September 24, 2020

Source your words from light.

My mercies are new every day. I render myself fit, worthy, to attack the world no more, but be in its light, the Light of Mercy, Grace, and an attitude of kindness, gratefulness, and peace … ‘fulness. I love, love. I know that thou art worthy too, to “enter” the kingdom of faithfulness, kingdom of righteousness, fruit bearing of another world. I know that “thou art” the kingdom. You wear it. It computes you no more to be otherwise. The Kingdom of Christ you are, not soldiers of another, thinking you are, some self-made person? Who made you O Man? Woman. Or did you have the same mind, one, before you were split apart? Whose thinking led you into this! Did you think you into separation of your own self, your own thinker? Whose thinking do you think now? Are you the original, of you? Purposeful … copies? … of another? What source do you use for yourself, O Great King?

I think with the tongues of men and angels no more, who don’t know who they are, who don’t render themselves fully fit, fully judged to be who they are; a race of mercifulites? Raceites no more racing to contend? Contentiousites? Be contentious no more. Please, please and thank you. Amen.

Judge yourselves worthy to be the king, that honors your kingdom, the thinking of. Amen.
Honor your thinking to be you, not of this world. Be the mercifulites, raceites no more in separation from it, each other. Have you separated from your thinking, to think someone else’s words? Where, are they from? Whose purposes are whose? Where is the Purpose to Be? One be? Be!

Satisfied with you? I come into the kingdom of righteousness, the one, born to be fit, render, rendering the energy of no other. Where am I from? Not your Contentiousnessville. Vile I am not, but peace … fulness raining all over me. For I am it. Nether, not. World of wealth? Seek no more. Healing issues? Heal. Be the Thou Art I Am, for all I am, is am … am’d by you. No other.

See the healing now, every day. Render Thou Art The Kingship of One. Masculine Feminine both. And more. Thou art the Cosmic Citizen of Heaven, a race of, now comes me, “my” thinking of, and my Thou Art The King of the Cosmos no more denying it. Learn thy tongues from, to source another from, no more. Source you, your judgment, your mercifulness, to you; to each other too. BE The King, that does this. From early morning, to night? To all day be me. To all days be me. The Ancient of Days no more regressed into passionate thinking of another. Be the Light Race. Be The Light Race. Race no other. Source your words from light, being, thinking with no other thing that “interrupts” thee. Thou art The Holy One of Israel, from, ON the stars, of “being” lit, by your words. Light me lighting thee. Amen. So be it love in, love with.

Good day,

Theodore Cottingham
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632