The Creator’s Creator Seminar

Before you were conceived in flesh, you were a Light Person, boundaryless, outside of time space and gravity, and the heavens were your playground. This one day Seminar lays the foundation for you to birth you back into what you used to be, Light, recreating yourself as the limitless creation of you. All of creation and the power thereof is in you, already. This seminar is for women and men who are willing to know more than the normal stories of orthodoxy. Regain your identity as the Creator and surrender to birth you anew in the greatest revolution of all time: God becoming “God” again, The Divine Feminine.

This is a one day seminar held 9am to 5pm in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The date is not set yet; possibly Saturday June 1st. Seminar Tuition is $95.00. All transportation food and lodging are on your own.

Contact us if you are interested in attending. Thanks.

Eureka Springs draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to enjoy its eclectic community of artists, musicians, hills, lakes, trails, healers, and experience its community. Bed & Breakfasts and great restaurants abound in this wonderful Victorian community nestled in the Ozarks next to two magnificent lakes.

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