I love you. That’s what I want to say today. I love you. … I love you because I think I know who you are, and I may think funny. I may be funny “funny” to you. I may be an aberration of the human conformity to our culture’s conditioning and presuppositions thrust upon us as truth by some people. I may be an old man, just an old man with ideas that you label as you must. Be that as it may, I think I know you. You were a part of me before time began, as I was a part of you. I don’t think we’re separate even now, as some think/do. I think you’re an anointed creature, an anointed creation, I think you existed before time and space began, and your immortal beauty still exists; you eternal am. We are eternal, not external to God. We were it, we are it, we shall be again: it, one consciousness of.

We are coming back into love, where we love each other, where we’re in community together, a community not dependent on capitalism consumerism and molecularity. I could call you a Christ, an angel, and believe it I do. We didn’t just “arrive” here. You can’t “accept” God, you can only surrender to again the develop the consciousness of the completeness of I Am that you are a part of. Everyone NEEDS you. YOU’RE part of us. “US”, the cosmos’ family, of light beings. That which you are, you still are; it’s covered up, covered over by flesh. You’re still there: the Ancient of Days, your beauty immortal is still there. Your capacity to create is still there … “there”. Where’s there? In your mind. Your beauty is in your mind. You are the Transcendent One, we all are. I love you.

Need no other. See your worth. BE forgiveness to yourself and others this day. See their beauty. Patience BE. Kind BE. You’re the King of Consciousness, your own; and hide it not from others I request you this day. Be “out!” with your love and lovingly love others too, regardless of their color aim or creed. We are coming back into oneness, being one, and no one will stop the love that loves all equally. We will have been one again. Surrenderers to love become it. Thank you. Amen.

Theodore Cottingham
School of Light Love & Peace forming now in Eureka

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