February 24, 2021

Jesus the Pattern

I wrote Jesus the Pattern booklet 1 while  in England in 2006. Jesus the Pattern – 2 I think I wrote mostly in 2008, and Booklet – 3 in 2009. Booklet – 4 was written in 2015 mostly, and Booklet – 5 was written in 2017. It seems important that you know how things progressed. These are part of The New Beginning Series booklets forming a foundation to take us beyond the past and into the future. The groundwork is laid out for a new identity of who we are, what we are, where we came from, why we are here on earth, and where we go from here. Theodore Cottingham

Jesus the Pattern – 1 The Commoner
Jesus was born a commoner, and became a new creation, the first of many now understand this, and become what he became, creating yourselves not separate. The great commission is to do what Jesus did right here right now, regardless of vocation or label.

Jesus the Pattern – 2 A New View
This opens our eyes to see Jesus as emerging leader, a radical, reformer, educator, and revolutionary; one that demonstrated that visible empirical reality is not true reality at all.

Jesus the Pattern – 3 A New Path
Leading to give us an example to do likewise, leadership emerges to change worlds. Leadership is taught, developed, and then: matured.

Jesus the Pattern – 4 A New Reality
Jesus showed us how to learn, how to receive an education that brings forth, the creates a new reality, this world proving false. This, is for each of us to do, likewise.

Jesus the Pattern – 5 The New Kingdom of True Israel
Jesus defeated death by defeating ignorance, now we know how to continue to create the Race of God, creating it the creators of, we now create The Promised Land.
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