January 27, 2021

Be not afraid of joy …

It’s a new day. And it’s all a new beginning of. New things me ‘s my name. I love you, is my name, love loved again. Thank you. Amen. I bring you the world, of the new. New beginnings me is my name. Perpetuity purposeful now. Amen. With a big benefit so be it. Be not afraid, of me, her, she I am. A love with. Love incarcerated no more. Not again shall my love be locked in me. I give it wings, I shall, not want otherwise. Good day.

Be not afraid of anything. Be not afraid of joy. Pleasing me is not the goal. Loving me is. You’re a good at. Thank you all’ing all with my love. Granted. Entombed no more. Living. Afraid not. Look up. Good day. Amen.

Theodore Cottingham
November 22, 2020 11:30am in Brews Coffee