September 24, 2020

I have enough courage to be me.

There are so many people who can do things that I can’t imagine myself doing, that take courage. I have enough courage to be me: the me that is underneath my skin, that’s what I want to be, to the visible, and the invisible. I want to be one. Seamless. Seamless? Can I, am I walking into the unseen, the empirical visible un? Oh what a day, to be seen in both? How can I care about the unseen, so much? Are we all connected? Connected on some level, plane, … vectoring what? A force … field?

I wonder what kind of peripredicament we are in. What predicates our predeliction and predisposition for preponderances proclivities and production of our separateness? … from each other? What kind of courage does it take to not separate, to be one, to love each other, to care … for the unseen as well as the seen? Wonder if we’re getting ready to do both. And be one. That seamlessly operates in both realms. Wonder if we’re becoming new creations that our mind has ceased creating separation in. Wonder what our powers would be then! Would we love each other? Love each other equally? Seamlessly seen and unseen? … Worlds in? What kind of mind? … did you say we would operate in? Have?

I have enough courage to be me, or at least I’m learning how. The me that I am speaks, has love, loves all equally. How do I reconcile that with the limitations that all seam to impose on each other here? Are we sowing ourselves into our own flesh, with our words as seeds, that do such? Our mind … our creation? Oh well….

I’m going for a walk. To ponder these things, I do. Love you all. May you have courage too. You probably already do. To be yourself. To love all. Kind and loving. Forgiving. Understanding. That not all is as seen. Unseen is playing a role too. To what extent? I don’t know. I just know I love you, and I have enough love today, to write this. Being me. Profusion in love. Fusion with love. Love fused. Amen.

May 29, 2020