January 27, 2021

My words are me, they carry my energy

My words are me. They carry my energy, what I am, substance of me. Sharing me I share my words, sharing my words I share me. They are faithful, to reproduce, what love is, as love interprets love as love, without constricting it. My love is faithful to me, as I am to it … for I am it. It is me. Word and love are inextricable, not; but one expresses the other … that is the one itself. Both and. See what I have said. Feel it, too? Seeing feeling hearing what, internally? Interpretively? Reproducingly? Reintroducing what? Creative creativity? What can I produce in you, reproduce in you, of me? Am I after my word being seed in you, that brings forth something? What can I give you of me, that’s “worth” anything? Tangible. Tangibility? Reproducibility? Uninquisitively not, but what can you see, inquire unto, inquire into? What can be “produced” with your thought? Kingdoms of righteousness? Kingdoms of light? Reproducing light?

What am I here for, you say. Or do you hear me creating creativity free, from the constraints of mankind … ‘s kingdom? Your kingdom of thought? Do you live in?

What thinkest thou of me now that I’ve shared, this? O One of The Kingdom of Righteousness who knows no sin, think not of sin, think not of separation, think not of what thou lackest. Think of/on peace, and peace won’t sin against thee. There is no separation in love, and my words have conveyed it, best I can, at this moment, to the beholden of me. Beholden of my word. Beholdenment not of other.

I love you. Study this word? What seest thou in it? Me. I am me. Energy carrieth forth, the creation of me. Loving all equally? Loving all redundant not, loving all creation free to be, free to be the one I am, my word spoken, lived, freed; communication at its BEST! Freed from syllables soon. My love awaits/waits, and created is. Create me! She cries, not, again. Wisdom beholden is, is right around the door, at the door, not; or is it, you in the threshold of me? Borning birthing wisdom. I love you. I love you all.

December 12, 2020 10:43am