I want to attract the ready, the willing, the surrendered to learn a new way to learn: through the words they write, literally, on a yellow tablet to begin with, that come through their mind; their mind not defeating the stream of consciousness from the teacher within them. You see, I submit to you that you have the ability to learn things you never imagined learning, things that you’ve never read in text books or journals, for I see you as The Unlimited You about to become it. I see that God will teach you all things without limit. I see your confidence blossoming and your leadership emerging. I see people of every color and persuasion coming together and spending their mornings in silence with their pen in hand, learning to write the first person words of God straight from God. I see The Christ Consciousness being created and completed by the willing surrendereds. I see our noon meetings together. I see how the afternoons are spent where faculty staff and students interact and help each other with assignments and operationalize a set of values for a school and community that truly love each other.

I value scholastic rigor, science, engineering, and all wisdom that has come forth so far. I’m ready for more and I’m ready to lay myself bare of heart to help the willing surrendered, those ready to do new things with new people, new ways. I see a school of the heart, a school of God where God teaches directly called the School of Light Love & Peace beginning now. I pray for you all. I pray for your courage, your guts, your stamina, insight and wisdom. And I pray if you’re ready, you’ll contact me. I love you all.

School of Light Love & Peace

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