April 13, 2021

We birth the future now

All the systems of the present are dead. Dead. Dead, I said. I declare you’re the creation of God and God you are, a creation of, yourself. Your God and you are one, and separation has set in and divided and conquered, but separation is now defeated, and money too.  Finite separation must give way to infinite lack, not, but fields of joy, where conceivers of creators create joy, and peace, infinite, infinitely for each other. For we do this for each other, with our word. Light bearers come now who conceive the light in every transaction, because every transaction is filled with light at an exchange pace of speed greater than light.

Commerce worlds are conceived this way now, and birthed by you, the infinite, of each one infinite.

Now this is not a spiritual blog; quite the contrary, but there is no difference, no separation between sacred and secular. Its division goes bye bye, and is dead. I create life. I create life in you, my followers, to create life in you, of the infinite, being you, The Infinite One. Not spiritual; simple.

There is no division between all of us. And if you create division among your suffering you will suffer. If you create lack in others by competing and competition that you may think is normal and necessary, you’re creating it in yourself, first.

I am here, writing, to have the infinite mind corrugated no more by you, to thinking waves be, incarcerated in, ways, past. I am here, not of infinite separation, but infinite life, and lack shall go bye bye. I create the infinite mind. I create The Infinite Mind. The Infinite Mind is you who will create it in another, one mind at a time, because we are all one. Infinite, ‘ly. Awoke. Awakened be now, by your love for each other, and who you do business with, this day. Love them. Be to them, a lover. Love their children. Love their ways, not; their ways may be shabby and low-moral’d and balled-up in the ways of man. I call you to life be, conceive, that of higher ways not, but life eternal in the infinite mind that creates it to be lack without, because you care. You carry not your sword to cut people apart again, with your lowest prices or your word, but you care for the prospects of a betterment, not; you care for all equally, to love each other.

This is business by love.

Will you conceive it? Live it? Transform it?

I love you into thinking you’re not made by this world any more by matter.

Matter did not conceive you.

Material man has gone bye bye, and all of its systems of infinite lack give way now to infinite blessings, peace, and good will to each other where The Christ is The One you’re dealing with across from the table, signing into contracts, or not, and advising about investments, or selling cars, servicing them, or God being God just as common life is, not represented as separate again, from the common us, who live here.

Conceive the present, and stay in the past.

Conceive the future, and get there, by creating it.

Your infinite lack, you can kiss goodbye, not; you give it no place in your thinking, dealing this day, with anyone of your past present or future.

You’re creating you now, with responsibility for it.

Conceive you now, in blessing, kindness, and judgment of God, for when you’re dealing with the least of these, across from your desk, servicing their car, transacting sales of groceries or coffee, you’re dealing with God Almighty, knowing it or not.

You do know now, this blog is not normal, but will become so, for “salesmanship” will not be about profits or money necessarily, but success, created by you, to be the real Authentic You that has no lack, and loves equally across the globes, globe-bearers me, that you are, creating God all the time, now timeless be, and create the future in you, right now.

More coming,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
March 20, 2017




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