September 24, 2020

No more mental self flagellation

I suggest you’re far more talented than you give yourself credit for, far more beautiful, far more powerful, one actually with great authority, authority that goes way beyond that of thinking flesh about flesh, flesh terms in. I suggest that you’re not limited by flesh because The Real You is not molecular. You’re light love and peace, the eternal one immortal in all your essence beauty and splendor, one that loves all equally, existent before time began, existent afterwards too. For time shall have been no more when we “other-sided” become … “through the veil” ones, that realize recognize and deny not our beauty anymore. We’re not flesh attached to, not; but not limited by it, not limited to it. Your power and authority reach heavenward now, it goes beyond you and out from you. You affect nations now. You/I am one. The existence of flesh will have been no more as it is, such limited form in. The form of me is you unlimited. Don’t you understand yet? But who am I? The one. We all are.

Use your mind to hurl insults at yourself?!!? What kind of self flagellation is that!? Mental self flagellation?!!? Who would do such?! Why?? Why would you berate demean and denigrate yourself to you? Compare you to others?? Want acceptance of your self in others’ eyes? Or fear others?? Who has the power to define you to you? Please don’t give away your power.

O One of The Evening Sun, The Morning Star, the everlasting one; I suggest that what mentally self-flagellates you is The Beast spoken of in Revelation; it’s your programmed mind, the molecular one, DNA’d by else and other, and it’s not The Light our true lineage of. God of love didn’t restrict me to this one planet, nor you; nor to flesh, and flesh won’t define me to me. We are of the cosmos, a race, of light beings, that we are coming back into our original identity of. Our identification of ourselves as limitless beings of light is important to the realization recognition transformation process to recreate ourselves taking our mind back from what it’s been programmed to be. You can use your mind or it will use you, dominate you, crucify you; for The Beast within you is the cruelest of all, yet you have authority over it, for you have all authority in heaven and earth, given you before time began. Now is the time to use your authority, let your leadership stand, realize the creation of your word and what your word creates. You are what creates you. Let not the subterfuge of something you were born with Trojan Horse you.

Let God arise … the one of light love and beauty that made all one, equal. A consciousness of one with. A shared mind, shared existence, limitlessly. God you are, God you were, God you shall be again, set free from flesh, free from the minds of men that only want to share visible reality at their Table of Two. Let us be at The Table of One henceforth and forevermore. With love overflowing to us all in our uniqueness, let us celebrate The Resurrection of Each One, One being ALL OF US who become ONE, the one that we thought was another, or who we claimed didn’t exist. We’re through all that now, coming. The veil is lifting. Be happy with you this day, freeing your breath to breathe the words of God that you are the emanation of, the power with, for it’s inseparable; you’re the same I Am that sources all our consciousness. That which you are, I Am is.

In love light and peace be, forevermore one. Thank you.

April 9, 2020

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