January 27, 2021

Me in my grave not again … resurrected education by.

Is it all coming to a clashing close, or a new beginning? New beginnings me ‘s my name, closure bringing to things not few. Many shall say they know me; they never knew me, never knew we were they who they cheated robbed and destroyed right there in the pew, their holy books embracing constructing caskets for their closure of their life/lives. I change it all. The time is now. Whether they can read punctuation punctulinearly or not. Thou shalt not puncture my quest, to be like Jesus, not; to be who I am is. A one one’d now all shall know and closure I bring to many things not me of. A one righteous writing me now instilling righteousness in all who will be it an education with. I test thee, not; I embrace the religion of thee, not; I embrace every religion not, I embrace the live’er of me. Good day and God bless, not, I shall see all things me, me in my grave not again. Resurrected education by. Amen. So be it. Thank you, all … who will be me will. My will enacted, finally, bringing blessing not few to. Good day. Educator one. Amen.

November 25, 2020
Written in Brews Coffee 12:30pm