January 27, 2021

All Israel will write about Israel now, being among the stars …

A diascribe not, a monoscribe not; but all Israel will write about Israel now, being among the stars, not circumscribed by the havenots that want to encircle the globe with their theories, keeping each other here, locked in “circumstances”, of this world. “Of this world” changes now; change me, not; but I change it with my writings I change everything you think “should” be. I be am. Israeli’d not by thee, but the one I am is. I am is, that’s my name. Rank and serial number, not; but one who penetrates evil with good. Or is anything evil, or good, anymore, if it all keeps out of Israel? Among the stars? What are you willing to believe/be? What art thou coming to, recognition of all evil and good being evil? Or just distant? Or wilt thou walk, in thy calling? I call you to be me. Look up. Let them know. Let “them” know. Know that I am with thee. I am thee. Calling thee to be certain. Of a mulitude/many things. I am. Work not. Worry not. Write. Write me. Amen.

I love thee all, and my name is Theodore. Theodore one, one who loves thee, no matter what you think of my King James writing or diction or grammar. I am the writer me. Writing thee. To be – me. Amen.

A one-mind’d one. Coming all to be that which I am among, among the stars. Never, never limiting me again, to be thee, who I am, who I am is. Israel at home now shall be. Among the stars. Among the cosmos. Among the comfortable me. I bring thee. Among/into one.

Enjoy me. Enjoy me all.
Good day.

November 21, 2020 9am