May 31, 2020

Jesus the Pattern

Jesus the Pattern is the pattern for my life, that I saw my life in, and followed it, to become it. In the likeness of my pattern becoming my pattern I became what I patterned, and I became the pattern for all pattern makers who will make themselves into new beings creations of light formless and with form not forsaken, now entering a realm, of knowledge, seldom understood, heretofore; but now all shall.

The New Beginning Series is for makers of a new creation, New Creation makers who salvation will no more be of, nor followers of a God of other, than they are. All I am will be known now, for following Jesus the Pattern I am that I have written about in the five booklets herein that describe how what I’ve come to be me in. I invite you to seek and search out and become Jesus the Pattern you, you of, for you to be The Real Christ, simply you in your genes, genetic of truth.

Feel free to download study and share with others the genetics of The Christ in you, that you are birthing, learning how through my words, that give you your word back, not separate, from the living Christ, being it. Everywhere shall now, be saved from isolation and divisiveness, and unify the Christ all to be one mind of: one. Thank you.