September 24, 2020

I write to me for me to create me.

I create me with my word. I write my words to me. I write to me. I etch me, form me; I am my word. I am my words made flesh. I incarcerate none. Amen.
My words create me. I utter flesh to my words. I utter what??
I utter creation. Words of creation. Create me.
I am.
A one.

I … you’ve never released your word to create you … have you?
If you haven’t, it’s an experience!!
You’ll learn who you are, if you’re willing … to write like you’ve never written, like you’ve never imagined. Things you’ve never thought of coming to you, through your pen, through you, to think them, them having affect upon you, upon your genes … of thought? Thought thinks me up??

I write to me for me to create me.

I love you. I love me.

Theodore Cottingham
April 19, 2020