The Divine Feminine Seminar #4

To fully completely experience the new birth the Divine Feminine must be understood, embraced, and united with. The Divine Feminine will nurture you, teach you, and confidence you; but you must learn to romance it, to woo it, and become one. This Seminar is an introduction to the true Twin Flame of being you, in Light. The angel of you is The Real You, your Light Body, your Spirit body, and she loves to speak, teach, and develop your consciousness to unite and become one being in your present body.

This is a one day seminar held 9am to 5pm in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Eureka Springs draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to enjoy its eclectic community of artists, musicians, hills, lakes, trails, and healers. Bed & Breakfasts and great restaurants abound in this wonderful Victorian community nestled in the Ozarks next to two magnificent lakes. Fee for the seminar is $95.00. All transportation food and lodging are on your own.

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