September 24, 2020

I want to love you.

I want to love you. I don’t want to be like most people, really. I want to love, to nurture, to bring healing happiness and peace; to remove fear, violence, and aggression from the earth; restoring Earth to her proper order, among the cosmos. We’re so at odds with that now, but we’re not incorrigible. There’s hope. For mankind? An angelic order. An order of angels? Yes. The angelic order of one, where we care; we care because we love. Love respects. Love breeds equality, not hierarchy. Love is honest, not surreptitious. Love does not control the thinking of another, nor incarcerate its countenance, physically mentally or spiritually. I wonder if I could love you more. Bring healing? Bring peace? Who am I to think such!? Why should these thoughts, these feelings course through my veins? I’m just a normal guy!

But I love. I love you. Bless you. Free you. …. Free you? How can I free you if I don’t know you, if I’m powerless? Am I powerless? Do I not know you? What if you’re me? What if we’re each other having been a sold a fictional story of how we arrived at Earth, who/what Earth is, what our power is doing, who’s manipulating it for what purposes? What if the control of each others’ thinking is set free from each other so that the programming coming into our senses each day doesn’t determine our world, really? What if there’s another way to think? … about everything! Another way to live!

Maybe I’ve read too many novels or been too serious about God, about knowing God and learning to surrender to the authenticity of my word where my word describes me, and power brings me. Do I power my word or does my word power me? Consciousness? Who determines? What powers consciousness? I am the life of me; you, you. But what if all life is the same, connected? Are we all one family? Could we be one blood? One consciousness, all disconnected no more? What if healing heals each other? What if we bring a new energy to bear in every conversation, one that honors, hears, responds, without getfulness as a motive? Can givingness of love permeate? What changes will be wrought by such magnanimous thinking … wording? Can we each one heal one? Can we heal ourselves, our “own” thinking? To “think” our own thoughts? Determining our future? Friendships? Reality wise? Others too?

What if reality is more unseen than seen, and our word affects both? Is my word originating from the unseen or the seen realm? Is my word me? Or am I a transmitter? Receiver? Transceiver? At what point do I originate authenticity? Authentically being me? … Whatever you think of me! Can your thinking not control me? Can I write whatever I want to without being “bashed” and “tormented”?

Does love wash? Love may wash a lot of words off of you. I hope it does. I believe you’re angels, you’re angelic, you’re a race of angels, and I’m one. Simply one. Just one. We’re all connected. We’re all coming into something new. A new identity? A new love? An unlimited one? Who knows, I’m just rambling, into my words, energy wise.

Loving you I bless you. Loving you I speak peace, your angelhood into place. Angelhood? Angelic nature? Do we angels know how to behave? Operate on Earth? Interact with each other??!

I suggest we’re entering a new age, a new stage, and the constructs of the old will not hold us, here. The curtain is drawn back, and all will see the controls and who controlled them, and subjects to that, we are no more. Our love is power, our love is powerful. Our words are sleek, and not surreptitious or controlling. Our motive is freeing, blessing, loving, expanding …. And somehow, the musings of many with the motive of love will converge in coalescence of energy that coherent is, changing everything. And the clarity of confusion will give way to the clarity of creation and our creative powers, our word with, our consciousness perceiving full “control” of, to create creators everywhere, creation being created all over again. A new heaven and a new earth; are WE the Creators of? I think so. I surrender so … I write.

I love you all,
May 28, 2020