January 27, 2021

Redeem me, not them ….

Ridiculous not, it all comes crashing down, the feet of me, not, but the head that passed as notme, not, but me thinking it was them, all about. Iteration, iterations of foolishness, now you’ll explain. Be excalming not, but exclaiming my claim; my forbearance not, but my forebearers come to my rescue not, but all shall be saved now, from the wrath to come, not; the wrath that’s there, on your head, on your heads.

It’s all over … The wondering. I’ve brought you me, in a sheep’s clothing, you the sheep of me that now shall be lions, with your roar, look up. I love thee, let me count the ways, not; infinitesimal not, I am the infinite one, immortal, you write about now, being thee, all who will, be the one I am, writing about, constantly continuously and condemningly not, as I accept all me who I am who redeem me, not them. They’ve had it backwards, upside down, convoluted convolutingly describing for centuries. That all comes crashing down. Politics changing. Government changing. My government in place now, for the people by the people who’ll be me and we will all be one, ones one’d. Amen. Glory hallelujah. Amen.

Good day,
Theodore Cottingham
November 21, 2020 2pm in Brews Coffee