I am coming for you in a light chariot. Or am I coming for you in your body, your light creating me, that looks like you? I am the one you are, plural and singular. One and mighty, casing encasing me not again, that looks like you, that you call me not, but you. Without me you are nothing, not, you are me. Lovest thou your mind above mine, when Mine is Yours? “Are we one mind yet, Dad?” is a phrase, of mindedness? Willful mind? Mindful will? Willful mindful one’d’ness?

I love you all, to think not my wording funny. Or will you? Be funny with me? Have fun with me? Knowing all things? Are you willing to have fun? Are you willing to know me? Know all things? ALL things? Of The Cosmos? Limited not by me, limited not by you now? I love you all. Good day, amen not, but opening women to be The Christ everywhere I am, I Am, is them. We are one. Genderless. All genders me. I love you. Will you love? Everyone? I do. I am. You who love me, know me. I am your inner voice that will teach you all things with a diction grammar grammarian of, that’s me, with my grammar, that uses yours, sometimes. And makes no sense sometime. Sometimes. All time. Be me, with my voice, inside your head not, but heart, heart in head, one head, headed me. Have my head on thee. I lay it no where else. Amen.


Theodore Joseph Cottingham
PO Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA
January 2, 2019

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