My Vision

I am a person of love and love has many marks on the body that’s become it, but all that is changing now for I lead out of how all of this happened with all of us.

My vision is for all of us to know each other, in the power of the resurrection that makes all one, True Israel, in the skies; limitlessly me, limitlessly you, with one mind, that heals all. Unalterable, we become truth again, that we birth tangibly in our actions. And words will no longer tear us apart. Babel is de-created now.

My vision is for all to live without fear, without lack, without condemnation, for we are all the creator The Creator of being one with it again that our mind is, used for nothing else, but Creatorship of The Most High throughout the worlds.

My vision is that we have no debt; no debt as a country and no debt to any person place or thing. Debt is eradicated now for I lead out, of the Debtland we’ve found ourselves in, to each other, for stuff we don’t need, and that ties us to this world.

My vision is that this world, the planet, becomes religionless, for we are all creators, The Creator of. Now all shall be known and lack shall go bye bye. We shall not worship money nor attribute influence to those who have it. The mantle of separation from The Creator, from Each Other, is now cast aside. And we learn to be one.

The Creator now takes responsibility for being its creation, and blame will cease being disseminated throughout the core of me. I am love, and drives of other will no more drive me for another purpose to take my energy from me. I delight in love, lovers being, all knowing love, lovers casting aside glances at the “less” lovely no more, but delighting in the value of every person, of every nation tribe and tongue, equally, loving all, to be one, mind of, grace, forgiveness, wholeness restoring to this nation, of peace-lovers who love it, and create the grace to be forgivers restorers of Israel on high molecularlessly, coming again into our Creatorship, none lacking anything, again.

A new heaven is being created here on earth and we are the creators of, The Creator reigns now in us, not, we are The Creator of The Creator for now we have only one mind in self-condemnation no more of it in each other. We now know the Christ story was us about, each one of us one. One mind of, we shape everything differently now. Amen.

This is my personal website. It bears my name, my marks, my words. Has my pictures declarations and lessons to instruct you that instructed me to be one with you who will allow surrender the privilege of being the most high, altogether one. So I’ve put this together with my knowledge, my wisdom, and submitted to the most high to teach you to be it. Freedom freed.

If you know me you know my stories, what is important to me, where I’ve failed and where I victorious have been, in suffering and out, with friends, few, and now to a different story rephrasing the Christ as one to be it you, in your shoes, my life is about, to begin again, new suffering with not again. We’re freed from the curse of all that we thought we were, subject to.

I’ve started a school. I’m starting a school with the starters, of me, who will speak me, treat me with love, for I am all of you with a voice, and without, teaching you how to be it one with, never put down again, by you or each other. Amen.

The purpose of my website is to let you know me, know my values, where I’ve been, and that you can do it too, for you can create you as Christ. You can be me. My values can be espoused by you and you can marry my life that’s before you now as a Grace in two shoes, a Christian not, but a Christ the blessing of becoming it to all humanity and farther, for all of us to be one.

Women must know they are not separate from Christ again. Women are Christ, Christ’d now. I do it. Perform it. Teach it. Demonstrate it. Love everywhere will be present, where I am, is. I am life love and peace with a voice. I take it with me not, I am it. Its voice is my energy and my energy has a voice, for I provoke it not, I surrender to be without provocation of man for any retaliation or scheme of his mind. Mind of men, minds of men, shall not incarcerate me.

My name is Grace Love and Peace. Powerless not again. All powers me. I am one. In love with you all, I have written this for me, by me, my hand typing the keystrokes of this laptop computer to post to all of you who have a brain no more that limits you in keeping with earth’s conformity of its gravitational pull. I order you out not, but I offer you privilege to be the most high surrendering to it to be out of earth’s mess, gravitationless, creating King of Kings everywhere that we are the. Timeless.

I love you all. I invite you to subscribe to my email list below, and learn to be The Word, afflictionless, you first, forgiving everyone of all they have done and not, you first. Love your parents children and friends, and those everywhere, equally. We are one. Afflict yourself not with thoughts of separation again, that divide me from you, or any of us from each other. Have one mind, of love, perfection, perfected, with the love of one. Thank you.

Theodore Cottingham
March 13, 2017

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