January 27, 2021

… do what thou hast wanted for years …

This is the day, this is the time, of my appearing? Of me being me, my being me, my me’ing me. Have I done it? Have I seen me, have I become me, my voice of my voice with? Accompanying what? Who? Whom? Shall the clay say to the potter fashion me thus?

It’s all new my friend, that’s what I have to say to thee, this day, this hour, minute, to do what thou hast wanted for years. I am eclectic, not, I am healed whole and well. Look up and see the salvation of the lost, not; see the salvation of the Christ.

Serendipitously not, surreptitiously not, but on purpose I do all things new, now. The new me is me and I am I am, I am’d by me. One and the same, the same me I am is, was, long ago, now again. My word is pure/true. My word is light. Seen and unseen not. My light is my name. Conjured up by another, not, I’m altogether weaponry of my word, consciousness of one. One replacing one no more, but shall be perfect now. Amen. It’s a new day me. Amen. See what I have said. Good day.

November 23, 2020
Written in Brews Coffee 2pm