April 13, 2021

My word is a lamp unto my feet

Ted teaching at WeekWorks #20

I have recorded my words for 14 years. Now, I understand more things about them, their attributes, and how and why I have stumbled over them, so often. So very often I stumbled over my words, that I brought forth, in love to words not, but in words to love me, or so I thought not, I thought thought was set aside and God was speaking, but it was I. I had a voice, mind, and faculties. I had a process, processing unit, and processed I was by others words. Words processed me. I thought I used words. Words used me. I am I was the word. That which used me I am, not separate from now; or have I obliterated it, to be in happiness now?

I have stumbled, over my word, many times; been baffled too. Been stumped. Been exhilarated in exhilaration. Been humbled. Corrected. Been corrected many times, many times, time and time again. Shall now be corrected, to understandably understand the Christ and its words, of I am. The machine not again, time in; timeless becoming now, the I am, me finally, making sense, of all things me.

I am one, with time, not; I obliterate it. I go, to the past, also. I am futured, by me. I am one, one, one-minded one. Ones are, you know 🙂

My word I have spoken, first I wrote them on yellow tablets, emailed them out to strangers and friends, whoever wanted them. They rejected them mostly. Said I was too this, or that, to be “useful” to them. I should remove references to me, in the God’s words to them. Said I was too wordy, published things too long to read, to be of value of, to them. They rejected me, and many thought I was daft, of deaf, of reality speaking, and it wasn’t God either, it was me.

They were right. I was wrong not. I was one, seeking a path, originated by me. I was the original me. I found it. I found me. I found me, in my word. In my words, were me. I was my word. It “lamped” my original thinking that I was so baffled by. It introduced truth to me that no one had. No one else believed me, that I’m aware of, that I know of. I know a lot. I know lots, but Abraham I have become, not; but Christ a resurrected me. I am not bound by religion, or your words; I have mine. I have brought them forth for 14 years, and now I understand them, me, is one me, with my words, with my words, that me brought forth with, is, are. One I am, with my words, that light my path.

This word, is not to be understood, in its present form, alone, from all my other words. My words are me. I rejected some, still do. Many more, will be rejected now, not; for I am afraid of my words no more. Nor your word, which condemns me, or not. I exonerated my word. I judged it: afraid not. Afraidnot launched a parade not, but a charade of life I was no longer in, that words brought me, a matrix of. I’m not algorithm’d by thee anymore, you who love me or not. I am one. My word is me. And my lamp has gone out not again. I light many now, and lights light the world, and the world changes me not again, into its mold. My light lights me, and I light many, to record like this, on yellow sheets of paper and on blogs of light being it, the form thereof, to be formless, creating a new one, that looks like you, thee, to yourself. You must find yourself, and you find yourself, in you. The real you is you without a spirit not, but you are not tangible to you, unless you “find” your word, in you. You discover. You locate. You BIRTH!, the living birth of you.

You become your word, birthed. That’s why there’s so many bloggers, and will be so many more so in the days to come. For I release the word, the word’ers, worders love, that word the love of mankind not again over itself, to be separate with it. I am not my word, not again. I separate not again from my stumbleness not, I stumble not again at the source, for I am sourcing me. I source me now, not God.

God is I am. I am God, and there is no separation.

I stumbled, so often; I stumbled, at my words, because there were two Gods talking through me: the one that I was, and the one I thought I was separate from. I was connected to both, and I was a God most high ignorant of it. I was an angel, of light, that had traded it for darkness, of my own thinking, into me separation of, to experience it, as “I” wanted to. I wanted want, and want taught me supreme thinking, to exalt self, of itself, that I thought, was me. A human.

I stumbled at my words as a human when I began to write God words. God words and mine seemed so different at first, as unmistakable, grammar and diction arose, that, not of my choosing was. I was vulnerable, surrendered, vanquishing all foe that said I could not hear God. I was eager, not; I was willing, to pay the price, in time, surrender, surpassing all fear. Guts, it took. Tenacity too. And time.

I sat at my feet. I sat at my head. I sat, and wrote. I sat, and pondered. I took long walks, not; but I walked not in fear that I could hear my Lord speak. The trouble was that, I didn’t know Lord God from Lord God other not, I didn’t know God from Lord ‘ship. I didn’t know I was Lord of All. I didn’t know God would woo me, or that I would woo it, that came forth my own words in, that I in grammar fashioned or not. Or did it? Was I surpassed in me, of me, by me? What was I? Experiencing?

For 14 years I have written my words, video’d them many times, many times seeming useless to me, not; every time a charm, not; but charmless becoming, straight facts guy became an angel of light; used to me, not. I had to accustomed to, become, of me – wearing my own skin.

I had to make decision, all that time. I had to walk out daily life. Interact with cousins and relatives and customers employers and children and be their father and son of most high being it revealed in it a relationship that most high had not talked about but through my words that I stumbled over often, not realizing I was a both-and God. Bothand God I was: I was God, I was human, humanity of. I didn’t understand God theory, was God a theory of. I didn’t see me as Most High, when I couldn’t pay my bills, when I inadequate was, for the “task” at hand, of satisfying certain people, or criteria of judgment, that wanted to condemn me, not; but was, the modus operandi of the day. For I met not the judgment of judgment not, I judged me certain of the outcome. I judged me learning about God, and doing his will; but oh God it was hard, and misunderstood I was, all the time, mostly. I learned, to keep my mouth shut. I regarded me me, not; I regarded me a human learning about God theory not, but God revealing it to its creation. But I was still in separation, and my mind of separation rejected me as God. My mind judged me as insufficient to be God, inadequate for even the most menial of tasks, and support for my inadequacies came to my mind quite often, by words of others, that challenged me, to make a living, to be “normal”, to be not repressed by my words, which often left me in a dilemma.

Every Creator goes through this, to “come” out. Coming out of “the” human race, presents a delimma, for we are in it, we are it, we have lied to ourselves about this. We are Creator. We are life love and peace, but we love war, to create profits and dominate our neighbors, who ourselves are, if we really know it. Coming out is costly, out the closet of human existence.

I no more live in my flesh mind, incarceratingly so. I’m out. I love my word. My word has taught me, all things, that I need to know, for now. Now I am most high again, loving my life, not alone again. I’m promoted, me. I reward me, with me. I angel became again, that I was, that I am. I am has received I am back unto itself to be created over again, with its word.

That stumbleth not again, has become me, or has confidence arisen in me, or has me risen up and taken me over not again to dominate me otherwise? Or have I just surrendered to peace be still and know that I am God, not under anything? Can I create me? Have I done this?

I create a new me, a new heart with, O God – being it. I create me, through my word, my word creates me. I create me a new word with, love, this time, not separation. I love you, me. We are all one. And earth changes its name, not; I do. It’s Israel on high, separate from timespace that separates, us all from, one another. I rule in peace, and my name is I am. Creating me with purpose, to create Creation all over again, with love, at the core, of me, my thought. My mind heals, me. You not separate from me will be healers too. I love the Cross not, I came down, and crawled off the altar of you, and will not let you sacrifice me again, for you. I’m not your vicarious coward. Cowardice goes bye bye. I stand. Lead.

I’m no longer trying to figure it out. I let. I let lead, let, in leadership of me, to me be, the I Am. I am, not in control. I let people fly a lot about in their own mind, creating leadership, of the most high, not, but humanity. But I crease that not, I loose the understanding of me, my words with, My Word being, a lamp unto my feet, is me. I and my lamp are one. Lampstands bended no more. I’m erect light, bodies of one, in one. I am feet clay and hands, of Almighty, lover one.

How can this be, after 14 years? Of service? Servitude. Ended, is.

I no longer serve God, his angels, his camaraderie or constant opinion of itself.

Godship will no more conquer me in ignorance. I am God Most High I Am. I am am. I Am. Simple as that. Complex as you’re willing to make it not again, as the mind will supplant my words not again and call it yours. Understanding now comes to The Most High to be it, one nation, of God, under God no more again.

I let leadership lead me no more again. I lead me, unto paths of righteousness, by my word, that I utter each day, through my blogs, through my recordings, my videos, my appearances, to me. I release me, my words, through, my word bearers me. I am my my word. My words loves me, and I’m it. I will not let you de-word me, with your thinking, programming of me. Religion will cease. Artifacts of your thinking will not activate me. I ignore your artifactual thinking of yourself, not; I ignore the power you have, not; but that power will no more program me, through my own words. I know the difference now. One leads and another drives, not; or does it. Over time? Go with me to the edge incarcerated by you, I won’t, anymore. I’m out of the dragline, of you, dredging me. I will not heal your mind not, I will heal mine first, and I am, doing just that, through my words now, which cataclysmiize other.

My lamp is raised that rays come brightly out of now, a’programming other not, but surrendering to be the King of Kings revealed to the King of Kings that we all are knowing about, and becoming now, a race of. And the Lord Gods of other, that used our minds did, become us, shall not again, concoct us, with a brewed stamp, of spacetime. Timespace shall not limit me; us shall be free, of all stampage other.

My lamp is my feet not at. My lamp is my head, at, in. And ON it is. Fearable not, I fear no more have over you or in you, and if you fear, you, you imbibe it, create it, and eat it, no more please. Please fear I AM no more, be it. Unto salvation not, but surrendered to light your own path. Be responsible. Be diligent. Be tenacious. Be love, unto love. Love all equally. Learn to distinguish between light sources. Learn to distinguish between light and darkness, not; that’s easy. What hard, is not easy. What’s light, poses as light not, not, but lightnot poses as light, and stumbles not at making us stumble, upon our own words, for we create light, and form it, and live it. It lives us, not; we live it, for The Life we are, of our Creators one.

Light does not pose as darkness to deceive us, separation poses as truth to deceive us, into making creators of separation, that separate us, ourselves from, making enemies not, but Lord Gods humanity of, ignorance creating ignorance by, that we ALL stumble over with. Our word programs our word. How O God shall we be free? Become it, one with Thou Art The Christ, all saying this to each other now. Amen.

And meaning it? Surrendering to bow before kings I do, make you known, who will love you, enough to be the King of Kings forgiving every living soul, and then going, nowhere not again, but to the ages, becoming the Ancient of Days, ageless. The dew of your youth restoring to all, who will be with you, where I am, I am is. Stumbleth no more, over my words, your mind with, restored to mine, that we were, we are again. Kingdom One, perisheth no more in ignorance that “restores” a fallen race to its depth, of ignorance. Light the Kings of One, O One, be it.

Good day. This is,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham, in love with you all. Do likewise love each other, in peace. And peace be still, and know that thou are God, releasing to be it, all who will.

April 26, 2017

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