August 14, 2020

The Christ is becoming Christ’d

The Christ is becoming Christ’d by YOU who will learn to birth THE CHRIST WITHIN YOU, in a new paradigm of education, THROUGH YOUR INNER VOICE

I am beginning the University of Light Love and Peace, an unorthodox non-religious non-Christian school teaching common people how to learn to be Christ in their shoes creating it. The Christ mind creates the Christ. Each one becoming the Creator of Christ, Christing the education of themselves, with/in their own inner voice, every person can mature and engage completely in in their world to transform it into a world of all being Christ, where each one is: The One.

You create The Creator that creates you. Not separate from God, the teacher is the living God that you are, that you meet in the words that you learn to speak surrenderedly, without want. The teacher will make itself known to the surrendered learner, within the heart of the learner, surrendered to be humble enough to learn from within, bringing the word to bear of light, that makes connections plain, of revelation. The Teacher is already within you. The teacher of God is already within you to teach you how to God be, how to God create. You are The Creator, and you create you by the word of your mouth. Your word. You begin to free you that frees your word to see, hear, feel, and become what the knowledge is providing; a basis for your kingship. As man not, but as Christ, whether man or woman, who transcendent is, and becomes.

Women will now learn to be kings, and be them operationally in government, commerce, and education of all nations. The usage of words will change as you actually release the teacher within you to teach you. Common diction and grammar you won’t be limited to anymore. Accelerated learning you begin to experience. The student is you, and the teacher is already within you. Submitting to leadership within, the humblest do, beginning schools, for submitted surrendered others, to learn, also, acceleratedly. Instead of mastering a subject, you’re learning how to become the King, of Kings, that King all Kings. This is a new race of new creations that study in school, creating schools, where all graduates are: The One.

Here faculty staff and students are one. All bear responsibility, and all submit to love, each other equally. You begin to realize you are not separate from the teacher who’s committed to the student to be the discoverer of the maturer who will mature The Christ to be it. This invitation is extended to every person of every race tribe and tongue on earth and farther.

Theodore Cottingham