Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 8
Theodore Cottingham

1. The church must prepare for its role, for its role is not as it expects it to be. It
sees itself now as an extension of what it is and it will not be as it is now. The church
must change. The church must converge on what its real purpose is. The church must
come to Me, be about Me and My Father’s business and not the business of growth and
self promotion of its leaders.
2. The church must change and the church will change—those that let Me change
them. And many won’t. Many won’t change and won’t even let Me change them. They
can’t go where I want to go—and take them. They’re too comfortable in their ways and
what they think they know. I love them but I will leave them behind in the new things I
am doing. They have a choice. They all have a choice and they will make it. I will not
make their choices for them. They must choose. They will decide to move with Me or
play it safe with what they thought “worked” for “them” in the past.
3. I am new. I am not old. I am moving and rearranging and renovating and
revitalizing that which will let Me. Tell them. Tell them Ted. Some will hear you and
believe enough to take action and seek Me for who I am and what I want them to do.
4. I will be glad to give them the answers they seek at church growth seminars and
conferences. I will be glad to speak with them and listen to them and share My heart
and how all this must change. I am moving and I am shaking and you will see shaking
like never in the history of mankind.
5. My people think they know Me and they know Me oh so little, so little. Oh if they
would open to Me, to Me, to Me, and come to Me—what I would give them. Tell them.
Tell them Ted and tell them all your life. And your writings will continue to tell after you’re gone and with Me. We will be walking and talking together and they will be reading your words and pondering the authenticity of what I have dictated to you. They will know when they see—some will—for some will not see even when they see it and experience it, they are so blind.
6. Religious clerics, religious clerics do not necessarily know Me. You know that.
Many things I will write through you are not for you but for others. They must know. They must know Me more and who I am.
7. Now the church. The church. Oh the church. My church, my people, my people
think so small and I am so big. They must open up to Me and begin hearing My voice,
each one, and not the voice of a cleric or someone they think knows Me.
8. Will the mature arise? Yes, the mature will arise and those that stand up and take
their place in My kingdom and what I am doing will shock many. It is not age dependent
or education dependent nor is it dependent on anything that man values. It is dependent
on Me and those that seek Me, that seek Me, that seek Me and have decided to obey
Me whatever it costs them.
9. There are those who have decided this and I am raising them up and many will
be shocked. But that’s okay for I am Me and I do what I want to do and I want to raise
up those that will speak My voice rather than their voice. I want to raise up a whole
new generation of people, men and women, boys and girls, that are not stuck in the rut
of doing things like they have always been done—for hundreds of years. I’m tired of My
people thinking I’m boring and going to the world for excitement.
10. I’m tired of My people being so deceived as to think they are worshipping Me
when they come to church and just sit there. Some do—some worship Me in fidelity and
truth and some don’t have a clue as to what worship even means. They haven’t been
taught, many of them. They’re expected to fall in line and do as others do. There are so
many unwritten codes that people operate by and My church is no exception.
11. My church must clean itself and get ready for what I am about to do—for the role
it will play—if it will let Me—will be of cataclysmic magnitude. You’re right Ted in what
you have felt as I continue to change how My people will be nourished and fed and
trained and set free.
12. They must know that the role I have for them is different. Freedom. Freedom.
Freedom. Freedom Ted. It’s all about Me and it’s all about freedom. It’s not about control
and rules and expectations of man. None of My churches should be centered
around one man, or one woman, but Me.
13. I’m the one that should be speaking to My people. Me. It’s My house and I
want to speak and I am beginning to speak like never before and those that are
afraid of Me will run in the new things that I do.
14. I want to speak and I want to be Me and I want My people to know Me for who I
am. I am not a distant God who is unacquainted with the distresses of My people. I
know their distresses. I feel them and I want them to come to Me.
15. Oh Ted. Oh Ted. How can I give you all that I want to give you for My people?
Ted, tell them. Tell them I am new, I’m not old. I am ever new. I am never old. I am that I
am and I am is new and I’ve always been new and I’ll never be old. Your views of time
are so perverted, so corrupt, so limited. Time is Me. Time is mine. I am. I am is talking
and I will talk more to you and those that break the oil of time over My feet—those that
will not use My words for their selfish gain. They stink. They stink. They stink to Me—
those that come to Me and seek Me for what will exalt them. They will know and they
will know soon for I will abase and I will exalt. I will exalt you for your listen and you’ve
made your choice that you’re more afraid of not obeying Me than anything else. I can
use you now. I can use you like I want to and I will. I am.
16. Now tell them the church must change and share with them what you have
already written on the new model of church. Share it. Teach it. Put it on the Internet for
all to see and reveal Me in it. Those that want themselves elevated over Me will have no
use for it but that’s okay, My compassion is great and My patience is long-suffering.
17. I am God and I’m taking My church to a new level, a new realm, where it’s
focused on Me and not itself. The growth I want for My church is growth in Me,
not it. Am I concerned with their numerical growth? No. I am concerned with their
growth in Me.
18. Then and only then can I use them and influence their hearts and begin the
transformation process that I want to occur so that they will be about My father’s
business. Oh that they knew that realm of fulfillment in their lives, their walk with Me.
Some will Ted. Prepare them. Preach Me and let Me speak, let Me speak and you
speak and you speak and I’ll speak. I’ll speak to you and I’ll speak to them and
they will speak and as they speak what I am speaking to them they will change.
19. As they open to Me and who I really am, not just what they’ve heard about Me, I
will transform the lion into the lamb and the lamb into a lion for My purposes in My
timing. And Ted, they’ll love Me so deeply for it, for this is where the release they seek
so intensely will be, in operating with Me, with Me, for Me, and in complete freedom that
they yet fail to comprehend. Oh Ted, tell them, tell them.
20. So many can’t comprehend that I talk to you like this and yet I yearn to talk to
them the same way. I am no respecter of persons. Tell them I will talk to them like this
and more if they will come as you have come, and continue to come, and set your
course on Me so that I can use you like I’ve wanted to all along.
21. My times are in your hand for I issue My words. I share My heart and I choose to
work through the vessels that are yielded to Me and point to Me. Purity Ted. Purity Ted.
Purity Ted. Tell them to come to Me in purity. Come to Me any way they will come and I
will wash them and I will purify and I will give the purity if they seek Me more than gold.
22. The church Ted, the church. Tell them I am coming and I will be giving My
instructions more and more to My church for I want to raise up My people into realms
never before dominated by My people. I want to give Me, give of Myself to them and
they must change. They must focus on Me and giving people freedom.
23. There’s more Ted. There’s more. Tell them to free people in ways they can’t
imagine now, but if they will ask Me about this for themselves, I will answer them.
24. You see Ted, many would like for you to simply give them all the answers but I
am Me and I want them to come to Me. I will speak much through you but what I
really want is for them to come to Me as you have, and more, and break the jar of
oil, the jar of time, over Me and let Me mature them and give them My heart. I want
to give them My heart, totally, and them give me theirs. The power Ted. The power.
The power that is released when that occurs.
25. The organizational structure must change. The titles must change. The
order of things must change. The speakers must change. The teachers must
change. The schedules must change. It has to change Ted for its days of
effectiveness as it is, is so limited. It must grow up, mature, and come to Me for
its answers.
26. Boards must change and take their hands off Me. They must seek Me rather
control and being petty in their influences and choices that exalt them and control others.
27. Satan is all about control and I am all about freedom.
Satan is all about fear and I am all about love.
Satan is about bondage and I am about the new birth, renaissance, abundance,
freedom, maturity, captivating love personified and imparted into activated gifts which
people long to use.
28. Your un-stopped-up verbiage in your book is good. My people are so intimidated
and stopped-up and oh, what I want to accomplish with My people, those that will let me,
those who cherish my name, and My presence, who will purify themselves while letting
me purify their hearts. I choose the gold of right choices that will bring people
before the Father to know Him like I know Him. And Ted, you’ve begun to know Him
for you’ve begun to know Me.
29. The power and result of you praying those 7 times each night, repeating My
name, night after night, year after year, has done more for you than you realize, and
meant more to Me than you realize.
30. Tell people what you do and how you do it. Tell them you pray and what
you say. Teach my people to pray. Teach My churches, My church, My church, and all
who are in it to pray. Tell all who love Me to talk with Me and come before Me without
pretense. Beauty, beauty, beauty for ashes is what I have to give them, all those that will
31. Ted, keep seeking Me for answers about the church, My church. I sense, I know
that you want Me to answer other questions and address other aspects of the church as
I speak to you now.
32. I will. I will. I will keep speaking and giving you more as you keep coming and
sharing with Me and letting Me know you want it, you want Me, you want My will.
33. You, Ted, are chosen. And you’re right, you’ve chosen Me. Tell them all, I choose
them, I choose them. All they have to do is respond.
34. I wait, I wait everyday for those who declare that they love Me to come to Me and
share their life, their times, their sorrows, their defeats, their concerns, their joys, their
questions with Me. If they only knew how much I waited. I want them to come to Me.
35. I am that I am and I am has spoken through Me to you. I am says I love you and
am proud of you, for you have made a choice, a choice that will take you far, and never
return. You’ll never return to your days of old for you tasted and saw that, I am good.
36. Now tell them. Tell them to pour out their lives before Me. Pour out their lives
before Me and I will lift them up. Oh how I love to speak to you for you write it down
and you share it unashamedly. Thank you Ted. Thank you.
37. Now go and tell all who will listen that My refiners fire is coming to My
church and they who wait before Me and can hear My instructions will play a role
in history never before imagined.
38. Cultural influence—power—majesty—splendor—Me—Me in them, will be seen
and experienced as they let Me be Me in them. Tell them, tell them, tell them. I thank
39. Now go, go to Russia. This is of Me. I have ordained it, in power. Go and be not
afraid for I am with you and I am with them.
40. It is right to let others help you for My body must realize it must come together in
ways it has not yet thought of—communication networks of My Spirit must be built.
Systems and infrastructure of My Spirit—ordained—must be birthed forth. Some play
with it now but it, and I, will come forth in power.
41. Now teach all I have given you and call forth the timid and the shy to stand
up and be bold and radical for this is their day too. Now is the time. Don’t delay
and don’t be misled by well-intentioned conservative people who want to do
things the ways of old.
42. Go forth. Pray for the sick. Heal them in My name as My power flows
through you. Teach them to pray and heal the sick just as I did in My word. Just
as I have placed in your heart—even as you walked on the grounds of those big
tents in years gone by. You’ve hid it in your heart and yearned for it, yearned for Me to
heal and touch people and make them anew, bringing them healing and new life. I’m
doing it Ted.
43. Go forth and go forth in My power and be not afraid. Much is prepared for your
and those that will help you.
44. Never be concerned that what I say may seem self-serving to you when you
share it. I speak and you share and I will touch the hearts of those I choose to. Let Me
be Me and you be you and you will glorify Me in all you do. I appreciate it.
45. And Ted, I did laugh the other day. I did. You caught it. Now tell John I am with
him and I am with him in this new venture. It is of Me and I will be exalted through him. I will be exalted through this man. I love him. Tell him I love him and I appreciate his guts for Me. You always have liked using that word, guts, so I use it here. Tell him that and tell others of Me. I will be exalted and you will be exalted.
46. Tell them, tell them, tell them, and I thank you. And come back for more anytime
you like. I appreciate sharing My heart. I have so much more. The more you come and
the more you write the more I will give you. And I thank you.
47. Tell them I’ll do the same for them, for them, for them.
I love them and I love you.
Lovers Ted, tell them

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham.
http://www.TheodoreCottingham.com. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession. Also for your study of the Revelation of The Christ being you, see “Jesus the Pattern” Series on my website. Thank you.

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