September 24, 2020

How do I get to know me more?

How do I get to know me more? I know the mind of God is in me, and it seems like I have this mechanical mind too. I can’t get rid of the God mind, even if I wanted to; it’s inextricably me. In fact it’s more me than my mechanical mind is. My human mind is an artifact of something. It works on algorithms, words. It’s analog. Flat-file’d, flat files of. Works slowly, in comparison of the mind of light, my God mind. It works together. It competes, not; though the mechanical mind does. The Mechanical Mind has Ego on its throne, seeking always to exercise its authority to be foremost in every decision rendering instantaneous judgement. It wants to be “right”. It’s restless, never satisfied; it drives, it always wants more. It wants to categorize and complete every sentence, be the preeminent one, determine your comprehension and word choices. But! The God mind is always there, letting it be accessed by will, in peace. Are two minds operating in me; my  God mind and my mechanical mind? What allowed me to have a mind separate from God’s? All of God’s mind is the mind of all the Gods. God is innumerable immortal eternal intelligent beyond the capacity of mortals, it seems, surely. But … but …. it this how we have a conversation with what seems like us?

I suspect that the God mind is winning, not because of war, but because the mechanics of the mechanical mind that humans seem to have in separation of God are uniting with God again to be equal, to be it, to be one mind’d, the mind with itself, of a many-specie’d one. Maybe the separation that we’ve experienced away from God is simply what we created. As our mind created separation from itself to be separate we experienced what some call The Fall of Man. We fell into our own mind and created the separation with it?? But … maybe it’s not separate at all. Maybe in getting to know me more I’m getting to know my True self, true entity, true being. Maybe I am was that all the time.

Seems like great turmoil in the earth, but I suspect the birth is emerging, The New Birth, The Birth of a new consciousness, rejecting the old not, but disempowering it. The emergence of birth new, a new mind, The Mind of God interjecting our words, not; but BEING our mind. LET … there be light … wisdom … understanding. Let us know ourselves. Our burden no more to carry as flesh did in separation. Maybe we a species of great capability, great capacity, on the verge of oneness. What would THAT look like?? Maybe we learn to care for each other differently. Maybe the minds that competed, or seemed to be separate, are given the power that only we can give it to be one mind, one mind’d.

Maybe it’s a new age, where we seem to know ourselves better, and our capacities, creating a future no one imagined for us. Maybe in loving each other we’ll begin to like ourselves, and in liking ourselves like each other and love ourselves, in ways never mentioned before. Maybe it’s a new day.

Our future’s bright, surrendering to be who we are, being the light of the world, reestablishing heaven here, in separation no more. May the quantum self come forth? Whatever we are, we’re getting more acquainted with it. With me, with us. I honor me, I honor you, I honer us as one. Selective I am about how I use my mind, not letting it use me for its purposes in separation. The holiness of my mind, I reject no more. Maybe all of our minds are Holy. Maybe all connected. Maybe The Christ Child is all of us, Consciousness of. Maybe our consciousness is creating a new world, for all of us. If so, I’m all in. 🙂

Theodore Cottingham
May 17, 2020