September 24, 2020

The Christ is a milkman, a mom, dad, plumber, electrician, teacher student common person

The Christ is a milkman, a mom, dad, plumber, electrician, teacher student common person, neighbor friend. The Christ is … just like you and me. In fact, I suggest the Christ is you, because its your lineage, your birthright, your family of origin, your genetic heritage. You are more than flesh. And “the more” is what powers Christ, and what Christ is.

Freed from the bonds of Christianity, a Christ begins to realize their mind is inseparable from the Mind of God, unless they choose to create that separation by thinking it into place, because every one of us is a creator of the Creator. We are all part of the Mind of God. The Mind of Every Person is inextricably linked to the God Mind, the Mind of God, with its creative powers, its authority, its sovereignty within its equality of love, with love. Equality? There is no hierarchy in Christship.

A Christ is a being of energy, not limited to flesh and blood, not limited to the molecular visible empirical. A Christ is not “spiritual”. Christs are normal people who begin and grow in the knowledge of God that there is no separation between us and God. No division.

The Christ is a being of light, light body’d, that seems to be tethered to flesh; but truly, we are much more than what we seem. We are all light beings. We were all light beings, and we’re coming back into what we were: an eternal race of light beings, beings of light that need not the assistance of molecules to do anything or be what we are. We still are transcendent beings, emergent, emerging.

Christianity will no longer define us to ourselves, nor define what Christ is and isn’t. Christianity has controlled the message, but The Message if bigger, freedom is more powerful, and love is pervasive in the Christ life of one. Christs will arise and be in every vocation known and yet to come. The message of Christ is shunted no more. The Revelation of Christ births that which will be denied no more. This is the day, the end of days, the New Beginning is here. Amen.

Theodore Cottingham
May 9, 2020

Photo credit Anna Dziubinska