all of the father in it. Flesh – humankind became the result of the real incarcerated in the unreal. Perfect light became incarcerated in flesh. The unreal world or “false real” became imaged to the sight of our false minds became the real world to us.

The empirical visible world became reality to us in our thought because we wanted to experience it. We are still experiencing it. A world full of want is what we created; we each created. All of us in each other became the fool, and denied God’s power. We lied to ourselves. A world order evolved out of our wants and chaos creates as it thinks with its own mind, thinking itself into separateness, ever living a lie; the lie that takes from us heaven; us being the creator in the kingdom that knows no separation. Yet at the moment we suffer ambiguity, ego, and the lie of two “deities” we have created.

There is no deity, there is only one who one is, with one mind, who we were, before we created the fall in our want. We created the false real with a mind to experience it.

It’s like each person has two minds that are at enmity, for one is perfectly surrendered to be the Creator, the perfect state of Christ, the anointed divine who is one with what One is: the father, and operates not subject to time space and gravity. The “other” mind loves its existence of separateness, propels its “false real” through its imagery of the real, imaging it, and does everything to maintain its preeminence in the life of self, ego and “self-existence-ship” in thought. For all this exists in thought.

Thoughts create. Thoughts of separation created the appearance and feelings of separation. The ego that we created to serve us in our want, dominated our thinking, and “cut the head off” of the regal real that we were. The whore of separation places its head on our shoulders and tells us the visible empirical is the real world, and continuously eats the seeds of truth that the mind of light gives us. Thus we suffer, and operate in the estrangement from our father that we created ourselves.

Let us return to our father’s house, the house not made with hands, existent as the true temple of God, temple of light, being the life of one. Let us not be “the prodigal son” any longer. Let us arise and see that a feast is prepared for us all! In the skies! For as we return to reality, we operate in it. We surrender to love, to become it. What we become, what we are, and what we do, is all one.

The One we all wait for – is us becoming one-mind’d. To become one-mind’d is to ENTER the ONE that one is. Every person who becomes one-mind’d become one with the mind of God. God and the mind of God is not separate. The mind of God is God. The mind of God is within every person; young and old, men women and children, of every nation tribe and tongue.

When we surrender to becoming The One, we no longer wait on another.

One – is comprised of all who become one. “One” is not limited to “one person”. “One” is all who become one with the one who one is. The One – is many, not separate.

Jesus became the pattern for all of us to become “the one”, “The One”, “THE ONE”! ALL OF US become “the one” that The One is, with no separation between us and what God is. All of God is all who have become one with God. God is one “body” and all of that body is all of us, unless we choose to be separate, remaining in “the fall”.

God’s one “body” is many-membered and all the many members are innumerable, all operating in surrender as equals with the father who gave us himself within us.

The One Minded Man

Jesus was a natural man, a member of mankind, just like you and me and all of us. Yet Jesus learned how to see something others did not see. He learned how to see because he learned to hear the voice of the meekest one of all: the teacher within him. Every one of us have that same teacher within us. Jesus learned how to be still and be taught by that teacher within.

Jesus matured even as a child in being able to distinguish the source of what fed his thoughts. There was the source of thought that ran freely within him that he was born with, that he did not have to discipline or get quiet to hear. In fact that voice reigned supreme in arrogance, impulsiveness, and provided a flow of words and feelings of fear and inadequacy. That voice seemed to be his “normal” voice he was born with.

Jesus learned he also could detect the presence of the teacher that would not teach when he gave place to his arrogant counterpart. The teacher teaches in quietness, and requires simplicity of focus, a stillness, a surrender – to be taught, to listen, and be appreciative. That appreciation required is not a trite “thank you” spoken, the teacher’s words must be valued to the point that the hearer acts upon them. The more the hearer begins to live by the words of the teacher, the more the teacher teaches; and eventually, begins to teach about all sorts of things even way beyond what is visible and empirical.

So when the teacher within began to teach him of another reality that was more real than the one he was growing up in, conflict increased in his mind that he and only he could resolve. He had to be the judge about these things in his mind, and what would rule it. No one can abdicate the responsibility for being the judge of their mind.

As Jesus grew up he had a mind that seemed to operate just like everyone else’s; one that valued looks, money, and social standing; one that wanted respect and acceptance – a mind operated by ego and the people all around him to conform to what they were conforming to.

Jesus also had a mind that operated very differently. As Jesus consistently surrendered to be still and let himself be taught by his father directly from within, Jesus learned who he was, what he had been given, and how to lead. Father taught him in first-person words how to respond to honor as well as abasement; how to heal and raise the dead. Father taught him how to calm the seas and turn the water into wine, and be not deceived by the values of the empirical visible that dominated the thinking existence of others.

Jesus learned to distinguish the truth of this apparent reality versus the truth of the reality his father kept teaching him about. Father continued to teach and Jesus continued to learn and dynamically interact with his father within so that the kingdom of heaven was developed with him. This would become Jesus’ primary message: that the kingdom of heaven, true and real, exists beyond the apparent real, and all that is visible is the “false real”.

Daily and hourly and even continuously he had to make the choice of which voice he would listen to. It’s like each voice had a mind it was connected to, and each voice spoke the words of its mind into the thinking of the one that had two minds operating in it.

The voice of one mind is the accuser of the brethren, that which elevates and exalts self, protects self, provides for self, saves face, seeks recognition and praise, tries to be in control and control others, often surreptitiously with the greatest of subtlety.

The voice of the other mind is the father, the teacher within. Jesus called his father Christ. The name of God the father is christ. The voice of christ the father is innate within us all, just as the voice of the usurper is. The two minds are at enmity with each other.

One voice operates in surrender, without want. The other voice operates in want and exalts control. Control seeks to usurp the voice of surrender, and behead it. Control seeks to be the provider of reality to those who will bow down to it, and be a repeater of it, for it, transmitting it to others. Control grows by placing a creating a governing structure within the mind seeking to govern everything by its words, by its own authority rule and dominion. This places man over man with man controlling man so that Control stays in control by those who love their lives and the love of others more than surrender’s.

Father taught Jesus that father was innate in every person and could not be separated; but that the “false real” thought itself into separation creating it, wanting to create itself and experience its own form of reality, which was not real at all but illusory, an imaged reality; a form of the real.

This was true in Jesus’ day, and true today also. Operating the very same way, we are besieged my messages, words, songs, visual representations that singe us into obliviousness of what we have inside of us; the true truth, of human beings not; but of God.

Jesus learned, not to outgrow his manhood, but to grow into his Godhood. The seed of Jesus’ Godship had to be watered by the process of learning who his true father was. Once he began to surrender to who his real father was, he listened more and more for his father’s voice, that could only be heard inside of him, in his mind.

Jesus gave father’s voice that spoke into his mind preeminence over his natural mind’s voice that told him he was not God and not God’s son. Jesus had to deal with every question that you or I could ever dream up, and he had to settle it for himself, just like we do.

Jesus surrendered to who he was by surrendering to our father’s voice that taught his voice who he was. Day after day Jesus took time to listen to the father of light teach him that he was the light, and that he was the same as his father was, yet he was in a flesh body. Yet our father taught Jesus that Jesus was not to be limited to what he could do in the flesh, because our father has given all the glory power and dominion, to all who surrender to be his son.

It is in this process we go through that leads us into becoming a new creation, a person that experiences the new birth, a moment whereby we are “circumcised” from our flesh and are no longer “sewn” into our bodies. When we experience the new birth we are no longer incarcerated in the false-real. True reality, that of father’s world, we enter, becoming it. We enter the limitless world of our father that limits us not to time space and gravity. The world of our father – is the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus learned that another world exists, a reality that was invisible to the naked eye of the natural man. Jesus learned how to enter reality, and he did. Jesus was the first to experience the new birth that resulted in a new creation; a new creation that was not limited by the molecular world he had been born into as a member of what we call humanity.

Jesus became the firstborn from the dead. We who walk the earth, limited to it, in our flesh bodies, limited to them, are the dead walking around, just like whitewashed tombs, on our way to graves in the earth, unless we learn what Jesus learned. And the way Jesus learned it is the way we must learn. That is the way of true life. We see Jesus as our pattern to become our pattern. THIS is what Jesus wanted us to see and experience.

God our father taught Jesus how to be a one mind’d man. Let us all become as our pattern, a one mind’d person, just like our pattern. Are you one-mind’d? Willing to be so, are you?

The Radical

Jesus became a priest without the approval of anyone.

Jesus did not seek the approval of the religious.

Jesus did not ask for religious ordination.

Jesus taught thousands without the approval of the religious.

Jesus operated completely outside of the religious system.

Jesus became completely uncontrollable.

Jesus spoke – and things happened. His words were performed. He operated with authority that put all rule authority and dominion of this world under his feet; and that included the religious authorities. It still does.

Jesus sought no elevation within other’s eyes. He sought not to be a king in this world, yet taught us that we are all kings and have a kingdom.

Jesus came teaching about a kingdom that you cannot see with eyes of flesh.

Jesus became a picture of the new reality to show us this reality exists for all of us.

Jesus did things that no one had ever done before.

He said things that had never been said before.

He brought love into the world to show us love – but he had to become it first.

Jesus had experienced something else. Jesus had experienced the new birth and therefore he could teach about it and explain what it was and bring metaphors in picture form and word form to help us see, understand, and enter that which he became.

At times he told people the kingdom was all around them and at times he told them the kingdom was inside of them. It was not as though he could not make up his mind, but he was describing something beyond the visible empirical reality that everyone else was experiencing.

Jesus did not limit his thinking to the religious leaders that taught him the law nor even the words of his parents nor those around him who were the learned men of the day. Jesus had a mind and he used it, not to think like others in “conformity-school” but to think outside the bounds and the boundaries of the limited visible standard normal that was portrayed by those he heard speak and teach.

Jesus was not bound by the customs of man. He knew them, he knew them well, for he had diligently studied them and abided as best one could at that time. Jesus learned there was more but he did not make it a doctrine, he was taught by his father that if he learned about the kingdom he would have to become it. This is not something you can believe and receive, it is something you receive by surrender, receiving transformation that allows you to do what Jesus did. This is experiential transcendence at the core level of our being.

Jesus learned to be an explorer. He was not afraid to venture into something that was never seen before. He was not afraid to learn things that he didn’t know. He learned how to become fearless, just like we must. We learn obedience by obedience, by hearing and doing and walking out the word of our father God in us as God speaks and teaches us how God’s world truly is. That is the world we are from, and that is the world we are going to, when we birth it. Entry is dependent upon the new birth into a reality that transcends the visible empirical that we see about us each day. The real true empirical is that which we cannot see with our naked eyes. We must be transformed to be able to see in the real realm that the real world is.

It takes guts to realize that all we have seen and been preoccupied with all our lives is not the real world at all, and neither are we subject to it. It takes guts to become an adventurer and learn that the real has been within us and all around us all this time, yet it was beyond our scope of vision.

Jesus could do many mighty miracles because he had become something other than that which was limited to flesh. He had become it! He had birthed it. There is no other way to become the kingdom except to enter it, and there is no way to enter it except to become it. This requires diligence, tenacity, discipline, and focus, for this is not of man’s world and its doing that brings transcendence.

Radical? Is transcendence radical? Is regeneration radical? Is becoming born again into becoming a new creation that operates without any limitations of this world radical? Is the message that you are a king with a kingdom waiting on you to enter your kingship a radical message?

Jesus was an adventurer, an explorer, a pioneer, a leader, a revolutionary who gave us his life. His life is a pattern for all of us to become one who becomes one that does all he did. And more.

God our father taught Jesus how to be the radical he became. Let us all become as our pattern, a radical person, just like our pattern. Are you a radical?

The Revisionist

When people began to embrace the values of the carpenter from Nazareth, they found they could experience new life in new ways with each other. All of a sudden people were sitting at each other’s kitchen table and sharing with each other’s family and children in meaningful ways that completely transcended the performance of religious custom and cultural separations that existed previously as the norm. A way of life came into being that was not centered around a temple made with hands. The walls of the temple made with hands no longer walled off people from each other. A new value system emerged; one of love based on love, of families to families. Sharing with each other occurred in unprecedented ways. No one was left out.

Life, religious life, family life, all became seamless. Families began to share communion with each other. Sharing the eucharist within family became a family’s joy. No longer need anyone ever look to another. No one has “priestly” rights over another.

The religious set standards of behavior and required many things of people. The religious valued conformity and demanded it of those who wanted to be religious. They codified their requirements into a book and then worshipped the book and its requirements. They expanded their religious systems by proselytizing, and whenever they got a convert they placed all of their requirements on the new convert, burdening the new convert with loads of guilt if they did not operate pleasingly to the religious leaders and their worshipped law book. They still do.

Jesus was not stymied by the religious and their law books. He knew their books. Jesus had a excellent working knowledge of the books of the law. He had studied them and referenced them often in his conversations with others. But Jesus did not just repeat the interpretations of those books that the religious espoused. Jesus learned how to discern what was truth and what was man’s interpretation. Jesus went way beyond the law books of his day. He transcended the law of the “laws” and those who supposedly had the authority to interpret for him. He went into the heart of his father for his father to teach him. And what Jesus learned, he became.

Jesus learned that the heart of God could not be limited by a book or by law or custom. Jesus learned that the heart of God was within him! The entire kingdom of God was within him, and it was within every other person in the universe also! Since the heart of God was the revelation of God, and the revelation of God is the revelation of the kingdom of God, Jesus taught about the kingdom of God so that people would begin to understand, talk about, and experience the kingdom of God in the here and now. Jesus gave us his life as the pattern for us to do this, by becoming this, by entering it and establishing it, here, and now.

Jesus revised the deeply established interpretation of “the law”. The religious could quote from the “law books” but Jesus taught us that performing the requirements of that book was not the heart of God at all, and gave us multiple instances where he said, “you have heard it said … but I tell you …”

Jesus was going beyond the letter of the law, revising the understanding of “the law” for all time! When Jesus stated “but I tell you”… he dealt with what goes on in the minds of people, and told us it was more important than the performance of external ritualistic requirements imposed upon man by “the law”. The “law” was never God’s heart.

Jesus showed us that knowing the living God did not come by adherence to a book of laws, or adherence to a set of doctrines. It still doesn’t.

Jesus brought revision to key vocabulary terms.

Jesus brought revision to the definition of “son”. Jesus redefined who the son of GOD is, for he included all peoples in the same category as himself. The Bible records that Jesus often referred to himself as the “son of man” to emphasize the fact that he was just like all other mankind.

Jesus brought revision to the definition of “father”. Jesus told us to call no man on earth father, that we all have one father and our father is God. The bible records Jesus telling other people that his father was the same as their father.

Jesus brought revision to the definition of “one”. When he said “I and the father are one” he spoke of what seemed to be two entities in one being. Jesus thus defined the father is in the son. They were both one, and not separate at all. Jesus prayed in John 17 that we all will be one in “them” just as they were in each other. See that as happening and see that “they” are still one even after we enter them, for “them” is us, whenever “us” is them who “one” are. So revision has taken place of the definition of “one”. “One” is no longer singular, it is plural. One is singular and one is plural.

When we are one with the son we are one with the father for they are not separate at all. You are not separate from God your father. Religion often says God is not YOUR father and YOU are not one with your father. Religion tries to insert itself between and your father and cut off your father’s voice, for religion wants to be God’s voice to you. It still does.

Jesus revealed all this. A radical revolutionary revises many things that religious see as sacred and inviolable.

Jesus brought revision to how we should make decisions. His decision-making system rested entirely upon the words of his father. Jesus brought forth the word of his father within him to be one no longer dependent on the words of the mind he was born with that did not feed him father’s words. In him was the word of God and he learned how to hear, so this revised his decision making system.

Jesus did not judge by what he could see with his eyes or by what he could hear with his ears. Jesus’ decision making system became wholly guided by the release of the words of his father within him. This is what Jesus spoke of when he said we all are to learn to live not by bread alone, but by every word of God.

God our father taught Jesus how to be the revisionist he became. Let us all become as our pattern and revise the false to reveal the real. Are you willing?

The Reformer

Normal religion then was exactly like normal religion today.

Religion had its various sects with their places of worship. The religious sought to collect monies from their followers to operate their places of worship. The places of worship that the religious established was where “worship” was to take place. The places of worship were often designated as “God’s” house, or a “sacred” temple or place.

The doctrines and protocols of operation of those “places of worship” were strictly controlled interpreted and distributed only by those of “religious authority”. Those “in authority” of those temples were more important than those who came into them to worship. Those in authority of those temples often required people who came to worship God to worship the religious leaders by bowing down, kissing their rings or feet.

The religious set levels of authority where they could control who did what when in the operation of their religion. All of this simply served to insert religion between God and mankind. Religion establishes its own authority to control others, and the way it does this is to assert it has the authority of God.

Religion asserts that it is the way to God. Religion proclaims itself as “the protector” of “the way” to God by inserting itself over mankind. Most religions consider themselves as divinely inspired, thinking they have wisdom others do not.

Religion exercises its self-acclaimed authority to determine what writings represent and support their cause. Religion tries to reduce knowing God to a doctrinized formula and set of writings. Some even call certain writings holy, inerrant, or infallible.

Religion values hierarchy. Religion establishes haves and have nots. Who the “haves” are, and who the “have nots” are, is established by titles. Religion uses labels as prophet, pastor, teacher, ordained, licensed; simply using its bureaucratic labels as its mean to control its exclusiveness.

Religion also establishes the haves from the have-nots by dress. The “haves” dress in certain special robes, wear starched collars, place ornaments on their heads as special headdresses. The effect of all of this is to bring honor to the “special” “haves” by the have-nots.

The religious are arrogant. The religious love – conditionally.

Religion values the “big givers”, the one who give the most money. Those who can donate big get special treatment, special gifts, special meetings arranged, special meals, special things that the “common” never see or experience. The “special” sit in “special” places, both in the temple, and at the special meetings.

The religious elevate themselves rather than giving their life for others.

Normal religion then was exactly like normal religion today. The robes and headdresses may have changed in colors and fabrics, but the intent of those who wear them – has that changed? The titles and labels of who can do what when, is that any different now than in Jesus day? Or is the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” more prevalent than ever?

Religion was never God’s heart, it still isn’t. The practices, procedures, and protocols listed above dissolve in the presence of love.

When Jesus began to reveal the values of God the religious sought only to kill him. Will it be any different today?

Some religions preach with great zeal the return of Jesus today. Who will welcome the power of God in a man or woman today? Who will welcome the glory of God in people that bring the glory of God to the common people? Who will welcome now those who heal multitudes, yet reveal the hearts of the religious?

Jesus did not reveal the kingdom of God through religion. The love of God did not come through “the church” then. Will it now? Or will the established authorities of the religious today continue to proclaim their doctrines as “the way” to God and assert their self-proclaimed authority to proclaim that which does not come through them as heresy?

Jesus did not try to reform religion. Jesus went to the “the lost sheep of the house of Israel”. True Israel is not molecular. The lost sheep are us who are molecular.

Jesus message to “the lost sheep of the house of Israel” was that there is a kingdom, a kingdom that is unseen that is more real than the one we see around us and think we live in. Jesus revealed to us a reality superior to the molecular, superior to what mankind can control, superior to the way mankind thinks and operates. This superior reality is the kingdom of God. God lives in God’s kingdom. The kingdom of God is within every person, and all around us, but we have been unable to see it because we wanted to control it. We wanted to be superior in it. We wanted to be acknowledged for who we are as something separate and apart from God, rather than having the kingdom of God within us and birthing it.

Jesus became the great reformer, but not by reforming religion; Jesus replaced it. Jesus let the nature of man be crucified so that God arose, from man. Through man, God arose, when man crucified the nature of man. God and man are one, and when we crucify the nature of mankind, we arise as our pattern did. We arise into what our pattern did. We arise into the real, that which cannot be denied us by man or religion or anything in this world.

What is it that is getting crucified? Our soul. Our soul is our “common nature” that gets crucified on the cross of salvation. This is not something that “someone else” did for us. We each must tend to this ourselves. We are the judge and jury over these matters. For where we become matterless and enter the kingdom of heaven is solely our decision isn’t it? It is, completely.

The soul of man is that which feeds words to the mind. The soul feeds the mind with words that concretize reality all around us; reality that appears to be the visible empirical world of importance, that gives us breath and nurtures us on a “planet”.

We cannot follow our pattern by a decision. This is not conceived by a decision, but a process. There is maturing process that we must enter whereby our father teaches us. There is no maturity out of the kingdom of this world without our father teaching us directly exactly like our father taught our brother Jesus. Our brother Jesus? We are one family and every person on earth is our brother and our sister. God is the father of us all.

We all have exactly the same father. Reader hearer, your father is God. There is but one God that has one family and all in our family are equal. There is no hierarchy in our family. There are no labels in our family. There is no inclusiveness or exclusiveness. There are no protocols that separate us from all of us operating in the full complete authority of the most high who conceived us.

God and man are one. Let us follow Jesus our pattern. Let each one of us crucify our soul, the nature of our flesh, to surrender to experience the resurrection. We experience the resurrection when the incarnate word of God is birthed, with our flesh “experience” limiting us no more. We thus become – who we were at the beginning.

And this – re forms everything.

The reformer is re forming that which we understand to be real, and to enter it.

The reformer is re forming our values and how we think about relationships and religion and living our lives with each other.

The re former is reforming our definition of one, where “one” is both singular and plural; and that the one that is both singular and plural is the many-member’d one.

The re former reveals you as the re former.

God our father taught Jesus how to be the re former he became. Let us all become as our pattern, a reformer. Are you willing to become a reformer?

The Priest

Jesus did not reform the existing priesthood, he made it of no effect. Jesus completely changed the priesthood! Forever!

Jesus changed how one becomes a priest. Prior to Jesus, priests became priests by their lineage. It was by their ancestry that priests became priests. Jesus changed all that by becoming a priest not by the lineage of flesh, but by surrender to who his father who taught him how.

That is how we become a priest, just exactly like Jesus did.

Jesus became a priest by becoming the words of his father. The incarnate word of Christ that Jesus father is, Jesus birthed, becoming it.

We do exactly the same, as our pattern Jesus did. That’s what Jesus is: our pattern. The incarnate word of Christ that your father is, is inside of you reader hearer. It is up to us to receive the teachings of the Christ within to bring to the birth the truth that cannot be shut up within books buildings doctrines denominations or religions.

Nothing can control the words of God your father being received by you, for the words of your father are spoken internally into your mind. Since no one outside of you can control this process, the religious fear it and often fight it and call it heresy.

Jesus completely changed the priesthood. With the revelation of Jesus our pattern, every person, every man woman and child can now become a priest, taught by God directly! All the power on earth cannot stop or prevent any man woman or child from being taught by God directly.

No authority can limit the revelation of God in any sincere person of humility who surrenders to be taught directly by God’s voice into their mind. Every person has the authority to hear almighty god. Thus no credentials from an outside source are ever needed. All credentialing authorities from an outside source are made of no effect.

What kind of priest can all peoples everywhere become without the authority of man? The kind that operate in the true tabernacle, the true sanctuary of God, in the temple not made with hands.

Where is the true sanctuary of God that is not made with hands? Inside of you. Thus no one can control your priesthood. Your priestship is dependent not on man’s authority structures of this world, but that which is eternal in the heavens. That which is eternal in the heavens is that which is the true you, that you surrender to be.

You become a priest by surrender, and no one anywhere can prevent your surrender to be the priest in the priesthood that Jesus our pattern revealed. Jesus revealed the Priesthood of All Believers.

The Priesthood of All Believers was born through the pattern of a life that was given for us to become as our pattern. The life of Jesus shows us that true priesthood is open to all peoples everywhere of every nation tribe and tongue.

The Priesthood of All Believers is the priesthood comprised of all who release the words of the father, God our father, in them, to be in “real time” the priests that “serve the temple” not made with hands. The temple not made with hands is the temple inside of you.

Surrender brings forth the hearing of the words of God inside your temple not made with hands. The words of God will teach you how to operate in your priesthood and birth your life before others as our pattern did.

What does God serve us in the true sanctuary of the temple not made with hands? The word that he is. He gives us his word, by giving us his words; for he is his word. As we eat the word of truth at the table of the surrendered, the most meekest of all teaches us; and at some point, the teacher will instruct us to begin giving the words he has given us, to others. The internal priesthood of truth always brings forth truth to others, thus birthing leadership in ways that are inextricable to surrender.

Our followership in following our pattern births our leadership. But at that point, we, just like our pattern, seek not to make of ourselves any reputation in other people’s eyes, but only to fulfill the word of that which we’ve become. A priest is a leader, so there is no one that is excluded from leadership ever again. Leadership that is birthed in surrender becomes seamless with followership that follows the will of the father, our father who God is, that allows him to bring us into his sanctuary that is within us, and allow him to place us on his throne, as one, being one in one, no longer separate as powerless individuals of humanity seeking identity of another.

A priest of the most high God becomes a priest by surrendering to the true lineage of the priest that makes all equal. This priesthood that was promised to all peoples everywhere.

Jesus was a common man and walked a path that let no one deceive him from his mission of revealing who he was, and that he and his father were one. That’s what a priest does, isn’t it? Reveal to others that they and their father are one, and give us the words that their father gave to them; so that all will hear the words of our one father and become one with the words that prepare us all to be priests in the priestship of the most high.

All can hear the words of God directly into their mind and become the priests that operate in the priestship of the firstborn. No one can deny us this privilege, for it is given to all of us by God our father.

Jesus changed what priests do. Jesus is the pattern. Jesus birthed the incarnate word that was with him, and gave all of us the words that father gave him in that process.

What do priests do now? Birth the living word of God that is incarnate within them, just as Jesus did. Priests do this by bringing the word of The New Covenant out from The New Covenant that is within them, to give The New Covenant to others, so that they will birth The New Covenant also, that’s within them. For all of us become one who surrender to be the living word and speak it, share it, creating with it the healing that must come to everyone.

No one needs to be perfect in anyone else’s eyes to do this. This is begun by surrender and it’s completed in surrender. This is a process we surrender to, whereby we let the living word flow out of our mouths, through our pens, through our means of flowing it; and as we flow it, becoming it. As we let the living word within come out, it begins to change us by transforming us into the “likeness” of the words we give birth to.

Letting God speak unedited through us is transformational. Letting God speak to us is one thing; letting God speak through us is another. The priesthood our pattern birthed was that the priest and the word became one. God creates with the word of God. A priest becomes the life flow of the flow of life within, not separate from it.

Thus no longer does a priest rely on scripts of other’s words to become qualified to do what a priest does. No longer does a priest become a priest by subscribing to a doctrine or religion. No longer can a priest become priest of God by anything external; it is by the birthing of the living word of The New Covenant within, and this is always a process. This is a process of creation. No one can deny this process to the creator, for no one can control the creator who will create it. You are the creator and you create this process by surrendering to enter it and bring it forth.

Priests of God operate in every profession, every vocation, and permeate every aspect of society. Priests of God birth the heaven that is within them, becoming it, and because they’ve become it, it comes through them in whatever processes they engage. Their doing is not separate from their being, for the Living New Covenant is seamless with our word. Thus our being is no longer made subservient to our doing, but our doing comes out of our being, our being who we are. And who are we? The people that God has taught directly, teaches directly, and continues, with no end.

Let us all become as our pattern became. Our pattern was a common man of flesh that became a priest. Let us all become priests in the Priesthood of All Believers. No one can deny you this privilege. It is secured for you. Our pattern established it for us to become it for others. Let us now mature, walking through the experience of our pattern, to become as he is.

God our father taught Jesus how to be the priest he became. Let us all become as our pattern, a priest, that operates just like our pattern. Are you willing now to become a priest like our pattern?

The King

A king has a kingdom. If a king has a kingdom established by the authority of man, man can later take that kingdom away. If a king has a kingdom established by the authority of God, no man can take that kingdom away.

Jesus let the words of our father teach him that he had a kingdom and he was a king, and his kingdom was not “of” this world or this world’s authority base. The kingdom that had been given Jesus transcended the visible empirical, and was even more real than that which we see around us in the kingdom of this world. In fact, Jesus let father teach him that this world is not the real world at all. True reality is where the kingdom is because true reality is what the kingdom is. Jesus learned that father God had given him the kingdom that father was, the kingdom of true reality.

Jesus learned that his kingdom was inside of him. His kingdom came not from outside of him, but within him. When he birthed what was inside of him, he would become a new creation, one that would be a king in the kingdom of the true real. As a king in his kingdom of the true real, he would then operate seamlessly in his kingdom of the true real and the kingdom of the visible empirical that some call the kingdom of this world.

The reason for being seamless in the “two kingdoms” is to allow the false kingdom of the molecular world to see the patternship of how to enter the true real, and be kings together in a oneship where all kings together form the one king that God the father is.

Seeing Jesus as our pattern rather than being the one “Savior”, let us understand that the savior that Jesus became was showing us the pattern to do what he did, all becoming that which he became, all entering the true real to be the savior to all saviors, to all be one, in the true real that true reality really is.

Jesus had to learn how to manifest the real, rather than the unreal.

Jesus had to learn how to operate in the authority of the true real, not the authority of man.

Jesus learned that operating in the authority of the true real, he was not limited to that which appeared as reality all around him. All the reality around him that posed as reality was not the true reality at all, it was a counterfeit, as it is today for us here.

It was the authority of God that gave Jesus a kingdom, thus no one could take it away from him, yet Jesus had to become that which he was. Jesus had to mature. Jesus had to learn leadership to learn how to become a king. He had to learn followership to learn leadership. He became the master of both that gives us the pattern for us to do likewise.

All of us have been given a kingdom. This is a true place of actual existence and operates not according to the authorities of man, but the authority of God. The kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of God, and that is our true kingdom that we are to operate in. We were never meant to be limited to the scope of this world.

Every person on earth is given a kingdom. We are all called to kingship. We are all called to be kings that form the king of all true reality. And all true reality transcends all the false authorities of the kingdoms of this visible empirical world.

Jesus said “I confer on you a kingdom, just as my father conferred one on me” (Luke 22:29). That kingdom that was given Jesus is true, tangible, and transcendent of the laws of this planetary system. The kingship that we are all given is a kingdom in the heavenlies. But for us to enter it and rule in it, we must become a new creation, not subject to time space or gravity.

This is what Jesus did. Jesus became the firstborn from the dead, becoming the first one to become born again, becoming the first new creation. This is how he did the works that he did. He did the miracles he did to show us how the kingdom that we all have been given operates!

In the kingdom of heaven there is no finiteness, no lack, no mammon, no needs at all that we know as flesh people. Our kingdom is not of this world, but we establish our kingdom in this world, but not subject to the laws in it. What we bring forth here IN this world, is the kingdom we have been given, that heaven is, that operates transcendently. This is our kingdom we have all been given to rule and reign in, as equals, in the most perfect surrender that makes all “as we are”, not; but all of us “being one”, the one that one really is.

The language of our kingdom is not limited to the language standards of the world’s languages. We are not limited to the definitions that have evolved in this world. We are not limited at all, and it is this unlimitedness that we must come into to do the works that Jesus told us we must do. How do we do them? We surrender to let them come through us. We surrender to bring the new birth to all, being the pattern as our pattern was.

The revelation of the kingdom being conferred upon you, is that the king’s desire is to let every person become who the king is.

The revelation of the kingdom given you is that all rule as equals, for all rule as one, that one actually is. All power in heaven and earth is given to each and every person, but it can only be birthed by surrender that becomes one with the true one that one is in reality’s field of glory. For we have all been given the same glory as Jesus.

Thus the kingdom that we are given as kings is not subject to metes and bounds of a system that considers earth dirt as the principle reality of life.

Jesus had entered his rest. He had ceased from his own labors. He entered the works done by his father before the foundation of the world.

Jesus had no authority other than what we have. Jesus had the power of surrender, as we all do. Jesus learned that as he surrendered what seemed to be the power and authority he had as a flesh person, he could hear his father giving words into his mind. Jesus surrendered to this learning process to learn of his father’s kingdom within him, and that father had given him all of his kingdom. But it was not handed to him on a “silver platter” as to an immature babe.

Jesus had to learn to grow in the things that his father was teaching him.

Father taught Jesus how to be a son.

Father taught Jesus how to be a priest.

Father taught Jesus how to be a king.

God our father taught Jesus how to be the king he became. Let us all become as our pattern, a king, just like our pattern. Are you willing to enter the process of becoming as our pattern?

The Educator

Jesus was an educator. Jesus revealed to us the heart of our father, and our father is a teacher. In fact, our father is THE Teacher. When we surrender to letting our primary teacher be our father, our system of education will become completely unlimited and not dependent on man or systems of man. It will not be dictated by man nor man’s institutions. It will not be dictated by intellectual ability. It will not be dictated by money or what one can afford. The system of education that Jesus learned by, and revealed to all of us, is outside of the control of man.

No authority anywhere can prevent this system of education from taking place in any person who chooses to engage it. It is completely uncontrollable by others, for this system of learning engages the mind of man with the mind of our father who God is.

This system of learning lets God our father speak into our minds to teach us. God who is unlimited and formless will teach us how we actually exchange hearts with God so that the fullness of God’s reality becomes our reality, not separate from God’s.

This system of learning is one that releases the life of the Creator to interact and bring forth an interexchange of creativity experientially. This is not something we experience vicariously as an “add-on” to our life separate and apart from our existence. This is a system of learning that takes place in us, not apart from God, but entering into that which God is. When we begin to enter that which God is, we release God within us to teach us. God will teach us about all things if we let God speak into our mind.

This process occurs inside of us. Our pattern revealed that every person of every nation tribe and tongue can experience this teaching by the teacher who God is. No person exists outside of God, for it is within God that we live and move and have our being.

Jesus the educator experienced this process of education to find out who he was and how to enter the kingdom of God before he went to the cross. This is how he could give us the revelation of this educational process – he had experienced it!

The educational process that Jesus became completely transcends the acquisition and mastery of information, and brings about a transformation of the mind that allows us to learn exponentially. Instead of being bound to always learning “line by line” and “precept by precept” in the systems of man-controlled institutions, this system of learning allows the “birthing” of complete “systems of information” within us.

This system of learning that Jesus the educator revealed to us was what he experienced and gave to us the knowledge of so we will experience it. Experiencing this process is to experience The New Covenant.

The New Covenant is a process, an educational system that will teach us all things, helping us become one-minded, operate in the priesthood of the Almighty as kings who have entered the kingdom of God in the here and now; not after we die.

The operation of The New Covenant is not something to be mastered. It can only be entered by surrender. When The New Covenant is released within us to be our primary educational system, we begin to experience a process that transforms us into being what The New Covenant is. We become it. It becomes part of us, not; it becomes the whole of us as we let the Teacher create the Creator within us, not separate from, but being completely that which we have surrendered to.

Jesus the pattern gave us the pattern for education. Jesus became it. To experience it is to become it. To become it, we give it to others; for it is in becoming this educational process that we experience it, and in experiencing it we create it for others who will experience it and become it.

This is how it works, for the very process of experiencing it creates for others. None of us experience this process in isolation. We all need each other for what we create within ourselves we create for others. None of us exist alone. What we are creating within ourselves we are creating in others.

In this system of education where we let our father God teach us about all things, we will be taught about all things that we let the teacher teach us about. We are not limited. We can enquire of our teacher about matters unimaginable and receive training and instruction as become what the instructor is giving us. The information which we learn this way exists within us not separate and apart from us, but we become one with it, that which all truth is. And AllTruth will teach us about all things. Alltruth will teach us about mechanics, quantum physics, the composition of materials and matter, geometry and calculus, medicine, government, and leadership.

Nations will be led now by ones who let the teacher teach who within them is, the one who loves all and brings all into the truth of one. The educational system that taught Jesus all that he learned, experienced, and became; he gave to us, to learn experience and become, and give to others.

God our father taught Jesus how to become an educator. Let us all become as our pattern, an educator, just like our pattern. Will you?

The Perfect

Jesus became perfect; Jesus became perfect because he began to experience perfection. That perfection was within him and had a voice. That perfection was father, our father, for we all have the same father. And our father has a voice that speaks into our mind.

Jesus became perfect when he entered perfection. Jesus entered perfection when he became born again, experiencing the new birth, becoming a new creation that was no longer subject to “the basic principles” of this world and all its beggarly elements that place men and women into layers of each other’s authoritarian judgments and dependent on money and molecules.

Perfection is that which is sinless.

Perfection is the existence of our father.

Perfection is perfect love.

Jesus entered perfection and experienced sinlessness, existence of oneship with our father, who perfect love is.

There is only one sin, that of being separate from our father. No one can separate us from our father, except us. Religion often teaches us that we are separate from God and leads us into the sin of separation that they say they are redeeming us from.

The savior that you need is already within you, it was born in you when you were born. When you become born again you birth it, for it births you. When you and it become one you become a new creation that enters the sinless perfection that God is and exists in. We do not enter that as flesh, but as that which has become perfect, just as Jesus our pattern did.

Jesus revealed the perfect to us by becoming that which perfect is, to show us that the way is made clear. When we become a new creation we become perfect, not separate from God, no longer creating a separate existence from God, no longer thinking we need an external savior. We realize then that all religion was futile, for no religion could make anyone perfect or lead anyone into perfection to become sinless.

Jesus our pattern died to all the visible empirical world and all the words of mankind to let the voice of God teach him that sinless perfection was within him, yet he still had to birth it through the process of becoming it. To become it he had to learn it and to learn it he had to become it.

That same sinless perfection is already within every person of every nation tribe and tongue.

As we surrender to the revelation that Jesus is our pattern instead of our savior, we can enter the patternship of one who became sinless perfection for us to also experience the fullness of God’s mind in ours, so that we are renewed and become one, not subject to the laws of sin and death anymore ever again.

The law cannot make anyone perfect, but the truth can; and the truth can only be entered in surrender. Surrender is the key to truth coming forth in us to teach us all things and become as our pattern became: one with father, not separate at all. At that point we will have entered the same sinless perfection and be perfect as Jesus was, fulfilling Jesus’ request to us: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48).

God our father taught Jesus how to become perfect. Let us all become as our pattern, a perfect person, just like our pattern. Are you ready?

The Pattern

Seeing Jesus as our pattern, instead of an external savior, allows us to transcend religion and come into the patternship of he who became one with his father. Coming into this patternship allows you and me to become one with our father. Jesus’ father is my father and your father. All of us have the same father.

The patternship of Jesus gives us the way to become one with our father, who God is, as Jesus did. When we become one with God our father we will have become one that also says truthfully what Jesus said, “I and my father are one.”

The way – that Jesus had become one with God the father, was that they had become one mind. There was no separation between the two minds. Jesus had let the mind of God his father become his mind completely; so completely, that Jesus let father teach him that he was the Christ and would redeem others by giving them the truth by giving them his life as a pattern.

How was Jesus to redeem others? By living the pattern of becoming one with God his father, letting all know we have the same father. Jesus did not give us religion, doctrine, creeds, nor did he place anyone or anything between us and God our father. He did not place himself between us and God our father, but quite the opposite! Jesus life became his message and his message was that we and God our father are one and the same, if we surrender.

What are we “giving up” when we surrender? Our separation from God our father. Seeing Jesus as the pattern for every person in existence allows all of the “prodigal sons” to return to father’s house, a house not made with hands, that exists within each of us.

This allows us to become the priest in our temple that we have within us, first and foremost, becoming intimate with the real kingdom of God that God our father placed in every person.

Maturity begins to occur at an exponential rate when we enter the patternship of Jesus. No longer do we rely on men and women to “feed” us “truth” that they have processed through their mind to bring us a “message”. No longer do we let religion place Jesus or anything else between us and God our father. The intimacy of relationship with our father begins to be formed again in a formlessness that transcends the authorities of this world.

The intimacy of that relationship flourishes as we let the voice of our father within us teach us – this is the operation of The New Covenant. Each of us birth The New Covenant by becoming it, and become it by releasing it inside of us to teach our mind about the one mind that our father is. This process reveals love to us that we had within us all the time that we never realized. We had not birthed it.

Religion implanted with us a need for a savior external to us to escape hell and enter heaven after we die, and made us “twice as much a son of hell”. When we let our father God teach us about God and who we are and who he is, everything becomes changed. We learn from The Intimate One that Religion changed everything to make religion important in the eyes of Itself. The Intimate One who is within us all is the beauty of heaven, the word incarnate within each of us, teaching us now that we not separate and limited to flesh bodies of this world, but that we are to mature into the patternship of Jesus to do the works that he did, and even greater.

This does not take away from Jesus’ role or his importance, but quite the opposite! It elevates it to the point of raising the head of our father with one mind, being it; no longer separating from it.

The patternship of Jesus dethrones doctrine, religion, and myth.

Jesus was the most radical revolutionary of all time.

When we understand the simple words of Jesus when he said “follow me”, we can all enter his patternship while we are living in the here and now, no longer spectators in an existence that is always looking for another “to come”.

“Follow me” now places you at the center of what you had hoped another would do for you. You must make some hard choices, or will they be easy? Or, who are you? Are you something other than the heart of God your father? What are you willing to learn about? What are you willing to learn? Are you willing to learn enough to become that which you learn about so that you birth something brand new into the earth, something that pure love is? So that your love reveals to all others that they also have carried the seed of pure love within them, and that they must mature to birth it also; and if they do, they will, in the process, drink of the well that never runs dry. The well of truth runs deep within every person; a person of wisdom will draw it out and drink of the river of truth that is supplied by The New Covenant, the New Covenant relationship that exists for all of us to know our father and enter the Kingdom of Heaven right now, operating in a priesthood and kingship that knows no end.

I and my father are one – a reality that transcends all – becomes yours. Love independent of hate, abundance independent of lack, power independent of powerlessness, priestship now independent of religious authority, kingship now independent of time space and gravity – all this and more – awaits us; awaits our decision to surrender to study to become it. Will we wait for another, or will be become what our pattern became?

Wait not – the time is now. Amen.

Jesus was a leader

Jesus was not born a leader, he learned it.

Jesus was not born a priest, he became a priest.

Jesus was not born knowing he was a king with a kingdom, he had to be taught it.

Jesus learned no one has authority over love. Love was and is, the greatest power on earth; anywhere, in fact. Nuclear power has nothing on love, for nuclei cannot construct love or destroy it. But love constructs new worlds.

If you are a person of love, you are not powerless. Love change things, because love is a creator, and creators are always creating. Love is dynamic. Love is never static. Love learns, ever sharing. Love is a fountain that cannot be damned nor dammed. No selfishness exists in love. Love freely gives of itself to communicate and create.

Love has no fear of learning new things and laying aside that which is no longer true, for truth is constantly revealing itself in love; for love and truth are not separate. Love reveals truth and truth reveals love and both are ever flowing in limitless supply to all who will drink freely.

If you are a person of love, ignorance cannot restrain you to remain in its constituency. Those who love ignorance often try terribly hard to convince you to believe as they do, and remain under their leadership, or should we call that control?

Leadership invests in love. Leadership brings forth love. Leadership that does not bring forth love only uses others for selfish purposes.

Love that does not bring forth leadership and free it to mature, is immature; or not love at all, but counterfeit. Love brings forth leadership.

Love must be taught and leadership must be learned. Love birthed must mature. Leadership birthed must mature.

Love and leadership are inextricably linked and both bring forth each other, unequal not. The more we love the less we fear learning new things, going new places, entering into processes that we become ready to experience.

Your leadership development process is important. The more you see Jesus as the pattern for your life them more you will be walking out of a belief system perpetuated for 2,000 years. You will no longer accept the stores of the past as true, truth. You will learn to think for yourself. You must investigate, explore, and decide for yourself what you believe. This requires maturity. This requires you to do things you have never done. This requires you to ask questions about that which you have never questioned before. The life of an explorer is filled with challenges, and – the new.

Jesus’ love and his leadership became inextricable, for he laid down his life as a pattern for us all to enter it, that we may be one with it, where he is, being, not separate. Maturity is required for leadership. Maturity is required for love. We have known neither that satisfies the requirement that they be equal, except in our pattern. We begin as a child, just like Jesus.

Following Jesus develops leadership that will develop leadership and let it free leadership in all others. Following Jesus develops love that develops that will love all others to become lovers. Love defined: no greater love than this exists, that one will lay down their life for the sake of another. No fear exists in love. Perfect love creates leadership that creates love.

If you have read Jesus the Pattern -1 you may have already had to deal with well-meaning people that want to keep you in the protocols, practices, and chains of past thought. Fear not those who do not understand. Everyone decides anew – now.

Jesus is our pattern.

Learning to see love in action

Let us now continue to open our eyes to a bigger picture of the life of Jesus, and in doing so, see the pattern he gave us so we can do as he did, becoming what he became.

See Jesus?

See Jesus the rebel.

See Jesus the radical.

See Jesus the reformer.

See Jesus the revisionist.

See Jesus the revolutionary.

See Jesus the educator.

See Jesus the priest.

See Jesus the king.

See Jesus the perfect.

See Jesus the lover.

See Jesus the leader.

How did love birth? Love birthed love, and love taught Jesus how to live, love, and lead, giving us the pattern for each of our lives.

The greatest lover is our father. Father exists in love, and love is not limited to time space or gravity. Love is not limited to rules, nor authority thought divine, associated as such by other. Love gives love to equal be. There are no inequalities in love, but love must mature in it, the fullness thereof. There is no ego in love. There is no id, no lid, no hoops others must jump through. Love is not conditioned. Unconditional love must be learned, from the master lover, our father, who lives before all of us a life that says “all that I have is thine”.

Unconditional love is the order of the day. The day is now, and everything is new, understanding Jesus is our pattern that reflects our father’s heart exactly; for he became it, not separate from it. And Jesus is our pattern, so we do likewise. Like Jesus learned, so must we.

To live not like we have lived in the past, we must do new things. We must see things in new light having our eyes open to see them, recognize, learn and mature. Maturity is required now like never before. Complacency can saturate us no more. Control is no more the order of the day; love is. Where love is, surrender ensues, naturally. Pure love reaps love, for love has no ego.

Love flows equally among those who will flow it, motivated by nothing else. We no longer make ourselves of any reputation. Understanding our pattern, we become it. Let us enter the patternship of one.

Learning how to lead

Leadership development begins with you. Your leadership of you begins with you, and you are responsible to you. You determine your tenacity, your focus, and whether you will learn to still your mind to hear the voice of the real within you. You determine your goals and how you spend your time. No one can control your mind but you, regardless of what vocation or responsibilities you may have or be subject to. In other words, you cannot abdicate your leadership development to another nor blame another for it. Your mind is yours and what you do with it now will determine everything from here on in, differently, than in the past.

Leaders develop leaders. Controllers develop controllers. Where are you worshipping, or leading, or following? Where are you being led, what into becoming?

To learn how to lead, one must learn how to learn. Learning how to learn, learning is accelerated by love, and love is exponentially grown by the meek. The meekest of all is the teacher within, who has a very soft voice.

Jesus learned that he was connected to two different sources of words. But Jesus consistently sought to “still” that mind fed by essence of “other”

And he had that voice which told him reality was what he saw all around him and what he was experiencing daily with people all around him.

He was born with the fullness of God within him as a “child” that began to teach him of another reality that was more real than the one he was growing up in. And he had that voice which told him reality was what he saw all around him and what he was experiencing daily with people all around him.

The essence of every person is the fullness of the Godhead bodily before flesh forms on them.

Christ is measureless, and cannot be “chopped up” into little pieces. Every piece has the whole, and the whole is made of every piece. Thus every person has the full mind of Christ within them. The mind of Christ can only be understood in surrender, and in surrender to it, it is developed and matured and becomes the preeminent provider of words.

Jesus had to learn this for he was not born without an ego. The voice of love is not heard consistently without meekness. It is not controlled by want or need.

Before the mind of christ is matured within you to be preeminent provider of communication, a structure of neuronal connections form a set of images within you to control what you provide to others, and think on. Perceptual neurons interpret “reality” to us, perceiving what we see as “real” to us. Jesus did not do this, for long. He learned how to learn, directly from within, where his father the teacher taught.


Jesus learned, not to outgrow his manhood, but to grow into his Godhood. He learned how to relinquish the false real, for the real. He entered the kingdom of the real, true reality, that which the kingdom of heaven is, before death; giving us the example to follow him, becoming seamless also. Entering that world of the real, true, does not preclude us from operating in the false real to continue to reveal to our brothers and sister the real so they will enter it also. Making us no longer dependent on this world for anything, this changes everything.

Jesus became a radical revolutionary, the most radical revolutionary of all time. In fact, he became the first to enter into something new, that he gave us the pattern for: transcendence. Jesus became the first transcendent man. The transcendent man became sinless, perfect, for he entered perfection, becoming it. It had only one mind.

Jesus was the first molecular person to transcend time space and gravity by becoming the first person ever to become born again while living. When a person becomes “born again” they become a new creation in reality that is not limited by time space or gravity. They become sinless and perfect just like Jesus did, by entering that which is sinless and perfect.

To become born again is to become perfect, for we enter perfection. To become a new creation we become sinless, for we enter sinlessness. Sinless perfection is existence not separate from God. This is what Jesus entered and became it. To become it you enter it. “It” and you become one, just as Jesus did. What “it” is, is the kingdom of heaven. When we enter the Kingdom of Heaven before we die in the flesh, we thus follow our pattern into where he is; a disciple that has become as his master.

Every word of truth about who we are who God is, places ego on the Cross.

Each of us are “the one” to birth the Christ. Christ is our father, not a flesh man. All of us are THE CHRIST when we surrender to be not separate from our father. The seed of our father is within all of us from birth. That is why we need a “new” birth, to be “born again” so that we “bring forth” to the birth that which was within us all the time!

That which is within each of us will teach us about “that which is”, which is I AM, so that each one of us will birth the Christ into sinless perfection again becoming the one mind’d person. All of this revelation comes forth in surrender. Surrender is the prerequisite to experiencing The New Covenant, for The New Covenant births the real; that which we were, becoming again.

The patternship of the Christ is the patternship of Jesus that gave us the pattern for all of us ENTER IT!

Jesus became the one. He simply became the first ONE to show us the way to become The One that he was, that we were, so we can become again, that which is infinite love, the Creator again creating The Creator perfectly. Sinless. THIS is the corruptible putting on incorruption. This is mortality putting on immortality.

Jesus became the pattern for us all to follow and do what he did to do what he does.

When we do as he did, we do what he did. When we become the “saved one”, we “save” all others by our life being the pattern that Jesus’ life was, and still is. He is the firstborn of many brethren that includes every woman man and child.

Will you reader hearer, now surrender to be The One? Jesus told us all in Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world.” Let not the world be without the truth; become it, for that’s who you really are.

You cannot abdicate the responsibility for being the judge of your mind. Judge yourself worthy of learning to enter the oneship our pattern lived before us, and as you do, everything will change in your life. Hold on to nothing. Be fearless. Live life to the full: love personified in you, you birthing it, in the flesh, walking the earth today.


This is your invitation to study in the University of The New Covenant, letting The New Covenant teach you as you birth it. You study it, you become it. You enter it and it births you into it, that which is truth. You have carried it within you. The word of truth is incarnate within you, as it is in every person of every nation tribe and tongue. The courses at the University of Light Love and Peace help bring forth the birthing of that word incarnate within you so that you’ll birth to the world that which you may have been waiting for.

Entrance is not based on previous academic accomplishments, but a contrite heart, teachableness, meekness, and honor for all at all times. The University of The New Covenant is not tuition-free, but costs a great deal, for the release of The New Covenant within you will let you learn that you have been given everything; a kingdom is yours and a king you are in your priesthood that births brand new creations in the reality that our father is.

Our theme is exploration and adventure. Admission is available not on the basis of creed, religion, or previous academic achievement, but surrender to a process that requires meekness and diligence to learn how to be taught by God who is within every person.

God gives us our curriculum in the form of daily LESSONS. These LESSONS are the core input into our learning system that teaches us to “see, hear, feel, become” what God is teaching us. All faculty staff and students operate in the courses of this University.

We learn how to read differently than in the past. We use different methods for this is an Educational System designed by God; so many things are very atypical. (1) We do many “lookups”. A linking system exists whereby certain words or phrases in the daily LESSONS are linked to previous LESSONS as they build on each other as components of a learning system specific to each person, (2) we interact daily with others in the course forums where we write posts of what we see being said in the daily LESSONS, and (3) write papers called for in the daily LESSONS, freely exchanging them with each other. We all learn from each other as we “read, map, write, and lead” becoming what God is teaching us we are.

A school like no other – the University of Light Love and Peace in Tulsa Oklahoma exists to teach the surrendered of every nation tribe and tongue that what GOD is will teach all peoples ALL things, from the inside out, to be transformed into something not subject to the basic principles of this world. The teacher is already within you. Learn how to write speak and record the first-person words of GOD in the University of Light Love and Peace.

Birth The New Covenant by becoming it.

Thank you.