Assumed are the identities we’ve been given. Assumed to be flesh, assumed to be apart from God, the identity of God is illusive and imagined to be all sorts of creations and names. God is who we are. We are not separate from God. Our consciousness of God is asleep, or awakened by something. Nevertheless, it is our job to awake, to consciousness make alive, with the energy of one. We’re coming back. We’re coming home.

Our consciousness will not prevail that separates, us from each other, or from God. Our consciousness of oneness will prevail and seek shelter never again in flesh bodies of separation.

If you know you are God, you can develop it. You can develop the consciousness of God; from mankind not, but from your own inner voice that is connected to God inextricably. When you learn from your own inner voice that you are God, it’s irrefutable by anyone else. You know. You just know. There’s bearing inside of witness of truth, of Truth you are, the genes of.

Flesh will no more separate us. Thinking that divides, and conquers us, as a race, is over. Thinking will never again program us to rip each other apart, divide and conquer, haves and have nots into. Authoritarianism divides us no longer. Authoritarianism that divides us from God, is crumbling, and will take its place never again over us. Authoritarianism that puts you under it, is over.

I announce a new freedom, to hear your voice, to be echoed through the angels, that we are a race of one. A Race of One with one mind, we emerge through our suffering undemented. We shall heal each other, us first. We shall forgive each other, us first. We shall make amends for no one, for each their responsibility bears, the cross of, and must come through it.

You shall not take away my voice. I shall not take away your voice but free it, to teach you, to teach you all things through the voice of I Am, that you are, I am. We are all one, identityless no more. An Educational System of One prevails, Amen.

Theodore Cottingham
School of Light Love &Peace