I believe every person on earth can love every person on earth. Why would you not love everyone when it costs you nothing? Does it diminish you? Does loving everyone diminish your love, degrade it or affect you adversely in any way? Or does love grow its creator? Can you create love? By choice? I think we can. Does this require us opening our heart? Why would we keep it closed? Fear of hurt? Religious teaching? Social mores? Possible criticism?

I suggest it’s time for our love to mature to include every person. Let us reconsider the gift that we can give every person that we have an infinite supply of. We’ll never run out of love if we keep giving it away, keep exploring its limitedlessness, and continuing to become what it is.

Love may be a value system that means something different to every person based on all that they’ve experienced, but at the core of love may be certain characteristics, values, and behavior demonstrated: that of respect, patience, and equality. Love honors. Love talks with people rather than at them. Love forgives. Love laughs and has fun. Love cares about others.

I love you because I recognize you and I recognize our connection; we’re both part of each other. And I believe love heals. The more I love the more I’m healed from the wounds of centuries held in my/our DNA, as well as from experiences in this lifetime. We can become the healers of each other, recognizing our power to heal by our acceptance given unconditionally so that others feel it, feel it in their bones, so the marrow of healing goes out from us wherever we go and whoever we’re with whatever we’re doing. We exchange it with each other. It’s a continuous energy exchange, or can be. And nobody, no one can stop your love!

I open my book, I open my heart, my mind to you this day. I encourage you to write out your definition of love on a yellow tablet in your own handwriting, wrestling with the terms, the phrasing, thinking seriously about your love and the power you have to touch others and heal hurts they carry that you may have no idea of. Let us be sensitive, kind, and learn to let love flow through us, our words, our thoughts, our feelings. And who can imagine the result if we all start loving each other?

School of Light Love & Peace
Eureka Springs, Arkansas


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