September 24, 2020

You are the Christ, unless you’re Anti.

You are the Christ, unless you’re Anti. There’s no in between, I suggest. There’s Christ and there’s Antichrist. We’ve had the wrong definitions. We didn’t know who we are, either one of us. We’ve been so confused. Controllers have controlled, in the guise of giving us truth, when blind they’ve been. Logic controlled. Numbers controlled. Logic can ask, how could so many be wrong? Does the fact that a set of beliefs has millions of adherents make it infallible, make it right? Accurate? Does the reigning interpretation of various scriptures interpret the data correctly? Do commentators really know what they’re talking about, or are they espousing what they been taught, generations regurgitating generations of misconceptions creating images that give rise to words the separation of, that creates The Separation? Are we the ones being taught to separate from God? Is “The Fall” happening each and every day, as we fall into the trap of our own definitions, our thinking, logic, and reasoning? Is Christ what Christianity says it is? Limited to a man? One man? Or ….? What if Jesus’ message was so much bigger … so big that people couldn’t conceive it?

What if there’s more to the Story? Could it be that we’ve been duped for 2,000 years, waiting for the return of a “person”? A God? A savior? A Solver of all our problems?

We’ve known there was more in our hearts; we haven’t known how to get there, to what it is, to uncover it fully, to experience it, to become “something new”, to become a new creation, person. But just because we haven’t known for 2,000 years doesn’t make it truth that we cannot know! We CAN know. We can reinterpret, reinvent, re-create! Use our minds! Listen to The Within, the Truth within that will tell us all things!

Writing the words of God, the first person words of God, straight from, straight into your heart, through your pen, is every person’s right and God given privilege. You’re called to write. Listen. Obey? What are you obedient to? A dogma? A belief system that has only produced followers for 2,000 years, through a priesthood caste system that inserted itself between us and God? Or IS there a gulf between God and us? What if we’re inseparable? What if the Basic Tenets of Christianity are man made up? To control the laity? To operate a “spiritual” business, a giant enterprise, based on ignorance? Ignorance of what we don’t know, that Christianity continues to perpetuate? Who’s going to call finally “ENOUGH!!” I do. And I do it now. My name is Theodore, Ted. My name is you, who will … whosoever will be my name.

Willing are you to learn to sit in stillness and let God teach you who you are? Are you willing to write things you’ve never known, never thought about, never connected in such a way as to expand your intelligence, your intellect, your life, your world view, your creation of you among the cosmos? Are you willing to come out of the box you’ve been in, whatever designed that box? The box? The past? The way you lived life in the past? What constricted you O Creator? Are you not the mind of God revealed, to yourself, to create no separation? Are you Christ anointed to be it, everyone of you?

I say yes. I say intolerable be to that which has kept you on a pew, waiting, waiting, worshiping. Worshiping what? The image of a man. I suggest a massive change is taking place in the world. The Revelation of Christ is underway. This is about surrender, complete surrender to who you are! The word is the seed. The what word? The word inside you, the word released that teaches you who you are through your own pen, notwithstanding logic contrary. The Truth will be written upon your heart by the mind that will receive it, value it, ponder and conceive it. You are the birth mother of your word, this word I speak of, that’s generated through your love; your love for you and each other. We are not separate.

I suggest it’s a new day, a new beginning now arising for the Christchild … for the Christchild that’s us, each one of us one, until we grow the wings of our mind, the wings in our mind, the Christ of confusion no more. The Christ matured be it. Unto Salvation no more, but Surrender. Simple surrender. Simple writing. Simple … freedom … to be who you are, responsible to you. You are The Decider of You, The Judge, in your court of opinion. What are you deciding today O Christ, about you? Will you be it? Walk it? Live it? Create it? Your face with, your name with, in your present vocation?

I suggest it’s now. A new newness for all who will take The Veil and “rent” it, tear it in two, and in your own authority go behind The Veil into the Holy of Holies, for the Holy of Holies is in your mind, and no one else has authority over your mind. You are one! Be The One we have all waited for. Choose you! Choose you Christ to be, and be it, become it, I implore you. It’s a new day, Christian no more. Christ be the common, the simple common people who increasingly hear God directly and become a nation of leaders throughout the world, the cosmos, and farther than we’ve ever let ourselves be explained to in the past. We now unlimit Christ, to be it us, The Many Membered one, The Consciousness of Creation, the Creators being all of us who will. Amen.

Theodore Cottingham
May 8, 2020