September 24, 2020

I recognize the divine in you, that you are the divine one … The Divine One.

I respect you. I recognize the divine in you, that you are the divine one … The Divine One. You can’t separate from your origin, not really. Even if you don’t identify as such, your mind and God’s mind, is not separate, unless you create separation. Most of us have been taught we’re separate from God, and many of us think we’re separate from each other too. I’ve come to rethink, rephrase, and re-create my consciousness that changes much of what I’ve been taught, especially by Christianity of which I was a devoted disciple for decades. I see now that my mind and your mind is not really separate, and our mind is not separate from God. We are all masters of Creation, though we became masters of creating separation from each other and from God. But all this division, I believe, is losing its power for the authority of The One is stirring, new-birthing The Identity of The One, arising all who will be it, Creators of a new consciousness where love is preeminent and Communities of One arise where we’re not locked down by the social mores of the past into small isolated units of powerlessness. I believe you’re powerful my friend, for you’re The Creator. And Our Collective Consciousness is being born again with the values of light love and peace. Maybe I’m an optimist. I have hope in more than what I see and hear in the visible empirical; I have hope in what my heart sees that you are, surrendering again to be I Am.

That’s who I think you are, God in flesh, regardless of how you look at yourself and judge you. I respect you, I honor you. I judge you as heaven’s best with lightning in your veins, creatorship in your consciousness, love in your words, respect for all peoples equally. I offer hope … I think you’re it! You’re the one we need right here right now with love pulsing through your thought chambers reaching out to all in healing identification, healing re-identification, healing the mind, healing The Mind of God that all of us have, our origins of being The Originator, for we were never separate. Let us absorb our beauty, in humility and perfect light, coherent light, coherent love, coherent consciousness and revel in each others’ new found freedoms … rejecting not each other’s divineness but affirming it, reinvigorating our identity as The Real Us.

Let light love and peace be everywhere and in every conversation. We’re all creators. And we’re the ones who bring the change. I love you. Create well this day O Divine One. Thank you.

Theodore Cottingham