September 24, 2020

The marriage of the mind of God and your mind, to be one.

A flow of words from another world through you, your voice, your pen, is every persons’ right. Every person has a link to God, that link that cannot be broken, that allows for communication, communion, and engagement that leads to the marriage of the mind so that the two become one. One mind. One mind’d. Amen.

The thought that only prophets were to write the words of God is utterly false. The concept that only some are ordained by God to hold a special position of honor over others as they distribute holy unction is the opposite of what Jesus taught and what Jesus brought.

Start communicating with God directly and writing the first person words of God and who will fight you, who will condemn you first and foremost? The religious and its priesthood.

The construct of the priesthood, the construction of intermediaries between you and God that hear God for you, that communicate God to you, that preach messages of distinction with oratorical excellence that evoke feelings of internal corroboration to keep you in ritualized separation from God, is exactly what God hates.

This is the season that God will be released, that the voice of God is released in the common person, common people sensing it’s time and yea past time to receive the word of God directly from the throne of the great one within, the one that is inseparably you.

The Truth will not make you free. Becoming it, become free. The mind of God is salvo’d into you, it’s created day by day, like manna given to the Children of Israel while in their wandering. Truth does not transform, but by surrender it does. Truth without surrender to become it is simply information. Knowing about God is not enough, it’s in becoming it in ultimate surrender that transformation takes place; speech changes, habits appear, and disappear. Values are created. Wonder. Beholdenment. Awe. Curiosity increases. Words change. Light emerges. Decisions decisions decisions. You’re called on to make up your mind; wander as we have with the interpretations of stories that have cast us in their image, or burst out of our own images of what God is, who we are, and what we have before us as opportunities to shield us from the word of God no more. Let us come into the holy places, the holiest of all? The mind. The mind be stilled, the mind receive, value and come together for the marriage of the mind of God and your mind, to be one. Not two co-equal. Not two in hierarchical servitude. But one and the same, where each become the other seamlessly. That’s onehood, oneship, the one now emerging, the Christ. That’s how Christ arranges to get here. We emerge it. We become it. The created mind of consciousness creates, the mind allows awareness, and the Angel that we are keeps us out of our Garden of Opportunity no more. Crucifying the image that’s been given to us, let us birth the new creation that’s us, the creation Christ the common person, and do extraordinary things in love. Love based, love beings, being loved again, by all, equally. Amen.

Theodore Cottingham
May 11, 2020