17.2.16 I Christ teach how to be it

Write me a letter this day if you care about these words, and mail it to me
Theodore Cottingham
Database 17, Volume 2, Lesson 16
Recorded April 18, 2016 in New Kensington, Pennsylvania USA

This is also your invitation to the first Boot Camp of The New Covenant Me in Tulsa this May 1st – May 5th. I invite you. We begin 5pm Sunday May 1st to meet and have dinner together. Tuition includes Sunday dinner as well as lunch and dinner on Mon-Tues-Wed. Each of these meals we will prepare and enjoy together. We will have simple vegetarian salads cheese and wine. 

All hotel, all breakfasts, and all transportation before during and after the Boot Camp is your responsibility to arrange and pay for on your own. Concludes at 5pm Thursday. Meetings Mon-Thurs 9am each day to 5pm. All meetings will be at 302 South Sheridan in Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112 USA. Tuition $300.

Register by replying to this email letting me know you are coming. 

Thank you,

Theodore Cottingham

University of Light Love and Peace, Inc.
302 South Sheridan
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112 USA