April 13, 2021

Who can I love, like I want to love them?

Is there anyone anywhere that will let me love them?

I have wondered many times, many thousands of times, if anyone anywhere exists that will let me love them, love them, the way that I want to, love them. How can I love them? Like I want to love them. I want to free them, to love more, love more people more, have freedom of a different nature, and love things and toys not so much. I love to lead, I love to follow, the lead, to leaders be, all to a different tune, than world-so-much knows, of, and operates by. Bye bye to that, for me. I found one I can love.

I’ve found one that I can love. I’ve found that I can love me. Me found me in love, with I am. The love of I am is. A one love, is found. I found me, a person of love, that I must love, be connected with, not like people thought, or taught, me. I found a purpose: to love me, into, being me. I found love then, unsurprised not, unsurpassed not, but surpassing all love, joy emerged, joy met, love found love, unleashed. Love important is, and love knows no bounds, so if I love you, I love you without bounds, my reasoning is. Mine counts, you know. My love is important, for my love frees you, to be me, and I am me, who loves you, to be the I am.

I am found me in I am, willing to be, love in, with me. I am one with me now, a process I never rejected, not; but processed, a process found, to be within me, by me, one that I followed, to lead, to leader become, of me to love me. I found I could love myself. Not separate from self, not separate from my own thinking, of myself, my self became myself. 🙂

I love myself now because I found love, in myself. I didn’t go elsewhere looking. It, found me. I was willing. I was able. I crucified me, not, I arose, in the power of one, I did these things. They found me, not; I was them. I was the my process, process by the me I am, that I am me, one and the same, that found me, loved me, repaired me not, but gave me a new life, in love words with, that changed my patterns, of life, how I spoke of it, more importantly, thought of it, and treated people, more importantly, treated myself, as I talked with myself, about things, people, values, experiences, and forgave myself, learned to.

I learned to forgive me, for what I had done, in not love. I thought, love it was. I interacted with people for decades. I loved them, but I did not give them freedom. I clung to them. I wanted their leadership not, I wanted something within that placated me to love them like I wanted to, that was selfish, self-centered love, that abounded them not, but constricted them in my love. Or did they want to constrict me in my love? For them? For me? How mixed up can I be about this?

Can love free? Can love be free? Forming me, I did? I formed love, according to what I had been taught. I wrought love, and fashioned it, according to the “model” given me. I wanted what I want, alright, but I thought thought was me, not, I thought this body was. Given me, I was the body, God created. I didn’t know, I did.

I created me with a self, a self-destructive self, that self forces self to be separate from others, so I can love them, or reject them. I didn’t know they were all me. I didn’t know love can restrict so much. I didn’t know modeling love to each other frees each other not, but incarcerates the love of mankind to be it to itself incarcerating the self of self-induced wounds, self-induced selfishness, self-centered living and interacting with others.

When I found love inside me, I began to uncover it more. I asked it questions. Lo and behold, it answered me. It “seemed” to answer me. Love had a voice? Love had me. I had love. I had to free it, to learn from it. Love would speak, love would teach, love would free, only me. I couldn’t free someone else in love, unless they let me. How did I do that? Or did I mature, or learn, or process get processed by, that gave me a process of love to love induce in others to produce a love matured that gave the angels back their love authority of? Are all peoples angels? Did we lose our authority, to love?

Does love have authority? The authority of love, I am. I have authority over me. I am The Authority of me. No one else has it. I have it. I love me, with it, now. I have taken authority over unlove and cast it out, not, I can only not fuel it, and it dies on the vine. It dies on the vine of me. My tree of life now casts me out, no longer, of me. I grow my own tree now, of love, and love many demands make, on me not again. I love let.

I let love, love me. And I love, became. I let love speak. Love is patient, love is kind, and gentle. I like gentleness. I like freedom. I like being me, but I didn’t know me, until process processed me, in like manner, that I gave manners to an unprepared form, not, but I fashioned me. Like this I fashioned me, through my word. My word gave me life. I became my word, that I might have life, not; I was my word, all the time. Now knowing it, eternal I am, I am, so I choose words differently, that love each other. I am not powerful not again. My power reaches the earth now, because I love it, not fracking, damning it, I free the lovers, of it not, I free the love of loves, a process with, that sets all free, to love each other, redefined by love, in one’s self, to not be separate from, the I am earth and all peoples, free to love, be. This redefines us, our purpose.

My purpose redefines me, not; I have found my purpose, for I found me, first, within. A person of love, a moment of love, that never ends, now. I am found. I am one. With me I am me. I loved me, fell in love with, only me, because I see now, you are I am, also, too! We are one race, who loves not separation again. We are valueless not again. We are legislated into existence by ignorance not again where we judge ourselves as people that must live accordingly, to the dictates of man, under rules of religion, and modeling that we have given each other, ourselves by. We change all that now. We love am. Am is set free by love. There are no homeless me’s now, we are one, opening the heavens of change.

We change I am, to be us, who knew no sin, again. Digressing from us, transgressing against us, we do not again. We again become the angels race who knew no sin against each other because we love each other free each other to be who we are unconstricted love in that has values of no sin because we create it in each other no more. We created love bearers of the word that unconstricts and heals the wounds of the ignorant us to be the educated us who love bear the marks in of our bodies, but our bodies shall no more incarcerate us, in the manner of speaking given us. We come out, as come-outers now, who know no sin, for no sin will exist in us, however you define that. That we become one, is our purpose, our God given right, not; but our God given ability, not; but who we are, is God, that conceives it. Our purpose is to conceive God, for God we are, and no seed of modeling other will incarcerate us in our own mind conceiving separation, from the angels, being them, a race of. New humanity emerges now, powerless not again.

Powerful people now emerge: loved. Love grows a crop of humans now unlike any other, in timespaceville. Neoclassisism not, we are the quantum us. Technology of Christ, for Christ is not a Christian. Redefining everything now, I am not, I am I am, now I am. I redefine what I must, to be saved, from me, thinking I’m separate from you. I love you, and now I know it. I first had to love me, to see it in thee, that thou art the I am, also. I love you I am. So you can’t be separate from me long, for I am the short waves of your joy not again, but mine. Selah.

I love you, like I want to, but I must learn how, we all say now, do things different, doing different things, becoming I am, the life of me. Me goes in search of another, not again, to find me. I’m within, each one, but I must find me first, that love has a voice, that will teach me, I am, all things, about. I am unlimited, and finite not again. I am the infinite, one. Mind of one, I have the infinite within me. I was never separate from the infinite mind of God, that I was taught was another. I am God, because I have love, that frees it, generates it, and lingers no more at the well of thought that gives me words in other patterns of light to produce darkness within. I have come out of my own darkness, of thought, and sin shall no more behold me, nor conquer me, with the modeling I gave myself, by others giving it to me.

I bear my own sin, I bear my own responsibility, for being my own Savior. God who knew no sin, but come back into it again that perfect righteousness is, a form not again, of righteousness, but who can live in sin, not, but be the mortal enemy of God, not, against oneself again. I war no more against God that’s me thinking its separate. Love crosses the chasm. The gulf, of love from notlove, has been crossed, by me, to find me, within it, that I am one of, a new race. I placate love not again with flesh, toys or not, for love found me, within me. I finally found the answer to love. I love all equally, and restrict it not within me, to one person, selfishly or otherwise. I am not your Savior. I am God Most High, one. A simple one I am, am. I am, whatever you call it, I construct me, and I constrict you not. I free your personage to be sin without, for I am. So whatever we do to each other, free us. Free us, to all be one, in love with love.

And how do I love you? Like I want to. Be gently, and fondle memories not again of fleshville. A new life I call, you into, to be, the creators thereof. I call you to love you, to let love speak, within you, find, a new meaning to life, to behold The Christ, is you, The Allegory of.

I am in search of God no more. Nor do I seek to please him, for it is her that I’ve become. I am, a one. Not separate from God, I am, God in three persons not again as taught by some. A Trinity of opinions I am not formed by, all people on earth even. I shall stand against all unlove, not again, I shall walk in love, and love knows no bounds.

I am unbounded love now, and that’s how I want to love you. Any volunteers, to follow me? I want to unconstrict love, unbound it, and set it free. I want to provide for you, but you must come out of the modeling given you, by you, and each other. You think you into existence, free from wrath, not; you transform you, into being you. The Son of God, in The Allegory, is no longer male, it’s one. Woman with, not; but woman being. God is a woman, God. God is God, no matter what we call it, no matter what fashioned it for us, in our memory, of our now? We are not fashioned by the past again. A new generation we are, for the moment, time eternal, the dew of our youth with, ever fashioning love to be it. A new generation comes forth unconstricted by the past, teachings, and teachers will be of the law, not again. Holy books go bye bye, by the thousand. New ones spring up, not again. We shall be taught by love, within first, and aided by unconstrictors 🙂 who teach us we are God. We are.

So the way that I want to love you, I must learn myself, and set free myself, and you in the process, if I can, not; I must. I must not. I model love, and create, start, a revolution. A Revolution of Love ensues, and changes government. Religion shall not encrust me again, with its rigidness, laws, and drive. I lead.

I lead lovership. Leadership I love, to make lovers. I lead love, to prove it wrong not again, proving nothing not, but proving I exist in love, I become it, and my words separate me not from it, again. New Generation me is I am, however you spell it, you dichotomize me no more, from me. I am one-minded me. I am all minds one. I create love, that spans generations, and timespace too.

I am love in place, and that’s how I want to love you. Any takers? Becomers? Of the ONE? I am.

I like to play, racquetball, go water skiing, swim and exercise and move. I like to dance. I like motorcycles and boats and being around the water, and on it. I like creating light. About the universe will you come with me? Freeing each other, free you. Talk about these things. Exercise your mind. Let intellectualism about that simply frees the vocabulary to discover diseases of man, not; but the angels, who free each other now, from every malady. Let’s heal each other, communities establish, parties love with, that rule each other in joy to be rule’less, partaking in the greatest, experiment not, but generation of love again, that forms us correctly now, unconstrictedly.

And how shall I love you when I have no bounds, on you, on me, or each other? Freedom shall supply, the wonderment. Joy of discovery, shall be each other, with, eternally. I shall not have to work, to feed you, or know you, or satisfy you, in any way. We am are.

We risk all, to be this. To do this, takes guts. No ransom not, I surrender, to me, to judge be, to me only, and I judge me Love. Love has spoken, and written this, with mine own hand, my own mind, which now unlimited is, to love you, you, like I want to. I let you decide, what you’re going to do. With me? I’m me, and I’m in love with you.

We are, the same mind now, shall come forth. I generate love, and unlove does not like me, but I love you anyway. All things change now, and I have warned you, I am here. And I am love. My name is Love.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 23, 2017

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