January 27, 2021

Who will let me know them as I want to know them, deeply …

Who will let me know them as I want to know them, deeply, interpenetratingly, penetrating the most asunder parts of their mind. Their brain? Stems, to nowhere? Everywhere? All on purpose? Who created who/whom? Did the tree say to the flower create me? Where did my iterations come from? My algorithms? DNA? Who knows how I “got” there? Did you get me? Will you? Will you receive me, my word that DNA’s thee? Thou art the Holy One of Israel, art thou not? The individual of serenity? Surety? On purpose? What purpose does thee have? O one of Israel.

In the skies? Of thy purpose minded? One mind ‘d? One? In fact, yes. Now do as you believe, not; do as thou has been spoken to over and over again. Mind Israel, the apocalypse not, but the beginning, New Beginning, write about and sing. Thou art over all. Amen.

The mind of The New Beginning has begun. Glory hallelujah amen.
It all changes now. Be ready. Relieved. Re assigned. One.
Good day.
Enjoy me.
I love you.
I love you all.

November 20, 2020
Eureka Springs