September 24, 2020

The greatest challenge we have in life is to be who we really are.

To be who you really are, not subjugated to the thoughts of others, is this not the greatest challenge of life, the opportunity we all face? To be not controlled by even our past experiences?

Seems to me the greatest challenge we have in life is to be who we really are. We are so programmed to accept the authority of others in our lives that many of us never develop the decision-making authority within our own court, the Court of Our Mind. Decision making is done outside for us, and we submit. By default mostly. We don’t even exercise our thought to think about it.

Who are you if words had not programmed you to be who you think you are? Have words programmed you to think like you do? Who gave you those words? Why? What did they want? What did you do with your words? Did you submit your words to the words of others? Have you formed your words so they comply with the wants of other people? What is YOUR word, of? What’s it “made” of? What is its source … ‘ery sourced from?

Why do the words of other seem to have such authority over us? Do words work by magnetism? Do the words you speak and hear operate by an energy containing polarity? Operate? What role do you have in forming MY mind? Is my mind subject to me? Is it MY kingdom to THINK as I choose? Have I a choice to make anytime I hear words? See words, being acted out upon a screen, of my mind? What have you done to my mind? Or IS it MY mind that I have been derelict in developing? Why haven’t I made more choices of my own, where I’ve deliberated, where I’ve researched, read, and explored different options and “more” than what appeared to “commonly accepted”?

Why are we always comparing ourselves to see if we measure up to others’ words? Have the words of others given us our ideal? Our goal? Our image? Of ourselves? Of God? Oh my … Have I let you design me?

I don’t want you to design me. I want to think with my own authority. I choose to be me and make my decisions, and “suffer” or enjoy the consequences accordingly, be they good or bad, in my JUDGMENT. I no longer want your judgment being the authority in MY TEMPLE. I take back my authority to be me and my choices will govern me, not yours, not my parents, not the Bible or any holy books, not the standards of education, not anything else from anywhere else. I choose me to be RESPONSIBLE for me. I accept the responsibility FOR ME. I am me exercising my inherent indivisible capacity and potential to be The Real Me. I will consult science, philosophers, current understanding and past, but I will be controlled by none. I redeem me, no one else is. … I listen to the word of my heart, my light aches no more within me. I am not at war with me. I am not at war with my word. And your word shall not produce any war/conflict within me. I am at peace, come what may.

I free my word/light from past experiences, past feelings, and the neurons of yours will not program the neurons of me. Your mind will not take control of mine for I stand up and I walk in light. My word is light, and I light my word. Differently than I was taught. I’m not of this world, and I choose mine. I develop connections within me. I develop connections that form me properly this time. I am mine sentience. I am aware of me, my power and authority, my light and love. My intellect is developed by my love, which is ever expanding. I am of a race of lovers, who love love foremost, who lay down their thinking life for each other’s word to be born anew as The Real Us. WE operate as one. I am.

I pray that you see feel and operate in your light, power, and beauty this day; that you not abdicate your authority to be The Real You renewing you, creating The New You, freedomizing you in your mirror, giving freedom to your words that heal you from within, heal your mind, your family, your friends, and this planet. Thank you.

I love you,
April 6, 2020