January 27, 2021

How can I love you, more. Do I know your name?

How can I love you, more. Do I know your name? Do I know where you live? Have I sat at your table? Felt your skin, your soft touch, your tongue against mine, your mouth and my mouth connected, through one mind? Of feeling, of touch, of mechanical instinct … or light, living within me, one mind with? Do I live within you now? I think I do. You surely live within me. What’s my name, lover of you? Are you lover of me too? Loving each other shall we lover each other be, together now, in consciousness more than? More than love, creating it? Consciousness of one in two bodies, with distinctly different messages, that compliment and complimentarity make the whole host of angels envious, of our love for each other?

What shall we provide for each other? What shall we do now that we’re not afraid to love each other, that we’re not afraid to make our love known, that love shall guide our lives now, and we’ll create create create, creation all over again, in our mind, our moment, of being … that lasts forever?

Who shall ask? Who shall answer me? With my mind. What mind shall we create, or have we one mind created, across time and space, affluent ‘cy with, confluency with, creativeness with. Did we create love, or did it create us, or are we it living in the moment now, that never ends?

I pledge thee my love, not; I pledge thee me. Shall we be the same one, in two bodies, never ending now, the love we’ve created, fond of and never fondling separation again? I create the unity of me, sureness, surety; not a savior of, but a me. And my name’s Theodore. Witness of one, that loves thee. I’ve held thee. I am thee. Hold. Let us be one. Created by us. Never separate apart again. Thank you for loving my mind. My body? You’re it, with your face mine. One love, never curtained again. Love me/freely. Love. Matured. Cosmos ‘etic, let us join the others now, who know our appeal and have recognized the power of love, infinite and eternal, immortal and glorious. Amen. Good day. Never forget me/this. Thank you. Amen.

11:36pm November 27, 2020