September 24, 2020

Christ may just be you, with your name and your face

A new Christ may just be you, with your name and your face; for Christ is a consciousness, a syncing with the mind of God to be not separate, but just one. Just one. … ! Christ is a mentality, not a dogma, but a flow, a continual energy exchange with The Great One, if there is such. But I’m asserting there is no Great One apart from you. You’re it if you’ll cease creating the chasm, the gap. If anything has crushed our ability to be who we really are, it’s the mind’s ability to conceive separation; separation from our true identity and each other. This may be a new age.

It may be within your purview to create a new heaven here, a new earth too! Maybe Christheaven is earth reborn. Maybe earthworld was in fact something far different, before. Before what? Before it was encrusted with humanity, humanity that thinks it’s separate. Maybe our consciousness is coming back together. Into a shared mind? What if having a mind not apart from God allows you to be God? What if we were God before our mind got in the way? What if a Christ is but a surrenderer, a surrenderer to complete The Christ Mind again, the consciousness of?

I suggest this is a new day, a new beginning; or sorts, not; but in every way, good. Let there be light, peace, kindness, graciousness among our peers comrades and communities. Let us heal our nations. The blight of hubris be de-authorized by our consciousness to reign in us. Let us heal each other, us first, ourselves first and foremost. Healing our mind from separation we just may be The Christ we thought we were so sure of being someone else, for another time. But the time is now, and you’re The One. We are all The One. Let us communion have with each other that recognizes the beauty in each face that’s the Face of God, ours. Let us respect, keep our word, and a new generations be of the surrenderers who become The Christ completing it. As natural born citizens … of heaven, creating it again right here, and now. 🙂

Theodore Cottingham
May 21, 2020